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Monday, November 03, 2014, 2:11:31 PM- B'Day Comp Announcement!
Ok, so sorry for the delay in this - see my previous blog entry.

The Photo winners are...

1st. Fitcpl14 (12477489)

2nd. NaturallyRed (12476750)

3rd. ladyluscious (12474950)

Video Winners...

1st. NaturallyRed (12476742)

2nd. d_licious_d (12474951)

3rd. PApda (12472744)

Thanks to all that took part! Some great and very fun entries!


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"Congrats peoples. So much style and sexiness!"
- Nick_and_Solea

Thursday, October 30, 2014, 1:19:19 AM- Apologies
Apologies for not being around much over the past week. Someone close to me has had surgery and as a result been immobilized. I am the primary carer and this has very much impacted the time I have had available to work. I should be back on deck in the next day or so all being well.
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"Take care of the loved ones first NN, that's the most important thing. We'll try not to burn the place down while you're gone. :P"
- dirtycopper

Monday, October 06, 2014, 11:29:01 AM- 12 today!!
I started the day with a CAM Broadcast where I spoke to about 115 members about new stuff that is on the way :)

Also happy to advise the Birthday Competition details are now up.

It has been a wild ride for the past 12 years and yet now the site and community are better than ever!

Stick around for the next 12 ;)

Thanks all.

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"Happy birthday to NN mine is tomorrow the 7th is easy to keep up with."
- Hick Chick Deluxe

Tuesday, July 08, 2014, 4:01:58 AM- Blogging from the new improved mobile site
If you haven't checked out yet please do!

We have made a lot of improvements to it.
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"It is chrome and it is the same on my PC and Android phone :("
- Showy_Showy

Wednesday, April 30, 2014, 7:17:57 AM-
Such a shame more of you don't realise what this site could become if you gave us more resources.

We have pioneered adult "social networking" but are so constrained it ain't funny
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- myylife

Saturday, April 19, 2014, 9:14:33 PM- Comparison
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"I like the old format better,,,didn't need changing"
- UnsensoredDreams

Monday, September 16, 2013, 3:00:40 PM- Ad clicks are like compresses in CPR.
Please guys click the ads.

We have the data in from the ads, with normal click through rates, we can really invest alot into growth by hiring more developers, more support people and just grow an improve faster than we ever have before.

But alas, our click through rates are not good, and advertisers have started to leave us.

Click the ads, we really are depending on them.

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"How's the patient ?"
- freekforpussy

Friday, June 14, 2013, 4:06:44 PM- Heart-warming Blogs
Thank you so much Masterstoy91 for suggesting people might like to blog why they love this place.

I have read so many blogs that give real insight into the warm and unique community this is. They are as I say heart-warming and couldn't come at a better time.

Fascinating too how many have met life partners on here.

Thank you all that have written so far and I look forward to reading more "Why I come to NN" blogs.

I do feel proud to be creator and custodian of this place.

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"its nice to see a possitive spin, just Not to put a damper on things, dont let it slip away that work is still required to sort out.....what initiated this..... keep open mind with all NN as you should !!!"
- Viszla1

Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 7:15:43 PM- Bunnylovescake
To the best of our ability, we have ascertained she is indeed well over the age of 18.

I have requested that she tones her role play regarding juvenile concepts down a notch.

Please cease to question this member. Her activity might not be everyone's cup of tea but she is allowed to be here and thus should not be persecuted.

Thanks all
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"I think people should be required to act like an adult on an adult site.
That's all.. that's the rule it's so simple. ... but it's not because someone will say define adult behavior, that's what happens.
It really boils down to a free speech issue.. but at the same time its about people not being comfortable reading it.. requiring members to be 21 would help tone it down,maybe.. but if bunnylovescake likes to be nice it should be no problem for her to act like an adult like she has in this blog. We try to be nice to everyone.. but it makes us leave status and find something else to do.. because it's such juvenile behavior it's almost shocking to read on an adult site.. our opinion.
so we are with the it kinda bugs us crowd."
- Innate Lovers

Tuesday, June 11, 2013, 4:57:21 PM- Town Hall Meeting Minutes
Recently I called an impromptu Town Hall meeting in a Cam chat room. Here are the minutes (thanks to MissOwl & BestinDK for transcribing these)

1. Member creating feelings of unease in other members by acting like little girl.
- Mr NN will investigate the situation further.

2. BestinDK
- Has many friends who think she is wonderful and would defend her to the end of the world. Because of that fact, Mr. NN would like to speak with her personally, and asks that she not be offended.

3. The racist douche monkey.
- NN has no cure-all for the situation. Currently Mr. NN asks that everyone click the “Report Profile” button every time he is spotted.
New report button functionality: Tightening the report profile button so that if it is hit more than x times on a profile the profile will be muted. This is a softer option than deletion and can be done at a lower threshold.

4. Complaints against Moderators, specific Mods and Mods in general.
-Mr NN stands behind his choice in Moderators, and if anyone has a problem with any certain Mod, they should take screen shots to support their dissent. Mods work very hard and are very much appreciated, but they are accountable so if you feel you have been poorly treated by one – send NN a PM with a screen grab if possible.

5. Tributes
-The section can not be done away with without successfully alienating the members who put the section to use. Mr NN is currently looking into a method of regulating the section while giving the recipients of tributes a chance to either accept or deny the use of their visual property for said uploads. - main issue with tributes is consent

6. Verifications
- In the last week, a new method of Mod Verification has been introduced. All verifications will now be done by Mods, and the process itself has also been updated. Now verification will not just be based on 2 pictures, but on an analysis of the profile’s wording, the verification pictures submitted (to make sure that the photos have not been digitally manipulated) and an analysis of EVERY picture in the person’s gallery to make sure that there are no other person’s pictures being used in the gallery. Currently, it is expected to take a few days for the backlogs to be cleared, but after that it should only take a few hours for a person to be verified. Also, every member who submits for verification will now be PM’ed once their submission has been reviewed, letting them know when they have been approved or why they were rejected. Members who are having trouble with their verification being rejected should remember that there is no cap on re-submission, and there is be a new “Ask for Verification” page currently being developed to outline the submission rules and to help ensure quicker approval.

7. Chat Rooms
- Mr NN is very aware that there are issues with the current chat room, and is developing a more user friendly interface that is not flash based and would allow users to open private messages in separate windows. - will be launched when more pressing issues are addressed first

8. Issues with Blocking
- Most members would agree that the blocking feature is less than anyone would expect, and Mr. NN is currently looking into it. There are plans to completely redesign the feature.

9. Financial Support
a. suggestions on how we might convince more people to support us financially
b. >1% of people become premium
c. we have experimented with price - lower price doesn’t work
d. want to develop a referral system
e. sharing NN with friend for a reward, most said no
f. **Fix what needs to be fixed and stop worrying about coming up with new stuff until that
is done.
g. **better support for existing members so they encourage newbies too
l. **this may get me yelled down, but what about a "professional" part of the site where you go to find the cam girls, etc.

10. The Voting System
- The current system will be abolished and a new system with only one button along the lines of “This Pic is HOT!” will be implemented.

11. Status
a. Emoticons to come
b. Maybe have a parallel status for pics
c. Liking comments on status (I added this one cause I just thought of it)
d. Bumping old status with banned words is now being tracked against them

12. Profile Pictures
- It was suggested that profile pictures be made mandatory, and that we have an option to use gif files. Everyone should be reminded that profile pictures are highly encouraged and that members can always refer to the site rules if they are unsure of what is allowed as a profile picture.

Brief discussion about number of mods (NN wants more) and maybe have elections to determine them.

13. NewbieNudes' Competition in the Market
- There was a discussion of the pros and cons of various other websites. Some features from other sites that members liked were the option to view multiple cams at once, and the option to have group cams. Members did not like the “pick and choose” mentality of other sites.
a. **you could always sell a little advertising space?
b. **NN...what about a staggered version of the supporter badge? For lower donations? Especially for those of us that are already premium?
c. **OH!..Could you fix the filters so when you click on them its permanent until you change them? Answer – YES
d. **Don’t hate me NN but I like the **** cam chat, I’m a greedy bastard and it lets me see multiple cams,,then enlarge the one that interests me most

14. Fake Pics
- A new tool is due to be implemented that would ban a user from posting for a predetermined amount of time (say, 1 week) should that user be reported repeatedly. It was also suggested that when a picture is flagged as stolen, that the mod who reviews the picture should then review the member’s entire gallery.

Also mentioned were: the “muting issues” and their cause, clarifying the reason when members are muted, free trials of premium, mod elections, mod reviews, mainstream exposure, various supporter badges, NN merchandise, fixing filters (and cam settings) to hold your preferences, more meetings, separating the lingerie category into men and women, listing all mods, different mods for different jobs.

Mr NN would like for everyone to understand that he cares about the welfare of the site more than anyone else here. He values the community and the well being of it’s members, and it pains him to see the site in a constant state of discontent. He plans to do all he can to keep everything moving smoothly and the members happy, and he urges anyone with a question, complaint or idea to PM him at any time. (Just not 100 PM’s in a row.)
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"regarding the fake a mod, when I find web photos posted, I automatically check the rest of the posters gallery. I catch quite a few web pics that way that would otherwise go unnoticed. On a side note NN, can we add a way to flag suspicious profiles so we can keep track of them? I am using the "favorite" button at the moment and I hate having to wade through web porn posters to find my friends new photos."
- happyhumper69

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