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Wed, 25-Nov-15 12:09 AM (0 minutes ago)
I would like a back massage, an orgasm, snuggles, and a nap please. In that order will be fine.
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:47 PM (21 minutes ago)
If you cant have fun, theres no sense doing it........Paul Walker
And if you can't rock and roll then don't Effen come,...Some Drunk Guy
(14 minutes ago)
Artistic likes this
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:47 PM (22 minutes ago)
i have deleted 25% of my pics. NN refused 1 pic. Next time i delete the rest of it
Amsia losing one pic is not worth deleting your gallery
(8 minutes ago)
i loose 6-7 pics last time. When people think rest look the same i am laughing. 90% of the pics here are are bad, unsharp ugly, non-erotic
(5 minutes ago)
you just repeated word for word almost the last comment...2 mods are here to help you,why not take their help?
(4 minutes ago)
omdat arrogante engels sprekende mensen denken da iedereen engels spreekt!!
(2 minutes ago)
wow....my apologies...I am just trying to help
(2 minutes ago)
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:40 PM (29 minutes ago)
roasting a bacon stuffed turkey bird ,smells fabulous
Justmedamian and Jagged_Edges like this
@ spanked it!
(22 minutes ago)
i did jagged .spanked it quite firmly ,i have a witness lol
(20 minutes ago)
a friend used to slap the shake mix at mcd's back in the day...reminded me of that and pictured you actually spanking it...I saw that on a bdsm yout vid...have to see if I can find it fer ya
(18 minutes ago)
kimberly_1229 likes this
probablly made the same noise and very satisfying lol
(15 minutes ago)
lol yep...found the bdsm vid but I don't have an account to sign in...it's age rated now I guess
(13 minutes ago)
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:40 PM (29 minutes ago)
Oooo just noticed i've hit over 7000 profile views!! I know its nothing compared to some of the great profiles on here but still a little achievement
kimberly_1229, VTCali and metalwork like this
(26 minutes ago)
thank you
(25 minutes ago)
congrat sexy man kisses
(24 minutes ago)
oh and chat later sexy man...kisses
(22 minutes ago)
perves looking at you big
(20 minutes ago)
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:39 PM (30 minutes ago)
Driving home now - see ya later
cya Santa Baby
(29 minutes ago)
see ya damian
(29 minutes ago)
Don't drive and perv
(25 minutes ago)
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:36 PM (32 minutes ago)
Apparently TWL is feeling snarky and looking for me. I'd rather she feel me and look snarky.
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:34 PM (34 minutes ago)
That was a pretty good gig
Artistic likes this
I bet...they sounded good on Y.out.ube...Hi Santa Baby..kisses
(34 minutes ago)
Hey AJ xxx glad you like them
(32 minutes ago)
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:30 PM (39 minutes ago)
Tackle's at the ready
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:28 PM (41 minutes ago)
Just ... Good Night!
Artistic likes this
night scoob
(40 minutes ago)
scoobyp likes this
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:28 PM (41 minutes ago)
Hello Sexy NNers.......
kimberly_1229 likes this
hi rock
(32 minutes ago)
Hello kimberly How are you?
(30 minutes ago)
Evening Hard Rock xoxo. Sexy profile pic.
(29 minutes ago)
Hello MissLizzie xoxoxo Thanks! Your profile pic is also sexy.
(26 minutes ago)
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:27 PM (41 minutes ago)
Im back.............
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:26 PM (43 minutes ago)
Cum on me.
(37 minutes ago)
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:26 PM (43 minutes ago)
Just uploaded my Ass pics. I forgot how much I love guys to rub their cocks on it mmm
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:21 PM (47 minutes ago)
Demonoid13, please, approve lullaby on my blog, so I can sleep like a baby.
Done and done
(44 minutes ago)
scoobyp likes this
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:21 PM (48 minutes ago)
who besides me wants to see ''creed''??
I'll probably watch it eventually. Terrible name for a movie b/c I don't like that band.
(39 minutes ago)
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:19 PM (50 minutes ago)
Evening Newbies how are we all today?
hi big snuggles
(31 minutes ago)
hey kimberly you ok? snuggles back
(25 minutes ago)
Hi ya big, fine thanks, how's you? xxx
(15 minutes ago)
hey mw good to hear, i'm ok thanks, been up to much? xxx
(7 minutes ago)
Nothing exciting and you?
(1 minute ago)
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:19 PM (50 minutes ago)
I'm polishing my tackle
Am sure you will get a nibble tomorrow
(48 minutes ago)
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:15 PM (53 minutes ago)
think my hand is messed up, hurts to even make a fist
Dont make a fist then
(52 minutes ago)
Chuck-22 likes this
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:01 PM (1 hour ago)
Am I a nympho maniac because all I want is his cock like 24/7 ?
aus_biglad likes this
I LOVE you Girl !! Cocks make me CRAZY!
(36 minutes ago)
not 1 but 2 flew over the kookoos nest
(35 minutes ago)
Gman1974 likes this
yea maybe i dunno, no one wants my cock at all
(34 minutes ago)
Nah. Nymphomaniacs would want it 36 / 9
(31 minutes ago)
Tue, 24-Nov-15 11:00 PM (1 hour ago)
Yea, had a nap. Woke up even more tired. Wtf body.
Chuck-22 and dick.hardagain like this
Was it good?
(1 hour ago)
Was not refreshing at all.
(1 hour ago)
Chuck-22 likes this
just experienced the same thing here...i blame the weather
(1 hour ago)
demonoid13 likes this
*hands to demon a glass of blood*
(1 hour ago)
demonoid13 likes this
Terrible eh moose?
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 24-Nov-15 10:58 PM (1 hour ago)
Take my photo? I will do as you ask!
Tue, 24-Nov-15 10:57 PM (1 hour ago)
Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it'll always get you the right ones. (share mood with AJ)
we need to learn to not get too attached
(1 hour ago)
Honest AJ......you weren't there when I typed......see status above....and now flitter too......big foot....small mouth.....
(55 minutes ago)
lol it took u 2 minutes to type what you typed
(54 minutes ago)
silverbackaa likes this
My speed has picked up......had to slow to 60 for that last one.....
(52 minutes ago)
now me what?
(50 minutes ago)
Tue, 24-Nov-15 10:51 PM (1 hour ago)
Might have a dangle tomorrow
(1 hour ago)
Hmm do Boots make that? Do you need a prescripton?
(1 hour ago)
Fishing Alicia
(1 hour ago)
fishing is fun
(1 hour ago)
I know I try to go at least three/four times a week, weather permitting
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 24-Nov-15 10:45 PM (1 hour ago)
Friendship is not about people that act true to your face,it's about people that remain true behind your back. -Anonymous
*whispers behind AJs back* really true.........
(1 hour ago)
dewberry likes this
That's my great grandfather Phil Anonymous
(1 hour ago)
Hi Artistic..been a while since I have seen u and cool I didn't know that BM
(1 hour ago)
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