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Mon, 24-Nov-14 5:41 PM (1 minute ago)
Bad news is I'm out of food. Good news is I'm nauseous and I don't want to eat anyway
Mon, 24-Nov-14 5:41 PM (2 minutes ago)
Deleted all of my pics, but I can't seem to go away for good. Too many sexy ladies here!
Mon, 24-Nov-14 5:40 PM (2 minutes ago)
Hi all my lovely NN friends sorry I have not replied to your lovely horny messages I will do eventually and tonight I must study......but I will be back with even more horny pics... Much love
Mon, 24-Nov-14 5:37 PM (5 minutes ago)
snow can kisss my ass
talented snow, mine just lays there
(5 minutes ago)
(4 minutes ago)
whole new meaning to frostnip too
(3 minutes ago)
Its snowing like crazy here in the Smokey mountains, I hate it....
(1 minute ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 5:34 PM (8 minutes ago)
*returns to his desk*
Mon, 24-Nov-14 5:33 PM (9 minutes ago)
awesome word nincompoop
quit talking about me behind my back
(8 minutes ago)
then turn around silly!
(7 minutes ago)
much better
(6 minutes ago)
Little know word origin: Nincompoop originated when a ninja broke cover to poop in the woods, and was instantly ki.lled.
(5 minutes ago)
thats funny, always loved that word!
(2 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 5:33 PM (9 minutes ago)
If I can still walk to the kitchen after sex, you don't deserve a sandwich.... lol Happy Monday!!
Mon, 24-Nov-14 5:27 PM (16 minutes ago)
I smiling and my eyes are now happy, thank know
Thats good, glad to see ya smile, it was nice to know someone out there may have made your day a little brighter
(11 minutes ago)
Hello wink
(5 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 5:25 PM (18 minutes ago)
Thanksgiving is coming! Some one come put a fat cock in my ass so I have something to be thankful for!!!
eros6969 likes this
gobble gobble
(17 minutes ago)
love to have kniky curves guide my cock in!
(16 minutes ago)
like air traffic control?
(15 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 5:17 PM (26 minutes ago)
Hi everyone, I hope your having a great day or night, wherever you are in this big world
Mon, 24-Nov-14 5:16 PM (26 minutes ago)
herO is back to work after two yrs self employed. Missing my afternoon nakid hugs
That sucks, takes some time getting used to it
(24 minutes ago)
It does. Think i might have to txt her nawty txts just to remind her whats she missing
(22 minutes ago)
It would help, believe me, been thru it 2 times....
(20 minutes ago)
It makes sexting a lot more exciting when you are apart for a little while
(8 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 5:12 PM (30 minutes ago)
Got to go for now see you all later. Keep all those happy thoughts and it will keep you SMILING
LuLusBakery likes this
Hi and Bye Mrs.UD, I smile a lot, but i fear it's mainly wind...
(29 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 5:05 PM (38 minutes ago)
sad..I'd like to have inbox not so empty
more than happy to
(31 minutes ago)
The lovely but very Nauty tis about so it would appear
(30 minutes ago)
what was your first clue ravers?
(30 minutes ago)
(29 minutes ago)
IIt's about being uo and over and the smile s that I have for you. (sorry, I'm down under. love yers though still xxx
(26 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 5:04 PM (38 minutes ago)
Pizza time !!
Mon, 24-Nov-14 5:03 PM (40 minutes ago)
Have a Great Day Newbies! As the Christmas Toy Catalogs arrive, it has occured to me that Barbie has an awful lot of nice things, for a Girl whos knees don't Bend. lol
LuLusBakery and txsweetie like this
and divorce Barbie has it all
(39 minutes ago)
lol Jane Good Morning
(38 minutes ago)
Funny! Poor Barbie....
(17 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 4:59 PM (43 minutes ago)
Rec'd a text today from Mrs KNKY and it had 41 pictures attached. Most of them were crotchless panties with her kitty showing. Her 1 request was make
Nawkaw likes this
What a sexy lady she is. Thanks for sharing her with us horny NN peeps!
(42 minutes ago)
No problem... It's actually hot for both
(41 minutes ago)
Sorry.. It keeps posting before I'm done. Lol. We both love this site but she gets excited in her panties from the comments and messages. I
(38 minutes ago)
Well, let her know she has made me rock hard today. Love her body!
(36 minutes ago)
Send her a message... She's the one that checks and replies to those.
(35 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 4:55 PM (47 minutes ago)
having a pintrest fail monet! trying to place all matching sheets into its pillow case... NOT THAT EASY
Someone has the hots for pillow cases?
(38 minutes ago)
well, it does look sexy once its all shoved in there
(37 minutes ago)
But......does it look like a Monet?
(36 minutes ago)
more Group of Seven
(33 minutes ago)
ah! The Algonquin School......(Google was my friend) : P
(32 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 4:51 PM (51 minutes ago)
Good night all till next time ... be safe.x
night night coldie
(48 minutes ago)
Good night sweet Fish xoxo
(48 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 4:51 PM (52 minutes ago)
just booked in to my chilly hotel room .. just north of Londinium
Mon, 24-Nov-14 4:44 PM (58 minutes ago)
I need extra hands to fold this laundry so I can keep perving!
righthander likes this
lol...I thought for puppies...
(56 minutes ago)
so many helping hands! now get on those planes and get over here
(56 minutes ago)
mmmm....naughty planes?
(53 minutes ago)
^see above status lol
(52 minutes ago)
ffs V status below
(52 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 4:43 PM (1 hour ago)
I think I just found a big hard cock for Estella tonight in Houston
Mon, 24-Nov-14 4:42 PM (1 hour ago)
Ladies (and gents), if you haven't checked out Binzo1's photos then you are missing out on some seriously good man flesh! An amazing gallery right there! Take photos like this, gentleman!!
MarkandLacey likes this
pfft....not even close Bush
(51 minutes ago)
Very cool of you Bush.
(48 minutes ago)
Shy, you have a very nice, varied picture gallery! Will have to go check this other I'm curious......
(15 minutes ago)
You were right Bush! Great pics, lighting, etc. Honestly, I'd never looked at the gallery because of the profile pic. Duh.
(5 minutes ago)
Jack freaks me out! I never got over The Shining.
(4 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 4:30 PM (1 hour ago)
Monday's with no work are the best kind!! Just popped in to say good morning. Lots of stuff to around the house today. Mwah!!
Morning Angel xoxo....Have a great day!!
(1 hour ago)
Morning, shy xoxo
(59 minutes ago)
Good morning Angel
(44 minutes ago)
(mrsUnder can I watch your profile/gallery?)
(42 minutes ago)
Good Morning Sexy Texy xoxo Do not over do it
(35 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 4:30 PM (1 hour ago)
why do birds suddenly appear, ever time you are near
Raven2005 likes this
damnit karen eat a sandwich and have a glass of beer
(44 minutes ago)
Ahhh, thank you Kinky. I kept singing the lyrics in my head and couldn't get it.
(44 minutes ago)
and that's when the doorbell gets stuck
(43 minutes ago)
One of the great pop voices IMO anyone heard of Rumour? She sounds almost identical to karen
(43 minutes ago)
Karen Carpenter ?
(41 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 4:28 PM (1 hour ago)
posted a new blog about taking PiCs for NN
myylife likes this
about taking PiCs?
(1 hour ago)
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