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Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:59 PM (1 minute ago)
good morning to all the you naughty ppl. 😍
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:58 PM (2 minutes ago)
Need spankings I'm naughty
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:57 PM (3 minutes ago)
Hi ya do
(1 minute ago)
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:54 PM (6 minutes ago)
Are there pop-ups? I'm reading a lot about pop-ups this morning...
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:52 PM (8 minutes ago)
Just planted two more fruit trees in my garden so I now have nine! My conker tree is doing well too. Love playing conkers
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:45 PM (15 minutes ago)
OK, bring a life vest it is. Probably be the only clothes I need, I hope.
softcell likes this
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:35 PM (25 minutes ago)
I was looking at naked women on NN and my dick popped up. How annoying!!!
Would be more annoying if it was bigger, might obliterate your view of the naked women!
(19 minutes ago)
That is one thing I surely don't have to worry about. LOL
(16 minutes ago)
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:24 PM (36 minutes ago)
Good afternoon NN'ers
(30 minutes ago)
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:17 PM (43 minutes ago)
If we crowdfund for no pop ups, do we get pop ups saying no pop ups are coming soon?
I try my best
(40 minutes ago)
Hey I got tackled// Physical comedy. The purest kind.. lol
(39 minutes ago)
yeah , they probably will
(38 minutes ago)
I'm never on here anyway, I might as well stage a drunken stuny and make a dent here and there. I'm a rock star I can't help it x]
(35 minutes ago)
stunt. fuck. edit button add maybe please nice person?
(35 minutes ago)
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:17 PM (43 minutes ago)
Another popup on here made me laugh just now. It was nearly inconprehensible to a developed mind but still. Universal stuff here. x]
What are all these pop ups you people keep complaining about? Been browsing NN for the past couple days and I think I may have gotten 2 pop ups. Not that annoying to click the x is it?
(26 minutes ago)
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:17 PM (43 minutes ago)
Good morning status land
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:14 PM (46 minutes ago)
its sort of like the government, you ask for something they dont actually give it to you, and then they make you and everyone else pay for it, pop ups
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:14 PM (46 minutes ago)
What was that secure login credit card nonsense I was senable enough to refresh away ? x]
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:10 PM (50 minutes ago)
Hi all x
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:08 PM (52 minutes ago)
do you know what I miss? .... peoples axing for a 'couples' profile
$629 is all it will take to FIX THEM DAMN POPUPS
(49 minutes ago)
MarkandLacey likes this
Ohhh, no sir. Once the couples profile gets funded we'll start getting a pop-up to fund something else....like being able to select your own 5 best pics to put on your profile.
(47 minutes ago)
I still want a CRAYON ....... thats before the 5 pix ... I fixed that one myselfs FIGJAM
(45 minutes ago)
I need a couples profile ..... I've put on weight so I look like there are two of me ... lol
(12 minutes ago)
(11 minutes ago)
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:05 PM (55 minutes ago)
how hot it is to have strangers masturbating to me
boob-man likes this
It is very hot!!
(53 minutes ago)
Will you chat while I stroke to choot a load over you? PM or add me to have some fun!!!!
(53 minutes ago)
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:04 PM (56 minutes ago)
american woman
MarkandLacey likes this
Such a great song. : )
(55 minutes ago)
BuxomXhunter likes this
Mark is such a great guy too
(54 minutes ago)
BuxomXhunter likes this
Hey there, Wods. Only here for a few mins. Hope you're well...my little Sugar Britches.
(53 minutes ago)
Some American politician used as intro music....moron.
(52 minutes ago)
BuxomXhunter likes this
agreeing to "moron" lol
(51 minutes ago)
Sun, 28-Aug-16 1:03 PM (57 minutes ago)
Status proceeded with lyns absent? Whatever were you thinking!
Is she muted?
(42 minutes ago)
She was here yesterday.
(41 minutes ago)
Sun, 28-Aug-16 12:53 PM (1 hour ago)
I do not like the pop-ups here/ So can you make them disappear?/ I'm not a couple, anyway/ So can you make them go away?
Really, you'd trust me, an exiled Minister of finance with millions of dollars to give to the right random email address?
(43 minutes ago)
That one and the video chat one.
(29 minutes ago)
Who said anything about an e-mail? Just inbox me here on NN with your CC info and all will be fine. lol
(29 minutes ago)
fool me once, shame on you fool me seven times.....stop fooling me, man.
(26 minutes ago)
ilovepussy likes this
(25 minutes ago)
Sun, 28-Aug-16 12:52 PM (1 hour ago)
Im thinking sex with a couple
thinking that would be some serious fun
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 28-Aug-16 12:37 PM (1 hour ago)
We are looking forward to a very interesting and different trip.
Sun, 28-Aug-16 12:30 PM (1 hour ago)
mrsblobby liked the cam show of zgibnam
Sun, 28-Aug-16 12:26 PM (1 hour ago)
New pic up!
funhotwife and BuxomXhunter like this
Looks good
(1 hour ago)
lovely.... the thers are pretty fine too
(1 hour ago)
Sun, 28-Aug-16 12:22 PM (1 hour ago)
Wow. That was one hell of a crash. Glad he walked away
Just catching up on it now, wow indeed! xx
(1 hour ago)
peaces of shit are only held together with rubber bands,
(1 hour ago)
Those cars are made to fall apart when they wreck. Only the cockpit is built strong to withstand such crashes.
(57 minutes ago)
Boredmum74 likes this
Sun, 28-Aug-16 12:21 PM (1 hour ago)
Looking forward to a great fuck with Hubby
funhotwife likes this
Lucky hubby!
(1 hour ago)
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