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Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:36 PM (3 minutes ago)
I'd love a "looking down my cleavage " viewpoint pic. Who has the bra for that?
Does one need a special bra for that? *scratches head*
(2 minutes ago)
....I'm quite sure yours will be JUST FINE!!!
(0 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:34 PM (6 minutes ago)
iluvpussi liked the cam show of mdwcpl
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:33 PM (7 minutes ago)
Hope everyone has a great and Happy Halloween!!
MarkandLacey likes this
Nope I be around Jersey ; )
(4 minutes ago)
I thought you were saying goodbye. lol *doh* xox
(3 minutes ago)
no just wishing everyone a happy halloween Jersey
(2 minutes ago)
I can leave if u want me too
(2 minutes ago)
Happy Halloween, Shy: D lol
(2 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:32 PM (8 minutes ago)
bazill13 liked the cam show of mdwcpl
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:32 PM (8 minutes ago)
You can't buy love !!!
Me ? Never. Ha. Tut tut tut
(4 minutes ago)
You can at the truck stop
(4 minutes ago)
Pleasure. Not love
(2 minutes ago)
You can't hurry it, either. You just gotta wait.
(1 minute ago)
Sometimes you can rent it.
(0 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:29 PM (11 minutes ago)
The sexy Bigm2 just sent me a cheeky premium! How to celebrate?
He's a bastard! I mean....
(9 minutes ago)
Well, he is bastard....but a very nice bastard.
(8 minutes ago)
The Singing Bastard. There you go, bigm. Your new moniker; ) ^5, sexy. xxx
(6 minutes ago)
(6 minutes ago)
Post a vid to CELEBRATE!!!! We would all celebrate that!!!
(6 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:29 PM (11 minutes ago)
boring halloween, might aswell make it better by stroking my cock
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:27 PM (13 minutes ago)
heydidyagrabmyass liked the cam show of mdwcpl
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:23 PM (16 minutes ago)
not enough touch seems to goto bed , love
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:21 PM (18 minutes ago)
FleshMonster liked the cam show of mdwcpl
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:19 PM (21 minutes ago)
dodger liked the cam show of mdwcpl
Dodge, I never knew you had a chest: p xxx
(15 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:17 PM (23 minutes ago)
Long day, may just stay in tonight for a private party with Hubby.
lynskey likes this
Stodgy Bankers and other CPA's all day, I need some wine and a rub down!
(8 minutes ago)
Hi lynskey, nice to meet you! (From Ms Silver)
(7 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:15 PM (24 minutes ago)
Really horny tonight and want to fuck a new pussy.
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:15 PM (25 minutes ago)
Where are all the freaky Oklahoma women at this Halloween night?
I would like to hear Mark's answer, cowboy.
(14 minutes ago)
Me too cuz I might head in that direction!!!
(13 minutes ago)
Everyone knows what my answer is gonna be, BLT.
(7 minutes ago)
Oh, do they, now? : D
(6 minutes ago)
Well I ain't never been a liar So I'll admit I haven't the slightest
(2 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:14 PM (26 minutes ago)
Hi NN'ers
Hi shy u been hiding x
(5 minutes ago)
in your bushes outside your house
(5 minutes ago)
Nah, I'm not surprised either; ) lol
(5 minutes ago)
I have a whole bowl of treats, Busty; )
(4 minutes ago)
So that was u if I new that I would of left my clothes off
(0 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:13 PM (26 minutes ago)
The wifes away but I still want to play
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:12 PM (28 minutes ago)
for halloween im going as a piece of bread..cuz after my workout today im toast
MarkandLacey likes this
You are not allowed to repeat bad jokes, moosie; ) It's against Rule 36b paragraph 2.
(9 minutes ago)
jerry rice a roni the san francisco treat
(5 minutes ago)
That's 2 spankings you're not getting: p
(4 minutes ago)
the beatings will continue until the jokes imrove
(0 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:11 PM (28 minutes ago)
Wifey out getting fucked again
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:08 PM (32 minutes ago)
my house got egged. .sons of bitches! !!
My neighbor got egged last weekend
(28 minutes ago)
bacun dont fly that well?
(27 minutes ago)
Best hand out them reese's peanut butter cups next year!
(25 minutes ago)
I did and kitkats Hershey's..whoppers. .
(13 minutes ago)
I give out eggs: p
(10 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:07 PM (32 minutes ago)
Photographer available NW uk, please pm me
Fri, 31-Oct-14 11:01 PM (38 minutes ago)
thx for all pm sorry cant reply all love u all guys
Fri, 31-Oct-14 10:58 PM (41 minutes ago)
*Blows kisses around status* goodnight
what about Mr left?
(33 minutes ago)
Goodnight Sexy Seb xox
(27 minutes ago)
lol, thats why she is looking for Mr Right,doc
(24 minutes ago)
Night honey xx
(24 minutes ago)
Caught one! Good night love. (from Ms silver)
(21 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 10:51 PM (48 minutes ago)
(25 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 10:44 PM (56 minutes ago)
Lol at least candy is cheaper!
Fri, 31-Oct-14 10:44 PM (56 minutes ago)
<<<< officially has the hawtest voice greeting on the planet
Showy_Showy likes this
That's just funny!
(53 minutes ago)
(46 minutes ago)
is that right?
(46 minutes ago)
made me laugh....damn enter button
(45 minutes ago)
(44 minutes ago)
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