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Mon, 22-Dec-14 2:52 PM (0 minutes ago)
Any ladies in Cardiff up for a quick meet passing through shortly x
Mon, 22-Dec-14 2:48 PM (4 minutes ago)
only 3 days counting today to get those special presents...
Mon, 22-Dec-14 2:47 PM (5 minutes ago)
Gotta head out... Yall have a sexy day and have fuNN
so which head is out then?
(4 minutes ago)
awe! see ya babe!
(4 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 2:35 PM (18 minutes ago)
How's all the sexy women and cool guys on NN doing? Not forgetting the hot couples and swingers a shout out to y'all
oooh wotta smoovie ....
(14 minutes ago)
Lol it is Christmas time but I'm like that 365 days a year if I see something I'll just say it lol
(12 minutes ago)
What about the hermaphrodites? Ya gotta give the hermies a double dose of love.
(12 minutes ago)
yep,why have one dose when you can catch two?
(9 minutes ago)
Haha MarkandLacey well I'll just give a shout out to all NN peeps with a profile lol
(9 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 2:23 PM (29 minutes ago)
...will leave for now....cya tonite i hope...xox
Aww no I just got here
(26 minutes ago)
swert dreams
(15 minutes ago)
(15 minutes ago)
(12 minutes ago)
Do take care
(11 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 2:21 PM (31 minutes ago)
Top 3 jobs from best to worst....blow,hand,real Haha morning everybody
lucky you! I wanna go!!! sure you can but just know I'm a slave driver
(15 minutes ago)
Then let's go I'll pick u up..wait .... your the driver so you come pick me up
(12 minutes ago)
omw. I'll honk when I arrive
(8 minutes ago)
I'll be impatiently waiting haha
(7 minutes ago)
lol, "honk" obviously doesnt mean the same where you come from as me ,kell
(6 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 2:19 PM (33 minutes ago)
Absolutely love giving these hardworking drivers some eye candy. Wonder if they can tell I'm not wearing any panties? Think they like my outfit I'm wearing in my picture?
Oh yes! I like it so stands to reason they will too xx
(33 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 2:17 PM (35 minutes ago)
must be time for some naughty festive sex
Mon, 22-Dec-14 2:15 PM (37 minutes ago)
Do you see what I see? Any mods here?
Ahhh, I see now, SexPuppet. Thanks for trying.
(14 minutes ago)
1 billion perfect spot on, SEB.
(14 minutes ago)
Could everyone be a fruit a nut case ?
(13 minutes ago)
That was quick thinking for me lol.Hi Mark how are you both?
(12 minutes ago)
There is a way in that we are all mods
(7 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 2:14 PM (38 minutes ago)
hit 1,000 views.
surprised you dont have more... Nice picsxxxx
(28 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 2:09 PM (43 minutes ago)
" do you hear what I hear" that is all
hi seb
(32 minutes ago)
Hi kimberly
(31 minutes ago)
lol,since I "donned my gay apparel" some woman fancies me like mad...
(30 minutes ago)
(28 minutes ago)
(24 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 2:08 PM (44 minutes ago)
me too baby x
(44 minutes ago)
(41 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 1:59 PM (53 minutes ago)
Happy Monday everyone!
LuLusBakery likes this
Hi boobsnbunz
(42 minutes ago)
(41 minutes ago)
hi kim xx fast xx seb xx b1 xx
(39 minutes ago)
Hi Boobs
(38 minutes ago)
good morning beautful sending you hugs
(32 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 1:59 PM (53 minutes ago)
fuck everything with a heartbeat!
...and even the heart beat criteria doesnt apply when he is drunk
(27 minutes ago)
ah! we'll let that one slide lyn. we all lose our standards once we're drunk
(23 minutes ago)
its not often you are wrong and you are right again,kell
(22 minutes ago)
my favorite quote... "you my dear, arebone six pack and a light switch away for being hot"
(18 minutes ago)
when he will have his beer goggles on
(15 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 1:51 PM (1 hour ago)
hello all the naked people.
like the onesie I got on?
(55 minutes ago)
nothing on but a smile
(54 minutes ago)
got on??? could swear I just removed it!! How did're kiddin' with me, right?
(53 minutes ago)
well maybe thats not all i got on
(50 minutes ago)
What about half naked?
(42 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 1:49 PM (1 hour ago)
Good night all till next time ... be safe.x
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later fish
(58 minutes ago)
gnite xx
(52 minutes ago) dangerous,not safe xxx
(51 minutes ago)
(41 minutes ago)
nighty night!
(29 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 1:41 PM (1 hour ago)
horny...that is all
you got a red nose too,rudolf?
(1 hour ago)
horny enough to fuck a beautifully made, life-sized doll?
(1 hour ago)
that gives realistic kind of wet kisses.......................................... (cos its full)
(1 hour ago)
apparently not horny enough to answer some simple questions
(55 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 1:40 PM (1 hour ago)
Bye all....back later....Hugs for all the ladies
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Exit fee - another 50!
(1 hour ago)
later voy
(1 hour ago)
cya voy dear
(1 hour ago)
but the ball and chain remains on...
(1 hour ago)
he's leashed: won't be going far.
(1 hour ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 1:34 PM (1 hour ago)
fishnet or ripped nylons?
Fishnets make good tooth floss
(1 hour ago)
fishnets for me...and i already voted for xxx
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
Strokin to your ass caught in the net pic that you posted --- Great pic !
(1 hour ago)
Definitely fishnet.....
(1 hour ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 1:34 PM (1 hour ago)
prepping ipod for travel got the classics but anything new to sleep tooo.... happy for ideas
(1 hour ago)
make sure it has enough munny for the train. and are you sure you should send a ipod on holiday at such a young age?
(1 hour ago)
Spoken lullabies
(1 hour ago)
satisfied woman's gentle breathing beside you
(1 hour ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 1:26 PM (1 hour ago)
good morning NN!
Only if you have chocolate or drink
(21 minutes ago)
just so happens I have both. *slides over my bottle of wine and bag of reeses trees*
(19 minutes ago)
Thanks you are totally forgiven now.
(18 minutes ago)
yay! I have to admit you're kinda helping me out so I dont down it all!
(17 minutes ago)
But it's Christmas go for it.
(0 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 1:26 PM (1 hour ago)
Who Flung Dung?
Chung Wung?
(1 hour ago)
Mao Tse Tung
(1 hour ago)
he brother of hungwaylow
(51 minutes ago)
chicken flied lice
(45 minutes ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 1:21 PM (1 hour ago)
only came on NN this morning for a quick perv and end up posting pics and a video!
Hello days xx
(1 hour ago)
hi how are you today underdog?
(1 hour ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 1:17 PM (1 hour ago)
Road trip to Bristol any ladies up for a meet? X
lyns will travel wherever she must! where the fuck is Bristol?
(1 hour ago)
its down by welsh wales.............yakkky daaaa
(1 hour ago)
correction: lyns will travel wherever she must...except there.
(1 hour ago)
Mon, 22-Dec-14 1:13 PM (1 hour ago)
Am stupid horny.
you were warned scorp
(1 hour ago)
scorp, please don't make the mistake of resisting. You still have *many* functioning body parts. I'd hate to see that change.
(1 hour ago)
I have to care myself and so i won't say anything....
(1 hour ago)
no, we're past the point where words matter
(1 hour ago)
but anything you do say, may be taken down and used in a court of law...
(58 minutes ago)
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