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remember me?
loodsir2's Recent Statuses
Wed, 20-Feb-19 4:44 AM (89 days ago)
it's one fine-assed night on NN with all the fine-assed womengrin
rhinostool likes this
Tue, 16-Oct-18 5:47 AM (216 days ago)
How did I get here? I should probably leave... but I don't wannawink
I command you to stay and perv.
(216 days ago)
Tue, 5-Jun-18 12:59 PM (349 days ago)
I wish a good day on NN menat I was gonna have a good day in real life:/
Wed, 7-Mar-18 3:01 PM (439 days ago)
Ladies, is it a good thing that most guys luv to lick you? Or do you just put up with it cause it's what we beg for?
Fri, 23-Feb-18 4:23 PM (451 days ago)
I've gone from pushing snow, to cutting up trees downed by the winds and rain. Oh, did I mention the flooding?
- - no sir you didn't - -
(451 days ago)
Sat, 6-Jan-18 5:37 PM (499 days ago)
Damn! I didn;t wake up this horny, but I am now! Lots of great pics on NN this morning!! My wife's gonna be in trouble tonightwink
smedium and inforfunc like this
Left without saying goodbye? Or didnt leave you any coffee ?
(499 days ago)
NaughtyKat likes this
has been stealing from your wallet again?
(499 days ago)
smedium likes this
no,he found her lover's photos on here wink
(499 days ago)
smedium likes this
^^^ LOL
(499 days ago)
Have fun Love to see some photos of to night smile
(499 days ago)
Fri, 24-Nov-17 6:10 PM (542 days ago)
funny how boredom...and bedroom are all the same lettersgrin
smedium and steelrat60 like this
Burden___ Burned ___ Unbred
(542 days ago)
K I'm done. Brain hurts
(542 days ago)
And swims is the same backwards as it is upside down .... try it smile
(542 days ago)
smedium likes this
Damn it man, smile one upped well done sir
(542 days ago)
Tattoodman likes this
Taking to a whole new level, I'll step aside and let the brainacks take over
(542 days ago)
Tue, 31-Oct-17 8:33 PM (566 days ago)
I should have...
A profile picture
(566 days ago)
youre right about that. but...
(566 days ago)
No but....
(566 days ago)
Butt....good idea for a profile picture wink
(566 days ago)
made that left turn at Albuquerque
(566 days ago)
Fire_brand likes this
Wed, 28-Jun-17 7:47 AM (691 days ago)
Owch!! Shit I'm sore, but in a good way. Haven't been able to work this hard for over 5 years, and it feels GREAT!! Now just sipping a beer waiting for the pain to ease up, and trying not to stroke
Don't forget the signs to look for then before caling an ambulance.
(691 days ago)
nah, this is all good. Finally making some progress, in spite of all the modern medicine failures.
(691 days ago)
And by stroke, I mean keep my hand out of my pants while perving on NNwink
(691 days ago)
maraff likes this
Seriously now, I am very glad to hear it ,matey,best of luck .
(691 days ago)
Tue, 20-Jun-17 4:33 AM (699 days ago)
funny thing about NN...I'm away for a few weeks, and the same pics from last year are showing up, under new names. Oh well...sucks to have a good memory.
happyhumper69 likes this
Wed, 22-Mar-17 3:07 PM (789 days ago)
It IS Hump Day! Do I hump you, or do you hump me?
sdredd922 and WendySilvia like this
(789 days ago)
sdredd922 and Agent_K like this
Can I get back to you tomorrow on that? smile
(789 days ago)
Fri, 30-Dec-16 6:16 AM (871 days ago)
Made her squirt a couple hours ago, into my mouth:O She says she knew I was perverted 30 years ago, but she never tells me to stopwink
rhinostool likes this
Mon, 12-Dec-16 4:02 PM (889 days ago)
Some very hot tits and ass this morning on NN! Good thing too, cuase it's damn c-c-c-cold herewink
sdredd922 likes this
Hello sir2 smile smile xxoo..........smile smile .........hug and kotc
(889 days ago)
Fri, 12-Aug-16 4:16 AM (1011 days ago)
Wow! Some very nice pics from England and Oz today/tonightwink Thank you ladies!
MrsFX likes this
Sat, 30-Jul-16 6:00 AM (1024 days ago)
who else is up and lurking at this ungodly hour?
its only 4pm eek
(1024 days ago)
Fri, 8-Apr-16 3:49 PM (1137 days ago)
and there'll lots less load on those servers now!
it would've been funnier if you said "and there'll lots less lood on those servers now!"
(1137 days ago)
Fri, 8-Apr-16 3:25 PM (1137 days ago)
Time to bow out. Too pricey for my blood!
Servers, maintenance etc. ... don't run for free ... smile
(1137 days ago)
dirtycopper likes this
Tue, 25-Aug-15 1:00 PM (1364 days ago)
like rats from a sinking ship, they show up here?
Thu, 20-Aug-15 1:59 PM (1369 days ago)
Ohe yeah, a new nickname makes it all ok, right?
TopCat57 likes this
nah, you're right of course xxx
(1369 days ago)
Thu, 20-Aug-15 1:58 PM (1369 days ago)
thank goodness NN lets pics fall off. Now we can post the same ol same ol, month after month! And we can hope everybodies memory is too short to remember any of them.
ooooooh, ya cynic,lol
(1369 days ago)
The pic mods must get sick of deleting the same pics day after day. don't understand why they post everyday knowing they will the royal boot!
(1369 days ago)
*will get
(1369 days ago)
My gallery is used as a store of my pics. I so hope mine are not deleted.
(1369 days ago)
isn't everyones Raven?
(1369 days ago)
Sun, 26-Apr-15 8:13 AM (1485 days ago)
it's official...I'm getting old! I go straight to "mature women" now. I'm starting to feel like a real perv when I look at women that were born AFTER I graduated from college!!
Zatanna_Zatara and dasim like this
Sat, 14-Jun-14 3:54 AM (1801 days ago)
well, I guess the full moon is bringing out all the 'full' moons tonight. Luv it!
Wed, 9-Apr-14 2:45 PM (1867 days ago)
are the pics hotter this morning, or is it just cuz I'm hornier than usual? I better go so I can something else done today. If I jack off one more time I wont be able to walk the rest of the day!!
SeekingSanity likes this
Lots of hot pics and vids on here today!!
(1867 days ago)
Sat, 8-Mar-14 4:23 AM (1899 days ago)
wow! Started off with a cuple reds. with a splash of morgan spiced, dint wanna waste a gud biuzz, so hit it with a XX. the a cuppla silver bullets (biguns!). Danger, old drunk guy wit inernet xs!
sharlenebright41 likes this
am i only one? wink
(1899 days ago)
you are too funny, gotta be our friend, bob and sue
(1869 days ago)
Sat, 22-Feb-14 1:43 PM (1913 days ago)
hoping for a repeat tonight!
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