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Darts12's Recent Statuses
Sat, 12-Jan-19 2:49 PM (8 days ago)
like Darts12 liked the cam show of zgibnam
Sat, 5-Jan-19 6:45 PM (14 days ago)
like Darts12 liked the cam show of slagir
Mon, 24-Dec-18 6:24 PM (26 days ago)
Merry Christmas to all my friends and any new friends have a great time xxxxx
and the same to you smile
(26 days ago)
Darts12 likes this
Thank you maraff have a good one xxx
(26 days ago)
Thu, 13-Dec-18 6:42 PM (37 days ago)
like Darts12 liked the cam show of pubesrus
rhinostool and bigjimntempeaz like this
Sun, 9-Dec-18 8:53 PM (41 days ago)
on cam
As it’s Pantomime season I’ll say “oh no you’re not!”
(41 days ago)
Is this like snooker on tv
(41 days ago)
Is Ronnie the Rocket involved?
(41 days ago)
LOVEXXXPORN likes this
lets cam together
(29 days ago)
Sat, 6-Oct-18 3:13 PM (106 days ago)
like Darts12 liked the cam show of horny4u52
Thu, 16-Aug-18 5:45 PM (156 days ago)
like Darts12 liked the cam show of arlinealan
Sun, 5-Aug-18 6:23 PM (167 days ago)
New Tribute pics up love to no what any one thinks xxx
TheSpoutinHead and rhinostool like this
not sure what you mean just doing what most ask fore .so i am staying OK
(167 days ago)
TheSpoutinHead likes this
Don't mind TSH...he can be a bit weird...there are plenty of guys that like to do tributes,be patient.smile
(167 days ago)
Darts12 likes this
Not to worry my friend as i am not .and more tributes to cum ,so thank you for caring friend xxx
(167 days ago)
TheSpoutinHead and Darts12 like this
Darts!! You got some 'splainin' to do!! tongue
(167 days ago)
Not a fan but each to their own
(167 days ago)
Darts12 likes this
Mon, 4-Jun-18 7:08 PM (229 days ago)
New pics up xxxxxxxxxx
MythicCreature likes this
Mon, 14-May-18 7:17 PM (250 days ago)
Went in Video Chat before on cam and i loved it but got disturb so had to come of ,and i was enjoying showing of dam i was so Hard
TheSpoutinHead and rhinostool like this
You're showing off again!! tongue
(250 days ago)
Thu, 10-May-18 6:13 PM (254 days ago)
like Darts12 liked the cam show of sexyover50
rhinostool likes this
Wed, 28-Feb-18 1:54 PM (326 days ago)
Just upgraded for one more year while the Flash Sale is on it is well worth doing it now before it go's Back up so Hurry do it to day
Yay for premium smile Hiya xoxox
(326 days ago)
I did the same at Christmas.
(326 days ago)
good for you both i just love it here do you's love to be on your friends list EmuLater please xxx
(326 days ago)
Sat, 20-Jan-18 6:45 PM (364 days ago)
so many Gorgeous sexy lady and males so sexy don't they all make you Horny xoxoxo
smedium and MythicCreature like this
Not all, but im just being me
(364 days ago)
dewberry likes this
(364 days ago)
smedium likes this
Sun, 31-Dec-17 7:23 PM (384 days ago)
Wed, 27-Dec-17 7:28 PM (388 days ago)
DONT FORE GET THE 50%DISCOUNT CHRISTMAS SALE it wont last fore evere get it now before it ends Samantha_in_love
lennynatural likes this
I'll be glad when it ends, the pop ups are becoming annoying.
(388 days ago)
Who is Samantha? And who is she in love with? Inquiring minds want to know
(388 days ago)
Darts12 likes this
Mon, 25-Dec-17 8:03 PM (390 days ago)
Just upgrade my Premium Member Ship Now is A GOOD TIME TO BECOME A PREMIUM MEMER Merry X mas
Yee haw. Enjoy the vids!
(390 days ago)
Darts12 and steelrat60 like this
Yes i do enjoy watching you and Mrs p she sure is A Star Merry X Mas to you both xxxxxxxxxxx
(390 days ago)
Mon, 10-Apr-17 7:39 PM (649 days ago)
Just put some new tribute pics up on my page love any comment please xxxx
might be best to ask the lucky tributee smile
(649 days ago)
Artistic and imnotreallyhere2 like this
I would like a tribute from you but how do I send you a picture to tribute on?
(635 days ago)
Darts12 likes this
Thank you just post some pics on here so i can see witch one to do ok xx
(635 days ago)
Mon, 13-Mar-17 6:58 PM (677 days ago)
biwifebihusband likes this
Sun, 5-Mar-17 7:04 PM (685 days ago)
Good Day all or with some Evening xxxx
steelrat60 and Talkflirty2me like this
bounce thanks for cock blocking my status wink jk
(685 days ago)
(685 days ago)
Darts12 likes this
not sure why you say blocking my status bigassblaster ???
(685 days ago)
Sun, 5-Mar-17 11:00 AM (686 days ago)
Hope you all have a great Day we got Rain xx
Dannymainman likes this
Sat, 4-Mar-17 8:45 PM (686 days ago)
Re tribute yes have done a few but get loads of views but no comment on them .so time to remove some and not do any ????
I've noticed that a majority of women don't like tributes and a majority of women that do are guys pretending to be women
(686 days ago)
Plus, nobody is really interested in looking at pics of other people covered in man goo...
(686 days ago)
but man goo is so flattering!!! lol
(686 days ago)
happyhumper69 likes this
Don't forget MG, it's also great for the complexion. wink
(686 days ago)
hackelberry77 likes this
Wed, 1-Feb-17 7:24 PM (717 days ago)
Videochat has moved to find it now go to Chat and click on it you will find it there Good luck
Darts12 likes this
Fri, 6-Jan-17 9:01 AM (744 days ago)
Good Day all or with some Evening xxxx
Thu, 5-Jan-17 7:22 PM (744 days ago)
Well you just keep making those sexy vids Rox. The big pictures are great too.
(744 days ago)
Darts12 likes this
Deff a fan of big pics smile
(744 days ago)
Darts12 likes this
ok so Roxanne is sexy and Gorgeous and every thing you say and more , more premium yes good Girl xoxoxo
(744 days ago)
at least 7
(744 days ago)
Darts12 likes this
i really dont use it to its full potential so dont think i will redo it again
(744 days ago)
Sun, 1-Jan-17 8:20 AM (749 days ago)
Happy New Year to America welcome to 2o17 have a good one kissssss Samantha in love
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