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Tue, 27-Sep-16 3:34 AM (2 minutes ago)
The friend zone sucks, just sayin...
artlover4u likes this
couldn't agree more!
(1 minute ago)
oh hell don't I know
(1 minute ago)
Tue, 27-Sep-16 3:26 AM (10 minutes ago)
I know I may be biased but I have a new favourite COM pic!! *Drools*
I sort of did one too
(9 minutes ago)
I did though
(8 minutes ago)
MrsFX likes this
Oh yes!! The creator of COM! You did a very sexy pic
(7 minutes ago)
You do inspire Angel!
(6 minutes ago)
Tue, 27-Sep-16 1:11 AM (2 hours ago)
Sometimes a blog just makes you sad.
I don't care for such humans.
(1 hour ago)
I don't care for humans at all. I prefer my own species
(1 hour ago)
Saldy those of us who care are the fucked up ones. Cuz we lose sleep while they go on like nothing is wrong.
(51 minutes ago)
People are poop!
(26 minutes ago)
Some of us are poopier than others...
(6 minutes ago)
Tue, 27-Sep-16 3:29 AM (6 minutes ago)
Afternoon free in Melbourne - Fun Anyone?
Tue, 27-Sep-16 3:01 AM (35 minutes ago)
Fuck. I wish I had panties on atm... Poor couch....
Scotch Guard?
(34 minutes ago)
Knockout_curves likes this
Getting horny is troublesome sometimes... Lucky it's a leather couch... Wipe off the wetness
(32 minutes ago)
lovewomeninheels likes this
Were you perving me again meloNNs?
(31 minutes ago)
Chuck-22 and Knockout_curves like this
It is always you Woody
(28 minutes ago)
Chuck-22 likes this
Leather furniture. I love it.
(7 minutes ago)
Tue, 27-Sep-16 3:05 AM (30 minutes ago)
And just like that an 81 year curse has been broken...the Cubbies won their 100th game of the season ...now for the next 2 curses...we gotta win the pennant and the World Series
Surprisingly from what articles and predictions I've been reading they're still not the favs...but i think they're gonna go all the way...i've only been waiting for 34 years lol
(27 minutes ago)
Mr.FX likes this
Spoken like a true cubs fan!
(26 minutes ago)
MidnightWriter and MrsFX like this
true...i think they're gonna go all the way every year...until they dont ....but being a cubs fan has taught me 2 things....patience and persevearance
(21 minutes ago)
obviously it didnt teach me how to spell perseverance though
(19 minutes ago)
Same as being a Bears fan since 85.... so close, SO CLOSE!!!! Well, we'll always have old style to cheer us up! hehe
(17 minutes ago)
MrsFX likes this
Tue, 27-Sep-16 1:04 AM (2 hours ago)
Let the circus begin
Chuck-22 likes this
I know, hes an icon everywhere, but it reeks of LA when stuff like that happens
(1 hour ago)
67 years announcing baseball is amazing!
(1 hour ago)
I'd watch the cubs over the debates too, & I'm a sox fan!
(1 hour ago)
Is it the shorts that the White Sox used to wear?
(1 hour ago)
Yes, of course... it's always about the fashion.
(27 minutes ago)
Tue, 27-Sep-16 2:52 AM (44 minutes ago)
okies, bed time it is!! g'night my friends xoxox
G'night nbi xoxox
(37 minutes ago)
sweet dreams sexy
(31 minutes ago)
Tue, 27-Sep-16 12:37 AM (2 hours ago)
grilling in the rain, I'm grilling in the rain. what a glori- where are my dancing shoes
Sounds like fun
(1 hour ago)
pfft, so much for being a nudist
(1 hour ago)
I did not wish to have any of my bewbage to be roaming around near a 500* grill. I worked to hard to keep the girls to have tgem go up in smoke lol
(32 minutes ago)
smoke makes the best perfume
(32 minutes ago)
boobies are best when eaten raw.
(31 minutes ago)
Tue, 27-Sep-16 3:03 AM (33 minutes ago)
checking emails
Tue, 27-Sep-16 2:59 AM (37 minutes ago)
back in melbourne
Tue, 27-Sep-16 12:16 AM (3 hours ago)
Saints Football or Presidential Debate....It's game time!
GottaBeMe and powermanp3 like this
I don't think my sanity can survive the debate.
(2 hours ago)
Looking forward to the turn overs...
(2 hours ago)
You chose wisely
(52 minutes ago)
Tue, 27-Sep-16 1:38 AM (1 hour ago)
Evening Folks!
Cernunnus likes this
Hugs hun
(1 hour ago)
hi NBI... you drying out over there
(1 hour ago)
Heya slider... Trying to
(1 hour ago)
Hi naughty. Stopped in for a sec. mwah xoxox
(59 minutes ago)
Heya Pony xoxox
(56 minutes ago)
Tue, 27-Sep-16 2:06 AM (1 hour ago)
I'm liking this season of America Horror Story.
I'm surprised that they didn't base this year's "Ameircan Horror Story" theme on the election.
(1 hour ago)
I only just finished episode 1...on 2 now.... Its very different. And LOL at the American humour
(1 hour ago)
im watching american horror story too//// the presidential debate
(1 hour ago)
Knockout_curves likes this
Well I'm just actually watching AHS:6 lol no men with bad attitude and really bad hair
(1 hour ago)
Me too!!!!!
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 27-Sep-16 2:13 AM (1 hour ago)
Big tit hanging slo mo video uploaded.
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