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Thu, 24-Apr-14 5:38 AM (10 minutes ago)
Wow....My girl woke me up this night and startet to ride on my cock.... awesome, love her
CuriousStud and StringofPearls like this
lucky guy
(8 minutes ago)
ok for some
(7 minutes ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 5:37 AM (11 minutes ago)
Being busy is good. Feeling good is great for the soul. The soul has it's limits. My limits have been reached. Good night...xoxox
Over did it again, did we? : P Sweet dreams, sis. xxx
(9 minutes ago)
(7 minutes ago)
Muah to you both. And yes, I did.
(4 minutes ago)
Nite,nite our beloved blog Queen
(0 minutes ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 5:36 AM (11 minutes ago)
Have you ever had unexpected guest that won't leave
yes the wife
(11 minutes ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 5:32 AM (15 minutes ago)
good morning
hows you hun
(12 minutes ago)
ok tired should go to sleep
(11 minutes ago)
just getting ready for work
(10 minutes ago)
wish it was friday
(10 minutes ago)
ya soon
(10 minutes ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 5:32 AM (16 minutes ago)
I need some real ONLINE fun...
Thu, 24-Apr-14 5:29 AM (19 minutes ago)
I'm starving... could really go for a cheeseburger right now!
Thu, 24-Apr-14 5:28 AM (20 minutes ago)
morning NN
(16 minutes ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 5:22 AM (26 minutes ago)
More than words....can't that that song out of my head. Evening/morning, peeps. xxx
mickk1968 likes this
That is my favorite song, mick: ) xx Love the song, Norse. I'm good, thanks. How are you? xx
(18 minutes ago)
I'm assuming you're talking about Extreme...
(15 minutes ago)
Yes, Cdarm. Such a great song!
(10 minutes ago)
Not bad working. So could be better or, now that I think of it could be way worse ha
(5 minutes ago)
Evenin pretty lady xxx
(3 minutes ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 5:19 AM (29 minutes ago)
again it is HH time --> Hard and Horny i need a horny girl
Thu, 24-Apr-14 5:16 AM (32 minutes ago)
What has 100 balls and screws old ladies?
That's a good guess kiwi
(27 minutes ago)
never heard this one, so dont know answer
(27 minutes ago)
but bingo has 75 balls
(26 minutes ago)
A minor detail, 12; ) lol
(23 minutes ago)
Lol!!! Awesome!!
(19 minutes ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 5:10 AM (38 minutes ago)
anyone for private exchange?! PM me if my profile looks interesting for you...
Thu, 24-Apr-14 5:04 AM (44 minutes ago)
guys comment on my pics. let me know which one to remove.
dont remove any they all are sexy
(42 minutes ago)
Why do you have to remove one?
(41 minutes ago)
dont remove any. all are so hot
(41 minutes ago)
Love your hairy pussy pics
(26 minutes ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 5:03 AM (45 minutes ago)
years of browsing, first week of actually uploading pictures and commenting, already enjoying the hell out of this!
Thu, 24-Apr-14 4:58 AM (50 minutes ago)
Looks like I'm just gonna stay home and do nothing ...
Thu, 24-Apr-14 4:55 AM (53 minutes ago)
Whoohoo, got my own seat on the greyhound! It's the little things
KiwiPic, 12gaugefan and TexasCactus like this
Space! For now! Fill it up quick And hopefully your left in peace Safe travels
(37 minutes ago)
hahah that lady is me, Cdarm . thanks Kiwi!!
(34 minutes ago)
sits next to jedi to talk to her about her pussy
(33 minutes ago)
I think I sat by you before lol!
(33 minutes ago)
Hi, Brook: ) So you're finally coming to visit me? xxx
(19 minutes ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 4:44 AM (1 hour ago)
Any guys in the Charlotte Area? Tom Tom
Thu, 24-Apr-14 4:41 AM (1 hour ago)
Just sitting here enjoying the pictures with a butt plug tucked comfortably where it belongs.
(1 hour ago)
I once thought something similar but tried it for the fun of it.
(52 minutes ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 4:39 AM (1 hour ago)
It's drinky time me thinky
Thu, 24-Apr-14 4:29 AM (1 hour ago)
any ladies want to chat with a deployed soldier
pm me pls
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 4:27 AM (1 hour ago)
Good evening to all the sexy NN ladies.
Thu, 24-Apr-14 4:26 AM (1 hour ago)
Goodnight Sexy NNers......Taking ElleFoxie To Bed.....Have FuNN....
Bet you'll have more fun!
(1 hour ago)
Night Rock
(1 hour ago)
lucky bastard...I hope your neck cricks!
(1 hour ago)
K E ...... Night Lenny
(1 hour ago)
hoss...... Elle said that wasn't nice.
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 4:21 AM (1 hour ago)
Think I Should Be In Bed ...... Nighty Night xox .... Who's Coming? .......
rockhard_one3214 likes this
Sweet dreams elle
(1 hour ago)
Room for one more?
(1 hour ago)
Do you like a good back rub before sleep
(1 hour ago)
All Aboard lenny
(1 hour ago)
Swizzles & JG xox
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 4:11 AM (1 hour ago)
Lets have some "Fun".......MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............
Thu, 24-Apr-14 4:10 AM (1 hour ago)
Maybe I'm being pretentious but sometimes photos are ruined for me with a stupid or absent facial expression from a girl
I bet you do hoss
(1 hour ago)
I would rather have no expression than to see the irritating duck lips expression
(1 hour ago)
duckface selfies.... if only they knew how silly that looked
(1 hour ago)
same goes for the guys
(54 minutes ago)
*checks duck lips*
(49 minutes ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 4:09 AM (1 hour ago)
So... Alright I've got nothing clever to say. What's up, people?
Kind of boring and lonely, as always. What issue? Or have you already discussed it to the point of exhaustion and you don't want to talk about it anymore...?
(1 hour ago)
Oh I can't do a damn thing about being horny.
(1 hour ago)
Why not? Just keeps coming back?
(1 hour ago)
That toooo.
(1 hour ago)
I'm sorry to hear that. Wish there was something I could do! I mean, girls normally seem turned off when they're near me, so maybe take a couple steps closer and that'll work!
(1 hour ago)
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