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Mon, 28-Jul-14 4:24 PM (0 minutes ago)
Morning all. very rare that im not really in the fucking mood for anything, yet im still on here with all u sexies!
Mon, 28-Jul-14 4:20 PM (4 minutes ago)
I will gift a premium membership to the woman who sends me the sexiest PM! Still running the contest!
Mon, 28-Jul-14 4:18 PM (6 minutes ago)
Good morning you sexy people
Good morning Scuba
(5 minutes ago)
Hi mrsud! How's it going?
(4 minutes ago)
It is one of those slow moving Mondays
(2 minutes ago)
Mon, 28-Jul-14 4:10 PM (15 minutes ago)
So, how do I best squeeze every last perk out of our 6 months of premium then? - Mr H
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:56 PM (28 minutes ago)
Any Volunteers To Lick Me All Over ?
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:55 PM (29 minutes ago)
What the fuck is up with this cold weather? Hello it's summer and I'd like it to be in the mid 80's please. Thanks from southwest Ohio!
Good for places like Kings Island though! Usually the outdoor activities are brutal about now. Looking at the bright side.....
(23 minutes ago)
Yeah well what's "HOT" to you haha in the UK
(23 minutes ago)
I'd like it to be between 29-33 Celsius here!
(20 minutes ago)
come to west Kentucky it was 95 Sat and 98 yester day, in the 90's all last week
(7 minutes ago)
Hello SammyGene
(5 minutes ago)
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:54 PM (30 minutes ago)
undisclosedid1 has an amazing singing voice you should all have a listen!
MarkandLacey and steelrat60 like this
My second favorite activity is when he sings to me
(25 minutes ago)
yes he really does
(23 minutes ago)
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:49 PM (35 minutes ago)
mmmmorning NN
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:49 PM (36 minutes ago)
Where is my tribute and ratings .... Cum on guys please
Wheres my ratings?
(35 minutes ago)
still waiting for u to send u have my addy
(34 minutes ago)
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:48 PM (37 minutes ago)
If you're a woman and have pics in your profile, chances are I've seen you naked
Omg..*blushing*...mwah mwah xxx
(27 minutes ago)
Great pics Sammy
(26 minutes ago)
Bored74 I can firmly say I've viewed you more than once
(26 minutes ago)
*scarlet blushing now*...mwah xxx
(19 minutes ago)
Me? not total naked lolz
(13 minutes ago)
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:38 PM (46 minutes ago)
Good morning newbies just thought I would let you know undie added a voice greeting to his profile and I love it
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Trying to convince myself to get up and get some work done
(41 minutes ago)
We are on the same page lol
(40 minutes ago)
Is that undie singing? that is amazing
(34 minutes ago)
(32 minutes ago)
Wow thats so good!
(31 minutes ago)
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:36 PM (49 minutes ago)
It all goes dead on ere when I come online, I'm sure you're all trying to tell me somethin
Its the summer time everyones on vaycay
(45 minutes ago)
Well they shouldn't be
(44 minutes ago)
Im not hahah
(43 minutes ago)
Hello Thick
(43 minutes ago)
Hiya Mrs You'll just have to do then Chuck
(41 minutes ago)
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:35 PM (49 minutes ago)
to stroke or not to stroke . that is the question.
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:25 PM (1 hour ago)
- Officially got the nude selfie bug again. Got a few more pics to upload....
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:18 PM (1 hour ago)
Today's musical selection: The Who. - Mr H
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:17 PM (1 hour ago)
horny for U
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:12 PM (1 hour ago)
Hello all my NN friends have a great Monday xo
You too rikki xx
(1 hour ago)
Hi rikki )
(1 hour ago)
Good morning rikki
(43 minutes ago)
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:11 PM (1 hour ago)
Thinking about going on cam, should i
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:11 PM (1 hour ago)
Any volunteers to suck my cock?
Mon, 28-Jul-14 3:04 PM (1 hour ago)
Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.
Obviously you've never tasted chocolate .....
(1 hour ago)
esp. a choccy magnum...
(1 hour ago)
Mon, 28-Jul-14 2:56 PM (1 hour ago)
Mon, 28-Jul-14 2:50 PM (1 hour ago)
Good morning everyone xoxo
Hey ga
(1 hour ago)
hey chuck how are u
(1 hour ago)
not awake yet how about you lol
(1 hour ago)
lucky you, doing great
(1 hour ago)
Mon, 28-Jul-14 2:48 PM (1 hour ago)
perfect blowy
Mon, 28-Jul-14 2:33 PM (1 hour ago)
Good morning to all
MarkandLacey likes this
Morning Mark.
(1 hour ago)
Morning to you to mark
(1 hour ago)
ello you xxx
(1 hour ago)
How are you lynskey
(1 hour ago)
fine hun and you?
(1 hour ago)
Mon, 28-Jul-14 2:29 PM (1 hour ago)
Ok we have gone 8 straight hours today without a single premium sale - so I need to catch up. Who want's a super premium offer - PM me if you do
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Paypal not allowed for people outside Europe - that is a PayPal policy - don't ask me why... They say eventually it will come..
(7 minutes ago)
morning mrsUnderDog
(7 minutes ago)
Ok, My Bank want do over seas either with out a bunch of red tape as in where, adress, name and such. I may have to give up and go down there and do the process.
(5 minutes ago)
green dot pre paid card
(4 minutes ago)
Oh, I been promoting your other non nude site , I wrote you a piece in my last blogtoo
(4 minutes ago)
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