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Fri, 27-Feb-15 4:11 PM (37 minutes ago)
Time for me to take a break from the world off NN,, back one day, just try and remember, the place should be about fun,,
Hopeit's onlya shortbreak xx
(23 minutes ago)
Enjoy your break and come back soon
(22 minutes ago)
come back soon.
(19 minutes ago)
hugs! we will miss you!
(18 minutes ago)
Take care Whokens....and let that camera run free during your break.
(0 minutes ago)
Fri, 27-Feb-15 4:36 PM (12 minutes ago)
I have Chinese food from Tuesday, do you think it's still good?
FiFi talkin nonsense. I eat reheated food all the time. Pretty much anything really up to three days old
(3 minutes ago)
to each their own... but I work in an operational capacity in food distribution ... just the rules one lives by
(2 minutes ago)
alright, here i go. wish me luck everybody!
(1 minute ago)
*says a prayer*
(0 minutes ago)
Make sure you can communicate with us when u are in the hospital.. )
(0 minutes ago)
Fri, 27-Feb-15 4:34 PM (14 minutes ago)
Sorry guys , I can't chat any more right now , I'm starting to cum and things are getting a little wet and sloppy here !!!!!!
I love how you can multi task!!! Enjoy
(13 minutes ago)
i like wet and sloppy
(10 minutes ago)
Well then you'd love my pussy right now ! I'm starting to relax a little bit after enjoying an incredible orgasm !
(5 minutes ago)
and are you a screamer,peggy?
(2 minutes ago)
I'm ussually more of a moaner , how about you "lyn" ?
(0 minutes ago)
Fri, 27-Feb-15 3:55 PM (53 minutes ago)
None Today !!
myylife likes this
that's a sin xx
(49 minutes ago)
G moanin UTG
(41 minutes ago)
Love ya lyn xxx
(1 minute ago)
Same to you Txs
(0 minutes ago)
Fri, 27-Feb-15 4:48 PM (1 minute ago)
home from work and ready to perv....which ladies should i perv at ??? 😛 x
Fri, 27-Feb-15 3:59 PM (49 minutes ago)
so is mushy good
MissLizzie likes this
your ability to type, as well, is commendable hun,multi tasking at it's best eh?
(29 minutes ago)
The chatting really got to me . I'm ready to cum any minute !
(28 minutes ago)
God I wish I had a nice big fat cock to ride !
(27 minutes ago)
see now i have to go look at pegs pix
(15 minutes ago)
I haven't read all the comments...define mushy please
(2 minutes ago)
Fri, 27-Feb-15 4:07 PM (41 minutes ago)
Coffee has given me unrealistic expectations of productivity......
less govmt is better govt. lol i don't need someone telling me how to live do you?
(17 minutes ago)
and, it was more a joke about the do nothing congress than anything else.
(16 minutes ago)
good to see ya naz
(11 minutes ago)
i guess it just wasn't funny, :/ feel free to delete my comments.
(7 minutes ago)
unlessa comment insults me or a friend they stay ... don't worry naz
(6 minutes ago)
Fri, 27-Feb-15 4:42 PM (6 minutes ago)
wish i knew how to upload a profile pic.
Fri, 27-Feb-15 3:45 PM (1 hour ago)
I love TOF! Kelly came through with the goods!
VTCali and MarkandLacey like this
*hides boobies*
(22 minutes ago)
its a blurred 975 then ,kell....
(20 minutes ago)
You would need about 14 hands to hide those boobies, FarvaBean...I volunteer 4 of mine.
(14 minutes ago)
or just my mouth mark
(10 minutes ago)
4? I dont want to know! you going to put both of them in your mouth at the same time naz
(7 minutes ago)
Fri, 27-Feb-15 4:41 PM (7 minutes ago)
i m wishing , my neighbor Stephany would come over and give me head / vise versa
Fri, 27-Feb-15 4:39 PM (10 minutes ago)
bored and horny......
Fri, 27-Feb-15 4:23 PM (26 minutes ago)
Afternoon all
JohnDoe_2000 likes this
Off work forthree days so going to chillon my long weekendtomm
(16 minutes ago)
soundslike fun, how many times will you get off in three days lol
(15 minutes ago)
That depends on Hubby Lol
(14 minutes ago)
well tell him to take his vitamins lol
(13 minutes ago)
I make sure he takes them every morning
(11 minutes ago)
Fri, 27-Feb-15 4:27 PM (21 minutes ago)
Gotta go for now, be back later
hi and bye Adam
(14 minutes ago)
muah! see you later sexy pants
(12 minutes ago)
Fri, 27-Feb-15 4:31 PM (17 minutes ago)
Ausual, perving here after a good 5k run. rather sweaty I am
I admire your energy hun xxx
(16 minutes ago)
I dont think I have run 5k, in total, in my entire life
(14 minutes ago)
5 klicks every other day for ticker. helps keep the blood flowing to all the right places
(14 minutes ago)
its a phallusy hun....
(12 minutes ago)
Fri, 27-Feb-15 4:27 PM (21 minutes ago)
My fingers are busy teasing my clit and I'm ready to let loose with a gush of warm sweet juices !
JohnDoe_2000 and BraGirl like this
MMM sounds tasty
(21 minutes ago)
great pussy you have
(20 minutes ago)
A little too much sexy chat and I got a little to caught up ! Just kinda lost control !
(19 minutes ago)
well now im hard looking at your pics,
(18 minutes ago)
losing control is good
(17 minutes ago)
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