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Mon, 3-Aug-15 3:05 PM (0 minutes ago)
more than forty views would be nice. ..and maybe a comment or two )
Mon, 3-Aug-15 3:05 PM (0 minutes ago)
In honor of Masterbation Monday, I'm happy to report all went well with my body wand and dildo!
Mon, 3-Aug-15 3:03 PM (2 minutes ago)
thats all folkes have a great day
Mon, 3-Aug-15 3:03 PM (2 minutes ago)
I lost my teddy bear, can I sleep with you?
Mon, 3-Aug-15 3:00 PM (5 minutes ago)
*clicks heels together*
You don't look like Dorothy....O.o
(1 minute ago)
Mon, 3-Aug-15 2:59 PM (5 minutes ago)
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Well, that's a lovely way to start a Monday! Have a good one, Mya.
(3 minutes ago)
Spread some of that cheer my way!! :\
(0 minutes ago)
Mon, 3-Aug-15 2:49 PM (16 minutes ago)
If a woman texts you a pic of her injured foot, looking for sympathy, I can confirm it might not be best to reply with 'Jesus, that looks like half human foot, half Star Wars character'
Hahaha meister. And Roxanne, will a picture suffice? Unlikely .
(6 minutes ago)
Roxanne: can we give you an all-over check, just to make sure there's nothing else injured?
(5 minutes ago)
nope not the right answer
(4 minutes ago)
By all means, meister. What good is my gallery otherwise?
(4 minutes ago)
Teasing, Ley. I'm not an idiot
(2 minutes ago)
Mon, 3-Aug-15 2:48 PM (17 minutes ago)
Anyone in a female led relationship. If so does the male play his role well?
female led relationship? you mean marriage?
(16 minutes ago)
(15 minutes ago)
Or ANY relationship with a female? What is the role of the male in that case?
(15 minutes ago)
I think we take turns leading, but my husband is not always the most obedient person I know! And I am ALWAYS perfectly reasonable, so.....
(11 minutes ago)
Mon, 3-Aug-15 2:47 PM (18 minutes ago)
The post-vacation struggle is real. I cannot hear the ocean from here!
I don't know about that ITM. I might be crabby for a few days.
(14 minutes ago)
haha after living here all my life, its just another place
(12 minutes ago)
As is your right. If we can't tolerate and understand that, well....
(12 minutes ago)
It,s to bad vacations are like microwave sex
(8 minutes ago)
I'm not crabby just yet, so maybe it won't kick in this time. XxX, I suppose you are right. But it's a lovely place! Hard to be land-locked.
(8 minutes ago)
Mon, 3-Aug-15 2:46 PM (19 minutes ago)
Comment on my pics ladies! There all for you!
Mon, 3-Aug-15 2:44 PM (21 minutes ago)
Perving while on the phone with the insurance company. Wish me luck.
LuLusBakery likes this
(20 minutes ago)
Hope we don't distract you while you're talking. Talking about your fender bend-er-over?
(18 minutes ago)
Dog bite
(18 minutes ago)
Hahaha. Good luck.
(15 minutes ago)
Jake from state farm ?
(13 minutes ago)
Mon, 3-Aug-15 2:24 PM (40 minutes ago)
Got a new bikini justed posted a pic check it out
That is a good looking bikini and also a good looking set of tits
(38 minutes ago)
Mmm looks good. But it might look even better laying on my bedroom floor Sorry. Corny line but I couldn't help myself
(37 minutes ago)
no bottoms? you are a wild one
(37 minutes ago)
(37 minutes ago)
Hot pink top and under too! Mmmmmmm.
(27 minutes ago)
Mon, 3-Aug-15 2:21 PM (43 minutes ago)
Had a great naked day at the nudist beach, loving summer again )
Mon, 3-Aug-15 2:19 PM (46 minutes ago)
Monday morning and very horny ... anyone like to help
I always get too excited & forget about the 1st step. Probably where I'm going wrong....
(40 minutes ago)
I aways forget about step 4. My eyes look like I've been in a chlorine pool all day and then was pepper sprayed.
(36 minutes ago)
(34 minutes ago)
I always have to look. its so much fun to watch
(34 minutes ago)
Sorry, my 5 Step Plan is only for guys. One of the ladies will have to explain female masturbation. penis prohibits me for giving that advice.
(30 minutes ago)
Mon, 3-Aug-15 2:05 PM (1 hour ago)
It's MieleGattina and Shyguy1976's birthday, two of the nicest people here. Please stop by their profiles and give them some love.
So basically, you can all blame LR (Miele) for me being here and harassing people.
(23 minutes ago)
I'd only blame her for 69%
(22 minutes ago)
Now it's bust ass work time. See you guys and the Inglorious Basterd later.
(19 minutes ago)
(18 minutes ago)
Thanks for letting us know!
(17 minutes ago)
Mon, 3-Aug-15 2:03 PM (1 hour ago)
Monday seems like a great day to look at some huge nips on NN! And some hairy chicas too...
Mon, 3-Aug-15 1:58 PM (1 hour ago)
Today is no condom day.
I think for a lot of guys it will also be No Sex for You Day.
(1 hour ago)
(50 minutes ago)
Talk to us in 9 months
(38 minutes ago)
there are other contraceptives
(34 minutes ago)
Wednesday is free clinic day
(33 minutes ago)
Mon, 3-Aug-15 1:48 PM (1 hour ago)
It's masturbation Monday. Let the fun begin Just kidding. I was just trying to think of something like Throwback Thursday and Masturbation Monday instantly popped to mind. Anyone got other ideas?
bugguy905 likes this
Tasteful teasing pics is what there is a need for
(26 minutes ago)
There are quite a few outstanding teasing pics on the site, Mrs M.
(24 minutes ago)
Thank you rox I've found some of them
(23 minutes ago)
Like mine??
(23 minutes ago)
Teasing pics it is then. If that's what the ladies want, who am I to deny them
(22 minutes ago)
Mon, 3-Aug-15 1:39 PM (1 hour ago)
Have a NNice maNNic MoNNday.
DubbleStrubble and LuLusBakery like this
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
Happy Monday sexy man
(25 minutes ago)
hey chuck i will try
(3 minutes ago)
Mon, 3-Aug-15 1:33 PM (1 hour ago)
Well it sure is monday again
It sure does beat the alternative.
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
all day...............hello kid xxoo............ ..............hug and kotc
(1 hour ago)
No, the alternative of not having a Monday, or Tuesday...or any days.
(1 hour ago)
Mon, 3-Aug-15 1:28 PM (1 hour ago)
The gym always is good for making me horny. Gotta love the morning scenery.
Mon, 3-Aug-15 1:27 PM (1 hour ago)
How many times can you reheat a mug of coffee in the microwave before it just becomes offensive to coffee and can no longer be considered coffee.
As I expected. Oops.
(1 hour ago)
Juan Valdez says "4."
(1 hour ago)
I'm sitting at 2 so far, Mark. And I have to's disgusting.
(1 hour ago)
yeah none
(1 hour ago)
Dubs - 1, Juan - A Big Fat Zero :coffee:
(1 hour ago)
Mon, 3-Aug-15 1:27 PM (1 hour ago)
Well i take theres no sexy ladies looking for a bit of fun in the southport area today
Allegedly? Oh hell no, all those people in prison are guilty bastards! Well, except me....I was framed. Cool how I get wifi in here though.
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
Note to self: pump slower and you might make 2.
(1 hour ago)
lol,when the realisation dawns it took him longer to get undressed than it did for him to cum...
(1 hour ago)
All that time wasted disrobing.
(1 hour ago)
Mon, 3-Aug-15 1:24 PM (1 hour ago)
how wants a tribute now? Pm me
Mon, 3-Aug-15 1:21 PM (1 hour ago)
So tired of hurting! Just wanna feel normal again!
Hello Sals xxoo................. .............hug and kotc
(1 hour ago)
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