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Tue, 30-Sep-14 11:48 AM (0 minutes ago)
ma na ma na, do do do do do
Tue, 30-Sep-14 11:46 AM (2 minutes ago)
Looking forward to getting my 5 year Shield in the next couple of days
GottaBeMe likes this perve
(1 minute ago)
Ohhh how exciting! Maybe we can bump our "5" shields??
(1 minute ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 11:46 AM (2 minutes ago)
there could be a ghost dry humping you right now and you wouldnt even know it...
GottaBeMe likes this
Sad thing is...that could be the most excitement I have all day!
(0 minutes ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 11:42 AM (6 minutes ago)
I'm new to this whole thing... I wanna know how it works.
It never works.
(2 minutes ago)
I'm kidddddddding!! lol What about "it" working are you wondering about? Status? or the site itself??
(2 minutes ago)
maybe typing with one hand
(0 minutes ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 11:40 AM (8 minutes ago)
toy would you mind if i pmd you? x
she may be mid-shave at the moment??
(7 minutes ago)
lol ok dont want to interupt that she may end up missing bits x
(6 minutes ago)
uhhuh That's important stuff. I'm sure she'll be back in a few.
(5 minutes ago)
thank you x
(4 minutes ago)
she is always willing to help her
(3 minutes ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 11:40 AM (8 minutes ago)
if i could be bothered
flitterbee likes this
Tue, 30-Sep-14 11:39 AM (9 minutes ago)
I feel like being spanked today
reggie92 likes this
would be my pleasure xxx
(0 minutes ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 11:37 AM (11 minutes ago)
gottabeme love your pics very sexy lady
voyeur6569 likes this
(10 minutes ago)
Oh, thank you!
(9 minutes ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 11:36 AM (12 minutes ago)
In need of some love... !
Tue, 30-Sep-14 11:32 AM (16 minutes ago)
If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful??
bushofireee and reggie92 like this
if i cut off your arms, cut off your legs..would you still love me?anyways...why dont you love me anyway..? that's a deep quote
(5 minutes ago)
<<<<< honest
(4 minutes ago)
I would be beautiful, but dirty
(4 minutes ago)
I heard this quote long ago and loved it. Unfortunately, at least two people reminded me of it yesterday. :/
(4 minutes ago)
lol Shan
(3 minutes ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 11:30 AM (18 minutes ago)
can anyone tell me who the moderators are please, id like to have a chat with one
They are listed under forum on left side...toy is here now though
(17 minutes ago)
Sorry chat under room moderators left hand side
(16 minutes ago)
thank you voyeur x,
(12 minutes ago)
toy would you mind if i pmd you?
(12 minutes ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 11:20 AM (28 minutes ago)
time to shave the vagina!!!
(25 minutes ago)
hubba hubba
(24 minutes ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 11:18 AM (30 minutes ago)
I don’t want to think I’m getting old or anything, but all the noises I used to make during sex, I now make getting out of bed. Morning Newbies, Hope you all have a Great Day.
bushofireee likes this
Lol I see...great pics by the way...didn't think you were making fun...just that it is true lol
(6 minutes ago)
Good Morning Iron
(2 minutes ago)
Good Morning Sexy Gotta xox
(1 minute ago)
Good Morning youngwife23 Glad I could provide a Smile
(1 minute ago)
thanks voyeur!
(0 minutes ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 11:08 AM (40 minutes ago)
cam in 1 hour... yep I am going to play on cam in 1 hour
NN, MyAddiction, Nick_and_Solea, voyeur6569, chicken999 and 3 others like this
why not come on now, come on
(32 minutes ago)
I will get on cam when I decide do not attempt to tell me what to do or you get booted
(32 minutes ago)
Good Morning Toy Your cam shows are always Fantastic I Hope to catch some of it
(28 minutes ago)
hope you do also...
(8 minutes ago)
have fun
(4 minutes ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 11:05 AM (43 minutes ago)
Why not come in and try the new chat guys fun fun and friendly chats
Tue, 30-Sep-14 10:57 AM (51 minutes ago)
anyone for a sweet distraction?
what does that include?
(47 minutes ago)
(45 minutes ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 10:57 AM (51 minutes ago)
starting tomorrow only movies I plan to watch are gonna be horror or halloween related
for the rest of the month
(49 minutes ago)
Tis the season ......
(49 minutes ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 10:55 AM (53 minutes ago)
Hi ho Silver!!!
(44 minutes ago)
Hey ho! xo
(44 minutes ago)
(43 minutes ago)
I know hard to believe in the sunshine state
(42 minutes ago)
Good Morning Mel,
(20 minutes ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 10:49 AM (59 minutes ago)
Roll on tomorrow pay day woo hoo!!!
GottaBeMe likes this
Tue, 30-Sep-14 10:48 AM (1 hour ago)
na na na na na na NAKED!!!!
Hagar280 and reggie92 like this
hi fave status
(58 minutes ago)
(52 minutes ago)
hell yes, hope ur wet two
(38 minutes ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 10:42 AM (1 hour ago)
Soo fucking horny!oooo
Tue, 30-Sep-14 10:41 AM (1 hour ago)
my cock is rock hard
Tue, 30-Sep-14 10:37 AM (1 hour ago)
*deep breaths* Good morning all
GottaBeMe likes this
Morning Bush
(28 minutes ago)
He's snuggling my neighbor undi
(21 minutes ago)
Yes please Gotta! Good morning Undi Voy, I have snuggles for everybody! Including you!
(20 minutes ago)
me???? when you got my neighbor???? like I believe you wouldn't let her go
(18 minutes ago)
you sound like darth vader now
(4 minutes ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 10:34 AM (1 hour ago)
cock in hand stroking hard over hot ladies on hear
Lots to choose from
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 30-Sep-14 10:32 AM (1 hour ago)
is it all about the girth ladies?
I was hoping it was the humour...
(44 minutes ago)
^ lol....'bout that bass.....NO treble!
(43 minutes ago)
And u got the right amount Bass Gottabe..
(28 minutes ago)
why thank you Y!
(20 minutes ago)
choooooon!!!!! its all about that bass no treble
(14 minutes ago)
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