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Sat, 30-Jul-16 6:41 PM (5 minutes ago)
How horny I am
hornier then the unicorn dinosaur?
(3 minutes ago)
I believe so
(2 minutes ago)
(1 minute ago)
Sat, 30-Jul-16 6:30 PM (15 minutes ago)
Do girls masturbate when they're on newbie nudes or is that just a guy thing?
I appreciate the female form on NN then go watch Dillion Harper diddle another woman with a strap on
(4 minutes ago)
(3 minutes ago)
For me it thought of others watching & seeing my profile. Then I go watch porn & masturbate lol
(2 minutes ago)
Rox wtf? Blobtown?
(1 minute ago)
I masturbate on and off NN.
(0 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Jul-16 6:23 PM (22 minutes ago)
i guess i am going to take a nap
Sat, 30-Jul-16 6:23 PM (22 minutes ago)
Off to buy some books of the comic variety, among others. If you need anything geeky, nerdy, or otherwise completely lame, please leave a comment below.
The Bored and Horny Adventures of PervmaNN #1
(17 minutes ago)
MieleGattina likes this
Captain Trunk: The Elephantitis mysteries.
(15 minutes ago)
MieleGattina likes this
Actually, see if you come across Count Vertigo. An old DC character I believe. Who has the same health condition as me and that's what his superpower is based on. The power to give others his symptoms
(10 minutes ago)
MieleGattina likes this
Done, done and done...lol. I will diligently search through the old comic book bins, Moment
(5 minutes ago)
InTheMoment likes this
Sat, 30-Jul-16 6:15 PM (30 minutes ago)
Tributes? Yes, please.
would you be interested in obliging a rather risque fetishe in return for a cummmm tribute, let me know,,
(24 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Jul-16 6:12 PM (34 minutes ago)
hahahaha,well I am off for a bit,sorry just watched a video with peanut and Jeff Dunham,I love peanut
metalwork likes this
Take care Adele
(31 minutes ago)
see you Toot,thanks for the laugh
(30 minutes ago)
TootAndCummin likes this
he's the best but walter is a close second
(23 minutes ago)
I like them all actually,hi and see you sexy man
(22 minutes ago)
bubba j not my cup of tea...lil jeff not so much either...lol...howdy ma am
(20 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Jul-16 6:08 PM (37 minutes ago)
Fishing is the most popular hobby in the Uk, surprising as how few fish are ever caught, still, it's nice to have a hobby; )
Tried it once. Broke the line and rod. Efficient.
(32 minutes ago)
TopCat57 likes this
I don't go to catch fish ... I go to get away from missus and kids
(31 minutes ago)
TopCat57 likes this
It all seems pointless to me, sit under a bridge for hours, and nothing; )
(29 minutes ago)
I just sit in the car park and wait till dusk when the headlights start flashing
(28 minutes ago)
InTheMoment likes this
Sat, 30-Jul-16 6:00 PM (46 minutes ago)
i turn myself on just looking at myself in the mirror thats how fucking sexy i am
Hi kid you go
(45 minutes ago)
hi how are you?
(44 minutes ago)
I'm ok kid,hope you are well too. Just about to take off myself
(40 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Jul-16 5:59 PM (47 minutes ago)
When streaming video and it buffers it always seems to stop on some guys cum face.
Then stop watching gay porn; P
(41 minutes ago)
MieleGattina and InTheMoment like this
never. How else will I find my dad?
(39 minutes ago)
TopCat57 likes this
Yeah watch lesbian porn then it'll be a female's cum face
(39 minutes ago)
InTheMoment likes this
<----- don't watch porn ....
(35 minutes ago)
(33 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Jul-16 5:50 PM (56 minutes ago)
Braised steak, minted new potatoes, asparagus tips and petits pois. I can read recipe books too
AdeleGingerRaine likes this
Everyone's got an uncle presto !!
(36 minutes ago)
I've heard of Bisto gravy but not Presto
(34 minutes ago)
Lidl special ..
(34 minutes ago)
what is Lidl special?
(26 minutes ago)
Lidl ... A discount shop of imported foods , they do brand equivalents that taste same for half the price
(24 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Jul-16 5:44 PM (1 hour ago)
Better a Friendly Denial than Unwilling Compliance. hello lovelies
SultryMS69 and TootAndCummin like this
How are you today?
(52 minutes ago)
I'm not too bad and you Toot,any word from DS?
(47 minutes ago)
TootAndCummin likes this
Glad to hear it! She's fine - I'm in regular contact
(46 minutes ago)
I don't want to bother her too much but I guess it won't hurt to say hi to her once in a while I miss her humor
(43 minutes ago)
TootAndCummin likes this
i'm sure she'd be happy to hear from you
(43 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Jul-16 5:41 PM (1 hour ago)
harrie12348 liked the cam show of justbige
Sat, 30-Jul-16 5:33 PM (1 hour ago)
Profile pic cropped to buggery by NN's completely necessary and loudly called for new feature. Smashin'.
Sat, 30-Jul-16 5:32 PM (1 hour ago)
Just caught my bf wanking his cock looking at NN. Hmmmm i think i might give him a helping hand xxx
lennyknatural, APD74 and garclan like this
Lucky chap
(1 hour ago)
Sat, 30-Jul-16 5:31 PM (1 hour ago)
Quiet afternoon to myself, what to do.. hmmmm
Sat, 30-Jul-16 5:30 PM (1 hour ago)
Wisconsin anyone?
Yep I am in Wisconsin
(1 hour ago)
Sat, 30-Jul-16 5:26 PM (1 hour ago)
time for some cold beers and naked fun outside
jonze likes this
Sat, 30-Jul-16 5:23 PM (1 hour ago)
Sat, 30-Jul-16 5:08 PM (1 hour ago)
why is belly button fluff always blue, even when you ain't wearing anything blue???????
So when a lady gets married she only has to look for something old, something new and something borrowed
(1 hour ago)
metalwork likes this
ahhh so its a genetic thing for a man to help a woman through generational help, but what if the man dont wanna get married ever, shouldnt mine be a different colour to highlight this genetically?
(1 hour ago)
TootAndCummin likes this
Don't worry about it. Just some Smurf DNA left behind by evolution.
(1 hour ago)
Maybe it's sumthin in the air, mine is never blue.
(1 hour ago)
maybe it's the sweat in a belly button that turns the fluff blue?
(5 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Jul-16 5:03 PM (1 hour ago)
Just found the worst page in the entire dictionary. What I saw was disgraceful, disgusting, dishonest, and disingenuous.
all i do is try and find sexual words or swear words
(1 hour ago)
lennyknatural likes this
Before buying a new dictionary, look up all the naughty words, if it has them, it's a good dictionary.
(1 hour ago)
TootAndCummin likes this
All the naughty words? How long would that take?
(1 hour ago)
Hi Toot,I like that joke
(1 hour ago)
TootAndCummin likes this
Hi Adele, so did I...of course
(59 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Jul-16 5:02 PM (1 hour ago)
video chat room is just as dead as the other chat room
Sat, 30-Jul-16 4:56 PM (1 hour ago)
Q: What kind of exercise do lazy people do? A: Diddly-squats
RoxanneS and kimberly_1229 like this
*covers cam with duct tape*
(1 hour ago)
TootAndCummin likes this
have the remote control for the tv hidden away and get up more often to control your tv manually
(1 hour ago)
TootAndCummin likes this
I don't know where my manual
(1 hour ago)
TV controls are.
(1 hour ago)
oh, thats something i try and discover as soon as i get a new tv, fear of loosing my remote and then control of my tv is that great!!!!
(1 hour ago)
Sat, 30-Jul-16 4:53 PM (1 hour ago)
cam on
Sat, 30-Jul-16 4:51 PM (1 hour ago)
I bet none of you saw an elephant with a boner today, did you? Losers.
Going to the liquor store, I will let you know how it turns out
(42 minutes ago)
I look forward to you alcoholojollily attempting it. It'll be easier to say than alcoholojollily. I'll stop now.
(40 minutes ago)
MieleGattina likes this
Yes, that's my curse, an elephant sized boner.
(38 minutes ago)
InTheMoment likes this
It's not quite the heavy burden one usually has.
(37 minutes ago)
better beware of elephants tossing boulders
(35 minutes ago)
InTheMoment likes this
Sat, 30-Jul-16 4:50 PM (1 hour ago)
so who has seen the new star trek movie?
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