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Sun, 18-Mar-18 7:57 AM (3 minutes ago)
Would you fuck your friend's gf, if he fucked your gf? Asking for a friend..
My mate fucked my wife and she left me for him. I don't half miss him!
(1 minute ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 7:46 AM (14 minutes ago)
tampon pics? just wondering about another request...
Fred_Dagge2 likes this
more breast pics pls
(14 minutes ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 7:40 AM (20 minutes ago)
Just posted some new pics wearing short skirt and lingerie
nice hairy bod - take those knickers off and lets see ur cock n balls
(4 minutes ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 6:59 AM (1 hour ago)
Good Morning to all my NN friends and any that would like to be lol
Morning Dew, berry
(1 hour ago)
dewberry likes this
morn Wod
(59 minutes ago)
mornin dew
(46 minutes ago)
dewberry likes this
morning flitter x
(44 minutes ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 6:43 AM (1 hour ago)
Tired of the bullshit. If you want to talk to me, send me an inbox.
dewberry likes this
morning Daffodil x
(1 hour ago)
hope all is well
(1 hour ago)
All is perfect except for guys acting so disrespectfully and a whole host of other things here. Just be nice. Have a good day all. I'm off.
(29 minutes ago)
Awww Daffy my darling! Don't go, I'll miss ya! XXXX
(26 minutes ago)
the world we live in
(12 minutes ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 6:38 AM (1 hour ago)
Having an amazing skiing holiday, blog story to follow shortly... x
Heavy Chevy likes this
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 6:28 AM (1 hour ago)
i wish bill shorten would fuck off with his pre recorded phone calls
Alan4uLadies likes this
Sun, 18-Mar-18 6:00 AM (2 hours ago)
Thinking of some new pics to upload.......
Sun, 18-Mar-18 5:03 AM (2 hours ago)
Happy St Patty’s day!!!!!!
Sun, 18-Mar-18 4:53 AM (3 hours ago)
Howdy and a very good morning to you.
Noirty likes this
Good morning? I still need to sleep, man
(2 hours ago)
aerodeck likes this
Yeah that I still hear blowing around my home. Why it is so cold. Raven ..... IT is still there . I guess you have the same weather?
(2 hours ago)
Dawn Chorus here. Bird food prepeared..
(2 hours ago)
aerodeck likes this
When will it get better. The forecast is not good here.
(2 hours ago)
We think it will be over from monday, but who knows for sure (S.E. England.)
(2 hours ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 4:51 AM (3 hours ago)
Cruising cock pix and slowly edging.
Noirty likes this
I should consider uploading new ones now.
(2 hours ago)
Bigsalmon12 likes this
Is this the wurst status?
(2 hours ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 4:38 AM (3 hours ago)
Fat german sausage looks for a very big mouth
Noirty and fkmywife like this
But small means perfect! ^^^
(2 hours ago)
I think he is too fat for you
(2 hours ago)
^^See, you already knew that didn't you Kate? It's also a euphemism for tight....in the right places.. and that's the secret to the thrill of the over-fill..Betcha already knew that too... yum.
(2 hours ago)
I’ve taken some very far cock in my little mouth over the years.
(2 hours ago)
And I’m still pretty tight in the right places too.
(2 hours ago)
tazdevilcc likes this
Sun, 18-Mar-18 4:34 AM (3 hours ago)
Amazing how many guys say they’ll eat cum from a pussy lol
Noirty, wikdwayz4u and KateisaWhore like this
Not sure they would actually all do it. Let alone at the same time.
(3 hours ago)
I am not doing it so you know
(3 hours ago)
whipman-uk likes this
Say and do are often different things when it comes to the crunch..I wouldn't say or do it myself. But that's not a judgement, just a preference.
(2 hours ago)
I’ve had guys eat their own cum before. And I’ve had a few offer to eat someone else’s.
(2 hours ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 4:31 AM (3 hours ago)
Just laying in my bed chilling alone
KateisaWhore likes this
No one is ever alone here. Find the chat!
(3 hours ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 4:26 AM (3 hours ago)
Thinking there is no rush, I will wallow in the naked flesh presented to me
Sun, 18-Mar-18 4:25 AM (3 hours ago)
Posted new pics after 4yrs. Feels good to be back, NN.
Sun, 18-Mar-18 4:15 AM (3 hours ago)
Nice to play outside again....little warmer now
Noirty likes this
Sun, 18-Mar-18 4:05 AM (3 hours ago)
Had an incredible time at the Longhouse in Redmond last night. Got to take part in a large orgy and had a great time in general. Schedule's free to be going to next event in 3 weeks, too.
Noirty likes this
(3 hours ago)
MelvinMorsmere likes this
The person at the club who organized this kept drafting more people. We had a bunch of folks diving in to join us as things went on. It was a great time!
(2 hours ago)
Hoping we have something like this again in a few weeks.
(2 hours ago)
And I'm sure everybody was honest about being clean.......Yuk. that is way too risky of a scene just to get your rocks off.
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 3:49 AM (4 hours ago)
cum visit in chat
Noirty and wikdwayz4u like this
Sun, 18-Mar-18 3:18 AM (4 hours ago)
The Irish part of my DNA is wondering why the hell I haven’t had any alcohol today. I’m so ashamed of myself.
It’s the medicine I’m taking. Two drinks and I’m drunk! I’m a cheap date now!
(3 hours ago)
flitterbee and Heavy Chevy like this
ok, I will still date ya...
(3 hours ago)
TexAngel, Noirty and Heavy Chevy like this
(3 hours ago)
flitterbee likes this
I gotta visit ya then monchichi
(1 hour ago)
Hey Tex, how about we go out for a couple of drinks
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 3:17 AM (4 hours ago)
My lady awaits.... I bet she's horny....
Ermm! I'd spank you hard if I were her if you kept me waiting and possibly more!
(4 hours ago)
steelrat60 likes this
I'm off, laters all
(4 hours ago)
NaughtyKat and TexAngel like this
Good man!
(4 hours ago)
And you keep her waiting? Don't let an opportunity go to waste, good sir.
(3 hours ago)
Is she a unicorn steel?
(2 hours ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 3:12 AM (4 hours ago)
Hello everyone
steelrat60 likes this
(4 hours ago)
brianwoods likes this
Hi steel
(4 hours ago)
Hi Brian!
(3 hours ago)
(2 hours ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 3:04 AM (4 hours ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 2:29 AM (5 hours ago)
Great day out in Nottingham with my friend Back at the Airbnb. Can’t sleep tho
~Wenchie~ and KateisaWhore like this
nottingham I'm in derby where was my invite lol
(5 hours ago)
Sorry Pete. Didn’t know was at a County game also.,,, not the Rams
(5 hours ago)
Sun, 18-Mar-18 2:03 AM (5 hours ago)
No Undies Sunday
FoxNHound, ashhat2 and KateisaWhore like this
For those un-cir..Perhaps a a ring to the forskin.. But No, never pierce or tattoo's for me..
(4 hours ago)
No, no holes in my dick, twvm
(4 hours ago)
wuss, go one be a MAN, take one upda ole Fwoppa fo da team
(4 hours ago)
steelrat60 likes this
No Pants and Panties Day.. Such a relief, do try it
(4 hours ago)
an wot if i done like it ?
(4 hours ago)
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