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Sun, 1-May-16 6:03 AM (4 minutes ago)
horny guy now live on webcam - pm me for watching and shooting my sperm
Sun, 1-May-16 5:59 AM (7 minutes ago)
Love this quote..."Mess with me,I'll let Karma take care of you,Mess with my friends I become Karma.
aerodeck likes this
Hello Sexier Bish...xoxoxo
(4 minutes ago)
hello sexiest bish
(4 minutes ago)
I am off to bed as well, Sexier Bish. Sorry we keep missing one another. xxoxox
(3 minutes ago)
sweet dreams sexiest bish...I am not here for long either
(3 minutes ago)
hi sexy AJ. great quote xxx
(0 minutes ago)
Sun, 1-May-16 5:54 AM (13 minutes ago)
Night all xox
Night Elle. I hope you feel better in the morning.
(11 minutes ago)
Night beautiful hope you are much better to morrow xx
(11 minutes ago)
NNight Elle,sweet dreams
(5 minutes ago)
just got here,sorry you're not well{{hugs}}
(4 minutes ago)
Sun, 1-May-16 5:46 AM (21 minutes ago)
Needing to feel something
Something hard?
(19 minutes ago)
As in emotionally or sexually?
(14 minutes ago)
Cant I have a lil of both
(7 minutes ago)
*hands you a warm apple pie..keep your eyes closed though or it might not work
(5 minutes ago)
Sun, 1-May-16 5:34 AM (33 minutes ago)
I'd be nice to get a back scratch...
Sun, 1-May-16 5:34 AM (33 minutes ago)
hounddog67 likes this
Clean hands, lube up, grab cock and yank away. Once explosion is reached, stress melts away.
(25 minutes ago)
Bigjimisready likes this
Trust me...I will start in a little bit! But I like your thinking.
(23 minutes ago)
My mind is always working
(21 minutes ago)
love a working mind ^^^^
(19 minutes ago)
I think it works while I sleep. I wake up and BAM!.....I hit the ground running.
(13 minutes ago)
HC23 likes this
Sun, 1-May-16 5:32 AM (35 minutes ago)
Bedtime, any gals care to join?
I'm not ready yet
(25 minutes ago)
Sun, 1-May-16 5:21 AM (46 minutes ago)
Getting better, it's only been 4 weeks since I fell and bruised my coccyx - soon be back to my usual self xox
Ouch. Rest that pretty coccyx of yours
(44 minutes ago)
Ellefoxie likes this
Bugger that realy hurts
(43 minutes ago)
Ellefoxie likes this
Ouch! Yikes and ooopsie. Feel better lovely lady.
(35 minutes ago)
Ellefoxie likes this
twl xox
(30 minutes ago)
Elle, maybe you need to walk around with bubble wrap? I an spare some.
(27 minutes ago)
Sun, 1-May-16 5:20 AM (47 minutes ago)
(34 minutes ago)
Sun, 1-May-16 5:19 AM (48 minutes ago)
Clean Sheets!!!
Ellefoxie likes this
With any luck not for long.
(47 minutes ago)
(34 minutes ago)
Sun, 1-May-16 5:19 AM (48 minutes ago)
Does anyone have some spare o'clocks? I only have 1 here...
I am clean out of o'clocks
(34 minutes ago)
I have only 1 too but I'll gain another soon.
(30 minutes ago)
Sun, 1-May-16 5:14 AM (53 minutes ago)
Mature Aussie looking for some on line fun
Sun, 1-May-16 5:11 AM (56 minutes ago)
Daffy ..... check your inbox xxx
Daffodil888 likes this
You're awesome Merman!!! Thank you!!!
(54 minutes ago)
mermaid_hunter69 likes this
my pleasure sweetie ..... enjoy x
(54 minutes ago)
Daffodil888 likes this
I most certainly will!
(29 minutes ago)
mermaid_hunter69 likes this
Sun, 1-May-16 5:07 AM (1 hour ago)
Would any ladies like a tribute this evening?
(43 minutes ago)
On the bright side, you got a reaction. Isn't that what you wanted?
(38 minutes ago)
You could always go to the forum and post this in Introductions or Meet/Greets or sexual Discussions, you can announce it and tell others to message you about tributes.
(35 minutes ago)
25iSexy likes this
Ty tight, appreciate it
(32 minutes ago)
You are so very welcome. Contrary to belief, I can be quite nice, lovable and sweet....at times.
(26 minutes ago)
Sun, 1-May-16 5:07 AM (1 hour ago)
Can we get an option to pay a dollar to not be bothered to upgrade to premium? I'd gladly pay that.
Buy Premium and it goes away. Advertising is always good. It's all over the internet. What would make you think NN wouldn't do some advertising of his own on his site?
(59 minutes ago)
for people that only visit the site once every few weeks a pay per day option could be a good idea
(54 minutes ago)
I keep getting the thing if I pay 5 bucks for 3 nudles it goes away...
(17 minutes ago)
Sun, 1-May-16 5:06 AM (1 hour ago)
Lookin for a friend pm me
Sun, 1-May-16 5:06 AM (1 hour ago)
Can we get an option to pay a damn dollar
Sun, 1-May-16 5:06 AM (1 hour ago)
Gladly pay this !
Sun, 1-May-16 5:06 AM (1 hour ago)
Can we please get an option to pay 1.00 dollar to not be annoyed to buy premium on every new page? I'll
I cannot feel your pain...lol. I've been a Life Time Member for as long as I have been here. I paid the price to be comfortable.
(58 minutes ago)
Interesting suggestion. Share it with NN via the online feedback tool. He welcomes revenue generating ideas.
(57 minutes ago)
mermaid_hunter69 likes this
That would be rather impossible to pay a dollar. Credit cards have rules that charges have to be 4 to 5 dollars or more.
(55 minutes ago)
And if you are going to pay 4 to 5 dollars, you might as well buy premium......lol
(55 minutes ago)
Most probably, twl, but it'd be nice to know what people are willing to pay to get rid of something that annoys them. Perhaps NN can offer ad-free packages along with premium.
(52 minutes ago)
Sun, 1-May-16 5:05 AM (1 hour ago)
Feels so much later than it is :-/
it is in some places .... hi MG
(57 minutes ago)
I know. Should have started earlier
(43 minutes ago)
It feels odd, doesn't it?
(24 minutes ago)
Sun, 1-May-16 5:03 AM (1 hour ago)
The whisky wins again.... crawl in bed with me
Sounds inviting
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 1-May-16 4:59 AM (1 hour ago)
Almost 2400 views! I'm happy
Sun, 1-May-16 4:56 AM (1 hour ago)
any ladies who cannot sleep want to chat?
Sun, 1-May-16 4:51 AM (1 hour ago)
Last pic of the Mermaid Hunt set uploaded ..... now all I need is a sexy lady wearing boob shells to dry me off
Daffodil888 and cutensweet1 like this
much love to Daffy and Cute for the pic comments xx
(1 hour ago)
Daffodil888 likes this
Sun, 1-May-16 4:47 AM (1 hour ago)
im all skin no meat today.
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