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remember me?
riverguy's Recent Statuses
Sun, 16-Sep-18 11:11 AM (29 days ago)
Did a new blog (not bog) quiz by Texangel because, why not?
Mon, 10-Sep-18 2:52 PM (35 days ago)
Saw Miss_Molly doing this on her blog, so I did it on mine. 40 odd things about me.
Tex told us to grin
(35 days ago)
riverguy likes this
Only 40? It would be easier for me to list 40 things not odd about me...and I'd actually only be able to list about 10 blink
(35 days ago)
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Fri, 17-Aug-18 1:49 PM (59 days ago)
Friday morning. Looking forward to much perving this weekend.
GottaBeMe and PApda like this
Mon, 30-Jul-18 11:08 AM (77 days ago)
Ah, Monday morning. Shall fix coffee, get the wife off to work, then get naked and perve my way into the day.
its tough down here at the bottom,wots it like up there in the fast lane?
(77 days ago)
bman5946 and riverguy like this
Sat, 28-Jul-18 8:59 PM (79 days ago)
And the drink of the afternoon is bourbon and coke.
rhinostool and happyhumper69 like this
I tend to steer clear of anything Speyside.
(79 days ago)
Do a lot of diving around mull, beautiful too smile
(79 days ago)
TopCat57 likes this
Oban is an island malt, but similar to a highland malt
(79 days ago)
hornyfukcer likes this
I once dipped a bourbon biscuit in cola, does that count?
(79 days ago)
Just up from Oban, Lochaline, visited the distillery on Tobermory on a bad weather day.
(79 days ago)
Fri, 27-Jul-18 1:57 AM (81 days ago)
Relaxing with a baseball game on TV and NN on my phone.
Same. Rays vs Orioles here tho smile
(81 days ago)
(81 days ago)
I enjoyed my game earlier, back to back jacks in the 9th for a CUBS victory.
(81 days ago)
Go Cubbies!
(81 days ago)
lennynatural likes this
Tiger's are off this evening
(81 days ago)
Wed, 11-Jul-18 6:41 PM (96 days ago)
Too hot to do yardwork. Think I'll pour myself a big glass of sangria and crank up the a/c.
lennynatural and rhinostool like this
I know sangria is the best at Timbor Lodge here in my area
(96 days ago)
Tue, 3-Jul-18 1:05 PM (104 days ago)
Really like the mobile site changes! smile
ronno1 and shaqila like this
Tue, 19-Jun-18 3:22 PM (118 days ago)
Should be doing chores, but I'm browsing NN profiles instead. Getting too horny. smile
Sun, 27-May-18 8:06 PM (141 days ago)
Drinking beer, watching a replay of today's F1 race
Do you know the result??
(141 days ago)
It’s a bit cheaquered flag this status
(141 days ago)
Said a pair of Ozzies won (F1 & Indy)...
(141 days ago)
(141 days ago)
plumguy likes this
Just it was a fecking boring race....at least the red bull team look like they have fun
(141 days ago)
smedium likes this
Fri, 18-May-18 11:18 AM (150 days ago)
Waking slowly, too many things to do this weekend.
PApda likes this
Morning! Good luck with all that. smile
(150 days ago)
mikh583 likes this
Sun, 22-Apr-18 3:41 AM (177 days ago)
So sleepy. About to put head to pillow. Have been lurking on NN for a while so expecting horny dreams.
Fri, 13-Apr-18 7:06 PM (185 days ago)
So yesterday my vigra arrived. Yay! smile
smedium likes this
A guy in the hospital with 60 degree burns to his legs. Doc asks the nurse to give him 2 Viagra. Nurse asks if it will help with the burns. Doctor replies "no, but it will keep the sheets off his legs
(185 days ago)
My old man in a nursing home aged 80, they gace him a viagra, I asked why,....To stop him rolling out of bed"
(185 days ago)
metalwork and riverguy like this
(185 days ago)
Comedy is in the mind of the beholder...
(185 days ago)
lennynatural and riverguy like this
So he didn't have viagra for a heart condition then tongue
(185 days ago)
TopCat57, P0909 and riverguy like this
Mon, 2-Apr-18 10:52 AM (197 days ago)
Looking forward to a Mostly Naked Monday.
Strokin4you3 and stoy4ever like this
Me too
(196 days ago)
riverguy likes this
Wed, 21-Feb-18 3:03 PM (236 days ago)
Will have house guests for a solid month. Will need to perv VERY discretely. Glad NN mobile works so well!
wish I was there!
(236 days ago)
Give my regards to the reverend and the bishop
(236 days ago)
Wed, 14-Feb-18 4:15 PM (243 days ago)
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.
smedium likes this
(243 days ago)
riverguy likes this
Mon, 12-Feb-18 3:28 PM (245 days ago)
Too cold to be totally NNaked today, but I'll spend as much time as I can with no pants.
Sat, 10-Feb-18 8:22 PM (247 days ago)
Didn't take much browsing of today's uploaded photos to get my dick twitching! smile Thanks uploaders!
Darts12 and NaughtyJenn like this
Yes,the lesser spotted blue tits were amazing wink
(247 days ago)
smedium and riverguy like this
^stoney ground, in the main
(247 days ago)
riverguy likes this
Fri, 9-Feb-18 6:44 PM (248 days ago)
She to me last night: "You were healthier and happier before you stopped drinking beer. I'm going to pick up a 6-pack for you."
THAT's a woman to keep
(248 days ago)
riverguy and lennynatural like this
Mon, 8-Jan-18 4:43 PM (280 days ago)
Wish the contractor would arrive and finish his work and leave quickly. I hate having to wait for my Monday wank!
lennynatural likes this
Fri, 5-Jan-18 9:02 PM (283 days ago)
just played the 18 random things over on my blog, 'cause I saw the cool kids doing it
Artistic likes this
Do for u Sir, never worry about the rest Enjoy
(283 days ago)
Artistic and riverguy like this
^^^^^agrees with smeed
(283 days ago)
smedium and riverguy like this
Mon, 25-Dec-17 5:45 PM (294 days ago)
Merry Christmas to all the NNaughty and pervy folks here!
Mon, 25-Dec-17 12:56 AM (295 days ago)
Have been eating entirely too much holiday food. Wondering how many calories I can burn by jacking off?
I'm sure all the hotties of NN will help.Hi there
(295 days ago)
riverguy likes this
You burn about 6 calories a minute. The average time is 10-15min so you burn about 60-90 calories per session.
(295 days ago)
Thu, 30-Nov-17 7:21 PM (319 days ago)
Thursday afternoon, needing to think seriously about dieting.
Mon, 27-Nov-17 5:28 PM (322 days ago)
Monday midday masturbating
brianwoods and PApda like this
Midday? SLACKER!!!
(322 days ago)
riverguy likes this
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