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Sun, 23-Apr-17 7:20 PM (24 minutes ago)
Monday comes around to quickly, Morning
Lizzie good to see you here
(20 minutes ago)
hi hack
(13 minutes ago)
hackelberry77 likes this
Time to go do some work.... later
(13 minutes ago)
hi kimmy
(13 minutes ago)
Hello Mr Hack xx
(10 minutes ago)
Sun, 23-Apr-17 7:13 PM (32 minutes ago)
All of you gorgeous NN girls get me so so horny thanks for sharing your beauty
Sun, 23-Apr-17 6:48 PM (57 minutes ago)
Posted some new pictures of the wife story been a bit.. let us know what you think of us we love to hear it
Sun, 23-Apr-17 6:44 PM (1 hour ago)
Resigning at work tomorrow to move on to something else. Bitter sweet but change was needed. A bit nervous about it. Real life is hard xx
No more shifts, closer, no more drunks and way less abuse. It really will be so much better x
(42 minutes ago)
lip2lip likes this
Good luck
(33 minutes ago)
Persephone_brown likes this
Good luck. I took a new job last month. Absolutely love it! Best decision Ive ever made.
(19 minutes ago)
good luck!!! sometimes a change is as good as a holiday
(18 minutes ago)
Persephone_brown and lip2lip like this
best wished with your new adventure
(13 minutes ago)
Persephone_brown likes this
Sun, 23-Apr-17 6:23 PM (1 hour ago)
Soooo which one of you perverts wrote "Sexier Sex" and wrote about NN?
Chuck-81 likes this
Shhh PB, Im trying to keep it quiet
(26 minutes ago)
Persephone_brown likes this
One way to figure it out is by reading blogs. Our words are like finger prints of our soul.
(24 minutes ago)
<<< has no soul
(23 minutes ago)
Lol soul or sole
(22 minutes ago)
well I'm not much of a fisherman either
(17 minutes ago)
lip2lip likes this
Sun, 23-Apr-17 6:22 PM (1 hour ago)
'Afternoon folks, is anyone aware of whatever happened to the incredibly gorgeous "SweetPearl." She posted on "NN" for quite some time and has now disappeared ... her photo's are sincerely missed.
Diggingdeeper likes this
maybe hubby found out?
(1 hour ago)
Diggingdeeper likes this
she/he was in kahootz with another member soliciting and poof!
(1 hour ago)
Diggingdeeper likes this
ohh sound much more fun lol
(1 hour ago)
Diggingdeeper likes this
Sun, 23-Apr-17 5:46 PM (1 hour ago)
<<customized just for me for you! Anyone needing a refill,stop by you get a pass Artistic and thank you
kimberly_1229 likes this
(1 hour ago)
Jagged_Edges likes this
(1 hour ago)
its fabulous
(1 hour ago)
You can't shut me up!
(1 hour ago)
Chuck-81 likes this
Sun, 23-Apr-17 5:41 PM (2 hours ago)
I still like you x
shitname and smiff17bs like this
get to know me better,you'll hate me eventually
(1 hour ago)
^ truth
(1 hour ago)
Chuck-81, sdredd922 and lip2lip like this
<^ nuff said
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 23-Apr-17 5:39 PM (2 hours ago)
Please feel free to tell me something good.
I washed my face
(1 hour ago)
Jagged_Edges and Chuck-81 like this
<unlimited refills
(1 hour ago)
Jagged_Edges and Artistic like this
Its monday ..........and iv got a rdo
(1 hour ago)
I know how to dress myself
(1 hour ago)
Chuck-81 likes this
I'm having a great day and your a good friend
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 23-Apr-17 5:34 PM (2 hours ago)
really feeling horny would love company
Sun, 23-Apr-17 5:33 PM (2 hours ago)
Short lived front page but at least I still have one picture on the front page. Mwah for all the votes. Have a wonderful day friends
Msboom75 likes this
Blessings to you.
(2 hours ago)
Diggingdeeper likes this
once upon a time I enjoyed a few minutes of fame - I saved a screenshot!
(2 minutes ago)
Sun, 23-Apr-17 5:14 PM (2 hours ago)
If you stop by! say hi! don't be shy!
Darts12 likes this
(2 hours ago)
Gfun11 and Darts12 like this
Sun, 23-Apr-17 5:09 PM (2 hours ago)
My best birth control now is just to leave the lights on.
kimberly_1229 likes this
Sun, 23-Apr-17 5:01 PM (2 hours ago)
Wow, anyfin's gallery of pics!! Simply amazing!
Sun, 23-Apr-17 4:43 PM (3 hours ago)
looking for a sub female
^put a penis ina bun voila!
(1 hour ago)
kimberly_1229 likes this
uhum that be transgender then?
(1 hour ago)
put panties or minature dress on said samich
(1 hour ago)
I thought all submarines were male, cos of the periscope that sticks up and the torpedo and such. Huh xx
(1 hour ago)
Jagged_Edges and lip2lip like this
^^^and full of seamen
(30 minutes ago)
Persephone_brown likes this
Sun, 23-Apr-17 4:20 PM (3 hours ago)
Jackie Wilson said, it's a marvelous night for a moondance, so roll me over Domino with you my brown eyed girl, have I told you lately that love you, that you're as sweet as tupelo honey
happyhumper69 and Agent_K like this
forget it...wait...you already did...alzhiemers moment?
(2 hours ago)
Lol, no not all, If I posted a status about Mahler or R.Strauss Lieder, and you didn't get it, would i go "sheesh" Nooo : P
(2 hours ago)
Just a mash up of Van Morrison songs TC
(2 hours ago)
TopCat57 and Agent_K like this
I would get it but you would if I didnt ...we all know you were childhood friends with wolfgang!
(2 hours ago)
TopCat57 likes this
Only cos his sister Nanerl was hottt: P
(2 hours ago)
Sun, 23-Apr-17 4:19 PM (3 hours ago)
Went to bed without washing my face last night. Waking up looking like I'm a member of Kiss! lol Morning
That old chestnut.....
(36 minutes ago)
Ive gone to bed looking like the prom queen then woke up looking like Carrie
(33 minutes ago)
lip2lip likes this
(32 minutes ago)
Afternoon angel by the way x
(21 minutes ago)
Ha!!! Panda eyes
(19 minutes ago)
Sun, 23-Apr-17 4:16 PM (3 hours ago)
Been away for a while - back now
Sun, 23-Apr-17 4:11 PM (3 hours ago)
Hope you all have had a great weekend and have a wonderful upcoming week!!
You too, fletch
(3 hours ago)
fletcherdogg likes this
Sun, 23-Apr-17 4:05 PM (3 hours ago)
Listen. I have procrastinated long enough. I've finished my cereal, now it's time to finish this homework. xoxo my sexy friends. Thanks for the distraction and the laughs.
Get it done and thanks, also for the company and laughs; )
(3 hours ago)
Wheres my cereal
(3 hours ago)
Sun, 23-Apr-17 3:58 PM (3 hours ago)
I've had a fantastic weekend! especially enjoyed Mr.C!! hope yours was good too?
Sun, 23-Apr-17 3:49 PM (3 hours ago)
Ladies, if you're sexy, if you're in the UK, if you've been on here recently, check your PM inbox!!
Sun, 23-Apr-17 3:41 PM (4 hours ago)
Looking for some photos to masturbate to
(4 hours ago)
Chuck-81 and Talkflirty2me like this
Sun, 23-Apr-17 3:39 PM (4 hours ago)
*C*O*F*F*E*E*, a little breakfast, then gymming to get it out of the way today, then home to write like the wind. And load the d/w, too. (Wow, what an exciting urban life style at the moment! )
Sun, 23-Apr-17 3:38 PM (4 hours ago)
looking for men to chat to about my love of wearing women's underwear
hello man is what we are wear panties what we do check me out & see my collection
(3 hours ago)
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