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Wed, 23-Apr-14 11:27 PM (2 minutes ago)
That shower was very nice x
wish i got invited to join ya
(0 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Apr-14 11:25 PM (3 minutes ago)
feeling pretty bored i so need a good fuck right now too!
Wed, 23-Apr-14 11:25 PM (4 minutes ago)
Three hott new videos ready for your lust (^_^)
Wed, 23-Apr-14 11:22 PM (6 minutes ago)
How can anyone like cock they're proper ugly
Not so!
(5 minutes ago)
(5 minutes ago)
You know you give yours plenty of love so it must no be too ugly!
(4 minutes ago)
i like ti say '' ugly as a cock''
(4 minutes ago)
I bash the hell out of mine it gets no love they're ugly bastards things compared to a beautiful pussy
(3 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Apr-14 11:20 PM (9 minutes ago)
anyone into wife chat? pm me
I'd cum in your wife's mouth
(5 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Apr-14 11:19 PM (10 minutes ago)
Mmmmmmm cake!!
lovewomeninheels likes this
Wed, 23-Apr-14 11:18 PM (10 minutes ago)
it is kind of weird I have been craving a good old fashioned lap dance today
Wed, 23-Apr-14 11:18 PM (11 minutes ago)
Whew! Over the hump! Maybe a little vino and patio time to celebrate
LOL.. I always shoot for a successful seed placement. lol
(3 minutes ago)
Hi there RNG! Pick up a bottle of La Crema Chardonnay!
(2 minutes ago)
You appear to be a pro Undi!
(1 minute ago)
One of the few positive things to being this age. Lots of practice. lol
(0 minutes ago)
ok sam!
(0 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Apr-14 11:14 PM (15 minutes ago)
Ok, back to work.
Awwww don't work too hard mrs
(12 minutes ago)
Working hard is not in my job description.
(12 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Apr-14 11:14 PM (15 minutes ago)
hubba hubba
that sounds like ur mouth is hi
(13 minutes ago)
hi mb is
(9 minutes ago)
whos mb?
(2 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Apr-14 11:13 PM (16 minutes ago)
I need some boobs in my face
Wed, 23-Apr-14 11:11 PM (17 minutes ago) post new photos or not?
flip a coin
(6 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Apr-14 11:11 PM (18 minutes ago)
Go away for a week and nn changes heaps
it happens
(6 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Apr-14 11:09 PM (20 minutes ago)
Everything's changed.
(19 minutes ago)
Hi matt : )
(17 minutes ago)
Hi, MitchandDaisy; isme2.
(11 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Apr-14 11:06 PM (22 minutes ago)
so hard to find right person!!!
Wed, 23-Apr-14 10:59 PM (29 minutes ago)
suffering from walking dead withdrawl.
same here!
(27 minutes ago)
Include me in on that one.
(22 minutes ago)
I've just started it, I'm a little late to the party
(21 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Apr-14 10:58 PM (30 minutes ago)
on cam playing...
Wed, 23-Apr-14 10:57 PM (31 minutes ago)
anything happening around Atlanta on this beautiful evening?
Traffic jam's
(28 minutes ago)
(26 minutes ago)
wish me
(24 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Apr-14 10:56 PM (33 minutes ago)
training for marathon has a nice effect on the pics)))
Wed, 23-Apr-14 10:51 PM (38 minutes ago)
Tonight's plans for sex with the off-again/on-again gf denied by her annoying friend's vague birthday plans. Very annoying.
Wed, 23-Apr-14 10:49 PM (39 minutes ago)
Where are the panhandle ladies?
Wed, 23-Apr-14 10:46 PM (43 minutes ago)
Not getting used to the new photos page yet. Although we are aware that many didn't like it, we both preferred the original, punchier change that appeared a few days ago.
amps79 likes this
im not to crazy about the new page either.maybe i just need to get used to it
(41 minutes ago)
it grows on you
(40 minutes ago)
all the new stuff is slow on my tower... but its a dinasaur
(39 minutes ago)
Totally with you but NN is listening and making changes to the things that bug us.
(37 minutes ago)
Looks like the color is leaking out of the site. I definitely liked those darker tones.
(18 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Apr-14 10:44 PM (44 minutes ago)
I'm sleepy and it's only 5:45.
I'm right there with ya
(28 minutes ago)
Yawn! Couch time!
(24 minutes ago)
i just took nap
(23 minutes ago)
(18 minutes ago)
(13 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Apr-14 10:44 PM (44 minutes ago)
Horny? Let's chat
Wed, 23-Apr-14 10:44 PM (45 minutes ago)
Cam now with me if your horny
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