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Wed, 19-Dec-18 2:13 PM (1 minute ago)
Yet more 'couples' posting pics where the womans' face is visible in naked pics but no sign of the guys face..... funny that.... what about equality guys?
Wed, 19-Dec-18 12:22 PM (1 hour ago)
Fun fact average male produces 14 gallons of sperm in his lifetime
TheSpoutinHead likes this
400 million to 1.5 billion per squt. Gas tank half full still lol
(1 hour ago)
And the amazing fact is that each sperm is independent and alive...
(1 hour ago)
Hell, I bet did that as a teenager.
(1 hour ago)
Wank all you wish -- we'll make more...!! thumbup1
(37 minutes ago)
Well, at least I understand now why my belly is so big. It's just backed up jizz. Wonder how many times I'll have to jerk to empty out?
(2 minutes ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 1:14 PM (59 minutes ago)
jonze and TheSpoutinHead like this
Is for assholes?
(46 minutes ago)
"Really cheeky, man..." eek
(39 minutes ago)
Is 'banal' with the b removed...........
(13 minutes ago)
It also makes your deek smell like poop. vomit
(4 minutes ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 1:47 PM (26 minutes ago)
Anyone notice the sudden influx of extremely fake profiles? Less than a week on NN and 2 pictures that are clearly professionally taken. Hmmmmm?? we’ve been infiltrated
Nothing new about it, it's an ongoing battle
(22 minutes ago)
never ending been happening for years
(12 minutes ago)
I am sick of them. Many of the accounts seem to be fake. Arghh!
(12 minutes ago)
nice gallery btw smile
(11 minutes ago)
You suppose it’s the Russians? North Koreans? Can’t they just post real pics? Ah, well, it IS the Internet. Not much to do but enjoy the real people here.
(7 minutes ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 1:40 PM (33 minutes ago)
I've got the original Snowman classic on Christmas Classicsthumbup1[Link]
Soory if I close down status as everyone turns to forum...smile
(19 minutes ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 9:40 AM (4 hours ago)
Anyone down for rimming in LA?
Sextana13 likes this
Shame I'm not in LA sad
(3 hours ago)
Most times I wish I weren't...! sad
(35 minutes ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 1:26 PM (47 minutes ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 1:12 PM (1 hour ago)
Hard and wanting
Wed, 19-Dec-18 8:43 AM (5 hours ago)
Wet and wanting!!!
hard and willing would love to fill your pussy with my cock
(4 hours ago)
I can fill that void
(2 hours ago)
Love your style
(1 hour ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 9:25 AM (4 hours ago)
Why can't I just stay in bed and play with my pussy a little longer? Work sucks sad
Enjoying smile Have a nice day as well...:smile
(4 hours ago)
Rubbing one out at work isn't the same.
(2 hours ago)
Super vids from NG as well...Worth getting Premiun :thungup1:
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
Hang in there, ng...holiday weekend just around the corner! smile
(1 hour ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 1:08 PM (1 hour ago)
I've a new naked photo just added !
Wed, 19-Dec-18 12:58 PM (1 hour ago)
I'm horney all the time love all kinds of sex,and love to please
Mon, 17-Dec-18 3:11 PM (1 day ago)
Last week before Santa cums
Cum you must, enjoy AZ for me, love to help
(1 day ago)
he will be carrying a big load when he cums
(1 day ago)
A we love your photos
(2 hours ago)
love your pics your are one of my dreams to fuck a black lady you are super hot girl would love to fuck you
(2 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 11:33 AM (2 hours ago)
just had a good wanking sesion getting ready for the next and ladies for the taking
Wed, 19-Dec-18 10:38 AM (3 hours ago)
In case anyone was getting concerned by my absence I was just wanking smile
Wasn’t naming names flit tongue
(3 hours ago)
More a mushing peas kind of night nk
(3 hours ago)
NaughtyKat likes this
neither was i, jus sayin i was
(3 hours ago)
Ouch! Hope you didn't smash it too hard! tongue
(3 hours ago)
Might slip and knock myself out aye
(3 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 8:37 AM (5 hours ago)
Any random deek pic will be rewarded by a close up of random hairy toes & nail fungus, this I promise! raspberry
I never get random deek pics either thank goodness
(4 hours ago)
NaughtyKat likes this
Oooh, I love it when you talk dirty!
(3 hours ago)
NaughtyKat likes this
Hello Adele! Be careful what you say. People have a tendency to misunderstand around here! smile
(3 hours ago)
I may not share food but deek pix, just ask! wink @ Paul
(3 hours ago)
Keep your tongue in & let wipe your drools Clitty!
(3 hours ago)
Wed, 7-Nov-18 6:44 AM (42 days ago)
Nothing wrong with a good girl having a naughty side .......
We all have a naughty side smilethat's what we are here on nn
(3 hours ago)
nosanity likes this
im only here for the recipes and weather reports
(3 hours ago)
nosanity likes this
Still raining flit smile
(3 hours ago)
nah, sun gone down and it cooled down
(3 hours ago)
Still raining here tho
(3 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 9:01 AM (5 hours ago)
I want to a fricken marathon group night
(4 hours ago)
Is that where you sit around discussing the benefits of long distance running
(4 hours ago)
maraff and captain_82 like this
Do we need to do training for this maathon ?
(4 hours ago)
It’s not a wankathon mojo
(4 hours ago)
Sounded like it might be if you sat in the lurkers chair Paul
(4 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 6:34 AM (7 hours ago)
What would I do if there was a ban on wanking?
dont think there is jail time for breaking that law
(7 hours ago)
Even for serial offenders?
(7 hours ago)
your not serial, you just keep going n going n going... bit like the batteries do
(7 hours ago)
Keep it on the hush hush! wink
(5 hours ago)
They won't ban it Paul just be more Heath and safety lol we might have to wear a hard hat when we do it smile
(4 hours ago)
tickle_me_elmo likes this
Wed, 19-Dec-18 8:33 AM (5 hours ago)
(5 hours ago)
captain_82 likes this
Welcome moovur you do need to get use to us crazy ones but it is fun
(4 hours ago)
Tue, 18-Dec-18 10:09 PM (16 hours ago)
Love this one!
GottaBeMe and FitToy4Lv like this
Six days to Santa skateboarding to somewhere near you!
(5 hours ago)
Fit Santa. Isn't he getting sweaty skating in that outfit?
(5 hours ago)
Betty Swollocks?
(5 hours ago)
No, it's a high tec heat dissipating fabric. smile
(5 hours ago)
NaughtyKat likes this
Victor Sylvesters? i.e.plenty of ball room?
(5 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 3:59 AM (10 hours ago)
I'm super horny right now. Who's gonna come be my hero? wink
well, lessee...I'm 60, high cholesterol, IBD, and one leg shorter than the other. I'm thinking I ain't nobodies hero. But I hope somebody shows up soon for yalsmile
(10 hours ago)
Apkxx55 and LOVEXXXPORN like this
Mi El Superman!
(7 hours ago)
would love to be your hero .like to tease you and make you so horny and wet that you beg me to to fuck you
(6 hours ago)
Pick me pick me ??
(5 hours ago)
Would you tremble if I touched your lips......
(5 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 5:24 AM (8 hours ago)
famous last words....
Ecuadorean_guy likes this
nope, not 'that' woman but 'the' woman ... you should have known
(7 hours ago)
to sleep perchaNNce to dream ..aye there's the rub
(7 hours ago)
I should have known what?
(7 hours ago)
"The end"
(5 hours ago)
"I told you I was ill."
(5 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 8:45 AM (5 hours ago)
Thanks for all your sexy comments, its makes us very horny! xx
insertthis likes this
thanx for sharing your wife with us one nice looking lady you lucky you can fuck her when ever you like we only see the results thanx love her shaved pussy
(5 hours ago)
Wed, 19-Dec-18 7:47 AM (6 hours ago)
morning all from south africa;any body in mood for some hanky panky
hi pink
(5 hours ago)
hi flitter you well today?
(5 hours ago)
yep pink, are you?
(5 hours ago)
im fine but this site not good for you health with all this hot woman and their tempting pics kerps me constant horny my hand getting tired.thanx for this site
(5 hours ago)
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