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Thu, 28-Aug-14 3:11 PM (0 minutes ago)
Good morning everybody!
Hi Scuba xoxo
(0 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 3:11 PM (1 minute ago)
If I said you had a beautiful body, would you take your pants off and dance around a little?
Thu, 28-Aug-14 3:09 PM (3 minutes ago)
Nice smile
(2 minutes ago)
hello sexy
(1 minute ago)
Good morning
(1 minute ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 2:59 PM (13 minutes ago)
Fancies playing on cam, addy on profile girls
Thu, 28-Aug-14 2:52 PM (19 minutes ago)
Ahh morning time...when the tea is steeped and the perving begins. Morning all.
Hey there VT.
(15 minutes ago)
Hey Mark...How's things?
(15 minutes ago)
Going good. Thanks for watching the blog amuses me.
(13 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 2:49 PM (22 minutes ago)
living in a van, down by the river.
VTCali likes this
Greatest SNL skit ever
(21 minutes ago)
nah, i like the dick in a box one better!!!
(18 minutes ago)
DIB is good, but it's polished and professional. You can see Spade and Applegate just dying due to Farley.
(16 minutes ago)
Probably shouldn't mention Farley and dying. RIP
(16 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 2:38 PM (34 minutes ago)
Check out the preview of new Chat. Simply Visit the CHAT tab or click this.
PA that shows you the users recent statuses
(14 minutes ago)
oh ok
(7 minutes ago)
that's here. what about in chat
(6 minutes ago)
I don't go into chat. It scares me.
(5 minutes ago)
its a bit seedy somehow hun.isnt it?
(0 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 2:34 PM (37 minutes ago)
Ok try again
LOL - .. to go to the chat tab
(37 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 2:34 PM (37 minutes ago)
Uploading a Really hot BBW that I fisted come take a look she is amazing.
Did she give you permission to post the pictures here?
(31 minutes ago)
Never understood the fisting part...I'd rather my tongue or dick be in there.
(8 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 2:27 PM (45 minutes ago)
I have to confess... I am a slut
the sexiest slut ever!
(33 minutes ago)
But the good kind.
(22 minutes ago)
ok, we still love you
(21 minutes ago)
Aren't we all?
(15 minutes ago)
I just hate the word,sorry....
(9 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 2:24 PM (47 minutes ago)
In need of a Mod. Need assistance pls.
What does gagged mean? Is that mod talk?
(21 minutes ago)
good job.......asshole!!!!!
(21 minutes ago)
lt I'm an asshole!?!?
(20 minutes ago)
PA...NNOOOOO, the one who was threatening you!!!!!
(19 minutes ago)
lol i knew what you meant at least i was hoping so
(18 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 2:17 PM (54 minutes ago)
Any females or cpls want to cam? PM us. We're up for cam today
Thu, 28-Aug-14 2:16 PM (55 minutes ago)
who likes my sexy ass and pussy
fantastic. what a butt !!
(51 minutes ago)
and it looked good 255 days ago......not sure about today
(51 minutes ago)
Well said Lt.
(51 minutes ago)
^^^ Opps, the well said part was about humility.
(40 minutes ago)
oh than maybe i should take them all down
(33 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 2:11 PM (1 hour ago)
Hot and horny
lynskey likes this
great pics janmar
(58 minutes ago)
answer: air condition and a 'plumber'
(58 minutes ago)
^ ditto
(55 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 2:07 PM (1 hour ago)
break between classes and I am bored...
lol,keep up your concentration,love xxx
(1 hour ago)
start a fire!
(1 hour ago)
lol, study!!!!! you will need it
(59 minutes ago)
when you get to the reproductive system, give me a call....
(58 minutes ago)
scrubs today ?
(54 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 1:59 PM (1 hour ago)
Thank you for all the comments & votes on our new pics!
That they were fantastic, would be an Under Statement ! Thanks for sharing
(1 hour ago)
thanks for sharing !
(54 minutes ago)
I need to check them out when I get to a computer. Really digging the new profile pic.
(44 minutes ago)
No worries!
(40 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 1:51 PM (1 hour ago)
i could use a nap!
Me too!
(31 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 1:46 PM (1 hour ago)
good morning horny nn pp! cant get the fingers working this morning
Chuck2225 likes this
peck...peck. lol
(1 hour ago)
must have been the jack daniels
(1 hour ago)
jack is a sneaky bastard
(1 hour ago)
and I bet they had to force you to drink it
(1 hour ago)
i did play a little hard to get......not lol
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 1:41 PM (1 hour ago)
Hi, it's a new day, make it good
LuLusBakery likes this
Thu, 28-Aug-14 1:38 PM (1 hour ago)
Have a Great Day Newbies. Got a Meeting to get ready for ,
(1 hour ago)
Plan on it awesome2, I hope to sneak a peek at your new pics before they get here.
(1 hour ago)
Thank You Lynsk, xoxo to you as well
(1 hour ago)
Good luck Undi (Lake)
(1 hour ago)
Thanks Lake . just got a call, They are running late. Gave me time for one last Perv Pass.
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 1:21 PM (1 hour ago)
Getting ready for a long weekend.
LuLusBakery likes this
looks like you got your hands full there hun
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 1:19 PM (1 hour ago)
good morning NN! it's almost Friday!!
xpoee and eluvium like this
wishing your life away though hun xxx
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 1:18 PM (1 hour ago)
haven't been here for awhile. anybody like 47 year old horny married women?
damn, my cutoff is 46 y/ are so of luck in your search lmfao!!!
(1 hour ago)
i think we all do
(53 minutes ago)
mmmmmmmm...missed you.....I'm sooo ready for you
(31 minutes ago)
I certainly do
(30 minutes ago)
I do...but I hope the husbands do as well
(6 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 1:13 PM (1 hour ago)
siNN city themed .... hehe, check it out
sup bush! and ty bro!
(49 minutes ago)
I'm betting Amps is really gonna like the new pic too.
(43 minutes ago)
love it!!!
(29 minutes ago)
hey mark tnx papda
(29 minutes ago)
Nice dame!
(4 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-Aug-14 1:07 PM (2 hours ago)
Hooray for me! I get to start my morning off with a crazy person! :/
xpoee and txsweetie like this
I don't know how, but I'll get you back for that one, Mark! No cats, showy, just plain crazy! There are lots of sharp objects in my office, pin. :/ Hello, xpoee.
(1 hour ago)
Oh, Lizzie... I'm sure we could trade some good ones! We deal with a mental institution... I think my patient from this morning needs to check it out!
(1 hour ago)
Morning Angel xxx
(1 hour ago)
oh dear *pours a touch of bourbon in TA's coffee*
(1 hour ago)
Hope your day gets better Sexy Texy. Remember that is better than ending it with one. xoxo
(1 hour ago)
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