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Tue, 1-Dec-15 9:52 PM (2 minutes ago)
morning pervs and non pervs ...like me
Howdy Glitter xx **passes over a cup coffee *
(1 minute ago)
morning ducky xx....cheers thanks....need one today
(0 minutes ago)
Hi flitt
(0 minutes ago)
Tue, 1-Dec-15 9:14 PM (41 minutes ago)
Checked out the blog challenge pics again. Those apples looking tempting.
Sigh. It's the same problem I have. I had some really good ideas too.
(8 minutes ago)
Will, it isn't too late to post. Now snap a dick and get to posting.
(7 minutes ago)
Can you attach a pic from your phone in a PM, will?
(5 minutes ago)
Yes I can Rox. I need to find a nice big apple first though. Lol. I will do one tomorrow morning.
(1 minute ago)
Will, can you help Amuse? He needs assistance on how to post pics into a blog from his phone.
(0 minutes ago)
Tue, 1-Dec-15 8:57 PM (57 minutes ago)
We have cocks out Monday, wet T shirt Tuesday and tits out Friday, we need one for Wednesday any ideas???
Breezer69 likes this
no not if your in jeans ...lol
(5 minutes ago)
lol.....Wet jeans? Hopefully the jeans are fully wet. Just wet in the crotch or ass might look suspicious....lol.
(4 minutes ago)
coldfish1 and hackelberry77 like this
(1 minute ago)
Wet in the crotch jeans wouldn't be a sexy look !
(0 minutes ago)
(0 minutes ago)
Tue, 1-Dec-15 1:37 PM (8 hours ago)
<<----------- Please pick one and only one.
Chuck-22 likes this
you must be as I have no idea what you are on about lol
(2 hours ago)
We missed on that. Carry on
(2 hours ago)
X-Ray Vision
(10 minutes ago)
You want to see bones walking around? Not enough with your boner?
(6 minutes ago)
Can I add 3 inches to something else?
(0 minutes ago)
Tue, 1-Dec-15 9:30 PM (24 minutes ago)
Gonna take last pic for the day. Suggestions?
yes, Welcome! Now go get in the shower.
(20 minutes ago)
(18 minutes ago)
You think I'm kidding?
(10 minutes ago)
philstein15 likes this
Sexy gallery, 15. Keep it up!
(8 minutes ago)
philstein15 likes this
Done and done.
(1 minute ago)
Tue, 1-Dec-15 11:46 AM (10 hours ago)
I'm curious, what's your reasons to post naked pictures on NN?
i like to flssh my curved cock lol
(17 minutes ago)
scoobyp likes this
It's fun.
(11 minutes ago)
scoobyp likes this
It's a long story...
(4 minutes ago)
scoobyp likes this
I just love to be looked at.
(2 minutes ago)
scoobyp likes this
I have time, now, gleam
(2 minutes ago)
Tue, 1-Dec-15 7:07 PM (2 hours ago)
I'm officially requesting more perv time.....!
qire and bOObzman like this
I'll forward your request to corporate.
(2 hours ago)
RoxanneS likes this
Corporate has received your request. Your perv time has been cut in half, all benefits cancelled and you have to work Christmas.
(2 hours ago)
_amuseyou_ and RoxanneS like this
Corporate sucks!
(10 minutes ago)
I have received your request, but I need it in triplicate, with 2 signatures, a finger print, a notary and a donut. Now hurry up and send it fax...the docs, not the donut
(8 minutes ago)
Tue, 1-Dec-15 9:17 PM (37 minutes ago)
any women want a tribute?
We can adjust to make it unisex.
(21 minutes ago)
aaaaaaaahhhhhh you and I sex. Sounds good
(20 minutes ago)
BlindMelon and RoxanneS like this
Tight wet your killing me! Lmao!
(17 minutes ago)
You beat me to it!!!
(17 minutes ago)
lol Thic. hahahahahah. And Melon? You have to be fast.
(11 minutes ago)
Tue, 1-Dec-15 9:40 PM (14 minutes ago)
you guys want me to uplaod more vids?
I would like to upload more than a vid
(13 minutes ago)
Do as you see fit
(13 minutes ago)
Sun, 3-May-15 7:35 AM (212 days ago)
I've just woken up with the urge to be fucked from both ends whilst wanking off another man and having hands touching me all over! I don't know what has caused this mood lol (I don't dare, but mmm)
Hello rd xxoo................ ..............hug and kotc
(212 days ago)
You don't dare? Aw, what are you scared of? If you find another guy in the area who's willing, lay out some ground rules and I guarantee you'll both enjoy it
(198 days ago)
I know it's a bit late in the day - but I'd still love to help you out if you still feel the same!!!
(17 minutes ago)
Late in the day...late in the year. The difference is negligible....
(15 minutes ago)
RoxanneS likes this
I'm pretty sure they are tuckered out from all of the wanking and fucking on both ends.
(14 minutes ago)
Tue, 1-Dec-15 9:36 PM (19 minutes ago)
I'm gonna read "This Book is Not FOR SALE" for this quote: "I’ll steal the letter X, and replace it with treasure. So sex would then be spelled setreasure, but it’d still be just as pleasurable. "
coldfish1 likes this
Tue, 1-Dec-15 9:34 PM (20 minutes ago)
Happy December everyone!! Xoxoxoxoxoxox
Tue, 1-Dec-15 9:12 PM (42 minutes ago)
Playing with myself then time for a nap lol
EricC2, thicnlong and coldfish1 like this
lol or very exciting
(34 minutes ago)
shy_professor likes this
Wonderful sleep after rubbin one out! Wanna partner?
(30 minutes ago)
whorny4u likes this
so is it nap time yet??
(28 minutes ago)
I like the way you think!
(28 minutes ago)
take a camera to bed with you...
(22 minutes ago)
Tue, 1-Dec-15 9:31 PM (24 minutes ago)
has anyone one ever tried the spray on pantyhose?
By the time you get through spraying them on, letting it dry, you might have just put the darn things on.......lol
(23 minutes ago)
RoxanneS likes this
The Sally Hansen product?
(23 minutes ago)
Tue, 1-Dec-15 9:31 PM (23 minutes ago)
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