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Fri, 1-Jul-16 2:10 AM (2 hours ago)
I am no life. Watching Ottawa v. Montreal in Canadian Football.
Hi mrs hug and kotc. Yes it is Rated.lol Gald to see you back.
(1 hour ago)
amancalledpony likes this
I don't even watch CFL lol! Thanks I'm on and off
(1 hour ago)
amancalledpony likes this
There's worse things to do.......then again, maybe not...
(38 minutes ago)
amancalledpony likes this
I'm watching the Mariners just as bad if not worse
(9 minutes ago)
Pow_Er_Man_P3 likes this
^^^ You win....sadly...
(3 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Jul-16 2:12 AM (2 hours ago)
Would you have been a good pioneer? Me? Heck no! For so many reasons but mainly because I air conditioning.
Yes, I would have been. Love heat, and the challenge of eating only when I can catch it...
(36 minutes ago)
I have a pioneering spirit, but I'm not too sure about the backbone.
(34 minutes ago)
Chuck-22 likes this
I believe I would have done ok.
(32 minutes ago)
what mo internet? count me out
(6 minutes ago)
Living by my wits, I may not survive....I only have one left...
(4 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Jul-16 4:10 AM (11 minutes ago)
have a fantastic, marvelous, wonderful, spectacular, exciting just have a HAPPY filled with SMILES weekend good-night all Big hug and kisses to all
Pow_Er_Man_P3 and KiwiPic like this
You too Mrs., good night, and thank you for always spreading happiness, it's appreciated more than you will ever know.
(9 minutes ago)
undisclosedid1 likes this
Fri, 1-Jul-16 3:08 AM (1 hour ago)
I refuse to go into detail, but I'm sick and fucking tired of being talked about like I'm a piece of meat. I am nobodys property. I am my own person, and will do what the fuck I want. End of rant.
And why people just can't get that. And show respect is endlessly frustrating.
(1 hour ago)
yeah, I know that can suck, just ignore it
(1 hour ago)
U GO GIRL!!!!!!!
(32 minutes ago)
Pow_Er_Man_P3 likes this
Funny, isn't it? Some of the most physically attractive bodies are inhabited by the ugliest people. You are more than a lovely body, the person, as a whole, is the most beautiful...
(11 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Jul-16 2:50 AM (1 hour ago)
Organising pump out and relacement of old septic system. What a sh_ _ _ job.
That's gotta stink!
(28 minutes ago)
Crappy, just crappy...
(17 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Jul-16 3:02 AM (1 hour ago)
Good evening xo
Chuck-22 and Shyguy1976 like this
Thanks Heels!!! Xo
(30 minutes ago)
Unfortunately it's time to go. Catch you next time hopefully. : )
(30 minutes ago)
Prettyeyes005 likes this
Good evening to you! Lovely gallery, thanks for updating!!!!
(26 minutes ago)
Thank you
(20 minutes ago)
No Ma'am, thank YOU!
(19 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Jul-16 3:03 AM (1 hour ago)
thanks to everyone who viewed, liked and tipped...
great pics master
(1 hour ago)
And TY for allowing us the pleasure of viewing.
(31 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Jul-16 3:32 AM (49 minutes ago)
Okies, Movie/Sleep time....g'night y'all xoxox
heydidyagrabmyass likes this
NNight Naughty Kisses sexy lady
(33 minutes ago)
Fri, 1-Jul-16 3:46 AM (35 minutes ago)
very horney, love looking at all your pics, can you see mine
Fri, 1-Jul-16 3:43 AM (38 minutes ago)
149 years old. Beautiful!!!
Chuck-22 and Prettyeyes005 like this
Happy Canada day!
(38 minutes ago)
Chuck-22 likes this
Fri, 1-Jul-16 3:34 AM (47 minutes ago)
would love to find an open minded couple for some day time fun and a bit of photograph for my profile. Don't be shy
Fri, 1-Jul-16 2:53 AM (1 hour ago)
Chuck, wanna wank?
hackelberry77 and Chuck-22 like this
Hi MrsU, of course Chuck
(1 hour ago)
Chuck-22 likes this
Just sent u a PM m2!
(1 hour ago)
lol that name rings a bell
(1 hour ago)
Maybe he will do Chuck next?!
(1 hour ago)
^ perv ^
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 30-Jun-16 10:41 PM (5 hours ago)
Going to see the new Independence movie tonight...hope it's good!
Is it Sci-fi ?
(5 hours ago)
No Raven, It's a documentary, David Attenborough narrates it.
(5 hours ago)
Artistic and nawtynudie like this
I don't rate it either
(5 hours ago)
TopCat57 likes this
just finished it
(5 hours ago)
blake_strips likes this
It was the sequel to the 1996 sci fi movie with Will Smith...I gotta say this one had a the crazy freaky aliens in it...lot of special effects but short on story line in my opinion...
(1 hour ago)
Fri, 1-Jul-16 3:06 AM (1 hour ago)
any ladies that like to cam with me?
Fri, 1-Jul-16 2:42 AM (1 hour ago)
fantastic day, so very HAPPY and Big SMILES round one this morning, got our acreage mowed. Best part the little guy came out Hello, Big hugs and kisses to all
........good evening Kiwi xxoo............ .......Big hug and kisses
(1 hour ago)
.........hello berry xxoo......... ...........Big hug and kisses
(1 hour ago)
hi mrs
(1 hour ago)
.........hello nlxxx xxoo......... ..........hug and kisses
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
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