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Thu, 18-Dec-14 4:21 PM (0 minutes ago)
hi all any men or ladies care to comment on my pics ty if you do
Thu, 18-Dec-14 4:21 PM (0 minutes ago)
Mmmmm I'd love to share a shower with you redvs4u
Thu, 18-Dec-14 4:13 PM (7 minutes ago)
any girl wanna do cam sex?
Thu, 18-Dec-14 4:13 PM (8 minutes ago)
more pics?
Thu, 18-Dec-14 4:12 PM (9 minutes ago)
oh isnt it nice to be able to see who deletes you when you take a break,fuck you too then love!
redvs4u likes this
howdy steel!
(6 minutes ago)
Hi bratty...I try and not give them the satisfaction of thinking I noticed..but yeah its a pain
(6 minutes ago)
im done,cya!
(4 minutes ago)
hope to see you again soon, I miss you
(2 minutes ago)
Bye then
(1 minute ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 4:02 PM (19 minutes ago)
work christmas do tonight and getting ready at the hotel
Masturbating in the hotel room
(17 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 4:00 PM (21 minutes ago)
These pics of top sexy beautiful hot women at driving me hard and crazy I thank you all
milf_hunter1984 likes this
(21 minutes ago)
Hi mature ...Hi myylife
(11 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 3:49 PM (32 minutes ago)
I hope these is some cute VS panties under my tree next week... and maybe some nighties and some LELO toys...
myylife and redvs4u like this
I am willing to bet that if that tree had a mailing address that NN members were aware of, VS would run out of panties....
(30 minutes ago)
(28 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 3:46 PM (34 minutes ago)
Sexiest redhead on here???
Thu, 18-Dec-14 3:37 PM (44 minutes ago)
thinking of smd3576
Nevertoomuch and steelrat60 like this
true dat ,stick agreed bro
(35 minutes ago)
alittle waky but funny love her very REAL
(34 minutes ago)
I hop on here for just a few minutes, and i find you talking smack about me, huh myysweety????
(1 minute ago)
Guess I will say HI to my other REAL friends.... So hi doug & stick
(0 minutes ago)
No smack, nice comments only smd check your pms xxx
(0 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 3:33 PM (47 minutes ago)
I shall return later got things I MUST do
u funny sweety
(44 minutes ago)
Be good or bad...
(44 minutes ago)
be good
(43 minutes ago)
then bad
(43 minutes ago)
fare thee well fine maiden
(39 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 3:20 PM (1 hour ago)
Yay! Nearly time to finish work for the year!
thats a good holiday hun xxx
(56 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 3:17 PM (1 hour ago)
Gooooooood morning all you sexy people!
ello you xxx
(58 minutes ago)
lynskey! what a pleasant surprise
(56 minutes ago)
my pleasure hun xxx
(55 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 3:05 PM (1 hour ago)
hhhmmmmmm, i wonder what a "LOG OPS ANAL OFFICER" is? they really should watch their
myylife likes this
a know it all Butter Bar Hoooooo Rahhhhhhhh
(1 hour ago)
when you consider the job, anal fits
(49 minutes ago)
roger,that ,cuz
(48 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 3:04 PM (1 hour ago)
waiting for your dirty comments on our new video
Wish i could see it
(1 hour ago)
pig sty....that dirty enough......?
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 3:01 PM (1 hour ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 2:55 PM (1 hour ago)
Work calls.....Have a wonderful Thursday everyone xox
lol seb......yeah, i was lucky....was enlisted before i switched over
(38 minutes ago)
so u know how us Enlisted men feel
(36 minutes ago)
yup, i was
(33 minutes ago)
ITS all good LT
(26 minutes ago)
(25 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 2:53 PM (1 hour ago)
Chuck2225 and steelrat60 like this
actually you just reminded me...let me check out "mobcop" to see what's posted
(1 hour ago)
Yes I am hot literally
(1 hour ago)
grt neked ,seb
(1 hour ago)
Maybe later
(1 hour ago)
ok sweety xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 2:47 PM (1 hour ago)
Nevertoomuch likes this
whoever you stole those pics from is pretty sexy lol
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
So am i know.. Just seen your pix
(1 hour ago)
Time for new pics?!?!
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 2:46 PM (1 hour ago)
In need of a wank, anyone want to lend a hand
Thu, 18-Dec-14 2:36 PM (1 hour ago)
beuhler, beuhler.........
myylife likes this
I'll take it back then and hug myylife*hugs myylife*
(1 hour ago)
Hi sexy
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
hahahaha, love ya seb
(1 hour ago)
candy!!!!!!!!!!!! how are ya??????
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 2:33 PM (1 hour ago)
You too
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 2:19 PM (2 hours ago)
Happy Thursday everyone... Going to be posting some pics today... Have a great day everyone...
Nevertoomuch, Chuck2225 and myylife like this
(1 hour ago)
sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lady xo
(1 hour ago)
Hi sb
(1 hour ago)
Hey there horny, Chuck, my and that pretty Candy
(1 hour ago)
Hey there flitter didn't mean to miss you.
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 2:18 PM (2 hours ago)
Be santa the journey
Time_Traveller_ likes this
but santa going up and down yer chimney is the best part?
(1 hour ago)
i'm trying, but i can't find any takers!
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 18-Dec-14 2:15 PM (2 hours ago)
and bored too?
(2 hours ago)
nah awesome...more like board
(1 hour ago)
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