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Mon, 26-Jan-15 2:18 AM (2 minutes ago)
watching animal house...toga toga toga
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Mon, 26-Jan-15 2:11 AM (9 minutes ago)
I just opened a gift card my boss had given me for Christmas and found she had put a fortune inside that said "your ability to find the silly in the serious will take you far." I like it!
why so serious?
(8 minutes ago)
well TA its better than a years membership to the national jelly bean there btw
(6 minutes ago)
I'm not talking to you shy! That would be kinda cool, LOVE! I like the buttered popcorn ones! Hi!
(3 minutes ago)
okay..night night xoxo
(3 minutes ago)
Mon, 26-Jan-15 2:11 AM (9 minutes ago)
the context of a new pic pist is always interesting
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or post
(9 minutes ago)
Mon, 26-Jan-15 2:09 AM (11 minutes ago)
anyone up from ontario
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(5 minutes ago)
Mon, 26-Jan-15 2:09 AM (11 minutes ago)
your clothes are making me uncomfortable, please take them off
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not afraid of nude, what i dont see scares me the
(8 minutes ago)
trust me, i am better with at least some boxers on
(7 minutes ago)
Ok, I'm easy like that
(7 minutes ago)
Pics or it didn't happen!
(6 minutes ago)
ok big, hurry up, send me the pics
(3 minutes ago)
Mon, 26-Jan-15 2:08 AM (13 minutes ago)
I am going to be very busy in the After Life, the list of people I plan to haunt gets bigger everyday
please add me love ..
(12 minutes ago)
(8 minutes ago)
Mon, 26-Jan-15 2:00 AM (20 minutes ago)
i cant fight this feeling anymore...........
Reo Speedwagon? Hi there kid
(4 minutes ago)
Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:57 AM (23 minutes ago)
time to sleep again. night you hot sexy friends
Good luck! xx
(21 minutes ago)
Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:56 AM (24 minutes ago)
pro-bowl and relaxing
hahaha you got a point Shy! I'm with you Kinky, golf is worse than watching paint dry.
(20 minutes ago)
well your a rare Canadian KC
(20 minutes ago)
Ohhh.. i have a test for you shy! let me find it and ill send it
(20 minutes ago)
should I be scared? lol
(19 minutes ago)
Its me Shy, do i ever scare you with my idea's
(19 minutes ago)
Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:51 AM (29 minutes ago)
new pics up...bong time, more to cum...
you can suck on the bong i will suck on other things
(16 minutes ago)
hiya beautiful xxxx
(13 minutes ago)
very very nice
(11 minutes ago)
hello everyone Hope you're all having a good night...still uploading
(3 minutes ago)
why oh why cant it be my cock with your feet
(0 minutes ago)
Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:49 AM (31 minutes ago)
If it tastes like Chicken keep on lickin'.... If it tastes like trout get the fuck out
personally, I like trout
(28 minutes ago)
Haha Fair enough mature
(24 minutes ago)
but I'm a meat and potatos man myself
(2 minutes ago)
Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:49 AM (31 minutes ago)
Sticks and stones. May break my bones. But chains and whips. Excite me <--- now stuck in my head!
can i spank both of you and call it even?
(25 minutes ago)
You said boys still make me stupid. You started it!
(25 minutes ago)
nah u would like that to much I want both your asses
(24 minutes ago)
(24 minutes ago)
I didnt say they make u stupid Angel I just said this place doesnt help u any..
(23 minutes ago)
Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:49 AM (32 minutes ago)
may the great kangaroo in the sky bless this great day of bbqs and surfing.
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Happy Australia Day, bbbt
(30 minutes ago)
thanks, tex. i here it's also a wide brown land down texas way.
(27 minutes ago)
I've never heard of that! lol
(27 minutes ago)
Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:46 AM (34 minutes ago)
So fucking bored! Need some pussy before my balls explode!
This man needs a cat stat!!!
(34 minutes ago)
A fuzzy cat please.
(33 minutes ago)
Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:45 AM (35 minutes ago)
A Fun and Interesting day. Just denied hubby the opportunity to cum, getting ready now so I can fuck a friend at his house. Hubby is my little cucky & clean up crew tonight
Lucky hubby!
(34 minutes ago)
Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:41 AM (39 minutes ago)
what do you think about my 43 year old pussy
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I think about sucking ur lips
(37 minutes ago)
Mmmm - looks delicious!
(35 minutes ago)
Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:40 AM (40 minutes ago)
Have a great Aussie Day!! Get nude with me ladies
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Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:36 AM (44 minutes ago)
Wet dick
Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:36 AM (44 minutes ago)
One of my favorite lines from Five Finger Death Punch: "I'd rather you hate me, for everything I am. Than have you love me for something I am not."
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Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:33 AM (47 minutes ago)
time for bed . wish I has a certain woman waiting inymy bed for me
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Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:32 AM (49 minutes ago)
barrel rider
Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:31 AM (49 minutes ago)
BootsQUEEN liked the cam show of bigm2
Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:31 AM (49 minutes ago)
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Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:29 AM (51 minutes ago)
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Mon, 26-Jan-15 1:25 AM (56 minutes ago)
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