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Sat, 26-Jul-14 7:13 PM (0 minutes ago)
Mother nature has interfered with my beachin' once again. Grrrr
Sat, 26-Jul-14 7:13 PM (1 minute ago)
Last night was a good party. It's always good to go to sleep when you should actually be waking up.
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Sat, 26-Jul-14 7:11 PM (2 minutes ago)
i want that nurse
Sat, 26-Jul-14 7:11 PM (3 minutes ago)
Just another hungover Saturday
was it that good
(1 minute ago)
Sat, 26-Jul-14 7:10 PM (3 minutes ago)
Sat, 26-Jul-14 7:07 PM (6 minutes ago)
Nobody would change places with me kid.
(4 minutes ago)
Has someone been watching Futurama?
(1 minute ago)
So you'll finish scraping the paint off these windows?
(1 minute ago)
Sat, 26-Jul-14 7:05 PM (8 minutes ago)
On the perv
Sat, 26-Jul-14 7:05 PM (9 minutes ago)
Perved on?
Hi JoJOy !
(7 minutes ago)
Hiya hows u
(2 minutes ago)
Sat, 26-Jul-14 7:04 PM (9 minutes ago)
Sat, 26-Jul-14 7:04 PM (10 minutes ago)
do i look better in glasses or contacts?
Sat, 26-Jul-14 7:03 PM (10 minutes ago)
I've been serving NN at work for the last couple hours.I can't wait to get home.
perving. Damn auto correct.
(8 minutes ago)
Sat, 26-Jul-14 7:02 PM (11 minutes ago)
Bored and cold...
Sat, 26-Jul-14 6:57 PM (16 minutes ago)
Cum and "Ride me"....
Sat, 26-Jul-14 6:56 PM (17 minutes ago)
Hello sexies! I want to buy a new strap-on so Jack and I can DP our new plaything. Any recommendations on the best one for fucking a tight little slut? -Sally
i have an idea, its kinda an odd one but buy a clone a willy kit, so when you are fucking her its like jack is as well
(7 minutes ago)
Sat, 26-Jul-14 6:41 PM (33 minutes ago)
Would you like to "Lick my Lollipop"??
Sat, 26-Jul-14 6:38 PM (35 minutes ago)
I'm off. Only came on to post pics. Catch ya's later nudes
Sat, 26-Jul-14 6:25 PM (48 minutes ago)
getting some beer, see you later
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see ya... enjoy!
(44 minutes ago)
Sat, 26-Jul-14 6:25 PM (48 minutes ago)
Fed up of being ignored!
If i were you I'd make up a sandwich board and pace back and forth in front of city hall
(39 minutes ago)
But feel free to ignore my advice if you like
(38 minutes ago)
^5 Iron, and what should said sandwich board say? Lol
(38 minutes ago)
Mine would say '57 male, don't give a feck what anyone thinks, feel free to say hello' : )
(37 minutes ago)
Mine would say '54 male, spayed, shots up to date, generally house broke'
(31 minutes ago)
Sat, 26-Jul-14 6:21 PM (53 minutes ago)
lookin for fun during the day!
Sat, 26-Jul-14 6:20 PM (53 minutes ago)
I've uploaded some new pics
Nice pics mate. How big are you? What do you think of mine?
(48 minutes ago)
Nice one dude. Dunno how big I am, I've never measured. Soz I don't look at guys
(43 minutes ago)
Sat, 26-Jul-14 6:18 PM (55 minutes ago)
+quote+ actually ducks dont like mud , they are just like women
Interesting! Didn't know there was any conception of ducks or women liking mud hmmmmmm
(54 minutes ago)
(51 minutes ago)
Sat, 26-Jul-14 6:15 PM (58 minutes ago)
What do you guys think of my latest Fuck pics?
Sat, 26-Jul-14 6:13 PM (1 hour ago)
Two hours of flying, then luggage collection & head home... Can't wait!
Sat, 26-Jul-14 6:13 PM (1 hour ago)
Byeeeeee * disappears in a cloud of Pledge*
(1 hour ago)
Hello and bye x
(57 minutes ago)
Sat, 26-Jul-14 6:11 PM (1 hour ago)
Almost at 700 views, thanks ya perves
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we neeed ya
(1 hour ago)
Like a hole in the head?
(1 hour ago)
Well done, sir.
(59 minutes ago)
Not bad when I only had 100 about two months ago
(56 minutes ago)
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