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Friday, April 15, 2016, 11:26:18 PM- for those interested in the whole domain unrelated to NN pointing to NN thing
to those that are interested, i am still yet to finish research in order to make a statement, but i can see why assumptions were made when i see the vagueness in the way support reacted to this when it was raised with them in a live chat...


(07:50:18) Stephanie hi
(07:50:26) Stephanie How can I help you today?
(07:51:14) Visitor i've logged into status and there seems to be real concern over pics being displayed on another website
(07:53:55) Stephanie may i have your user name please?
(07:54:31) Visitor *name withheld*
(07:55:03) Stephanie thanks for reporting i will delete the account
(07:55:18) Visitor wait who's ?
(07:56:13) Visitor what are you talking about delete account ? thats not what i'm here for
(07:56:48) Stephanie what is the concern all about?
(07:58:22) Visitor is this a site run or owned by NN ?
(07:58:39) Stephanie yes
(07:59:18) Visitor i see, so NN can post our pics there without permission ?
(08:01:13) Stephanie i will need to talk to may manager about this and i will send you an email once i receive a responds from him
(08:01:56) Visitor can you send me a pm instead plz, i no longer use the email addy i have for this site
(08:02:25) Stephanie okay i will
(08:03:31) Visitor thankyou, is there anyway i can calm the situation down in the mean time ?
(08:05:36) Stephanie tell them that the issue is now forwarded to may manager
(08:06:07) Visitor ok i'll try it, but i dont think it'll appease them
(08:06:33) Stephanie i understand
(08:06:54) Stephanie we will wait for my manager's response
(08:07:34) Visitor ok, hopefully he can appease the masses with his response
(08:08:31) Stephanie okay
(08:08:36) Stephanie Is there anything else I can help you with today
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"What i wanna read again and be thoroughly entertained by you is you NN having a hissy fit,again.Last time you deleted yourself that was funny,this recent 1 was worth 3 points ahahahaha..."
- SpatTheDummy

Saturday, October 17, 2015, 9:33:46 AM- Crowdfunding..

I trust many of you are aware of sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, which allow people to list "start up" projects and "pre-sell" their inventions to fund the development of them. They take many small payments from people with the promise that those that fund the project will receive the product at a reduced price and be the first to receive it when it ships.

Crowdfunding for NN is not really an option as these sites won't allow adult projects, nor will the (somewhat random) audience see the value in funding further development of NN.

But I jump ahead of myself there - why am I talking about this?

As you may know, NN has been struggling to fund it's growth for the past few years. As the big porn tube sites gobble up a great deal of the "porn surfer's" eyeball time, they have negatively impacted NN's organic growth. There are other things at play too, such as the amount of time people are devoting to using apps on mobile devices, a market that we can not operate in as Apple does not allow anything of an adult nature in it's App store.

I know that NN is about 50% complete in the vision that I have for it, and it has been very frustrating to not have the funds to re-invest into the site, to improve core features, to add new ones, and to have even a modest marketing budget to bring in new users.

Looking at this problem, I have recently made many inroads into reducing our fixed costs, so that we are not in a situation where we are operating "paycheck to paycheck" so to speak. The business also is stable from a sales perspective, in other words it is not in revenue decline. It is important to note that in fact at this time, NN is actually earning more revenue per user than it ever has in the past.

So the time is right for the launch of a new strategy, a new chapter in the development of this site that I and many of you hold dearly to your hearts. Part of this new strategy involves obtaining more technical staff to be able to develop things more rapidly and also in a parallel rather than serial fashion. Another part of the strategy is my commitment to the long term of this business and that means my continuing to work on the site full time as has been the case for 11 out of the last 13 years.

Back then to the discussion about crowdfunding, I am now proposing that I at least investigate if it is feasible for me to raise some much needed working capital from those of you that are financially secure and feel a connection and passion for the site and want to see the site prosper in the days to come even more than it has to date.

So how would this work? My idea is that you make a payment to the site of any amount you feel you can contribute with a minimum contribution of $500. NN will commit to paying you back the amount you loan in 12 months time + 10%. So if you loaned $1,000 then on the day exactly 12 months after you lend the money, we would return $1,100 to you.

If you have some kind of emergency or change your mind and need the money back some time between now and 12 months time, you can request it back and it will be returned to within 5 days of your asking, however with no interest.

To incentivise larger amounts, anyone lending more than $5,000 would receive a lifetime membership which would come into conditional effect at the time the funds are lent to NN but revoke if the funds are requested back before the 12 month anniversary. On the day of the 12 month anniversary, the lifetime membership will vest, so you will receive your funds back, + the 10% extra funds and keep the lifetime membership for effectively nothing.

As far as methods of payment, I expect depending on the size of the amount you wish to loan, that it either be through our payment system, through PayPal or for larger amounts through bank wire transfer.

Of course it is important to note that any lending would be unsecured, and thus you would be lending the funds based on the trust that you have established in dealing with the site.

So what are your thoughts? Would you be willing to lend a hand?

Please post your thoughts here in the comments, or if you would like to be discreet about your intention to partake or not, please send me a PM with the subject "crowdfunding".

On a final note, I am not looking to raise a huge amount of money, just somewhere in the $50,000 range will will provide some working capital so that we can embark on a new hire, deploy some new server hardware, and invest in some marketing activity among other things. You have my commitment that I am working harder than ever on the growth and betterment of NN and am absolutely confident that the best is yet to come.

Thanks for being here, for listening and I look forward to hearing from you either here in the comments or via PM.

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"It seems like a great way to raise funds and if I had it to spare I would gladly invest. Something for us to ponder"
- amps79

Monday, October 05, 2015, 12:56:29 PM- Happy Birthday NN!
13 today, 13 today!

Very much looking forward to our 13th year of operation!

Thanks to all members for being here!

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"Happy Belated Birthday, NN. You've made a positive impact on my life and the lives of so many others. Thank you!"
- Jersey_Girl

Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 6:20:22 AM- Net Neutrality

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"How do you?"
- tight_wet_lips

Monday, November 03, 2014, 2:11:31 PM- B'Day Comp Announcement!
Ok, so sorry for the delay in this - see my previous blog entry.

The Photo winners are...

1st. Fitcpl14 (12477489)

2nd. NaturallyRed (12476750)

3rd. ladyluscious (12474950)

Video Winners...

1st. NaturallyRed (12476742)

2nd. d_licious_d (12474951)

3rd. PApda (12472744)

Thanks to all that took part! Some great and very fun entries!


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"Congrats peoples. So much style and sexiness!"
- Nick_Loves_Solea

Thursday, October 30, 2014, 1:19:19 AM- Apologies
Apologies for not being around much over the past week. Someone close to me has had surgery and as a result been immobilized. I am the primary carer and this has very much impacted the time I have had available to work. I should be back on deck in the next day or so all being well.
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"Take care of the loved ones first NN, that's the most important thing. We'll try not to burn the place down while you're gone. :P"
- dirtycopper

Monday, October 06, 2014, 11:29:01 AM- 12 today!!
I started the day with a CAM Broadcast where I spoke to about 115 members about new stuff that is on the way :)

Also happy to advise the Birthday Competition details are now up.


It has been a wild ride for the past 12 years and yet now the site and community are better than ever!

Stick around for the next 12 ;)

Thanks all.

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"Happy birthday to NN mine is tomorrow the 7th is easy to keep up with."
- Hick Chick Deluxe

Tuesday, July 08, 2014, 4:01:58 AM- Blogging from the new improved mobile site
If you haven't checked out http://m.newbienudes.com yet please do!

We have made a lot of improvements to it.
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"It is chrome and it is the same on my PC and Android phone :("
- Entropy20

Wednesday, April 30, 2014, 7:17:57 AM-
Such a shame more of you don't realise what this site could become if you gave us more resources.

We have pioneered adult "social networking" but are so constrained it ain't funny
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"Hi NN, I have been an Avid member of this community for almost forever, although it has been on and off, its certainly been more On than off. Now I have never Been Premium, and I'll be honest its not that I dont see the value in it, it is entirely that I feel it is too expensive for those of us who can't justify plumping up the lump sum memberships. I appreciate my money would be going to a great cause, a cause I have loved and found the benefit in for years, but it is simply too much. I can only fear that I am not the only non-premium member who feels this to be the case. I actually feel, you'd be more successful if you slashed the price of membership, to allow more of your current Non-Premium Long standing members to become premium. Sometimes making lots of small amounts of money can far surpass making a smaller number of larger amounts of money. I love this site and I will continue to use it and post in it. I've met some great people here, however sadly many of them have left and I do know a lot of this is down to cost of premium and down to some of the abuse they have received. Anyways, I appreciate there will soon be new payment options, I just hope you'll be making it more affordable too! :D"
- l15mwd

Saturday, April 19, 2014, 9:14:33 PM- Comparison
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"I like the old format better,,,didn't need changing"
- UnsensoredDreams

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