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Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:48 AM (3 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:47 AM (4 minutes ago)
Sleep is like sex....I don't get either one as much as I want!
I hear you
(4 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:46 AM (6 minutes ago)
I can't seem to get chat to work on my phone that really sucks and not in a good way dammit.
Damn those phones...glad I don't have one
(2 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:45 AM (7 minutes ago)
Why is it I'm always horny when hungover but the gf isn't she told me to just look at pussy on here instead haha
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:43 AM (9 minutes ago)
Good luck sir...
(8 minutes ago)
catch a few big ones for me too
(5 minutes ago)
GONE? But here you are...unless
(4 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:42 AM (10 minutes ago)
Met some lovely friends lately, you know who you are. hope to meet more friends on here .
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Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:41 AM (10 minutes ago)
out for a nude weekend...................
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(7 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:39 AM (13 minutes ago)
It's early in the morning i am up before the sun, came into status loojing for some fun. So drop me a pm or write a comment so I know this actually worked or not.
Howdy my dear...good to see you here again ...been missing you ...hugs
(12 minutes ago)
aww ty voyeur thats so sweet of you I been missing you too.
(10 minutes ago)
(10 minutes ago)
(8 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:38 AM (13 minutes ago)
it's my birfday! gonna get blowed!!
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now that's a happy birthday
(12 minutes ago)
Happy Birthday
(9 minutes ago)
Happy birthday!!! Getting blown is the norm living in chicago isn't it?
(4 minutes ago)
may i?
(0 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:37 AM (15 minutes ago)
Anyone online from nz? Pm me x
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Anyone from Frolix 8? Pm me x
(7 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:36 AM (16 minutes ago)
Hard again and going for the fourth wank of the day
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very soon u gonna be sore and wont wank for atleast two days
(13 minutes ago)
and like carty before you, you will leave NN
(5 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:34 AM (18 minutes ago)
allergies suck, btw hi
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Agreed. Hello
(17 minutes ago)
Howdy my dear... hope it ain't me....hugs and a kotc
(17 minutes ago)
hi gotta an hugs voy hi
(15 minutes ago)
they sure do
(9 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:32 AM (19 minutes ago)
people been telling me not to go for anal sex...but i really wanna try it atleast once.
rhinostool likes this
Ouch is right Gotta!!! We were renting a trailer at the time. The landlord lived about 25 yards away. He came over wondering if everything was ok cause he heard her scream. LOL.....
(5 minutes ago)
i am not gonna fuck like a crazy.....i wanna know how it feels.
(4 minutes ago)
Well cute....IF you get it in there, after a few strokes, she will love it. YOU will just love it, no matter how much you get in there (so I'm told by him). Slowwww and easy is the key (and lube)
(3 minutes ago)
and ilp...that ALMOST happened to me once, but my cat-like reflexes made me squirm out of the danger zone just in time.
(2 minutes ago)
Girls that like it in the butt are the best :O
(0 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:32 AM (20 minutes ago)
Anyone wanna special dress-up / pose request?
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Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:29 AM (22 minutes ago)
I ain't gonna do it.
rhinostool likes this
Thought you meant cams
(9 minutes ago)
Oh geez. lol That can't happen today...too many minions about. Sorry neighbor.
(7 minutes ago)
Understood neighbor..will take a rain check...this is the dry season though
(6 minutes ago)
I'll try to make it worth the wait.
(2 minutes ago)
You always do my dear....have a good day neighbor...big hugs
(0 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:22 AM (29 minutes ago)
sure would like someone to play with
rhinostool likes this
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:21 AM (31 minutes ago)
It's warm, sticky, gooey and I'm having it for breakfast.........Yup, I'm having a cinamon bun. Mmmmmm........I know what you pervs were thinking. Mornin everybody.
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Howdy..was thinking ...bagel
(30 minutes ago)
check out Louis CK's bit about Cinnabons...
(29 minutes ago)
LOL...sure ya were.
(29 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:20 AM (32 minutes ago)
Have a nice day enjoy xxxx
rhinostool likes this
you too, adios
(28 minutes ago)
Thx jubbley
(20 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:11 AM (40 minutes ago)
any aussie girls out there for a chat
rhinostool likes this
our where?
(32 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:07 AM (45 minutes ago)
Any horny girls want to skype?
by definition, no
(32 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:05 AM (46 minutes ago)
Chriscum77 and rhinostool like this
only one I hope
(46 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:02 AM (49 minutes ago)
Going for lunch. Will be back later. Have fun everyone.
rhinostool likes this
back later? how can you be sure you won't be hit by a bus?
(33 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 11:01 AM (50 minutes ago)
i just had sex!! with the lights on! naked!!! best 9 seconds ever!
this I gotta hear fantasm
(8 minutes ago)
hitting the cervix; most unfomortable for the female!
(2 minutes ago)
(1 minute ago)
Not big enough you're safe
(1 minute ago)
uncomfortable??does it hurt?
(0 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 10:57 AM (54 minutes ago)
time for a perve.
nothing is forum these days
(19 minutes ago)
An accent might make it too much like puree?
(18 minutes ago)
hadn't considered that, but you're probably right
(17 minutes ago)
like Target or Targee
(14 minutes ago)
either way, they were hacked because like so many others, they lied about their security precautions
(6 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Oct-14 10:55 AM (56 minutes ago)
fucking my horny 65 yr old neighbour
rhinostool likes this
yay! turn!!
(55 minutes ago) pics I hope
(55 minutes ago)
Ain't happening till we see the pics
(54 minutes ago)
i would prefer someone from 20-50yr
(40 minutes ago)
Oh yeah... Hope you have pics....
(16 minutes ago)
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