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I am: Female Age: 38
Seeking: A straight guy Preference: Girls & Guys
Children: None Member Since: 11-Feb-05
Location: United States Last logged In: 20-Jul-18
Relationship Status: Married (but up for it anyway)
About Me: Wife LOVES reading comments and messages, so please keep them coming!!! NewbieNudes was one of the original sites we posted on 13 plus years ago! We post on other locations as well always under the name of oldenough19800. Single Guys: We are a married couple, but only the wife plays. Looking for guys (ages 18 to 45) that don't mind being photographed by the husband while he watches. Loves being recognized by NewbieNudes fans out in public, if you run into her be sure to let her know how much you enjoy the profile! Who knows you could even get lucky (it's happened a few times)! If you're someone who knows her in real life don't be shy and let her know! Guys that like to smoke up are huge plus. Huge Bulls fans here, always up to going to a game (warning MAJOR seat snob here...floor seats to good games ect....). We will only respond to profiles with multiple clear/large pics posted, it's only fair considering we do the same. Guys that send us or post pics holding a sign that has our profile name and date will move to the front of the line. Couples We are looking for like minded couples that would like to meet us up at a swinger club from time to time. Just to be clear, hubby likes to watch and will ONLY play with Mrs Oldenough. Hoping to meet people that can be friends both in and out of the bedroom. Let's have some fun!

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I am: Female Age: 24
Seeking: Anyone - Don't care Preference: Girls & Guys
Children: None Member Since: 19-Feb-17
Location: United Kingdom Last logged In: 23-Jul-18
Relationship Status: Single
About Me: I always try to be honest so I will start with the most important thing to me. If we become friends, I expect you to chat with me when we are both on- line. If you choose not to chat or reply, I will delete you as what's the point? People who do not chat and wasters just spoil this site. So, since I was 16, I have been sexually active with boys and girls. (I lived with a female partner for four years) I have also been fucked by black and white cock from younger and older guys. I have lots of quite dirty fantasies and I update my blog to reveal them to other lovers of dirtyness. I absolutely love teasing guys and then giving them pleasure. I like to tie them to a chair and bend over in front of them so my pussy and bum is nearly in their face and then pull away. I will then wank them off or suck them dry while they are unable to reach out and touch me. I fantasise about being taken to a pub and then stripped off in front of all the older guys there. I would also like to be taken to a factory, and paraded around on a leash by guys with just my knickers, stockings and high heels on while they touch me and take pictures. I also love to be tied up, blindfolded, gagged and abused. I have told you what I like, so please tell me what you like and what you want from me?

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I am: Couple Age: 53
Seeking: No one at the moment Preference:
Children: Member Since: 12-Oct-17
Location: United States Last logged In: 23-Jul-18
Relationship Status: Married
About Me: We are a married couple - just NOT TO EACH OTHER! We met on NN, sparked a connection, and have become lovers - very intimate lovers. We sneak to meet up to fuck each other, and love to take pictures & videos together! We give ourselves up COMPLETELY to the other's desires - no matter what they are. Nothing is held back, and neither is denied anything they wish to do, or have done to them. (Hope you are able to find something this satisfying, and wonderful, someday too - as it is VERY fucking hot!) WE POST OUR PICS & VIDS JUST FOR YOU TO ENJOY. It gives us a way to share some of the homemade porn that we love to make, during our dirty little hook-ups. NOT LOOKING FOR OTHERS, as we have all we can handle with what we've got going on, and WE ARE VERY INTO EACH OTHER. Not into chat, or camming. That means I'm not into spending my time chatting with you about how you'd like my woman to service your lonely cock. She's definitely not going to either. It also means that neither of us are going to cam with you. Have zero interest in doing that. We play with, and fuck, only each other. Period. You are welcome to look at what we share, and enjoy. If you want more than that, sorry about your luck. We are having to spell this out for the people who just don't seem to get it, or perhaps they have a reading comprehension problem. WE ARE NOT LOOKING TO MEET UP, OR TO HAVE OTHERS JOIN US. We are making arrangements to be together permanently. P.S. - We are not into the friends "rat race" on here. WE DON'T ADD FRIENDS, and have our reasons for not doing this. Please don't ask, or get your feelings hurt, when we don't accept your friend request. Instead, just "follow us", if you want to see our pics as we add them. If you send us a friend request, it tells us that you didn't care to even read our profile, and are probably just another "friend collector". We welcome, and appreciate, your votes and comments, but please, don't be "gross". Don't mean to sound harsh, with the aforementioned, but you should see some of the PMs we receive. We get off on being naughty together, and love showing you! Hope you enjoy us, and thanks!

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