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Sun, 23-Jul-17 2:09 PM (52 minutes ago)
Hi, I'm new and looking to chat and for some new friends
Sun, 23-Jul-17 1:54 PM (1 hour ago)
Chatting while laying naked in bed is always fun!
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Prove it!
(1 hour ago)
jo1st50plus likes this
Chatting it is fun anywhere as long as you are naked
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 1:08 PM (1 hour ago)
It's my birthday weekend! Somebody get me a drink... Please
Have A Great Birthday Gorgeous
(1 hour ago)
Have made 2 Pictures for you
(1 hour ago)
Happy birthday! Wishing you a great one!
(45 minutes ago)
better call in sick now
(6 minutes ago)
Happy Birthday Weekend KB The drinks will be lined up along the bar (pace yourself hehe) xx
(0 minutes ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 12:59 PM (2 hours ago)
My girlfriend was complaining last night that I never listen to her. Or something like that.....
Well do you?
(2 hours ago)
(1 hour ago)
What? The other joke to this joke..... I don't have a girlfriend
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 12:35 PM (2 hours ago)
If I had the length of baseball84 and the girth of savatage_II, I would be a happy man!
The pursuit of happiness is a worthy pursuit, but ecstasy is easily found in those few moments right before you jettison the gobs of creamy white goo. Length and girth don't matter much right then.
(1 hour ago)
Jagged_Edges likes this
Sun, 23-Jul-17 12:18 PM (2 hours ago)
Any tips on how to shoot big loads and further ? Please and thank you
I prefer a bolt action because they can handle higher chamber pressures but carefully examine the brass and primers for signs of excessive pressure as you work up your load.
(2 hours ago)
Youngfunkiwi likes this
About 7 years ago I had a prostate biopsy. They punched 12 holes in it. Shortly after that the volume and distance surprised me and almost scared Jenny. I wanted video of every ejaculation. LOL
(2 hours ago)
Youngfunkiwi likes this
Are you suggesting some amateur surgery with a hole punch then?
(2 hours ago)
Sounds painful lol
(2 hours ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 11:08 AM (3 hours ago)
lovely sunny day
dfdarthur and BuxomXhunter like this
hi. i like your photos. your are welll sexy xxx
(3 hours ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 11:05 AM (3 hours ago)
Make it so #1
(3 hours ago)
Beverley? is that you?
(3 hours ago)
little too next gen for me
(2 hours ago)
You're a "numero uno" to me wenchie!
(1 hour ago)
PM girl
(7 minutes ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 10:47 AM (4 hours ago)
drink finished, time to get naked and into my warm bed
Just woke up naked in my bed
(4 hours ago)
you got lectric blankey . . . . . . . broo
(4 hours ago)
no leccy blanky
(4 hours ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 10:34 AM (4 hours ago)
Watching the women's cricket world cup final and wishing that someone was 'deep in my crease'... x
Keep those gags cummin' you sexy pundits x
(3 hours ago)
*imagines my full length in ZZ's corridor of uncertainty*
(3 hours ago)
^^^ My fave so far, good boy! x
(3 hours ago)
Good boy?! *spanks ZZ with Geoff Boycott's stick of rhubarb*
(3 hours ago)
Just be careful if the umpire's finger goes up
(3 hours ago)
imnotreallyhere2 likes this
Sun, 23-Jul-17 10:30 AM (4 hours ago)
Hard and Heavy
Sun, 23-Jul-17 10:11 AM (4 hours ago)
Ok who is going nude today? lol
I will be for sure. 5 minute walk to a clothing optional beach. Hate to brag but... lol
(4 hours ago)
lol pp, its like that here and its winter but im not bragging either .
(4 hours ago)
private parts likes this
i thirteen seconds from a clothing optional barthroom i is bragging
(4 hours ago)
i about half a gls from no clothing bed but to fakin cold so will be dressed
(4 hours ago)
I just stay nude here lol
(3 hours ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 10:08 AM (4 hours ago)
I love being able to wake up next to my loving hubby who has been taking care of me this last week. Also to knowing my friends are happy. Everyone have a great day
Sounds like life is grand for you
(4 hours ago)
Msboom75 likes this
Sun, 23-Jul-17 10:02 AM (4 hours ago)
Trade nudes
no need for trading, lots of pics posted for everyone to perv on
(4 hours ago)
Justmedamian and nawtynudie like this
depends on what you trade for
(46 minutes ago)
trade profile info
(40 minutes ago)
No need to trade, show them on here. It doesn't get you more intimate with a woman by trading.
(33 minutes ago)
metalwork likes this
I'll trade ya 2 ron jeremy's for a hypatia lee
(6 minutes ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 10:02 AM (4 hours ago)
Good morning all
hello there damian
(4 hours ago)
I'm ok thnx, how are you?
(4 hours ago)
Justmedamian likes this
Hiya Flitt xxx good day hon ?
(4 hours ago)
been a quiet n relaxed one thanks hope yours will be a good one too
(4 hours ago)
Justmedamian likes this
Glad to hear xxx I'm good thanks hon
(4 hours ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 9:59 AM (5 hours ago)
Just had a bath and dripping wet ......
big smiles, wink xxx
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 9:48 AM (5 hours ago)
Bored with "freinds" not chatting !
(5 hours ago)
love to chat
(5 hours ago)
Hold that thought. I get that too ...
(1 hour ago)
We all are!
(1 hour ago)
What do you want to chat about?
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 9:47 AM (5 hours ago)
I've had to remove friends just to allow fresh and current NN users to show so sorry to all those I've removed for now.
go premium and you wont need to remove 'friends'
(5 hours ago)
Add me lol
(53 minutes ago)
you haven't put a new pic up in the last year or so.
(4 minutes ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 9:19 AM (5 hours ago)
Gotta love it when you play with your misses' bum during sex and she then begs for you to fuck her in the arse!
right upda poodot. ... nuffink beta .... boom shaka lacka
(5 hours ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 9:15 AM (5 hours ago)
*smh* some of the names people come up with on here...
weren't they a girl band? or Nuclear Pussy or something??
(3 hours ago)
LOL, wasn't that Atomic Kitten?
(3 hours ago)
imnotreallyhere2 likes this
I wonder whatever came of Pussy Riot ?
(3 hours ago)
The one's that Putin locked up.
(3 hours ago)
thay were so yesterday wabes
(3 hours ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 9:07 AM (5 hours ago)
Off out walking, behave yourselves
always do.....try too
(5 hours ago)
Sun, 23-Jul-17 8:57 AM (6 hours ago)
Received the best news of my life yesterday afternoon my one and only will be able to stay in touch with me. Mwah my sexy NN friends and family
tanfas1 and Msboom75 like this
Sun, 23-Jul-17 8:56 AM (6 hours ago)
Woke up early and hungry for some
Sun, 23-Jul-17 8:30 AM (6 hours ago)
So many hot sexy beautiful woman here. Now i am hard and horny
Sun, 23-Jul-17 8:26 AM (6 hours ago)
on cam right now ladies
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