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Fri, 31-Oct-14 12:46 PM (0 minutes ago)
Any lady wants tribute ? Pm me ...
Fri, 31-Oct-14 12:44 PM (2 minutes ago)
Bye all....back later....Hugs for all the ladies
hugs! have a good day
(1 minute ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 12:37 PM (9 minutes ago)
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween
(7 minutes ago)
Same to you Boob & Boobs x
(6 minutes ago)
Happy halloween
(6 minutes ago)
you too angie
(6 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 12:36 PM (10 minutes ago)
Do I have to go to work?
oh I know... just been a long week. Ready for the weekend
(5 minutes ago)
U could just come back to bed with me
(4 minutes ago)
that sounds good to me!
(3 minutes ago)
is that legal Sny???
(2 minutes ago)
(2 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 12:34 PM (13 minutes ago)
Hubby Spanked me very hard this morning (31 oct) when he finished I sucked him
sounds like a good start to a day ;p
(10 minutes ago)
Howdy loved the video proof ....
(5 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 12:23 PM (23 minutes ago)
looking for sexy BBW to dress me up and use me
Fri, 31-Oct-14 12:20 PM (26 minutes ago)
If you are going to be a smart ass first, you have to be smart. Otherwise, you are just an ass.
true dat ;p
(22 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 12:19 PM (27 minutes ago)
sounds good to me
Fri, 31-Oct-14 12:19 PM (27 minutes ago)
I gotta go but I hope yall have a kick ass sexy safe Halloween; )
you too fast enjoy
(26 minutes ago)
Bye, you too fast x
(24 minutes ago)
you too! muah!
(21 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 12:18 PM (28 minutes ago)
up and horny thinking of waking up the wife with a nice big hard cock but i want to cum in her pussy
Fri, 31-Oct-14 12:15 PM (31 minutes ago)
do you ever get the feeling that some people just tell you what they want you to know or hear but they really mean something else? oh and hi too
hello whokes xx...being honest is a good thing...dont let anyone tell you different
(18 minutes ago)
ok hope your day gets better
(18 minutes ago)
its gotta....its friday night here
(17 minutes ago)
whoop whoop! tgif!
(16 minutes ago)
no no.....its TGIF !!!
(16 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 12:11 PM (35 minutes ago)
Afternoon everyone
(16 minutes ago)
doing good kelly hows you?
(11 minutes ago)
hi fun
(11 minutes ago)
doing good as well. thank you
(10 minutes ago)
great to hear kelly still looking good as always
(5 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 12:11 PM (35 minutes ago)
Happy Halloween NN people x
Howdy same to you
(34 minutes ago)
and to you too,enjoy
(33 minutes ago)
Thank you guys xx
(33 minutes ago)
Happy Halloween Angie
(32 minutes ago)
same to you fast x
(30 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 12:07 PM (39 minutes ago)
Sunny today and my pussy is wet...
is that directly related or coincidence? ;p
(30 minutes ago)
Good question Jagged...hope there'e an answer
(28 minutes ago)
guess not
(8 minutes ago)
figured as much...was a.. hard.. question
(7 minutes ago)
Klingt beides toll!
(1 minute ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 12:00 PM (46 minutes ago)
Happy Halloween NN world! This little pussy cat is playfully purring with pleasure this fine Friday ToF day! The Halloween Treats are on me! xxxx
Good morning beneather! Happy Halloween! Hey Jagged... there are plenty more where they came from. I have an endless supply! Good morning lovely Kelly I'm doing great thank you! How are you?xxx
(39 minutes ago)
I'm doing well. we need to catch up it's been a while
(38 minutes ago)
*offers Fast a treat...* We do Kelly! Let's go for cocktails later! xoxo
(31 minutes ago)
perfect I get off (gigiddy) at 1030 tonight
(29 minutes ago)
(29 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:55 AM (51 minutes ago)
Sex before sleep. Sex after wake up. Lots of cuddling. It's awesome to be back home!
(47 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:55 AM (52 minutes ago)
Trick or Treat
treat !
(49 minutes ago)
(48 minutes ago)
trick might be a treat
(47 minutes ago)
kelly!...I mean treat
(47 minutes ago)
no tricks for you Adam
(45 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:53 AM (53 minutes ago)
What do you get when you divide the circumference of your jack-o'-lantern by its diameter?
boobsnbunz and kellybean1983 like this
Smashing pumpkins ???
(50 minutes ago)
Thanks Kelly, Happy Halloween x
(50 minutes ago)
happy halloween have you gotten your coffe yet? I just made some.
(49 minutes ago)
Yup I got my mug, thanks
(49 minutes ago)
(45 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:50 AM (56 minutes ago)
a quick cam
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:48 AM (58 minutes ago)
Tgif fellow nn sexies
same kim,good morning
(57 minutes ago)
Hiya kim same to you from us unsexies here ..Hugs and a kotc
(55 minutes ago)
morning kim
(55 minutes ago)
morning kim xx
(54 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:45 AM (1 hour ago)
*puts on superman costume and flies off to work*
GottaBeMe likes this
Later the trees
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
thebman of steel!
(55 minutes ago)
i took my broom
(54 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:43 AM (1 hour ago)
Happy Halloween everybody
happy Halloween 🎃
(54 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:42 AM (1 hour ago)
Happy Friday morning! xxx
beneathher likes this
I'm good and you?
(52 minutes ago)
good here too
(50 minutes ago)
(50 minutes ago)
Good morning
(48 minutes ago)
morning beneath
(45 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:40 AM (1 hour ago)
Beer anyone?
Beats coffee for sure!
(1 hour ago)
yes thanks
(1 hour ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:39 AM (1 hour ago)
oh yeah, livin the dream baby
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