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Sun, 30-Aug-15 7:44 PM (11 minutes ago)
Would love one more comment on my latest photo!
Sun, 30-Aug-15 7:40 PM (15 minutes ago)
Good evening friends
Hi MrsUD xox
(10 minutes ago)
Good thanks. Nearly over, but good x
(8 minutes ago)
Glad to hear Yeah, unfortunately its about over....
(7 minutes ago)
Our UK almost-neighbours have a bank holiday tomorrow though
(4 minutes ago)
That would be nice To comfort you... we never have any bank holidays here... ever...
(2 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 7:40 PM (15 minutes ago)
Hi people me and my wife are feeling frisky any body wanna chat pm us
Hello pork xxoo............... .............big hug and kotc
(10 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 7:36 PM (20 minutes ago)
Getting my dick sucked
(14 minutes ago)
Mysteries1984 has beaten me to posting a similar comment. *runs away before mysteries1984 beats him some more*
(13 minutes ago)
Hmm I thought you'd be staying so she could beat you some more
(9 minutes ago)
Hack I'm not *that* much of a cunt
(8 minutes ago)
I'm glad you cleared that up 84
(3 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 7:30 PM (25 minutes ago)
Having a new girfriend means having to open up about your sexuile desires & fantasys all over again if thats even an option :/ sometimes that shits not an easy subject lol
Hello Ragz xxoo............ ............big hug and kotc
(0 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 7:29 PM (26 minutes ago)
A guy once asked me to act like a prostitute, so i tied him up and stole his wallet.
you were the one......... lol......can i have my buffalo wild wings gift card back
(16 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 7:24 PM (32 minutes ago)
Time for me to make like sex and fuck off.....See ya later.
hackelberry77 likes this
Sorry I hope you dont hate me now
(27 minutes ago)
(27 minutes ago)
I gotta fuck off areodeck39 I hope holland is good
(26 minutes ago)
See ya later 84 ya beauty
(26 minutes ago)
Holland is fucked up chuck. Big storm going to hit us. I get wet with no pussy. Whahaha
(23 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 7:23 PM (33 minutes ago)
Damn out of pms
you should be....
(15 minutes ago)
Hello 62 xxoo............. .............big hug and kotc
(11 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 7:16 PM (39 minutes ago)
I should have black garlic in the mail tomorrow, then I get lobsters, and cheese... do you see where I'm going with this?
You should be coming to my house with that
(37 minutes ago)
(36 minutes ago)
Plan to pan fry lobster in butter with the black garlic, then add out to the mac and cheese and bake it with butter garlic Ritz crackers on top... yummy
(32 minutes ago)
Hello toy xxoo..........enjoy your lobster....... .........big hug and kotc
(5 minutes ago)
Lobster aka cockroach of the sea...
(0 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 7:14 PM (42 minutes ago)
Hi and Bye
Hi and by to you too
(41 minutes ago)
Hi/bye HC xxoo............ .............big hug and kotc
(37 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 7:08 PM (47 minutes ago)
Well, I'm all perved out after a day of mega perving over you naughty lot!
Hi kimberly, thank you!!!
(44 minutes ago)
Hello Binzo xxoo............ ............big hug and kotc
(35 minutes ago)
Hello mrsUnderDog!!!
(32 minutes ago)
long time no see,,, any new pics?? im wearing out the vids
(14 minutes ago)
Hi Artistic! Just one new pic!
(10 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 7:05 PM (51 minutes ago)
Saying "you had to be there." Translation: telling this anecdote has not gone to plan
Sun, 30-Aug-15 7:02 PM (53 minutes ago)
Monday why do you arrive so quickly????
Chuck-22 likes this
Hi kimmy your a lucky man lenny
(44 minutes ago)
Hi mrsU are you enjoying your Sunday?
(42 minutes ago)
Wood morning??
(40 minutes ago)
So far so good, we are just waiting for a phone call
(38 minutes ago)
Yes Chuck there has been wood this morning you perv waiting patiently or impatiently mrsU?
(36 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 6:58 PM (57 minutes ago)
There is nothing I love to do more on a Sunday afternoon than pay bills. /sarcasm
_amuseyou_ and hackelberry77 like this
Truthfully .... I like it cuz I'm otherwise horrible at actually opening up invoices and sending the money on time. I procrastinate on such shit.
(28 minutes ago)
Slider, there are lots of reasons I'm glad to be out of Florida, but I actually miss hurricanes, strangely enough. Lord, I can totally understand that. I only check my mail maybe once a
(26 minutes ago)
i suppose there is a certain ampount of excitement and kinda an adrennelin long as you are prepared
(25 minutes ago)
They can be pretty bad, but where I'm from, it is generally easy to prepare. Being on the beach is a lot safer than living in a city built on the Mississippi River delta.
(23 minutes ago)
ive never been near i wouldnt mind doing it sometime
(20 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 6:55 PM (1 hour ago)
Saying: "Honestly, it's fine" and actually meaning: "I'm so angry I'm almost shaking".
lmao we've all been in those situations
(59 minutes ago)
<<<<< Honestly you make me pissed, bugger off *feels so much better to tell the truth*
(51 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 6:52 PM (1 hour ago)
enough already! put some clothes on and go play drums in the park. all races, colours, cultures, sizes, shapes & ages. exact opposite of war!
kimberly_1229 likes this
thanks, mrs. i always said to Buster that he should have been born as a farm cat. not a big city cat. he was an alpha jungle cat.
(51 minutes ago)
over 10 year period he caught maybe 80-100 mice for me
(48 minutes ago)
okay, go play drums
(47 minutes ago)
we are down to one wild cat, the rest have disappeared. We think the coyotes took them, slowly
(46 minutes ago)
have fun hairy
(45 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 6:45 PM (1 hour ago)
I can't feel my face when I'm with you but I love it....She told me don't worry about it.
(42 minutes ago)
Im not good at dancing
(42 minutes ago)
berry's hackel 77!
(42 minutes ago)
Hello Chuck xxoo............... ............big hug and kotc
(36 minutes ago)
Hello mrsU
(34 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 6:43 PM (1 hour ago)
Went shopping earlier, asked what something cost. When I was told how much (fair too expensive) I did that fake "I'm thinking about it" before saying no. It's not just me who does that is it?
happy_belle and honeyme like this
If you don't think something is priced right you don't have to make excuses, just a simple "no" is sufficient.
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 6:41 PM (1 hour ago)
I can't be on NN all day like this; but the photos and videos posted by my NN friends are so damn erotic and Pleasurable
happy_belle likes this
Hello Seeking xxoo................ ...........Big hug and kotc
(34 minutes ago)
hello my iowa sweetheart, make the most of your day and the Mr's cock
(31 minutes ago)
Finally we can relax and enjoy the day........oops, nope undie wants to go shopping now that they aren't moving his dad today.
(1 minute ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 6:26 PM (1 hour ago)
horney lets make love
Hello ks xxoo............. ..........hug and kotc
(34 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 6:20 PM (1 hour ago)
Off to do stuff. Play nice y'all
kimberly_1229 likes this
stuff is always good
(1 hour ago)
bye bye hh
(1 hour ago)
see ya, hairyhumper
(1 hour ago)
Bye humper xxoo............have fun...........hugs.............mwahhhh
(31 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 6:09 PM (1 hour ago)
It's a beautiful sunny day. I will not spend it in here. Toodles!
(1 hour ago)
bye babe
(1 hour ago)
Enjoy ! it's 'orrible over here...xxxTWL
(1 hour ago)
Enjoy the day, enjoy the sunshine, catch you later: 0 xx
(1 hour ago)
later Tighty
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 5:55 PM (2 hours ago)
Sometimes silence is a really good answer
Ampersands and Chuck-22 like this
I might bite yours tho
(1 hour ago)
lol wow the offers I'm getting today
(1 hour ago)
Hello Gman xxoo............. ...........bug hug and kotc
(33 minutes ago)
(27 minutes ago)
Hello UnderDog xxoo
(25 minutes ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 5:51 PM (2 hours ago) shopping
(2 hours ago)
I've almost been hit by someone else's cart so many times....good thing that I'm paying attention for them!!!
(2 hours ago)
I don't mind the shopping. It's the putting it all away
(1 hour ago)
I love grocery shopping, probably do it too much...<<<Ganet
(1 hour ago)
Tesco delievery tommowow...I'm lazay
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 30-Aug-15 5:49 PM (2 hours ago)
I'm new on here so please be nice
hello .... take a seat ... would you like anything to drink
(2 hours ago)
You're new and your profile in hidden? Not a good start.
(2 hours ago)
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