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remember me?
MilesLong66's Recent Statuses
Mon, 6-Aug-18 9:24 PM (7 days ago)
Does anyone know a good tailor? I'm thinking about taking my birthday suit in for some alterations....
Wed, 18-Jul-18 3:43 AM (27 days ago)
It's quiet in here tonight....too quiet....
Wed, 2-May-18 3:56 AM (104 days ago)
Yes, I am a pirate, 200 years too late. The cannons don't thunder, there's nothing to plunder, I'm an over 40 victim of Fate
Persephone_brown likes this
(104 days ago)
MilesLong66 and plumguy like this
Back at'cha, matey
(104 days ago)
Love you Jimmy B.
(45 days ago)
Mon, 30-Apr-18 4:15 AM (106 days ago)
I'm looking for a meaningful one night stand
It's in the catalogue. Right alongside the meaning of life...
(106 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
Sat, 31-Mar-18 12:00 AM (136 days ago)
You can analyze the situation, but, to me, it's all just mental masturbation
steelrat60 likes this
Red Rocker.... There's only one way to rock!
(136 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
Thu, 4-Jan-18 6:28 AM (222 days ago)
Food for thought: If a spaceship from another planet landed on Earth, would the aliens be illegal?
happyhumper69 and hounddog67 like this
thay juss use thay laser phasers .. pew pew pew pew ..
(221 days ago)
Naaaa,those lazy beams won't penetrate.They have good brickies in Meheecoh,the drug cartels have been building walls and tunnels for ages.
(221 days ago)
This a few on here who seem a bit alien
(221 days ago)
lennynatural likes this
only a few?
(221 days ago)
Ok everyone but me
(221 days ago)
maraff likes this
Tue, 2-Jan-18 1:52 PM (223 days ago)
No point in putting it off any further. Time for a big slug of chocolate milk and hit the showers. Then, back to work....
Mon, 1-Jan-18 6:00 AM (225 days ago)
Happy NNew Year, everyone!!
rhinostool likes this
Sun, 31-Dec-17 7:32 AM (226 days ago)
Time for me to bow out. Happy New Year to everyone down under. To everyone one this side of the planet, I'll see you back here in about 18 hours
twenty-four hours and twenty minutes.... mark
(226 days ago)
yup wods, it is nearly 9pm
(226 days ago)
minus one
(226 days ago)
Poor kiwis don’t even get a nye video chat party
(226 days ago)
by this time tomorrow night i will have been asleep for a year
(226 days ago)
Mon, 25-Dec-17 4:16 AM (232 days ago)
A Merry Christmas to all and to all a good NNight!
kimberly_1229 likes this
Nighty night zzzzz
(232 days ago)
brianwoods and MilesLong66 like this
Fri, 17-Nov-17 3:07 AM (270 days ago)
Yeeeeeeaaaaasssss!!!! I have my premium membership BACK!!
lennynatural and TexAngel like this
(270 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
Now you have to exhibit self-control, or you'll wear it out.
(270 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
Self-control is over-rated
(270 days ago)
lennynatural likes this
I just have it for more pretty colored shields. Congrats, Miles.
(270 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
Thank you, Angel
(270 days ago)
TexAngel likes this
Fri, 6-Oct-17 4:19 AM (312 days ago)
A happy birthday to NN!! May there be many more!!
Sat, 16-Sep-17 4:16 AM (332 days ago)
Ladies and gentlemen, I haven't slept since Wednesday, so I'm going to bow out before I crash out. Be good and stay horny, my friends.
deepsea69 likes this
Sweet dreams, Miles.
(332 days ago)
Thu, 14-Sep-17 10:50 PM (333 days ago)
I've been invited to a small intimate party tonight. It's a short guest list: Me, Myself and I, and a bottle of baby oil.
yeah but im tired of that party, no surprises, i tried
(333 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
Wed, 13-Sep-17 4:46 PM (334 days ago)
Last night I saw a naked cowgirl, she was floatin' 'cross the ceilin'
MiltonSamantha likes this
top of the zed zed to ya
(334 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
Fri, 25-Aug-17 2:09 AM (354 days ago)
Enjoying my last day as a premium member
You should renew! Is the double time offer still going?
(354 days ago)
Shyguy1976 and MilesLong66 like this
i got the offer today MG
(354 days ago)
Bad news.
(354 days ago)
Yes, I'm going to renew, but it won't be for a month or two
(354 days ago)
Fri, 11-Aug-17 2:34 PM (367 days ago)
Yeeeeeeee haaawwww! It's Friday....!!!
Fri, 11-Aug-17 3:15 AM (368 days ago)
MilesLong66 liked the cam show of HornycoupIe
Sat, 8-Jul-17 11:42 PM (401 days ago)
I just dropped in for a quick pre-dinner perve and, as usual, I missed dinner
The NN diet plan??
(401 days ago)
Missed meals, missed sleep, missed social events..... NN can be very distracting!
(401 days ago)
The NN diet would be based on high-fiber sex?
(401 days ago)
GottaBeMe and TexAngel like this
I guess that includes eating out a lot.
(401 days ago)
GottaBeMe likes this
Fri, 7-Jul-17 2:12 AM (403 days ago)
Does anyone around here have a handle on the meaning of life?
(403 days ago)
Be kind. Help others.
(403 days ago)
steelrat60 and DubbleStrubble like this
24 ..... Dyslexia sufferers lets all Untie
(403 days ago)
MilesLong66 and happyhumper69 like this
What do you get when you cross a dyslexic, and atheist, and an insomniac?..........wait for it...........wait for it.. Someone who lays awake all night, wondering if there really is a Dog.
(403 days ago)
My penis is nicknamed the meaning of life, I very often have a handle on it
(403 days ago)
Chuck-81 likes this
Fri, 23-Jun-17 2:56 AM (417 days ago)
After having had a brownie and a big glass of chocolate milk, I have to call it a night. Goodnight and stay horny my friends
Chocolate Milk eh
(417 days ago)
Sweet dreams
(417 days ago)
I just downed a 1 Liter in about 2 minutes
(417 days ago)
that shit wheel killya chuk.
(417 days ago)
steelrat60 likes this
Fri, 23-Jun-17 1:51 AM (417 days ago)
What do you say in your status when you, really, have no status!
I don't have any jokes. I'll probably trip over something before the night's over though.
(417 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
I wouldn't laugh at something like that (unless is was in B&W and had all the proper sound effects)
(417 days ago)
TexAngel likes this
Usually if you have nothing profound to say you can get by with posting a song lyric.
(417 days ago)
TexAngel and MilesLong66 like this
It's tough to get into song lyrics when Steel isn't around
(417 days ago)
TexAngel likes this
Gibberish nonsense
(417 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
Fri, 16-Jun-17 2:27 PM (423 days ago)
Well, my pervy friends....it's time to go to work (late, as usual). I will be back tonight, same perv time, same perv channel!!
TexAngel and sdredd922 like this
Have a great day!
(423 days ago)
Fri, 17-Feb-17 1:26 AM (543 days ago)
I don't think I can handle this, a cloudy day in Metropolis...
Hello Miles xxoo..........going to be sunny here, again........ ..........hug and kotc
(543 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
It was nice outside today. Even better tomorrow
(543 days ago)
Sun, 12-Feb-17 1:34 AM (548 days ago)
Anyone care to join me in having a beer?
softcell and rhinostool like this
How bout a Guinness?
(548 days ago)
softcell likes this
Beer. Yup. Cheers.
(548 days ago)
I do believe the lady asked for a koombadoorev
(548 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
I get very drunk, very quickly on guinness
(548 days ago)
MilesLong66 likes this
I'll just nip out to the liquor store.....
(548 days ago)
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