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Mon, 6-Jul-15 3:37 PM (3 minutes ago)
It might take a Year, It might take a Day.... But, what's meant to be, will always find a Way
Mine took all of 3 days.
(1 minute ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 3:36 PM (4 minutes ago)
First person that tributes my pix gets laughed at. What a deal. Morning pervs!
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*Whips out the Elmer's Glue, paper and stunt penis.
(2 minutes ago)
Hey vt
(2 minutes ago)
Hey getting the Elmer's Glue ready like Mark?
(1 minute ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 3:27 PM (13 minutes ago)
Wedding Anniversary this week
Happy anniversary!
(7 minutes ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 3:26 PM (14 minutes ago)
Anyone on who wants to chat?
Mon, 6-Jul-15 3:25 PM (15 minutes ago)
Work has me just plain cranky. I honestly blame the lack of working out. Need to kick my own ass out of this rut!!
Thanks M&L
(11 minutes ago)
Welcome back, it is always nice seeing a pink, green and yellow shield at once
(7 minutes ago)
Exactly what Adam said, love it when people get verified right away and support the site.
(4 minutes ago)
Hmmm if only we could think of a workout to help you out of your rut.
(3 minutes ago)
Ohh, and the white button down shirt picture is lovely, Kit.
(3 minutes ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 3:18 PM (22 minutes ago)
First person to wank on my pic .. Gets a surprise x lads x
scorpion54 likes this
GunSmote, have you ever walked in the woods and heard trees weeping at the thought of becoming a tribute?
(7 minutes ago)
Just joking around Helen welcome to NN
(7 minutes ago)
Such hot photos, lol.....
(7 minutes ago)
lmao, Mark it is a sad fate for them
(6 minutes ago)
Yes, my apologies, Helen. I tend to goof a bit too much.
(1 minute ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 3:15 PM (25 minutes ago)
In Paris 8th-10th then onto Berlin.... Help a traveller out with a bed? Way of payment is your choice 😋
Mon, 6-Jul-15 3:12 PM (28 minutes ago)
Been sitting here for the past hour trying to find the porn to jerk to, any ladies care to help?
check out kirkj....
(27 minutes ago)
click on photos link, welcome to NN
(27 minutes ago)
Yes, welcome to NN....and check out kirkj, you'll thank me later.
(25 minutes ago)
Ahhhh, I see you're a Michigander. WOLVERINES!
(24 minutes ago)
Hello white xxoo...........welcome to NN......... ............hug and kotc
(19 minutes ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 3:10 PM (29 minutes ago)
Mornin' all
(20 minutes ago)
hi Mrs UD xox, mornin' 68LS
(19 minutes ago)
(19 minutes ago)
Hi Adam Kobc
(3 minutes ago)
Hi Artistic xx
(0 minutes ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 3:07 PM (33 minutes ago)
Enjoying a lazy Monday
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Lazy Mondays are the best Mondays.
(32 minutes ago)
Hello LS xxoo............. ............hug and kotc
(18 minutes ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 2:59 PM (41 minutes ago)
So hard right now any women like younger cock
Mon, 6-Jul-15 2:51 PM (49 minutes ago)
Thank you for all your lovely comments/message on little ol'me
Mon, 6-Jul-15 2:46 PM (54 minutes ago)
any mods about?
MarkandLacey likes this
You are always on the lookout, Lyn. : )
(32 minutes ago)
it was so bad it was nearly funny
(31 minutes ago)
Oh, like a photosho fake? I still think we need a Wall of Shame for them.
(26 minutes ago)
Hello lynskey xxoo.............. ............hug and kotc
(19 minutes ago)
ello Mrs U xxxx
(15 minutes ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 2:43 PM (56 minutes ago)
I remembered! I just wanted to say how much i enjoy sniffing & kissing all the naked bums! Ha! I remember now!
LuLusBakery likes this
okay, that's enough bum-kissing for now. get ready to go to gym.
(7 minutes ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 2:27 PM (1 hour ago)
Good afternoon hope all the american members had a great holiday weekend and 4th of July
Great weekend....capped off by a US Women's Soccer Team win, good times.
(1 hour ago)
Enjoyed the footie, especially the storming start (first 16 mins)
(57 minutes ago)
I don't watch much soccer, but even I know that was a insane start Jo. Damn exciting.
(40 minutes ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 2:26 PM (1 hour ago)
Monday morning boo, but had the best 4th weekend. Great fireworks, good friends, plenty to drink and good sex!
Mon, 6-Jul-15 2:13 PM (1 hour ago)
happy Monday all, here is to a day full NN perving
LuLusBakery likes this
Hello hard xxoo............. .............hug and kotc
(1 hour ago)
Personally, I think people who post naked pics on the internet are pervy.
(1 hour ago)
i feel the same way Mark, hey there MRS. UD
(1 hour ago)
All those pervy bastards should be ashamed of themself, LH. : ) Enjoy your day.
(1 hour ago)
Yes they just want every one to look at their cock & balls
(41 minutes ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 1:57 PM (1 hour ago)
is this real life?
jonze, MarkandLacey and Xlove412 like this
If hearts are involved you betcha.
(1 hour ago)
LuLu I was hoping it would go that direction haha
(1 hour ago)
Wayne's World made this song even more insanely popular.
(1 hour ago)
Partytime! Excellent!
(1 hour ago)
Hello Mike xxoo............ .............hugs and kotc
(1 hour ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 1:46 PM (1 hour ago)
loving sexy messages x!
Mon, 6-Jul-15 1:44 PM (1 hour ago)
Tedious stuff done. Shoes off. Cup of tea. Ham and tomato sarnie. Tennis. Happy days. Snoring inevitable within 30-45 minutes.
lynskey likes this
*raises suspicious eyebrow
(30 minutes ago)
like Roger Moore?
(29 minutes ago)
Like Taggart.
(28 minutes ago)
oooohhh thats serious then...
(28 minutes ago)
It's a sex sandwich. What do you expect
(25 minutes ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 1:41 PM (1 hour ago)
Alright Monday. I don't like you and you don't like me. Let's just get through this so I can go back to pretending you don't exist.
Hi, shot. Pretend it's another day.
(1 hour ago)
Actually, I really don't mind Mondays. I just couldn't think of anything else to write.
(1 hour ago)
Hello Tequila xxoo............... .............big hug and kotc
(1 hour ago)
Happy Monday mrsUnder! Hope you're doing well.
(15 minutes ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 1:32 PM (2 hours ago)
i forgot what i was going to say. damn! and it was really good too. just give me a moment...
A quick brain reboot, you'll be fine.
(1 hour ago)
Have you tried turning it off and back on again?
(1 hour ago)
maybe i will remember if i make some breakfast
(1 hour ago)
Hello Harry xxoo........... .............big hugs and kotc
(1 hour ago)
good morning, mrs. now i got naked breakfast happening.
(58 minutes ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 1:14 PM (2 hours ago)
I need a weekend to recover from the weekend! Mornin NN'ers
kdawg37, LuLusBakery and MissFifi like this
Took a road trip to visit a friend, great fun, but not enough sleep
(2 hours ago)
Howdy Lyns!
(2 hours ago)
Me too! How are you, iron?
(2 hours ago)
Good morning Iron xxoo........ ............big hugs and kotc
(2 hours ago)
Groggy but good Mya, morning Mrs!
(2 hours ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 1:07 PM (2 hours ago)
The only thing I know for sure about today is Coffee. Everything else is simply just WILD expectations.
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U Betcha lil Lady
(2 hours ago)
morning tex. i drink coffee only 2-3 times a week.
(2 hours ago)
Hi hairy
(2 hours ago)
And away I go... exit <<<<<<<<<<< stage ....left
(2 hours ago)
(2 hours ago)
Mon, 6-Jul-15 1:01 PM (2 hours ago)
been a while...hope all is well
MissFifi likes this
ello gawjus xxx
(2 hours ago)
Howdy Dan
(2 hours ago)
howdy bonjour, dan
(2 hours ago)
Hi, Dan.
(2 hours ago)
Dan!! x
(15 minutes ago)
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