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remember me?
ADVENTURE4U's Recent Statuses
Wed, 20-Mar-19 1:39 PM (63 days ago)
good afternoon all
Fri, 1-Mar-19 12:42 PM (82 days ago)
good afternoon ladies, i think i need to cum.
enjoy your explosion
(82 days ago)
MissAshlee likes this
Tue, 25-Dec-18 1:01 AM (148 days ago)
Merry Xmas & happy healthy new year to all on NN. Enjoy it my friends.
Mon, 3-Dec-18 7:43 AM (170 days ago)
good morning world,
Thu, 8-Nov-18 11:43 AM (195 days ago)
good day to you all, especially you lovely ladies.
VoluptuousV likes this
Thu, 11-Oct-18 7:47 AM (223 days ago)
morning all, not long before weekend now.
VoluptuousV likes this
Mon, 1-Oct-18 6:48 AM (233 days ago)
like ADVENTURE4U liked the cam show of angeleyesuk
Sun, 19-Aug-18 7:51 AM (276 days ago)
Good morning world,
Fri, 13-Jul-18 12:58 PM (313 days ago)
good afternoon, im so horny, any lady want to be pleasured? or used ?
at least you said good afternoon first?!
(313 days ago)
maraff likes this
he is a genitalman alrighty.
(313 days ago)
hard4u6968 likes this
Fri, 29-Jun-18 7:13 AM (327 days ago)
hi all, how are we all doing? enjoying the hot weather ? more heat, less clothes. wink
Thu, 26-Apr-18 8:57 AM (391 days ago)
good morning everyone, day off for me today. smile
smedium likes this
Good morning sir.
(391 days ago)
Tue, 24-Apr-18 2:21 PM (393 days ago)
I hate rain, it kills the pleasure of outdoor sex.
cum4me1 and nosanity like this
not if your in the water or under a roof grin
(393 days ago)
?............ I’m pretty sure You’re doing it wrong then
(393 days ago)
......and I thought that getting a girl wet meant I was doing ok.......
(392 days ago)
Thu, 19-Apr-18 9:22 AM (398 days ago)
good morning all, such a beautiful day to view & chat with hot, beautiful, sexy ladies. wink
smedium and VoluptuousV like this
Mornin to you too smile
(398 days ago)
ADVENTURE4U likes this
morning gotta
(398 days ago)
GottaBeMe likes this
Sun, 25-Mar-18 3:25 AM (423 days ago)
Good morning all you beautiful sexy ladies.
Sat, 30-Dec-17 10:39 PM (507 days ago)
just in case im not on tomorrow, (new years eve), id like to wish you all a healthy, wealthy, sexy, happy new year.
And you
(507 days ago)
You going to be out celebrating?
(507 days ago)
EmuLte, yes i am.
(507 days ago)
(507 days ago)
ADVENTURE4U likes this
(507 days ago)
Mon, 25-Dec-17 8:32 AM (513 days ago)
id like to wish you all a very merry xmas & a happy, healthy, wealthy new year.
Sat, 11-Nov-17 10:18 AM (557 days ago)
Let us all remember the fallen of wars for our freedom for 2 minutes at 11 a.m. We shall remember them.
Well said mate
(557 days ago)
yup, we did today too
(557 days ago)
Alan4uLadies likes this
Fri, 27-Oct-17 8:19 PM (571 days ago)
in Blackpool, all alone in hotel
rhinostool likes this
I thought segregation was over? We all swim in the same pool over here.
(571 days ago)
Get down to the casino.
(571 days ago)
ADVENTURE4U likes this
Thu, 5-Oct-17 2:24 PM (594 days ago)
So many sexy women on here, I've had a hard on all day.
Fri, 15-Sep-17 9:42 PM (613 days ago)
good evening ladies
Sexist!!! wink
(613 days ago)
sorry, but not into guys
(613 days ago)
(613 days ago)
Wed, 6-Sep-17 7:35 AM (623 days ago)
good morning to all you beautiful sexy ladies
rhinostool likes this
Fri, 1-Sep-17 9:24 AM (628 days ago)
Good morning world, hope your all fit & well.
rhinostool and riverguy like this
Mon, 28-Aug-17 5:02 PM (631 days ago)
Such a beautiful day to look at & watch all you beautiful sexy ladies.
Wed, 16-Aug-17 2:53 PM (643 days ago)
Ladies, im in London hotel, & am so horny
you better tell all the ladies to make a single file line and not fight over you.
(643 days ago)
....and you'll need a bigger boat
(643 days ago)
happyhumper69 likes this
Mon, 10-Jul-17 7:06 AM (681 days ago)
good morning ladies
rhinostool likes this
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