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Tue, 6-Dec-16 10:09 AM (3 minutes ago)
my pants are off and play time
Tue, 6-Dec-16 10:07 AM (4 minutes ago)
Needing to talk and as always nobody is there to listen
Mon, 5-Dec-16 5:48 PM (16 hours ago)
How do you confuse a Scottish doctor? Tell him you have 'knee problems'.
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Hey Toot
(16 hours ago)
Hi Adele
(16 hours ago)
<<< Gives Adele and Toot a group hug ... xx
(16 hours ago)
TootAndCummin likes this
Hi Sunshine - *hugs you back xox
(16 hours ago)
SunGod_dess likes this
As you're here...bump
(12 minutes ago)
Tue, 6-Dec-16 9:46 AM (26 minutes ago)
What do you give a cannibal that's late for dinner? The cold shoulder. Morning
DirtyDen66 likes this
(14 minutes ago)
Morning Metal
(14 minutes ago)
Tue, 6-Dec-16 9:50 AM (21 minutes ago)
on cam wanking
Tue, 6-Dec-16 6:06 AM (4 hours ago)
damn i am hard and horny and i need to get to work with a hard cock in my pants
SilkandSecrets likes this
(4 hours ago)
double dang!!
(3 hours ago)
Have a sexy day aero x
(43 minutes ago)
Tue, 6-Dec-16 9:27 AM (45 minutes ago)
morning off work, think I'll play with my cock
Tue, 6-Dec-16 9:03 AM (1 hour ago)
New pics folks! Check me out playing with my lil pussy!
alimak likes this
Ill wait until the verify photos
(1 hour ago)
Mmmm I'm def there xxxx
(48 minutes ago)
let's see your lil pussy you're playing with
(45 minutes ago)
Looking good girl
(45 minutes ago)
Tue, 6-Dec-16 9:26 AM (45 minutes ago)
Bored and horny
Tue, 6-Dec-16 8:52 AM (1 hour ago)
whatsssssssssss uppppppppppppp?
Everyone is sleeping.
(1 hour ago)
I'm not sleeping, well my body's up even if my brain is still half asleep
(59 minutes ago)
Tue, 6-Dec-16 8:53 AM (1 hour ago)
Really blew my load in her married cheating mouth, it's what she wanted.
Tue, 6-Dec-16 8:43 AM (1 hour ago)
Would like to experience a group session for the first time ,just not sure where to find something like this or how I would be able to be able to be involved in this fantasy I have
Tue, 6-Dec-16 8:15 AM (1 hour ago)
Sadly my green has gone, so I guess it's time to take a break... happy perving you lot xxx
Hey Deb how ya been?
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 6-Dec-16 8:16 AM (1 hour ago)
Jobs done around the house, been out for a ride again on the Harley, day 2 of holidays almost done.... time to go prep dinner....xx
SilkandSecrets likes this
Tue, 6-Dec-16 8:04 AM (2 hours ago)
Helsinki is a really nice city.
_acheron and SilkandSecrets like this
Tue, 6-Dec-16 7:50 AM (2 hours ago)
another hot humid day. thank god for ducted air con .
lennynatural likes this
Tue, 6-Dec-16 7:38 AM (2 hours ago)
Deleted old profile because of someone and she turned out to be crazy. So I am back!
Tue, 6-Dec-16 6:47 AM (3 hours ago)
Do I fake asleep or get doubled?
use to fakin a lot eh?
(3 hours ago)
Sexy hot pics!
(3 hours ago)
Tue, 6-Dec-16 6:06 AM (4 hours ago)
I'ma make like a tree and Biff Tannen .....
steelrat60 likes this
oh are you departing this NN world for now?
(4 hours ago)
More likely a twig and biff from Muscle Beach.
(3 hours ago)
(3 hours ago)
Raven lands on an ajoining tree and observes....
(3 hours ago)
tomcat_4_u likes this
Hi Raven, hope u enjoy the show.
(3 hours ago)
Tue, 6-Dec-16 3:07 AM (7 hours ago)
Soooo tired. Is there a secret to combating chronic exhaustion?
Chronic exhaustion might merit some investigation as to cause.
(6 hours ago)
dick.hardagain likes this
Sure, Tomcay
(5 hours ago)
(5 hours ago)
dick.hardagain and tomcat_4_u like this
Thanks Tighty, dreams do come true.
(5 hours ago)
Like Rox says...I'd get that checked,last time I was always tired I had an iron deficiency ..also could be low in B12...neither are good....hi dick : )
(4 hours ago)
Tue, 6-Dec-16 6:02 AM (4 hours ago)
NYC's getting chilly.. time to snuggle up!
Tue, 6-Dec-16 5:52 AM (4 hours ago)
Manicure, pedicure and thai full body massage = one relaxed Gailio
gonzo likes this
I need a cock massage
(4 hours ago)
Gailio likes this
Sorry, can't reach from here.
(4 hours ago)
I can't touch the nails but I do a great massage with a bonus at the end
(4 hours ago)
Gailio likes this
All that and more.
(4 hours ago)
Gailio likes this
Tue, 6-Dec-16 2:56 AM (7 hours ago)
thinking about the next pics I am going to attempt... wondering what theme to try... any ideas status peeps?
maybe that will happen tonight,
(7 hours ago)
VTCali and Shyguy1976 like this
I think a Milk Maiden pic is in order. You could braid your hair and wear a ruffled blouse with your massive cleavage showing through.
(6 hours ago)
WendySilvia likes this
Sweet tighty, would you post that for us?
(6 hours ago)
Tomcat, I don't have hair long enough for braids....xoxoxox
(6 hours ago)
Love the milk maiden idea!!! Thanks!!! Any others?
(4 hours ago)
Tue, 6-Dec-16 5:40 AM (4 hours ago)
I'm sexy, I'm cute! I'm popular to boot! I'm bitchin', great hair! The boys all love to stare! I' m wanted, I'm hot! I'm everything you're not! *rolls eyes*
haha good one true but lol
(4 hours ago)
Tue, 6-Dec-16 5:18 AM (4 hours ago)
Spiked Turtles flavour hot chocolate! Yummy!
steelrat60 and Free2b_again like this
nooo brew ..one is uNZud... yuan ease mixican ....an then thers jamakia ...mun ...
(4 hours ago)
Knockout_curves likes this
Irright mon!
(4 hours ago)
then there tha seth efrican ... that kunt is hard to unnastan
(4 hours ago)
Knockout_curves likes this
after it cools down I could , sure
(4 hours ago)
Knockout_curves likes this
That must be the voice I always talk to
(4 hours ago)
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