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Wed, 28-Sep-16 1:34 AM (10 minutes ago)
artay liked the cam show of sexyover50
Wed, 28-Sep-16 1:13 AM (30 minutes ago)
Happy Naked TIme, good people!
Mr. Hyde likes this
Wed, 28-Sep-16 1:00 AM (44 minutes ago)
I don't know who you think you are, But before the night is through, I wanna do bad things with you, I wanna do real bad things with you
get jiggy with it! ;p
(41 minutes ago)
Haha I hope you realise what tv show this sound track is on
(39 minutes ago)
I know it's a song but not familiar with the tv show
(35 minutes ago)
What I would give for an offer like that...
(17 minutes ago)
Ready,steady here I cum....do me bad honey
(0 minutes ago)
Wed, 28-Sep-16 12:52 AM (51 minutes ago)
Who will leave loads of cum in my wife's pussy for me to eat?
I will
(50 minutes ago)
Wed, 28-Sep-16 12:52 AM (52 minutes ago)
16 days of humanities class left....please keep mr from going ballistic on those who live in muther's basement.
but to sone of them there us no reality to draw from. I can onky be so diplomatic before it becomes condescending
(29 minutes ago)
friggin small key pad on the phone. you know what I meant.
(28 minutes ago)
hence theory verse reality....just say...until they get out there and expeience the world around them they don't know shit...ok don't say that...I do understand what you're trying to say but thena ag
(26 minutes ago)
again...I have the experience but I also have a nephew that just graduated college and thinks he knows everything.
(24 minutes ago)
12gaugefan likes this
idealism verse experience...blah blah blah...
(22 minutes ago)
Wed, 28-Sep-16 12:43 AM (1 hour ago)
If you live in Canada, Alaska (like I) or other Arctic areas the Aurora is going to be hot tonight.
BlindMelon likes this
Thanks for the tip, hope the leftcoast stays clear enough for the wife and I to watch from the sundeck
(56 minutes ago)
Aurora... the Norwegian singer-songwriter?
(55 minutes ago)
At least you are in our PNW region, Alaska counts I guess
(50 minutes ago)
Can you see Russia, Sarah?
(46 minutes ago)
Saw some nice colors this past weekend in Eastmain, Quebec
(45 minutes ago)
Wed, 28-Sep-16 12:37 AM (1 hour ago)
fuzzy08 liked the cam show of sexyover50
Wed, 28-Sep-16 12:32 AM (1 hour ago)
Im not sure if I like my women like I like my coffee or my peanut butter...hot sweet & creamy, or smooth, creamy & easy to spread
MrsFX likes this
Wed, 28-Sep-16 12:30 AM (1 hour ago)
I had some thoguhts while "subtly" admiring a gorgeous woman at my gym. Which is your favorite (below):
1) her legs are so defined Webster cited them 2) she's so sculpted, the de Medici have a stake in them 3) she's so toned, Mozart composed her, or 4) her legs are like jam, I'd like to spread them.
(1 hour ago)
I think they're all great! Hehe.
(1 hour ago)
dick.hardagain likes this
My move is approaching them.... Something tickles my nose.... It makes me sneeze.... The sneeze makes me fart.... I ask if she comes here often.... 3 percent of the time it works every time
(1 hour ago)
dick.hardagain likes this
Personally, I like #4, but your could always ask her, "Didn't your face launch a thousand ships?" Never worked for me, they told me, "Yes, now shove off!"
(15 minutes ago)
dick.hardagain likes this
Wed, 28-Sep-16 12:14 AM (1 hour ago)
Wed, 28-Sep-16 12:07 AM (1 hour ago)
Been a long fucking day...
powermanp3 likes this
Noe that sounds like a good way to unwind!
(1 hour ago)
MrsFX likes this
I'm now enjoying MrsFX - thank you
(1 hour ago)
MrsFX likes this
Have fuNN
(1 hour ago)
Bronxcatboy likes this
Very NNice
(1 hour ago)
Aye Capt'n, that it has...
(12 minutes ago)
Tue, 27-Sep-16 11:58 PM (1 hour ago)
justbige liked the cam show of sexyover50
Tue, 27-Sep-16 11:56 PM (1 hour ago)
Where is Woody to watch this super blow out of a hockey game!
^^^^^You're Welcome!
(1 hour ago)
^^^^ That's some good sex talk
(1 hour ago)
Knockout_curves likes this
Lenny beat me....
(1 hour ago)
lennyknatural likes this
You watchin' the same game I am?? I got 1-0 game
(1 hour ago)
Knockout_curves likes this
Soon Pony... Soon
(1 hour ago)
amancalledpony likes this
Tue, 27-Sep-16 11:55 PM (1 hour ago)
See you in the morning
Tue, 27-Sep-16 11:53 PM (1 hour ago)
Seether - FMLYHM, Broken, Fake It
Tue, 27-Sep-16 11:50 PM (1 hour ago)
what the fuck montreal, even more reason i will never visit that city
That's terrible.
(1 hour ago)
thats total bs....ive owned several of the bull breeds...sweetest dogs ever...its not the bull breeds that need banned...its the idiot jackoffs that get them and train or abuse them...morons....
(1 hour ago)
lennyknatural likes this
its bs that theyre banning them...not that you think theyre mean btw...
(1 hour ago)
i dont think any dog is mean, its the way the owner treats the dogs that makes them how they are
(1 hour ago)
i was letting shy know i wasnt saying what he said was bs...and i agree kid...except for chihuahuas...theyre evil lil anklebiters lol
(1 hour ago)
Shyguy1976 and kimberly_1229 like this
Tue, 27-Sep-16 11:37 PM (2 hours ago)
Hi guys
Hi honey...
(2 hours ago)
hey baby
(1 hour ago)
do you~guys C2C???
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 27-Sep-16 11:19 PM (2 hours ago)
In the meantime while I am waiting I shall go and cook some dinner, I do believe it is gonna be a BBQ'd Pork tenderloin stir fry. BBL .... I promise x
bustafat1 and kimberly_1229 like this
Tue, 27-Sep-16 11:05 PM (2 hours ago)
I am missing something.......
bustafat1 likes this
Hihi Elle xx
(2 hours ago)
Ellefoxie likes this
oh well, best ya get onto that one and fix it
(2 hours ago)
MrsFX hello luvvy xox
(2 hours ago)
MrsFX likes this
flitt - if I just stood on the corner and swing me handbag do ya think I could fix it? lol
(2 hours ago)
flitterbee likes this
you could try lol
(2 hours ago)
Ellefoxie likes this
Tue, 27-Sep-16 10:57 PM (2 hours ago)
Nothing on TV and house clean can only mean one thing.... NN time! Let's get chocolate wasted!!!
They can be costly. Got to take care of the things that take care of me
(2 hours ago)
mirekk and Knockout_curves like this
True that ladies,we all love glass....I love my with red wine in it.
(2 hours ago)
Knockout_curves and MrsFX like this
talking about "shy"
(1 hour ago)
Knockout_curves likes this
Bhaha that might have been in my bum yesterday
(1 hour ago)
Shyguy1976 and mirekk like this
woohoo!! I wish I was
(1 hour ago)
Knockout_curves likes this
Tue, 27-Sep-16 10:49 PM (2 hours ago)
I can't wait for some doggy style pussy
MrsFX likes this
Tue, 27-Sep-16 10:44 PM (3 hours ago)
Mrsjd new pics, smoking!
MrsFX likes this
Thanks hun X
(2 hours ago)
You're welcome, sexy is what you're x
(2 hours ago)
Tue, 27-Sep-16 10:42 PM (3 hours ago)
I love giving blow jobs ..... Mmmm X
MrGnome1 and Mrsjd like this
you could give me a blow job anytime come and show off cam to cam xxx
(2 hours ago)
Tue, 27-Sep-16 10:38 PM (3 hours ago)
Sites so much better with premium, can't believe i waited 7 years
mr.expo likes this
I only waited 11
(3 hours ago)
Tue, 27-Sep-16 10:35 PM (3 hours ago)
Need to find something to do today instead of playing with myself all day
mirekk and MrGnome1 like this
Don't stop honey,keep tweeting that pleasure button,keep probing that moist kitty....it is good for you.
(3 hours ago)
well would love to join you as you play with yourself do you cam to cam xxx
(3 hours ago)
And Hi from opposite side of Aussieland...are you ready for the rain?
(3 hours ago)
Wish I was there to help!
(1 hour ago)
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