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Fri, 4-Sep-15 10:22 AM (2 minutes ago)
Ive added a blog to keep dubblestrubble happy.
grogged and bloated.
(0 minutes ago)
Fri, 4-Sep-15 9:58 AM (26 minutes ago)
Friday n abit horny
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just a bit? NN will make it more than just a bit
(23 minutes ago)
snap arnt we all tessa x
(20 minutes ago)
Only a bit? What, a little bit or a big bit?
(7 minutes ago)
...if a little, please contact lyns for an appointment; this is the 21C: let's consign "a little" to the past
(1 minute ago)
Fri, 4-Sep-15 9:54 AM (29 minutes ago)
yawn i supose i should get out of bed as its 11 am here
Maybe yes, maybe no: depends on what you plan to do with your day. In general, though, getting out of bed is overrated.
(14 minutes ago)
well its a rare friday off work so just nice and chilled and i woke up at 9am switched laptop on ans nn and this is as far as ive got lol
(6 minutes ago)
Fri, 4-Sep-15 9:02 AM (1 hour ago)
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good morning
(1 hour ago)
(58 minutes ago)
good morning
(54 minutes ago)
here's to a great weekend too
(52 minutes ago)
Gooooood morning to you too
(6 minutes ago)
Fri, 4-Sep-15 10:11 AM (13 minutes ago)
You dirty stinkin' rats... (said in a James Cagney voice)
I prefer the new Arnie line 'nice to see you......... get out'
(8 minutes ago)
Fri, 4-Sep-15 9:49 AM (35 minutes ago)
going to suck another man off for my husband this afternoon
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wish it could be me
(33 minutes ago)
Hmmmmm where's the que forming?
(13 minutes ago)
odd that infidelity can bolster intimacy with one's spouse
(12 minutes ago)
All depends upon the individuals within the relationship, different horses for different courses
(11 minutes ago)
Fri, 4-Sep-15 10:12 AM (11 minutes ago)
everyone have a freakin sexy Friday
Fri, 4-Sep-15 8:02 AM (2 hours ago)
Damn, need to get my clothes on and go out so toodles for now
Tara for now - have a good day.
(2 hours ago)
dont forget too recycle box
(1 hour ago)
The box is going to the top of a cubboard, just in case, but might do another box picture later........
(12 minutes ago)
Fri, 4-Sep-15 9:39 AM (44 minutes ago)
hey to all here
iam not scared iam proud ! smile
(27 minutes ago)
lol good
(25 minutes ago)
very very sexy!
(24 minutes ago)
no time for just one or two pics soon
(20 minutes ago)
ohhhhhhh but you are really hot
(18 minutes ago)
Fri, 4-Sep-15 9:28 AM (56 minutes ago)
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(56 minutes ago)
(56 minutes ago)
hope you all have a great weekend
(52 minutes ago)
sometimes the only thing worse than not having a job is having a job
(31 minutes ago)
very true star
(28 minutes ago)
Fri, 4-Sep-15 3:53 AM (6 hours ago)
(6 hours ago)
(6 hours ago)
(6 hours ago)
Beautiful, Shy.
(6 hours ago)
(32 minutes ago)
Fri, 4-Sep-15 4:05 AM (6 hours ago)
Good Night Newbies Sending Our Thoughts Prayers to Mr DC and Family
Night Undi
(6 hours ago)
Good NNight
(6 hours ago)
Good NNight, Underdog. Beautiful flowers and beautiful thoughts.
(6 hours ago)
NNIGT Sexy bestest...lovely flowers
(5 hours ago)
I'm sending them too UD. A beautiful lady inside and out. She will be missed by so many.
(32 minutes ago)
Fri, 4-Sep-15 7:36 AM (2 hours ago)
Friday done work-wise. Woot woot.
Hi Tall Dark, drink of ' oh so delicious ' water. ..long passionate kisses
(1 hour ago)
Thanks Arty. Funny you say that. We had staff photos at work today and everyone was taking the piss out of be for my supposed "bedroom eyes". You had to be there.
(1 hour ago)
Hi there sexy Canuck. This IS a treat seeing you this time of night.
(1 hour ago)
they re just jealous....i think they can be both tho
(36 minutes ago)
Lol. It's the guys. We wind each other up all day. lol.
(34 minutes ago)
Fri, 4-Sep-15 4:13 AM (6 hours ago)
I'm going to make a blog with as many profile pic tributes to MrsDC as I can. Please PM me your pic to be sure that I get as many as possible. Thanks.
It's an honor and it feels good to be able to do something, heydid.
(5 hours ago)
(5 hours ago)
What a fantastic idea JG: ) xx
(1 hour ago)
I'm sending pms out and pasting the message from Lacey
(1 hour ago)
Sent lovely lady... A beautiful idea, and I re-sized mine to save you doing it.xx
(45 minutes ago)
Fri, 4-Sep-15 9:03 AM (1 hour ago)
Hmmmm, time to post some new stuff
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go for it
(55 minutes ago)
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