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remember me?
MilesLong66's Recent Statuses
Wed, 22-May-19 3:42 AM (10 hours ago)
What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about?
Tue, 14-May-19 5:49 PM (7 days ago)
Oooooooo, I need a dirty woman, oooooooo, I need a dirty girl......
Sometime I get real muddy!
(7 days ago)
nosanity and MilesLong66 like this
crap.. I just had a shower.. tongue
(7 days ago)
nosanity and MilesLong66 like this
I get greasy too!
(7 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
Mon, 13-May-19 4:37 AM (9 days ago)
While there is still a few minutes left to say it, Happy Mother's Day ladies
Fri, 10-May-19 5:04 AM (12 days ago)
Just stepping out of the shadows long enough to say goodNNight. As always, stay horny my friends smile
hornygirl2018 likes this
heart xo
(12 days ago)
Thu, 2-May-19 4:50 PM (19 days ago)
Hello all! Just stopping in for a quick pre-lunch perve
Sweetie_pie2 likes this
Howdy Miles grin
(19 days ago)
Hiya, here too!
(19 days ago)
Sun, 21-Apr-19 5:59 AM (31 days ago)
Goodnight all. Sweet perving.
MissAshlee and MidnightWriter like this
Gnight beer
(31 days ago)
Sun, 21-Apr-19 5:57 AM (31 days ago)
I think that I've finally slowed down enough to sleepn
heart aww cuddle time!
(31 days ago)
Sweet dreams
(31 days ago)
Sat, 20-Apr-19 5:27 AM (32 days ago)
Ladies and gentlemen, my battery is about drained. Goodnight, pleasant perving and I will see you all back here tomorrow! .
rhinostool likes this
Good night
(32 days ago)
Gnight Miles smoke
(32 days ago)
Tue, 16-Apr-19 12:42 PM (36 days ago)
Ok, time to quit perving and get ready for work
Have to be a really fucking strong wind...I'm landlocked
(36 days ago)
Damn, I guess I missed my opportunity..... @#$!%
(36 days ago)
Yeah sorry mate, hijacked your status and soaped Kelly up
(36 days ago)
And I am really dirty
(36 days ago)
captain_82 likes this
I am reading a lot into Kellys comment wink
(36 days ago)
Mon, 15-Apr-19 1:13 PM (37 days ago)
What if the whole world jerked-off at once?
Not jerk today Jen....Its Floppy Dick Monday...ohmy
(36 days ago)
Oh Raven! But what about the people that do not know it? Like maybe deep in the Congo or something?
(36 days ago)
MilesLong66 and nosanity like this
I won't be cumming to tach them..LOL
(36 days ago)
Those Congo people will just have to "pulled" on board smile
(36 days ago)
nosanity likes this
May The Pollum Fly...wink
(36 days ago)
Fri, 5-Apr-19 3:00 PM (46 days ago)
Oooohh, lawdy, lawdy, please don't make me go to work today!!
MissAshlee and JediMasterBater like this
Mon, 25-Mar-19 12:56 PM (58 days ago)
Getting up and getting ready for work is just too much work
PApda likes this
That's why I quit smile
(58 days ago)
I don't call it quitting it's more like an early retirement
(58 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
Sat, 16-Feb-19 8:32 PM (94 days ago)
Aw, geez, look at the time! It's half past NNap o'clock!
rhinostool likes this
Fri, 15-Feb-19 1:49 PM (96 days ago)
I'd appreciate it if someone would go to work for me today....
yours, or I can meet you halfway
(96 days ago)
Mine will work. *kicks off the dogs* *Pats bed* here you go I saved you a spot
(96 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
I'll be right there.... :*
(96 days ago)
OLDKellybean1983 likes this
If your a pilot sign me up. Well make sure your co pilot is worth a hoot.
(95 days ago)
Only if I get your pay for it! Haha...nevermind, I'm off from my job, don't want to do someone else's tongue
(95 days ago)
Fri, 25-Jan-19 12:42 PM (117 days ago)
I could use a little help sanding my morning wood....
360 grit works best.
(117 days ago)
Wed, 2-Jan-19 5:24 AM (140 days ago)
Happy NNude Year!!!
Tue, 1-Jan-19 5:51 AM (141 days ago)
A Happy NNew Year to all and to all a good nnight!
Happy New Years and Good night Milessmile
(141 days ago)
Mon, 24-Dec-18 6:56 PM (148 days ago)
To all of my NN friends, have a very Merry Christmas!!
Sun, 2-Dec-18 1:43 AM (171 days ago)
like MilesLong66 liked the cam show of angeleyesuk
Sat, 1-Sep-18 5:22 AM (263 days ago)
Ladies and gentlemen, it has been fun to bandy a few words with you this evening, but I must be up early (no pun intended) tomorrow. Have a good evening. In the meantime, stay horny my friends!!
steelrat60 likes this
As do I....
(263 days ago)
Mon, 6-Aug-18 9:24 PM (288 days ago)
Does anyone know a good tailor? I'm thinking about taking my birthday suit in for some alterations....
Wed, 18-Jul-18 3:43 AM (308 days ago)
It's quiet in here tonight....too quiet....
Wed, 2-May-18 3:56 AM (385 days ago)
Yes, I am a pirate, 200 years too late. The cannons don't thunder, there's nothing to plunder, I'm an over 40 victim of Fate
Persephone_brown likes this
(385 days ago)
MilesLong66 and plumguy like this
Back at'cha, matey
(385 days ago)
Love you Jimmy B.
(326 days ago)
Mon, 30-Apr-18 4:15 AM (387 days ago)
I'm looking for a meaningful one night stand
It's in the catalogue. Right alongside the meaning of life...
(387 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
Sat, 31-Mar-18 12:00 AM (417 days ago)
You can analyze the situation, but, to me, it's all just mental masturbation
steelrat60 likes this
Red Rocker.... There's only one way to rock!
(417 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
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