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remember me?
shy28boy's Recent Statuses
Sat, 30-Mar-19 3:10 PM (57 days ago)
The days are getting longer and the clothes are getting less!
The fog is getting thicker and Leon is getting larger.....*waits to see if anyone gets the reference*
(57 days ago)
Mr_Vein likes this
Early Days
(57 days ago)
Already been out shopping with a light sun dress, no knickers or bra on
(57 days ago)
VTCali, shy28boy and ears1980 like this
We collectively thank you for that Blue!
(57 days ago)
Blue4ever likes this
VTCali, it’s a big turn on for me doing it too, I love guys checking me out when I know they have probably seen something or guessed xx
(57 days ago)
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Sun, 10-Mar-19 3:04 PM (77 days ago)
Snowing again here in Mass. When is winter gonna give up?!?!?
Thu, 14-Feb-19 12:34 PM (101 days ago)
Happy Valentine's Day to my NN friends!!!
Pleasurecpl4U and Erosbi60 like this
Wed, 6-Feb-19 12:41 PM (109 days ago)
Tue, 8-Jan-19 1:02 PM (138 days ago)
Hope all my NN colleagues has been fucked at least once in the new year, hopefully multiple times!
Tceej likes this
Had amazing sex on Sunday. Alas, no pics or video. Damn!
(138 days ago)
Sat, 29-Dec-18 3:54 PM (148 days ago)
Looking forward to getting my cork popped in the New Year!!
popped? top off?? a bobbit eek
(148 days ago)
Sat, 15-Dec-18 7:03 PM (161 days ago)
Christmas / Holiday time means lots of parties and lots of time off. Hope that equates to lots of sex for me and my NN friends!
I like the way you think! Cheers to that
(161 days ago)
shy28boy likes this
Sat, 22-Sep-18 3:34 PM (246 days ago)
When the weather is hot and sticky, that's not the time for pussy licking. When the frost is on the pumpkin, that's the time for dinky dunking
(246 days ago)
quietwacpl likes this
Yeah.... must be an east coast saying?
(246 days ago)
Sat, 8-Sep-18 8:56 PM (259 days ago)
Football season back and still warm enough that the ladies are wearing shorts and crop tops, great time of the year!
rhinostool likes this
That, and drinking a beer, while you're kicked back watching @home - AND getting a BJ from your lady! Yeah, great times!
(259 days ago)
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Sun, 8-Jul-18 3:12 PM (322 days ago)
Seeing all the lovely NN ladies here is making me so horny!
Sun, 17-Jun-18 1:13 PM (343 days ago)
Happy Father's day out there to all the Father's. Hope you make a baby today when you have sex (but only if you want!!)
smedium likes this
I'll just practice jerk grin
(343 days ago)
shy28boy likes this
Sat, 21-Apr-18 11:50 AM (400 days ago)
Spring looks like it has finally arrived here up North, hope that means the ladies will ge shedding some winter clothes
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Sun, 31-Dec-17 7:01 PM (510 days ago)
Hopefully the champagne will not the only thing popping tor me today!!!!
Fireworks are fun yes please be safe
(510 days ago)
Ouch!! eek You don't want to be popping a bollock eek
(510 days ago)
smedium likes this
Thu, 14-Dec-17 1:18 PM (528 days ago)
So cold here now it may take a bevy of NN honies playing with me to get Mr C standing at attention
Sun, 10-Dec-17 3:56 PM (532 days ago)
I love how NNers take a family holiday like Christmas and spice it up with poses of all kinds other the Christmas tree!
bman5946 and cinarc88 like this
national lampoons crissmuss vacation grin
(532 days ago)
Christmas is a family holiday? Is that why people leave their families on Thanksgiving to go Christmas shopping? LOL
(532 days ago)
shy28boy likes this
Wed, 29-Nov-17 12:35 PM (543 days ago)
early morning, very horny!!
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