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Sat, 30-Aug-14 6:15 PM (3 minutes ago)
I think I will go home, And give Myself a squealing orgasm !
Sat, 30-Aug-14 6:13 PM (5 minutes ago)
quick poll....who has BOTH hands on the keyboard?
Not me! One hand is propping up my head!
(3 minutes ago)
any time you wanna prop mine up
(2 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Aug-14 6:11 PM (7 minutes ago)
Just uploaded another dick pic!
i was just, this site needs more dick saved the site
(2 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Aug-14 5:50 PM (28 minutes ago)
yummy homemade apple sauce... using 5 different varieties of apples...
MelanieC likes this
I also mix apples when cooking--one for texture, one for taste
(17 minutes ago)
lizzy I sure you have texture and taste. ..just sayin. ..xx
(15 minutes ago)
easy applesauce recipe: 1. find apple 2. find rock 3. smash apple with rock
(1 minute ago)
Sat, 30-Aug-14 5:39 PM (39 minutes ago)
Off to do some vacation shopping.
Hiya Seeker xoxo
(10 minutes ago)
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Liz!!!!! xoxo. See you later beautiful.
(7 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Aug-14 5:39 PM (39 minutes ago)
one day, you're 17 and you're planning for someday. and then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today. and then someday is yesterday. and this is your life.
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Not my words but fitting to my reflections on life
(31 minutes ago)
The hils are alive...reminds me of the Sound of Music; )
(22 minutes ago)
(22 minutes ago)
Mine is..Life is like a fan. .One end sucks and the other end blows.
(17 minutes ago)
WPB!! *kotc*
(3 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Aug-14 5:36 PM (43 minutes ago)
What to do on a Saturday night....?
Sat, 30-Aug-14 5:34 PM (44 minutes ago)
Wifey had fun last night on a special date...
Sat, 30-Aug-14 5:34 PM (44 minutes ago)
Summer is waning. Feeling Fall in the moist heat.
Sat, 30-Aug-14 5:24 PM (54 minutes ago)
Saturday! Chat. Skype. Fun?
Sat, 30-Aug-14 5:19 PM (59 minutes ago)
A friend has just let me see her pussy for the very first time, it's beautiful. Xx
Lucky you
(57 minutes ago)
a landmark moment
(55 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Aug-14 5:17 PM (1 hour ago)
Good evening all you beautiful NN ,having a good weekend
Sat, 30-Aug-14 5:12 PM (1 hour ago)
Good Evening x
How very true, its a tad grey here, not my hair thought - all shaved
(51 minutes ago)
Mine is dyed
(49 minutes ago)
Wish I had some to dye. What you doing on here on a Saturday, are you not hitting the town
(47 minutes ago)
too old lol
(40 minutes ago)
I beg. Your pardon, never to old. Cheeky bird lol
(30 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Aug-14 5:04 PM (1 hour ago)
Good afternoon
and what prey, did you produce?
(1 hour ago)
Caught up on a few chores and stuff that I've been putting off.
(1 hour ago)
I think that deserves a beer or 3 and a curry
(1 hour ago)
Oh for sure
(1 hour ago)
*gives Marshal a soft kotc* xoxo
(45 minutes ago)
Sat, 30-Aug-14 4:55 PM (1 hour ago)
Is there anyway of seeing who's online? The search profiles function seems pretty useless
Sat, 30-Aug-14 4:50 PM (1 hour ago)
Mrs Matt is feeling Horny and naughty
Maybe I could help you out with that
(1 hour ago)
Let Mrs Matt know I am willing to help her in her hour of need
(1 hour ago)
Can I help Matt
(1 hour ago)
looking at your pics is making me the same
(1 hour ago)
Sat, 30-Aug-14 4:49 PM (1 hour ago)
Happy Saturday everyone
so far it has been happy
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
Sat, 30-Aug-14 4:42 PM (1 hour ago)
Any Women want to play with my nice thick uncut cock
angielovesitbig likes this
no thx
(1 hour ago)
Hi Jubb
(1 hour ago)
hi 76
(1 hour ago)
Sat, 30-Aug-14 4:41 PM (1 hour ago)
Nearing 10,000 pics! We're doing a retrospective,...three shots from each year 2009 tomorrow
Sat, 30-Aug-14 4:40 PM (1 hour ago)
crab cakes and sharp jalapeno cheddar ... with mango salsa
hi Toy!!
(1 hour ago)
enjoy your day!!
(1 hour ago)
hellos... and I am enjoying my day...
(1 hour ago)
good to hear
(1 hour ago)
Sat, 30-Aug-14 4:30 PM (1 hour ago)
mmmmmmk Time to get ready for my lunch date. I think a shower is in order!
bOObzman likes this
have a good one Tex: ) xoxo
(1 hour ago)
Hi n bye, needs xoxoxo
(1 hour ago)
I have a lunch date with a very short chubby guy. He loves me to burp him afterwards; ) xox
(1 hour ago)
good cause u smell your day!!!
(1 hour ago)
Sat, 30-Aug-14 4:27 PM (1 hour ago)
Today is the day...the official beginning of college football season for me...time to rebuild and reload! Roll Tide Roll!
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Nah, I'm home alone until later this afternoon. I'll just have a sammich or something Hi fan! xoxo
(1 hour ago)
*goes back to look at the super bowl food blog*
(1 hour ago)
okay..enjoy the game and for you....Roll Tide
(1 hour ago)
Thank you, Shy Plan ahead, the feast will probably be even better for the upcoming
(1 hour ago)
lol...okay I plan on being there again so make enough for me
(1 hour ago)
Sat, 30-Aug-14 4:22 PM (1 hour ago)
Sat, 30-Aug-14 4:21 PM (1 hour ago)
...let the long weekend begin!
Sat, 30-Aug-14 4:20 PM (1 hour ago)
Feeling horny, I would seduce any girl right now! Hours-long Ride
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