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Sun, 17-Feb-19 3:44 AM (8 minutes ago)
Just a boring night how are u ladies
Sun, 17-Feb-19 3:17 AM (36 minutes ago)
You talk about things that nobody cares...You're wearing odd things that nobody wears...
sounds like my kids talking bout me....sweet emotion
(30 minutes ago)
calling my name but one thing i gotta make clear............
(29 minutes ago)
Sun, 17-Feb-19 2:44 AM (1 hour ago)
I think I keep my Netflix account strictly for the various docuseries...today, I'm watching The Two Killings of Sam Cooke.
I do it so I can rewatch Jim gaffigan and fluffy inglasias specials
(58 minutes ago)
MieleGattina and Artistic like this
I'll prolly watch the Ray Romano special to lighten the mood later...lol
(54 minutes ago)
i dont have it at all grin
(40 minutes ago)
MieleGattina likes this
It is worth the cost to me, I will prolly get rid of regular tv at some point.
(25 minutes ago)
our regular tv is free, not something we can get rid of, is why no point in paying for something wouldnt watch enough
(4 minutes ago)
Sun, 17-Feb-19 2:44 AM (1 hour ago)
I used to think I was indecisive. But now I'm not too sure...
Sugarmomma and Artistic like this
you maybe wrong but you may be right
(27 minutes ago)
Sun, 17-Feb-19 2:43 AM (1 hour ago)
Love a little bit of hair on pussy heart
Sun, 17-Feb-19 2:40 AM (1 hour ago)
Jacking off
I’m Jilling off makes it sound less gay
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 17-Feb-19 2:39 AM (1 hour ago)
I never thought I would go around all day saying.... Get that out of your mouth....lmao
tugking70 likes this
(1 hour ago)
kiddos stuck in oral fixation stage ehhh....i understand
(1 hour ago)
the fun of having kids
(1 hour ago)
Everything!!!! Goodness!!!
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 17-Feb-19 2:38 AM (1 hour ago)
Seeking super nasty BBW's in Alaska smile
Sun, 17-Feb-19 2:15 AM (1 hour ago)
It's only 9:14 and I could so go to bed.
Are you really tired, or are you lonely? wink
(1 hour ago)
early to bed early to rise
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 17-Feb-19 2:01 AM (1 hour ago)
Superman is hero, but only when his mind clear though...
He needs that fix like rest of us, so he's got no fear when he saves that bus...
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 17-Feb-19 1:35 AM (2 hours ago)
Moose hoof is to men what camel toe is to women, I was told.
inforfunc likes this
What ever saw the nicest camel to or this morning walking on the beach lips so full it was beautiful a great start to the morning smile
(2 hours ago)
my hooves are size 12s
(2 hours ago)
Sun, 17-Feb-19 1:08 AM (2 hours ago)
I was having a good sleep until someone thought it was time to wake me up! sneaky
I can see your feet Sugarmomma. That curtain isn't that long! grin
(2 hours ago)
Wake me up 20min before you have to go! wink @ Moose
(2 hours ago)
If you offer cuddles & back to sleep Aero, I can't be angry. smile
(2 hours ago)
What was that, a cock n dildo? raspberry
(2 hours ago)
Well dang...
(2 hours ago)
Sun, 17-Feb-19 1:07 AM (2 hours ago)
Where are all the Ohio women at?
In Ohio?
(2 hours ago)
Down in WV
(2 hours ago)
Lumberjack12v likes this
Maybe in Sweet Home Alabama
(2 hours ago)
with the Ohio players on the roller coaster of love
(2 hours ago)
Lumberjack12v likes this
Sun, 17-Feb-19 1:01 AM (2 hours ago)
Helloooo Lovelies heart
MitchandDaisy and VirtualTaboo like this
Is it that time again?
(2 hours ago)
It's their fault for not even trying Mitch... wink
(2 hours ago)
MitchandDaisy likes this
What time? Hiya handsome xoxox
(2 hours ago)
Wakeup call, or beer run, one of the two! smile
(2 hours ago)
shaqila likes this
Beer... always go for beer tongue
(2 hours ago)
Sun, 17-Feb-19 12:33 AM (3 hours ago)
And let the credits roll... What a game. I'm almost sad to have finished it! RDR2 in case anyone is remotely interested! tongue
You didnt get it on with RDR2?? I ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WAS A HE LOL
(3 hours ago)
Darn it ,,sorry
(3 hours ago)
Mr_Vein likes this
I think "he" might have been gay for C3PO! tongue
(3 hours ago)
Artistic likes this
Red Dead Redemption 2??? Is it good??? I was considering getting it...
(3 hours ago)
One of the best games I've ever played. I'm a total Rock* fanboy, but it really was amazing. 140 hours and not one wasted.
(2 hours ago)
Sun, 17-Feb-19 12:29 AM (3 hours ago)
I need a good massage and a ice cold beer.
VirtualTaboo likes this
Well proactive training does improve the hamstring hardness and aherm all other harnesses
(2 hours ago)
Teehee is that so...
(2 hours ago)
Cracks another beer open, I bloody hope so lol
(2 hours ago)
Hehehe mwah!
(2 hours ago)
(2 hours ago)
Sun, 17-Feb-19 12:27 AM (3 hours ago)
I would love to just be the little spoon in a strong mans arms tonight
steelrat60 and lip2lip like this
Distance wise numpty.
(3 hours ago)
Artistic likes this
Not particularly strong, but be big spoon! You might poked in the bum though LOL
(3 hours ago)
*I can*
(3 hours ago)
*get* ffs...
(3 hours ago)
I’m just a gentle soul, with strong intentions wink
(3 hours ago)
Sun, 17-Feb-19 12:26 AM (3 hours ago)
Anyone trying to share pics (girls)
Hm... Nah. Cos the whole site is for sharing pics. Of yourself. Not of other people.
(3 hours ago)
Artistic likes this
Sun, 17-Feb-19 12:24 AM (3 hours ago)
Want to share pictures
Sun, 17-Feb-19 12:23 AM (3 hours ago)
Want to cum
Whos stopping you?
(3 hours ago)
MitchandDaisy likes this
Sun, 17-Feb-19 12:09 AM (3 hours ago)
Looking for a couple to chat with... maybe more... wink
Sat, 16-Feb-19 11:54 PM (3 hours ago)
Can you inherite an account, just wondering? [Link]
my thought as well sail
(3 hours ago)
Seems so and I smell revenge
(3 hours ago)
smell sweet?
(3 hours ago)
Seems so
(3 hours ago)
Smells fishy at best! Not the kinda fishy I'd eat.
(2 hours ago)
Artistic likes this
Sat, 16-Feb-19 11:53 PM (4 hours ago)
Any older black men out there? In California Modesto
Sat, 16-Feb-19 11:45 PM (4 hours ago)
11.45pm im home
Sat, 16-Feb-19 10:44 PM (5 hours ago)
I'm listening to Meatloaf while eating meatloaf blink
eek mr moosey! That's a definitive N-O!
(3 hours ago)
'Tis alright mayhem.....I happen to like dorks...I for one am one also...and all my best friends are too freak
(3 hours ago)
I’m eating toast, cheers
(3 hours ago)
Watching cheers lol
(3 hours ago)
Hot Patootie... Bless My Soul... grin
(3 hours ago)
Mr_Vein and MidnightWriter like this
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