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Thu, 23-Oct-14 8:26 PM (8 minutes ago)
No women ever want to tribute me.... Sing some ELO to me
or me
(7 minutes ago)
I don't wanna tribute anything to anyone. . (really, ELO is what you'd choose?) ,)
(3 minutes ago)
I like ELO haha. "Don't bring me dowwwwwn woo hoo"
(0 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 8:22 PM (13 minutes ago)
If I was a cat I would be dead by now
maybe we could burry you in a pet cemetery!
(12 minutes ago)
You have 9.5 lives?
(2 minutes ago)
(1 minute ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 8:20 PM (15 minutes ago)
almost beer thirty!
mustangjoe82 likes this
It's always beer thirty.
(14 minutes ago)
beer? count me in
(9 minutes ago)
(2 minutes ago)
prop me next to the jukebox
(1 minute ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 8:33 PM (2 minutes ago)
would love to have some feedback on my picts
Thu, 23-Oct-14 8:32 PM (3 minutes ago)
ahh! margarita time
Thu, 23-Oct-14 8:23 PM (12 minutes ago)
hi friends
Hello jack
(3 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 8:26 PM (9 minutes ago)
Astonishing Asses, beautiful boobs, creamy cunts and delicious dicks.
stealth69 and mustangjoe82 like this
love how u talk mmmm
(7 minutes ago)
filthy I love it
(4 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 8:30 PM (4 minutes ago)
anyone want a chat?
Thu, 23-Oct-14 8:28 PM (6 minutes ago)
Laters everyone! My work day is not quite over yet
Bye Ross
(5 minutes ago)
Take care Ross
(4 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 8:27 PM (8 minutes ago)
Mrs gone to bed early. what can I do?
Watch the football
(7 minutes ago)
take a beer and watch my pics..
(6 minutes ago)
Wed, 22-Oct-14 7:03 PM (1 day ago)
Looking for a hot guy who will make a tribute Add me and we can chat!
Rosstackle and jimbo1978 like this
hey if ur up for it I'll even set you on fire LOL
(1 day ago)
Thank you helpy helperton.
(1 day ago)
Ready, guys?
(27 minutes ago)
nothing else matters or stairway to heawen? but i sold me guitar i do accapella songs now
(26 minutes ago)
Post us some new pics
(11 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 8:15 PM (19 minutes ago)
Such a busy week at work. It's naked Thursday so I'm getting naked.
wtf it's only monday here?!
(19 minutes ago)
(18 minutes ago)
just checking out your photos
(17 minutes ago)
(17 minutes ago)
(11 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 7:56 PM (39 minutes ago)
I think its time for wine and a perv Anyone else enjoying a cocktail?
gacouple_706 likes this
Kimberly may I join you
(20 minutes ago)
yes ross you may , chocolate chip cookies just out of oven also
(18 minutes ago)
Ha that's an offer I can't refuse
(17 minutes ago)
wine and chocolate making up for the lack of adult snuggles
(15 minutes ago)
Kimberly here's a virtual topless touch for you
(13 minutes ago)
Thu, 23-Oct-14 8:21 PM (14 minutes ago)
working hard
Thu, 23-Oct-14 8:13 PM (22 minutes ago)
I had a bath but didn't take pictures. I know this is against the rules but then again rules were made to be broken. Also I already have a few bath pics posted so fuck off
stealth69, MrMrsKDawg and GottaBeMe like this
I thought you like it when I tell you to fuck off? I'll have another if you fancy it?
(19 minutes ago)
Showers are better
(18 minutes ago)
those are called flashers blondie!
(17 minutes ago)
hi jaggy
(15 minutes ago)
Hmm I do shower more then baths but I needed a bath today I was aching. Hiya blondie
(14 minutes ago)
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