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Thu, 23-Oct-14 12:19 PM (4 minutes ago)
nava45 liked the cam show of masterstoy91
Thu, 23-Oct-14 12:17 PM (6 minutes ago)
how is everyone? been away for awhile xx
stealth69 likes this
ello you xxx
(5 minutes ago)
hey babe xxx
(4 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 12:16 PM (6 minutes ago)
parrothead5874 liked the cam show of masterstoy91
Thu, 23-Oct-14 12:16 PM (7 minutes ago)
The fact that someone was thinking of me in Nottingham last night at a concert has totally made my day. I love this internet thing.
It really is. Funny how often we think of our "internet friends" that we've never met (yet).
(4 minutes ago)
iomg i could go on about this for hrs lol, it only takes one sincere comment to change a persons day, you have obviously done that
(2 minutes ago)
I am with you, nauty. If I were super-duper rich, I have about 100 internet friends I'd like to meet (via travel on my private jet).
(1 minute ago)
i have met so many nners now, and 3 of them i hold so close to my heart and can honestly say lifelong friends, i have travelled to the US and Canada to see them, once a yr for a few yrs now!
(0 minutes ago)
ppl think of you all the time sweetheart
(0 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 12:15 PM (8 minutes ago)
iamjackinit liked the cam show of masterstoy91
Thu, 23-Oct-14 12:15 PM (8 minutes ago)
nauty liked the cam show of masterstoy91
Thu, 23-Oct-14 12:15 PM (8 minutes ago)
wifeisabel liked the cam show of masterstoy91
Thu, 23-Oct-14 12:14 PM (9 minutes ago)
thomas1988 liked the cam show of masterstoy91
Thu, 23-Oct-14 12:10 PM (13 minutes ago)
Dear ladies of Nn, Thank You... that is all xo
Thu, 23-Oct-14 12:09 PM (14 minutes ago)
Back after a long break,hi everyone
welocme back
(10 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 12:06 PM (17 minutes ago)
and so the show begins...
(16 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 12:05 PM (18 minutes ago)
good morning to all my sexy nn friends how are you?
thank you red for asking that is very sweet of you
(13 minutes ago)
I am glad to hear that. Please give hubby a hug for me
(11 minutes ago)
Morning sb.
(4 minutes ago)
afternoon SB xxx
(3 minutes ago)
Good morning, everyone. So far, so good here.....but I'm not even done with my first cup of coffee, so who knows?
(2 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 12:03 PM (20 minutes ago)
Off to fight some more sabre toothed tigers....have a good Friday everyone
Thu, 23-Oct-14 12:03 PM (20 minutes ago)
Afternoon ladies and gents! Any funky dancing going on in the house?
Morning here ross ,its coffee time have a great day
(17 minutes ago)
Afternoon kimberly xx just grappling with some lunch
(16 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 11:58 AM (25 minutes ago)
i could cut diamonds this morning.
GottaBeMe likes this
lol, me too!
(23 minutes ago)
good morning sexy... gotta
(11 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 11:57 AM (26 minutes ago)
trying to find background music
(25 minutes ago)
marvin G? genuine? haha
(21 minutes ago)
Aaron Copland (early 20th century composer)
(12 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 11:53 AM (29 minutes ago)
"What do you want? What DO you want?! What do you WANT?!?" - Noah. Yes it's never that easy.
i want peace for all mankind ..... and
(28 minutes ago)
hiya miss how you doing xoxo
(19 minutes ago)
I second that, showy
(10 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 11:53 AM (30 minutes ago)
Happy Showyversary Newbienudians check out my Shiny Red Badge ..... special party pic uploaded too .... * showyhugs for all *
thanks gottabe xxxxxx , and nauty .... its bear wrestling red
(10 minutes ago)
thank you red xxxxxxx
(8 minutes ago)
its pink
(7 minutes ago)
Hey, look at you! Congrats, one year old. xo
(2 minutes ago)
love ya showy darling,you are as nutty as a fruit cake
(0 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 11:48 AM (35 minutes ago)
a friend gave me a kitten last month... we had to have her put down.... the kitten is doing well though ..
nice one Toy
(28 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 11:47 AM (35 minutes ago)
My thoughts are with someone very special right now. Hugs and kisses to you {{{hugs}}}
Thu, 23-Oct-14 11:45 AM (37 minutes ago)
Off to make the donuts. ;( (shower first.) Have a good one!
Later boobz! I will take a cake donut please
(34 minutes ago)
You got it red!
(7 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 11:45 AM (38 minutes ago)
on in about 5 minutes
Thu, 23-Oct-14 11:45 AM (38 minutes ago)
chuffed to bits with all the nice and hot comments on my latest boobs pic and there was me thinking they didn't look hot enough anymore
bOObzman, redvs4u and stealth69 like this
awww thank you nauty, your's look hot too
(32 minutes ago)
I'll admit I've been a repeat visitor
(28 minutes ago)
Hi NS and wow great boobs yum
(25 minutes ago)
well i hope to see tributes over my pics more but sadly not many
(24 minutes ago)
hot enough anymore? i scoff at that you stunning beauty
(23 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 11:45 AM (38 minutes ago)
this is the poweeeerrrr of looovvveeee
Thu, 23-Oct-14 11:43 AM (40 minutes ago)
Bye all....back later....Hugs for all the ladies
cya sweetpea
(39 minutes ago)
later voy
(39 minutes ago)
Cya later mate have a good one
(37 minutes ago)
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