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Fri, 6-May-16 1:01 PM (0 minutes ago)
Wondering now if "doing things online" has gone too far. I just renewed my drivers licence from my bedroom. No eye exam, no test, just "yes, that's my correct address, here's $40"...
Fri, 6-May-16 1:01 PM (0 minutes ago)
It's coffee and perv time
Fri, 6-May-16 12:56 PM (4 minutes ago)
Car show Saturday..Enjoy your weekend
You too, wild!
(0 minutes ago)
Fri, 6-May-16 12:56 PM (4 minutes ago)
Laying in bed
....playin tents
(2 minutes ago)
Up periscope!
(1 minute ago)
Fri, 6-May-16 12:46 PM (14 minutes ago)
Cheese and pickle sammich, That filled a gap
as if I would
(9 minutes ago)
^filthy mind. Lol
(9 minutes ago)
yes please mister K ....they are yummy sangas
(9 minutes ago)
Agent_K likes this
Lol... Sorry
(8 minutes ago)
Agent_K likes this
*Looks all innocent & everyfink*
(7 minutes ago)
Fri, 6-May-16 12:44 PM (16 minutes ago)
Private drum lessons available Enquire within! hehe ( see pics, not an actual advert lol )
Fri, 6-May-16 12:40 PM (20 minutes ago)
Why am I up at 5:40am on a Friday? 7am tee time!!!!! TGIF.
Agent_K likes this
Good morning, VT! Sounds like you've got a great day planned. Enjoy!
(10 minutes ago)
Good luck VT. I could do with a round of golf
(6 minutes ago)
wotta gawjus hairy chest...
(6 minutes ago)
Golf... It's the most frustrating thing I've ever attempted to do.
(4 minutes ago)
the ruination of a good walk
(3 minutes ago)
Fri, 6-May-16 12:39 PM (21 minutes ago)
Morning everyone!
Airwolf and hounddog67 like this
morning boobs...hope all is well!
(13 minutes ago)
Good morning BnB
(13 minutes ago)
evening boobz
(13 minutes ago)
Morning wife! Agent! Bee!
(12 minutes ago)
Morning to you sexy
(5 minutes ago)
Fri, 6-May-16 12:29 PM (31 minutes ago)
......or actually got your tits in a tangle
my tits dont get in a tangle ......or a mangle
(29 minutes ago)
spoilsport Bee; p xx
(27 minutes ago)
Wouldn't mind testing that theory out sometime flit
(27 minutes ago)
ha ha paul .....no spoil sport
(22 minutes ago)
Tied up ?
(8 minutes ago)
Fri, 6-May-16 12:23 PM (37 minutes ago)
What would happen if your balls actually did explode?
If you know your history...
(10 minutes ago)
(9 minutes ago)
oh,they did worse ,spesh,read up...
(8 minutes ago)
No, I meant BS - Buffalo Soldiers
(8 minutes ago)
ah oui, mon cher xxx
(7 minutes ago)
Fri, 6-May-16 12:18 PM (42 minutes ago)
In another universe, I would be preparing to board a flight to Vegas today. Not gonna lie, I am not sad that universe has ceased to exist.
hounddog67 and guitartxn like this
Yes...a long weekend of whatever the fuck I want
(40 minutes ago)
what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas anyway ...
(39 minutes ago)
those are the best weekends
(39 minutes ago)
Happy for you then. Hope you enjoy this universe's weekend. : )
(38 minutes ago)
BOOOO!!! But for the circumstance I am happy!
(11 minutes ago)
Fri, 6-May-16 12:17 PM (43 minutes ago)
Call out to all the virgins.....get fucked
Fri, 6-May-16 11:54 AM (1 hour ago)
*in from gym.... cooling off now at the house ... Morning folks
Artistic likes this
My coffee status' are over..... but I still drink my lovely coffee... Hiya TC
(1 hour ago)
lol hot men do need cooling off sometimes
(1 hour ago)
thanks artistic.... but I am hot from the gym lol
(1 hour ago)
Good morning, guitar! Kicking off Friday with gusto I see. Nice! : )
(45 minutes ago)
Oh I am trying Roxanne... Good Morning to you too !
(44 minutes ago)
RoxanneS likes this
Fri, 6-May-16 11:45 AM (1 hour ago)
Ohhhh, I woke up soooo hot & heated...
I wish I was there to get you hotter.
(1 hour ago)
Fri, 6-May-16 11:41 AM (1 hour ago)
Some Beautiful hot ladies here this morning,
Fri, 6-May-16 11:29 AM (1 hour ago)
Apparently most men think about bacon every 8 seconds.........: )
softcell, metalwork and curiousAdam like this
Are you saying that you call womens breasts 'bacon' ?
(9 minutes ago)
(8 minutes ago)
It's paly on the saying that men think about sex every 7 seconds....0-o
(7 minutes ago)
glad i am not a man.... couldnt think about bacon at all .....
(7 minutes ago)
(7 minutes ago)
Fri, 6-May-16 11:27 AM (1 hour ago)
Fabulous Fucking Friday to all. By that, I mean it's Friday, and a fabulous day for fucking, so, as Jimmy Buffett sings, "Why don't we get drunk and screw?"
Sammy618 and Cleaver1954 like this
Fri, 6-May-16 11:23 AM (1 hour ago)
I want to suck a dick dry. ; )
hounddog67, alansnob and Airwolf like this
But as long as I can lick your pussy out after
(1 hour ago)
Mines better than theirs... Pick mine. I have gallons to release
(1 hour ago)
RoxanneS and justcuz like this
You sound like the Exxon Valdez Kelly.
(43 minutes ago)
love that sn
(17 minutes ago)
It's a bit like a dry fuck innit
(1 minute ago)
Fri, 6-May-16 11:23 AM (1 hour ago)
Sitting here naked thinking about all the hot pussy and hard cocks to play with.
Fri, 6-May-16 11:21 AM (1 hour ago)
Am going to Kent tomorrow so if anyone in that area is free and want to meet up let me know
Fri, 6-May-16 11:15 AM (1 hour ago)
It's gonna be a sexy fkn Friday, I can feel it.
(42 minutes ago)
Fri, 6-May-16 11:15 AM (1 hour ago)
TGIF! Ready for the weekend so bad.
Fri, 6-May-16 11:13 AM (1 hour ago)
Posted some pics would love to see comments
Fri, 6-May-16 11:11 AM (1 hour ago)
Photoshop makeup on real pic,,,Yay or Nay??
Actually I'm now kicking myself for not suggesting to NN that he runs a whole category on p/shop pics. It would make for a lot of fun.
(2 minutes ago)
I wish that the most tragic ones that don't show a face, should be put in the funny pic catagory
(1 minute ago)
so what's your, er, stance on lipstick on nipples ?
(1 minute ago)
I don't like it Lyns, it stains my string vests....
(1 minute ago)
Agent_K likes this
There used to be one, K. Digital fun or something like that? I'm actually rubbish at picking them out. An unaware model though? Spot that at a glance.
(0 minutes ago)
Agent_K likes this
Fri, 6-May-16 11:10 AM (1 hour ago)
Oi oi nt is it date night tonight? ?????
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