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Fri, 31-Oct-14 10:20 AM (14 minutes ago)
i need honest reply--wht is the average time of man's penetration to ejaculating?
Depends,10-15 minutes if there is no interruption.1-2 hours if you have the time. It REALLY depends. Hope this helps.
(11 minutes ago)
its difficult to thrust for 10-15 min continuosly
(8 minutes ago)
If i am actively thrusting and fully stimulated (vision, sound, touch) then 2-3 minutes.
(0 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 9:50 AM (44 minutes ago)
To shave or not to shave???
flip a coin
(36 minutes ago)
shaved is much nicer
(35 minutes ago)
Shaved every time
(34 minutes ago)
Shaven you can get so much closer
(33 minutes ago)
Waxed is better.. Not itchy when grows back !
(2 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 10:31 AM (3 minutes ago)
Any suggestions on how we can get more comment and votes
Fri, 31-Oct-14 10:24 AM (10 minutes ago)
Trick or treat, trick or treat... Do I look like something you would eat? Happy haloween everyone.. Check out hot new pics. Lyn xx
femness69 likes this
(9 minutes ago)
yes very nice mmmmmm
(7 minutes ago)
i could almost all the time... yummmm
(5 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 10:00 AM (34 minutes ago)
Early bird here. Where's that worm??
Uhhuh seb. Mornin' y'all!
(27 minutes ago)
It's out. Can you catch it?
(10 minutes ago)
I have ways Pin!
(7 minutes ago)
Wouldn't you rather have a snake?
(7 minutes ago)
Ohhhh hi snakey
(6 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 10:17 AM (17 minutes ago)
Hoping to fulfill one of my fantasies today !
Razor01 and silverbackaa like this
Sounds good,need a hand?
(16 minutes ago)
Morning.....which one?
(16 minutes ago)
Driving topless to a secluded place, parking up with windows/door open & waiting for a " stranger " to come along & play !
(11 minutes ago)
Have fun!
(11 minutes ago)
Make sure you post some pics.Love to see you suck your own tits with a strangers cum on them.
(8 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 10:24 AM (10 minutes ago)
halloween based cam show tonight or not
Of course!
(10 minutes ago)
Thu, 30-Oct-14 8:58 PM (13 hours ago)
Halloween party tomorrow.. Not sure what to wear.. Dont think naked & wearing a mask will cut it !
Burger80 and silverbackaa like this
Thanks bash.....Mrs SB has a plug with a tail attached.....found her costume!
(13 hours ago)
SB maybe you're right.. Naked, heels, mask & pony tail it is.. Trick or Treat ?
(12 hours ago)
Treat for sure....
(12 hours ago)
Ms SB here SuckownBoobs. We are going to have a lot of fun!
(12 hours ago)
Sure it would!
(10 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 10:23 AM (11 minutes ago)
Time for sme sexy Trick-or-Treating! What's your sexy costume?
Wed, 3-Sep-14 2:37 PM (57 days ago)
anyone want to get off in my mouth this morn
tripod1000 likes this
yea, wanna fill your mouth
(57 days ago)
Wish you were in Australia mmmm
(57 days ago)
I would happily cum into someones mouth
(57 days ago)
would love to..
(12 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 10:21 AM (13 minutes ago)
looking to get kinky with a guy or girl or couple
sounds fun
(12 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 8:50 AM (1 hour ago)
if i was in public and lifted up my skirt, what would you do?
ask if you know where I can find the best poblano peppers
(1 hour ago)
take pictures
(1 hour ago)
of top-notch poblano peppers?
(55 minutes ago)
smile and admire
(31 minutes ago)
Fuck your mouth while my wife eats your pussy.
(13 minutes ago)
Thu, 30-Oct-14 7:29 AM (1 day ago)
any girls up for size 10 dresses. i got conned by a relationship...First one to show herself gets them both
I'm a size 12
(1 day ago)
I'm usually a 4; ya know, it's almost Halloween
(1 day ago)
tis a real shame...and a surprise...fancy squeezing into a 10 Joanna?
(21 hours ago)
sorry not available any more..
(18 minutes ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 10:15 AM (18 minutes ago)
sorry girls.. she now wants me to keep them for her....
Fri, 31-Oct-14 10:14 AM (20 minutes ago)
bout to go put porn on the tv and fuck around with this hottie in my bed
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