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Mon, 24-Nov-14 1:02 AM (1 minute ago)
Where is my buddy, Mr. Chuck? You know what time it is
Mon, 24-Nov-14 1:01 AM (2 minutes ago)
some how he got dinner and a blow job... well i did take my gold shield pictures posting soon!
...your real? ...jus kidding
(1 minute ago)
Kinky did you include him in your pics?
(1 minute ago)
wait, blowjobs are given AFTER you get married?
(0 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:59 AM (3 minutes ago)
Thought I would've got more comments on my new pics I done what you wanted ladies...... Cock and body
I confess I haven't looked.
(0 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:57 AM (5 minutes ago)
One last quick look then bed, back in work tomorrow after a nice week off
Hello Big10 and have a good nights sleep
(3 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:52 AM (11 minutes ago)
Exciting verification photo hopefully up soon! XoXxx
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Will be looking for them...
(8 minutes ago)
cool cant wait to see them
(7 minutes ago)
be still my fluttering heart....
(7 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:51 AM (11 minutes ago)
Wow, Just when I think I have got the hang of this place, I get Blindsided. Never will understand a friend deletion for no appparent reason. ;(
sorry to hear Undi.their loss
(6 minutes ago)
Sorry to hear it
(6 minutes ago)
hard to say what happens in someone's life or mind to make that happen...
(5 minutes ago)
This is why I let my husband take care of the friend stuff. I don't really like the whole system. Sorry you got your feelings hurt.
(1 minute ago)
LuLu...if i sent a FR..would u accept?
(0 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:51 AM (11 minutes ago)
Hi all voyeur having a look
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:50 AM (12 minutes ago)
Naughty hot tub hotel sexapade success !! see new posts =)
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Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:50 AM (13 minutes ago)
Some "guy" has informed me via a comment "To bad you cant make youre Profile viewable,may haps you would get some votes and comments" Thanks for the tip. Glad to hear it's the only way to get them
hope your ok Tender xx
(7 minutes ago)
Strangely enough, he didn't vote...fuck him and his old horse. Dicks like that I try to avoid.
(5 minutes ago)
fuck them TM your gorgeous he's just jealous he doesnt have someone as amazing as you xx
(2 minutes ago)
That guy is a genius. Next he'll be discovering what happens when it rains and you put an umbrella up. Genius.
(2 minutes ago)
Hey watch the old comments
(1 minute ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:40 AM (22 minutes ago)
hhhmmmmm not what i had originally planned
me either
(1 minute ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:36 AM (26 minutes ago)
ksboy21 liked the cam show of ma1970
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:35 AM (27 minutes ago)
thank you to my awesome nn family for all the votes and comments on my pics. you all are the best. mwah.
Shyguy1976, redvs4u, bOObzman, Big10bi, NJLookin4fun09 and 3 others like this
yep no prob.
(21 minutes ago)
how did your vikings do today shy?
(6 minutes ago)
lost 24-21 to the Packers
(5 minutes ago)
played better than I thought though
(4 minutes ago)
Pics??? you have pics??? no way ...hugs and kisses
(2 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:32 AM (30 minutes ago)
Why do so few people understand the difference between i will do something, and i will try to do something?
coldfish1 and Big10bi like this
bad understanding of the english language
(28 minutes ago)
How at this point thats possiblie with people who speak english as a first language is beyond me
(26 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:30 AM (32 minutes ago)
30 pics is my max I think
25 I think...
(30 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:30 AM (33 minutes ago)
heydidyagrabmyass liked the cam show of ma1970
bOObzman likes this
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:29 AM (33 minutes ago)
How about some home baked chicken parmesan?
GottaBeMe likes this
Yes please! My fav!! (well, ONE of my favs lol)
(32 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:29 AM (34 minutes ago)
A few of you may have some premium time adjustments. And in other good news, a long time faker that has harassed quite a bit of you has just been deleted
GottaBeMe, MarkandLacey, Shyguy1976, LuLusBakery, redvs4u and 2 others like this
The fakes that harass people are the worst tho...
(22 minutes ago)
^^ that's why I've been trying to get him deleted (he's in my blog btw ). I think harassing people for a good 7 years is 7 years too many.
(21 minutes ago)
They are all in your I'd have to go hunting...instead, I'll just say thank you
(20 minutes ago)
NN is so lucky to have you here!
(2 minutes ago)
whooooo would be a fake here?
(0 minutes ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:27 AM (35 minutes ago)
True friends listen with their heart,not just their ears.
"You'll only hear it, if you listen with your hearts and day hope to be free."
(8 minutes ago)
I tried listening with my heart before But I found I scared people when I puffed my chest out towards them when they talked
(6 minutes ago)
How much do I live your current profile pucture? A WHOLE BUNCH! You are wise AND beautiful.
(5 minutes ago)
I may have to check them out, big. I can understand their fright, guit *blushes* Thank you very much LuLu, that is such a compliment. Hi Voy *hugs*
(2 minutes ago)
The ears only let in the sound, the heart and mind hear the words.
(1 minute ago)
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:26 AM (36 minutes ago)
Who wants to fuck?
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:25 AM (38 minutes ago)
Any cpl/fem for c2c now? pm me
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:24 AM (38 minutes ago)
Thickness82 liked the cam show of ma1970
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:21 AM (41 minutes ago)
frosstty liked the cam show of ma1970
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:19 AM (43 minutes ago)
storming here
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:19 AM (44 minutes ago)
undisclosedid1 liked the cam show of ma1970
Mon, 24-Nov-14 12:18 AM (44 minutes ago)
mrsUnderDog59 liked the cam show of ma1970
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