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Mon, 25-May-15 5:26 PM (0 minutes ago)
Teatime. Something warm and wet and maybe sticky buns, I think.
Mon, 25-May-15 5:22 PM (3 minutes ago)
Hello to all
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Hi, energy.
(2 minutes ago)
(1 minute ago)
(0 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 5:22 PM (4 minutes ago)
good evening bitchachos
(0 minutes ago)
hey kim
(0 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 5:20 PM (5 minutes ago)
guess who's back
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i'm back
(1 minute ago)
nooo not at all
(1 minute ago)
orders a truck load of kleenex for the status lounge
(1 minute ago)
you used to like me sending you stories
(1 minute ago)
Hey cartman wb
(0 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 5:18 PM (7 minutes ago)
Email fun anyone? X
Mon, 25-May-15 5:16 PM (9 minutes ago)
Sneaky gym pic.
Mon, 25-May-15 5:14 PM (11 minutes ago)
He tasted sweet,like oranges,liquid sunshine in my mouth as we kissed,our tongues playing together"
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Was it me?
(10 minutes ago)
couldn't have been if you have to would never forget my kiss
(8 minutes ago)
(4 minutes ago)
hi kimberly
(1 minute ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 5:13 PM (12 minutes ago)
I feel that exhibitionist urge coming on...
dont fight it
(7 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 5:13 PM (12 minutes ago)
getting ready to be a sexy fucker
The best kind.
(12 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 5:10 PM (15 minutes ago)
Taking care of a week since my last mmm
Mon, 25-May-15 5:10 PM (15 minutes ago)
Tanning and jacking off
Multi tasking.
(15 minutes ago)
Extra cleaning required.
(14 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 5:08 PM (18 minutes ago)
Does anyone ever sit down when they are having a shower? Or am I the only one that does this.
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sexy chuck i want shower seated pic w rubber duckie
(3 minutes ago)
If there was a ledge would you?
(3 minutes ago)
Ill have to get a ducky kimmy
(2 minutes ago)
I sit in the floor. Lol.
(2 minutes ago)
cant wait
(0 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 4:59 PM (26 minutes ago)
At the gym. Thanks again for the playlist, QT.
keep it up sexy! hope to see some more sexy gym pics
(22 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 4:55 PM (30 minutes ago)
!!!! Post-workout endorphins, how I love you. Off to shower now. Take care, everyone.
Dont rememeber what those are? (Post workout endorphins, not a shower ya goofs!) lol! tc rox!
(29 minutes ago)
I wanna watch...
(13 minutes ago)
post workout sweat dripping off
(12 minutes ago)
Hard working-man sweat with a light peppering of dirt and grease glimmering from me.
(6 minutes ago)
squats are a girls best friend
(2 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 4:53 PM (32 minutes ago)
Memorial Day...a day to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I hope that in the midst of perving that we think to remember this fact.
Hi, VT.
(29 minutes ago)
*high 5*
(29 minutes ago)
Hey mya....**high 5s Chevy**
(27 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 4:52 PM (34 minutes ago)
friend coming around. this could get naughty......heres hoping
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Thanks for the reminder. I've got 10 mins to get ready! Enjoy!
(31 minutes ago)
lol any time babes. enjoy as well xx
(28 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 4:50 PM (35 minutes ago)
I think a man's "wordplay" can be so fucking sexy!!! I love a good mind fuck!!
and?...*puts landminds around the back door
(27 minutes ago)
Damn, howd ya know i was going there??? (Whips out metal detector and sets to work)
(26 minutes ago)
these ones are new and all high won't detect them
(25 minutes ago)
hi aj, what type of wordplay?
(24 minutes ago)
The things i go thru to get to ur ass......*sigh* (takes a deep breathe and plunges forward)
(24 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 4:47 PM (38 minutes ago)
case of the Mondays.....
I'm glad to be out of work
(37 minutes ago)
Hopefully just for today, Phil.
(29 minutes ago)
yeah got a busy week for the rest.
(23 minutes ago)
Oh, good. Off work, not out of work.
(21 minutes ago)
yes ma'am!
(19 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 4:40 PM (45 minutes ago)
happy memorial day everyone.
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Hi, Phil.
(33 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 4:31 PM (54 minutes ago)
Just waiting for the Man who can and will take me to sexual heaven ........... so Hot, Wet and sooooo Horny mmmmmmm
...and your inbox just exploded.
(51 minutes ago)
....... hey I love explosions mmmmmm
(48 minutes ago)
sexy pics!
(46 minutes ago)
Ty love em and we really love the comments
(44 minutes ago)
welcome to the hotel californication this could be sexual heaven or it could be sexual
(44 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 4:28 PM (57 minutes ago)
I decided to do another fitness pic. Thanks Mya!
I would say any fitness pic would be a treat.
(38 minutes ago)
YES thanx MYA, but where are the rest of the guys from that night?? RatedM has but who else??
(34 minutes ago)
fitness pics aside...I'd say any pic that doesn't poke my eye out is great...not that you have any of those
(32 minutes ago)
I think moose had already posted one previously.
(28 minutes ago)
ok Tequila they re both great,,,dont burn your self on the floor
(26 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 4:24 PM (1 hour ago)
Morning. To all of sexy gals on here. And guys to
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Hi, just.
(34 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 4:20 PM (1 hour ago)
Hey people
Hi, Amir.
(34 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 4:19 PM (1 hour ago)
where is that sexy woman living in the netherlands
Chuck-22 likes this
Dirty dutchmen
(55 minutes ago)
next time you see her...tackle the bitch to the ground
(40 minutes ago)
I'm here....but i don't live in the Netherlands!
(4 minutes ago)
Sexy Lips xoxo!
(4 minutes ago)
Mon, 25-May-15 4:18 PM (1 hour ago)
we should have an orgy
(41 minutes ago)
Hi, kid. You hosting?
(32 minutes ago)
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