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Sat, 22-Nov-14 4:30 PM (0 minutes ago)
how come no one comments on my profile anymore??
Sat, 22-Nov-14 4:18 PM (12 minutes ago)
Hmmm I think I might just cam in a few...maybe.
Well have at it.....I'm outa Have fun hunny......give'em a good show
(8 minutes ago)
how come no one cammed while i was ever premium
(7 minutes ago)
We were hiding from you kid?
(6 minutes ago)
wow that really hurts
(6 minutes ago)
Bummer, gonna miss it again
(0 minutes ago)
Sat, 22-Nov-14 4:03 PM (28 minutes ago)
Cleaning or NN!? I'm being naughty... but I can't get off here!!
do both...
(20 minutes ago)
(18 minutes ago)
I was waiting for a comment like that nazgulnine
(10 minutes ago)
i am doing laundry today thats the most i can be asked to do
(9 minutes ago)
I'm putting it all away! The worst bit. Its the only time I think I've got too many clothes!
(1 minute ago)
Sat, 22-Nov-14 4:23 PM (7 minutes ago)
Meet cancelled due to mother nature
Sat, 22-Nov-14 4:16 PM (14 minutes ago)
Well peeps......Have a great day..I gota go get this stubble off of my balls and cock....the jabbing is more than I can stand. Time to get nice and smooth again....back later
take care
(14 minutes ago)
As long as I don't hit any major arteries I think I will be ok........later
(9 minutes ago)
Sat, 22-Nov-14 3:59 PM (31 minutes ago)
back from the shower
only thing i want to know is why you have your cock in your hand and thinking of me in the shower
(18 minutes ago)
simple,you have a very nice cock.
(14 minutes ago)
(14 minutes ago)
your welcome.
(11 minutes ago)
and to answer your question, i have a bathroom across the hall from my bedroom
(10 minutes ago)
Sat, 22-Nov-14 4:18 PM (12 minutes ago)
I have never been this ill in my life... Ugh. 16:17 and I've only just got the energy to get out of bed.. K.ill me, please..
seen a doc?
(11 minutes ago)
Snugglebush!! Take care of yourself! xo
(11 minutes ago)
Sorry to hear that bush.......get well soon my friend.
(11 minutes ago)
Sat, 22-Nov-14 4:19 PM (11 minutes ago)
cummm with me
Sat, 22-Nov-14 1:55 AM (14 hours ago)
TGIF! I Can Get Naked, And Stay Naked All Weekend!
naughtyslave56 and IB_Hard_4U like this
Wish I could
(12 minutes ago)
Sat, 22-Nov-14 2:01 AM (14 hours ago)
I'm Nude And Horny! Are You?
naughtyslave56 and IB_Hard_4U like this
(12 minutes ago)
Sat, 22-Nov-14 4:13 PM (17 minutes ago)
I'm Going Commando Today. I Hope Someone Notices!
IB_Hard_4U likes this
i often go commando,but the natives get a bit restless when i keep blowing their things up.
(13 minutes ago)
I noticed (from another nudist).
(13 minutes ago)
Sat, 22-Nov-14 3:57 PM (33 minutes ago)
hallelujah!!! hallelujah!!! freakin finally! goood morning nn!
Well I for one would love to see you pussy full of cock!!! Those lips or yours look so tight. I bet they stretch around a dick perfectly.......So was you lay last night great or just so so?
(19 minutes ago)
moosey got arrested chasing raindeer, on his way to peak at kellys ornaments...
(18 minutes ago)
i like your goodies
(18 minutes ago) lay this morning?
(18 minutes ago)
She must be gettin more of what she had a lil while
(13 minutes ago)
Sat, 22-Nov-14 3:58 PM (33 minutes ago)
Wind turbines............I'm a big fan.
very windy here so np
(26 minutes ago)
we have a bunch of them in my area..they look like something aliens plopped down...up close they are freaking huge
(26 minutes ago)
The tips of those damn things are moving at something like 200mph or some crazy number like that. I was hualing stone to some gas wells in out area a while back and they make an eary sound too.
(23 minutes ago)
how big are they. here we have like 50 meter turbines. they are HUGE.
(15 minutes ago)
The ones around here are a lil over 300 feet tall
(14 minutes ago)
Sat, 22-Nov-14 2:49 PM (1 hour ago)
I think I want to coment mre oneach of the PICS I post! Each has a story! LOL! Got to figure out how to do that ....hmmmm ....
they are all very hot pics. I luv them.
(47 minutes ago)
I lo v your pics you have an amazing ass! and perfect pussy!
(23 minutes ago)
(16 minutes ago)
Sat, 22-Nov-14 3:43 PM (48 minutes ago)
To get busy or not...that is the question...
leeg98 and hairytits like this
You can get busy with me
(43 minutes ago)
(38 minutes ago)
you gonna come over here for the afternoon?
(37 minutes ago)
Hi ya Sorcha! xx Yes, I have to get busy.
(33 minutes ago)
best get busy getting busy
(20 minutes ago)
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