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Sat, 27-May-17 11:40 AM (15 minutes ago)
Wondering if incest is allowed to be discussed in a blog because I just saw one
DementedAvenger likes this
rules bottom page
(12 minutes ago)
suggest you read them.. make up ya own mind . report as you see fit .. duh
(10 minutes ago)
I know the chat room rules just don't know about blog rules
(5 minutes ago)
No biggie
(5 minutes ago)
if you go to the bottom of the page all the fakin rules are under the heading rules you could then READ blog rules .. note i typed real slowly
(0 minutes ago)
Sat, 27-May-17 11:38 AM (17 minutes ago)
i need a good massage
Sat, 27-May-17 11:19 AM (36 minutes ago)
Raven2005 I removed the wick part from my name only super troll calls me wick.... Desist from using wick. Please ...
I guess real big dick can cause problems getting in and out of the car
(23 minutes ago)
i have not seen any real benefits in road cars that come from ef won
(22 minutes ago)
We can see Monico live,for free on Channel 4, partly hosted by Mark Webber. Very famous circuit.
(20 minutes ago)
i cant see it i dont have chnl 4
(17 minutes ago)
10 mins to to Q1
(1 minute ago)
Sat, 27-May-17 11:14 AM (41 minutes ago)
Deepthroat blowjobs are spunk-o-rific!
Sat, 27-May-17 11:00 AM (55 minutes ago)
Good morning all, good morning Saturday, go easy on my heart today and in return I'll do the best I can, promise...
sorry dude ... but do you really like to beat yaself up?
(49 minutes ago)
Sat, 27-May-17 10:41 AM (1 hour ago)
Love to chat to couples who share their pics and think about living a few sexual adventures.......xx
Sat, 27-May-17 10:34 AM (1 hour ago)
Its the weekend and i am horny
Sat, 27-May-17 10:28 AM (1 hour ago)
Qualifiers time. Go Lewis
kagy1979 likes this
f won .. na wot crap
(52 minutes ago)
Hope you break down Lewis.
(40 minutes ago)
sew we dont like lewis .. huh
(39 minutes ago)
WickerWodder.. tis Monaco...
(39 minutes ago)
Sat, 27-May-17 10:09 AM (1 hour ago)
Y'all ready for a party, cause I'm not, didn't get any invites
Sat, 27-May-17 9:56 AM (1 hour ago)
Busy day ahead but tg it's a 3 day weekend
cheekypaul likes this
Sat, 27-May-17 9:49 AM (2 hours ago)
New pics uploaded - love all norti comments
Damn nice pictures! Wow!!
(1 hour ago)
Please send me a message. Your a very lovely lady.
(1 hour ago)
Me thinks you have just opened the flood gates - inbox will be rammed + 1 thankyou for sharing x
(16 minutes ago)
Looking good, thanks for sharing.
(3 minutes ago)
Sat, 27-May-17 9:41 AM (2 hours ago)
time to get these pants off and wank time
Sat, 27-May-17 9:13 AM (2 hours ago)
hot and sunny all week when I am at work, comes to the weekend and a massive thunderstorm and rain when I am getting my car washed.....
Talkflirty2me likes this
Daff, your a peach.
(2 hours ago)
Daffodil888 likes this
Why thanks bunches Stock!
(2 hours ago)
Not got enough data allowance on your mobile?
(2 hours ago)
I live out in the countryside and can only pick up 3G. And I am inpatient wanting to look at all the lovely ladies on here
(2 hours ago)
When in hotels with bad wireless I have used tethering; even on 3G it was better than the hotel.
(2 hours ago)
Sat, 27-May-17 9:10 AM (2 hours ago)
When and if the sun ever comes out in New York, I might take some more photos.
rhinostool likes this
Sat, 27-May-17 8:29 AM (3 hours ago)
my balls are full can a nice sweet lady help me drain my big balls please
rhinostool likes this
Sat, 27-May-17 8:06 AM (3 hours ago)
Wet T-shirt day today Good Morning
Yup, it is
(3 hours ago)
deepsea69 and Daffodil888 like this
time for fkk today baby!
(3 hours ago)
shaqila and deepsea69 like this
(3 hours ago)
shaqila likes this
Evening handsome xoxox It might be Virtual, but not on a b-day party
(3 hours ago)
gettin late NNite Sweetheart
(3 hours ago)
Sat, 27-May-17 7:39 AM (4 hours ago)
its getting hot in here, so take off ...
sorry, got that Bloodhound gang song stuck in my head
(4 hours ago)
VirtualDevotion likes this
Already done
(4 hours ago)
... oh i knew i could count on you DAF.
(3 hours ago)
Daffodil888 likes this
right there with ya daff
(3 hours ago)
Daffodil888 likes this
Yay we are all naked!!
(3 hours ago)
VirtualDevotion likes this
Sat, 27-May-17 7:32 AM (4 hours ago)
I enjoy being called a slut
great slut
(4 hours ago)
slut, slut, slut slut
(4 hours ago)
Sat, 27-May-17 7:01 AM (4 hours ago)
If you don't want me, it's your loss. I know how fucking awesome I am and I don't care what people think.
i bet we both would play the rest of your lifes *lol*
(3 hours ago)
Daffodil888 likes this
btw - we should do because of the hot pics we could make for nn *lol*
(3 hours ago)
Daffodil888 likes this
Maybe! That would be fun...and judging by your photos....mmmm...but you live far away!
(2 hours ago)
VirtualDevotion likes this
yes . always the same... but imagination is nice too...
(2 hours ago)
Daffodil888 likes this
Oh it's perfect !
(2 hours ago)
Sat, 27-May-17 6:45 AM (5 hours ago)
Fell asleep at 11pm, waaaay too early. Back up now to work on some backlogged art and procrastinate it yet again because bewbs. Hi NN
rhinostool likes this
Sat, 27-May-17 6:14 AM (5 hours ago)
Hot weather makes me so horny. Naked and wankin a mornin boner - hope to get my cock and balls out in the sunshine in the garden later
rhinostool likes this
Sat, 27-May-17 6:02 AM (5 hours ago)
So close to cumming mmmmmmm want a good hard cock in me while I rub my clit hard
This is indeed a nebulous state to be in... God Speed...
(5 hours ago)
Wish I could be deep in your right now doll
(5 hours ago)
Sat, 27-May-17 5:41 AM (6 hours ago)
so wet feels so good rubbing my clit
You have been enjoying NN again you sexy woman
(6 hours ago)
nebulous_state likes this
Yes I have mmmm
(6 hours ago)
wud luv 2 c
(6 hours ago)
Nipples are hard & clit is swollen mmmmmmmm
(6 hours ago)
Sat, 27-May-17 5:34 AM (6 hours ago)
Battling my seizures ..battling my pride...i made a gofundme page
rhinostool likes this
Oh i do hope that it can be stopped You are a beautiful woman
(6 hours ago)
lilfireball likes this
I can only hope
(6 hours ago)
I wish you all the best in defeating your challenge... You can do it and the first step is to think positively!
(6 hours ago)
lilfireball likes this
Thank you very much Revord
(5 hours ago)
Sat, 27-May-17 5:24 AM (6 hours ago)
Young guy 27 looking for a woman with experience to show me how it's done right. Love you nn
rhinostool likes this
Not 'old' Daff. Experienced. You know what I'm talking about. I know you do BTW, I might even have had a little experience in that 'arena' myself. But a gentleman never tells...
(5 hours ago)
Daffodil888 likes this
Haha Urway...experienced for sure. I bet you have... there is always more I can learn.
(5 hours ago)
urwayhot likes this
I defiantly agree there daff, unless of corse your having sex for money then id say the money winns
(5 hours ago)
Daffodil888 likes this
No I've never had to do that thankfully.
(5 hours ago)
The older I get Daff, the more I like to learn new things...
(5 hours ago)
Daffodil888 likes this
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