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Fri, 1-Aug-14 1:45 PM (8 minutes ago)
I'm from NJ. Typically it is 90 degrees out but all week it has been 70 - Anyone else feel like summer is confused?
yah yah, summer is so confused down here this time of year, she thinks she winter, skitzo bitch
(6 minutes ago)
hotter then normal here
(5 minutes ago)
@lynskey lol well played
(2 minutes ago)
@wooderwick agreed
(2 minutes ago)
@anon i've heard its been warm out by you.
(0 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Aug-14 1:46 PM (7 minutes ago)
Looking for a ladies help to play a joke on hubby and make me wet
Leonidas19777 likes this
mmm ok?
(3 minutes ago)
i want to see this...
(3 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Aug-14 1:50 PM (3 minutes ago)
Somehow I still can't help but feel like your dirty little secret, and that yes, you're waiting for me to be just another regret
Fri, 1-Aug-14 1:49 PM (4 minutes ago)
horny milf need immidetly
Fri, 1-Aug-14 1:47 PM (6 minutes ago)
NN in the villages,fl. ...horny...looking for 'breast' friend!!
Fri, 1-Aug-14 1:33 PM (21 minutes ago)
Not to mention the dirk in the sock...very sneaky, ye gotta hand it to them lol
(14 minutes ago)
ye wonda why they wear sox?
(13 minutes ago)
saves them tying it into a knot...
(9 minutes ago)
Why are there no Scots on felonies for smuglin things in their underwear?
(8 minutes ago)
its a skeindhu not a dirk !!
(7 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Aug-14 1:45 PM (9 minutes ago)
TGIF! Have a great day everyone!
Fri, 1-Aug-14 1:41 PM (13 minutes ago)
What a fantastic mood! Nothing quite like excessive compliments to start the day off right
lynskey likes this
yes [the peanut on the bar said i looked great, well they were complimentary ]
(11 minutes ago)
U r georgouse your pic make my pussy wet
(9 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Aug-14 1:16 PM (38 minutes ago)
Good morning, afternoon and night all fellow horny NN members!
Welcome to NN.
(34 minutes ago)
ello you xxx
(33 minutes ago)
Hello and welcome...mwah xxx
(33 minutes ago)
good morning to you : )
(29 minutes ago)
Thank you. All of you look delicious
(9 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Aug-14 12:52 PM (1 hour ago)
7hrs to freedom!
why do dey poot 'oles in dem mints? huh?
(23 minutes ago)
itz lyk dem der dohnutz wiv even bigga oles in dem, innit?
(20 minutes ago)
Freedom keep walkin' Keep on your toes and Don't stop talkin' 'bout Freedom get goin' Lots to be learned And lots to be knowin' 'bout
(20 minutes ago)
hoo dun dat den,moose?
(18 minutes ago)
(15 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Aug-14 1:38 PM (15 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Aug-14 12:51 PM (1 hour ago)
...good afternoon...everything done for today...hello weekend
matureones and crazymarriage like this
ello BM xxx
(1 hour ago)
Hi lyn and mum xoxox
(1 hour ago)
Hello's you?...mwah xxx
(38 minutes ago)
oops, hi BM, I am fine hun and you?
(23 minutes ago)
I'm very good thank you lyn...mwah xxx
(17 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Aug-14 12:00 PM (1 hour ago)
afternoon wood
photocouple2014 and matureones like this
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
wood is good..
(21 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Aug-14 12:09 PM (1 hour ago)
so nearly the weekend, who's ready for some fun?
just need to find more that are willing. lol
(36 minutes ago)
but there has got to be a spesh one, hun?
(31 minutes ago)
there's one. but she is un available today
(26 minutes ago)
ah,so she is not worth the wait, after all...
(24 minutes ago)
can you blame me? there are so many sexy women here
(23 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Aug-14 1:30 PM (23 minutes ago)
wanna play ??? See my profile and PM me !!!!
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