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Wed, 22-Oct-14 5:44 AM (41 minutes ago)
Top or bottom?
coldfish1 and isme2 like this
something about the cock rubbing my clit gets me
(10 minutes ago)
sry TMI
(7 minutes ago)
(3 minutes ago)
so is it forward or reverse?
(3 minutes ago)
think what said, forward
(1 minute ago)
Wed, 22-Oct-14 6:11 AM (13 minutes ago)
did eveyone fall asleep?
njcouple2k10 likes this
Or started looking for dinner
(13 minutes ago)
well there is that lol
(11 minutes ago)
Tue, 21-Oct-14 11:08 AM (19 hours ago)
Someone come grab me from behind, put your hand to my throat and let me feel the pressure as you squeeze just enough, nibble my neck and wait for me to start dripping
oh my!
(5 hours ago)
if you dont mind me grabbing a stepstool behind you so I can acquiess that request
(5 hours ago)
Not sure about others engines bigboy but any guy who man handles my throat will get mine purring
(4 hours ago)
i'll be 'round in an hr xx
(39 minutes ago)
and people wonder where gentlemen went. They went to the same place the ladies did
(17 minutes ago)
Wed, 22-Oct-14 4:36 AM (1 hour ago)
Good evening
Heheheh they ok? or is that the icing that needs licking off?
(1 hour ago)
icing! no-one ever suggested that before i was just told it was moss or mould lol
(55 minutes ago)
Well if it's icing ...
(54 minutes ago)
(30 minutes ago)
Hello Naz
(18 minutes ago)
Wed, 22-Oct-14 6:04 AM (21 minutes ago)
Wed, 22-Oct-14 5:56 AM (28 minutes ago)
I wanna go on a winter trip to Finland
Wed, 22-Oct-14 4:47 AM (1 hour ago)
Morning .... Hmmm now what should I wear to the office today ! ......
no ya don't. those coworkers will never know
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
I will post some pics of me getting ready
(1 hour ago)
good morning
(30 minutes ago)
Wed, 22-Oct-14 5:33 AM (51 minutes ago)
In my time zone it is Chuck's birthay, happy happy
coldfish1 and Chuck2225 like this
I'll have to deliver your birthday kiss tomorrow morning, then, birthday boy: )
(45 minutes ago)
(45 minutes ago)
puckers up b/c birthday now
(38 minutes ago)
mmmm ty is xoxox
(38 minutes ago)
(36 minutes ago)
Wed, 22-Oct-14 5:45 AM (39 minutes ago)
Good night tomorrow it will be my birthday and I hope I will be able to "like" my own status buy then
hereforyouall1 likes this
That's what I love about you, Birthday Boy. You never give up: ) Night, sweetie pie: ) xox
(38 minutes ago)
nite special one
(38 minutes ago)
Wed, 22-Oct-14 5:30 AM (55 minutes ago)
Well, that was fun...
Wed, 22-Oct-14 5:09 AM (1 hour ago)
Pim your a distraction xoxo
was my talking a distraction
(1 hour ago)
no pim im joking it was the timimg of your comment it made me laugh ..lmao ..xoxoxo
(1 hour ago)
always good for a laugh
(1 hour ago)
your are my darling and i know how beautiful you are hey ..xoxo
(59 minutes ago)
awwww ty kisses you
(58 minutes ago)
Wed, 22-Oct-14 5:23 AM (1 hour ago)
any friends here? on cam
Wed, 22-Oct-14 5:01 AM (1 hour ago)
coldfish1 liked the cam show of crazymarriage
she was fun huh
(1 hour ago)
she was amazing show i wished they gavew her more noodles
(1 hour ago)
if ha em woul have
(1 hour ago)
Wed, 22-Oct-14 5:14 AM (1 hour ago)
any friends here? on cam
Wed, 22-Oct-14 5:08 AM (1 hour ago)
any friends here?
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