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remember me?
Tattoodman's Recent Statuses
Mon, 10-Sep-18 7:58 PM (253 days ago)
Where’s shaqqyboobs when I need a bed for the night with chicken soup in me belly ?
rhinostool likes this
Probably with Scoobyboobs.
(253 days ago)
quietwacpl likes this
grin grin grin
(253 days ago)
That’d be shaggy, not shaqqy
(253 days ago)
Mon, 26-Feb-18 9:46 PM (449 days ago)
Well, hello status
smedium likes this
Thu, 28-Dec-17 7:08 PM (509 days ago)
OMG ... look at her butt .... grin
rhinostool likes this
oh my gosh
(509 days ago)
HECK ! ! !
(509 days ago)
It looks like one of those Rap stars girlfriends...
(509 days ago)
Fri, 15-Dec-17 6:11 PM (522 days ago)
Anyone else sick of hearing xmas songs already ? Bluegh sad
I do find them charming smile
(522 days ago)
TC check yer PM box please.
(522 days ago)
click, turned of radio, hmm quiet
(522 days ago)
Rene_Pogel likes this
Christmas tree belting them out LOL
(522 days ago)
Don’t let the bells end!
(522 days ago)
Fri, 15-Dec-17 5:13 PM (522 days ago)
Pass the dutchie ‘pon de left hand side
Radio 2?
(522 days ago)
Uh huh
(522 days ago)
Mon, 11-Dec-17 8:30 PM (526 days ago)
Hi, is this the way to Amarillo ?
smedium likes this
you can stop calling me that now too thanks,
(526 days ago)
(526 days ago)
Kay peter springs to mind
(526 days ago)
(525 days ago)
^^ LOL
(525 days ago)
Fri, 24-Nov-17 8:19 AM (544 days ago)
How do you know when you’ve run out of invisible ink ?
hounddog67 and happyhumper69 like this
when we can see you comment or make a status in here
(544 days ago)
I see someone posted a status, but it's all blank raspberry
(544 days ago)
cooz the two most common invisible inks are a liquid and when that liquid dries it becomes invisible. . sorry to be a stik inda mud . like
(544 days ago)
hounddog67 likes this
Fri, 10-Nov-17 9:01 AM (558 days ago)
Where is the point of no return ?
With the question "You are on the pill aren't you?"
(558 days ago)
Tattoodman likes this
(558 days ago)
Wed, 1-Nov-17 11:40 PM (566 days ago)
I need to take my birthday suit to the ironing out shop
steelrat60 and Tceej like this
Get a steam cleaning while you have it there
(566 days ago)
Tue, 31-Oct-17 5:53 PM (567 days ago)
Greetings, it appears to be Samhain
steelrat60 and Justmedamian like this
Blessed samhain
(567 days ago)
Thu, 19-Oct-17 7:22 PM (579 days ago)
Is this Marble Arch or poets corner ? Can anyone stand on their soap box and say wtf they want ?
Of course. Shout it out
(579 days ago)
riverguy, deepsea69 and steelrat60 like this
Well that didn't pay off the way I hoped it would.
(579 days ago)
deepsea69 likes this
Hell yeah
(579 days ago)
deepsea69 and steelrat60 like this
Sorry, fell asleep waiting for an audience tongue
(579 days ago)
steelrat60 and riverguy like this
Wake up
(579 days ago)
Tue, 17-Oct-17 7:12 PM (581 days ago)
If I stuck my finger up your ass ... how hard would you skweal on a scale from 1-10 ?.... just a survey
dfdarthur likes this
(581 days ago)
Need somat bigger then ? eek
(581 days ago)
(581 days ago)
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