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Wed, 1-Oct-14 10:18 PM (1 minute ago)
sooooo horny right now
Wed, 1-Oct-14 10:08 PM (11 minutes ago)
Before I go remember: hugs cure most things
Big10bi likes this
(5 minutes ago)
Aaw wodes,I'll take your word on that redvs.
(5 minutes ago)
Big hugs to you xx
(5 minutes ago)
bye hun .. big hugs..xx
(4 minutes ago)
Hi and bye isme,thanks Pin and hello Big10bi up in the corner.
(2 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Oct-14 9:21 PM (58 minutes ago)
Ocsober? you kidding right? 1, octoberfest, 2, my berth munth, 3, possible wake, 4, Race day ..... you got buckleys boi of bein Ocsober
Oh mean I gotta share my berth munth with you??!!
(31 minutes ago)
yes ! ....
(25 minutes ago)
How did you do that moving emote?
(17 minutes ago)
= : dance:
(16 minutes ago)
*cries* And here I was, thinking that this would be the year I got something special for my birthday......
(8 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Oct-14 9:55 PM (24 minutes ago)
Evenin nudes
Mornin Thuck
(23 minutes ago)
Not nude, but 'elle
(22 minutes ago)
Heyup you two
(9 minutes ago)
Evening how's everything?
(9 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Oct-14 10:01 PM (18 minutes ago)
Any ladies in college station/Bryan Texas areas want to grab a drink and have some fun tonight?
I'ma change my name to Bryan Texas ...... well every thing is bigger on Texas
(17 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Oct-14 9:54 PM (25 minutes ago)
Hey NN friends, how are we all tonight?
good .... seeing as the sun is up
(23 minutes ago)
Haha lucky you, sun has gone here
(19 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Oct-14 9:53 PM (25 minutes ago)
right i'm gone, not sure when i'll be back so i'll see ya when i see ya..... damn right before face pic friday too. now you'll never know how beautiful i am take care guys
I already know
(24 minutes ago)
And give me your premium before you leave!!!
(22 minutes ago)
See ya jaggy
(20 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Oct-14 9:55 PM (24 minutes ago)
Posting pics.
dcshoe9 likes this
love them all
(23 minutes ago)
so hot love that body, cum ride my cock
(20 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Oct-14 9:37 PM (42 minutes ago)
woderwick liked the cam show of FudgeGuy
redvs4u and FudgeGuy like this
I could just eat a curry but not the mint
(29 minutes ago)
redvs4u liked that woderwick liked that redvs4u liked that woderwick liked the cam show of FudgeGuy
(29 minutes ago)
I told you Wonce
(29 minutes ago)
I told you wonce you son of bitch, I'm the best there's ever been *fiddle riff*
(27 minutes ago)
the went down to Georgia lookin for a sole to steal ........ I gave him my boots
(24 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Oct-14 8:51 PM (1 hour ago)
Trying out Premium, what should I do first?!
I found camming to be pretty fun lol
(59 minutes ago)
He's ALIVE ...... yes cams can be fuNN
(56 minutes ago)
Try the videos too.
(45 minutes ago)
Run and go see Kirkj's picture in super big mode!!!
(25 minutes ago)
just don't fall in
(24 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Oct-14 5:21 PM (4 hours ago)
feeling extra horny this afternoon!
"like" on the M&L comment (wish we had a "like" button!)
(4 hours ago)
Stay that way I shall be over erectly...I mean directly xxx
(4 hours ago)
Me too, what do you plan to do about it........
(4 hours ago)
(4 hours ago)
Allways horny dick stays hard.
(25 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Oct-14 9:43 PM (35 minutes ago)
redvs4u liked the cam show of FudgeGuy
woderwick, FudgeGuy and coldfish1 like this
woderwick liked that redvs4u liked the cam of FudgeGuy
(34 minutes ago)
Liked that wodes and redvs liked the cam show of FudgeGuy
(31 minutes ago)
FudgeGuy likes all of this too
(30 minutes ago)
LOL. Hello SEB and Fudge
(29 minutes ago)
Hi redvs
(25 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Oct-14 9:48 PM (31 minutes ago)
Home again! !!! and Alive and survivor is on. This is what my night consists of.
life in the fast lane,babe?
(26 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Oct-14 9:10 PM (1 hour ago)
any guys want to have a nasty chat about my wife? PM me now!
Hi. Does your wife know about her pic being here?
(43 minutes ago)
that was very nasty mark,
(37 minutes ago)
yes mark she does.
(26 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Oct-14 9:12 PM (1 hour ago)
i think i may have to leave here again soon
believe it or not but you're not the first person to tell me that. i bet you've heard it a few times as well?
(34 minutes ago)
I lived in his office every week ... i just about needed a tent in reception
(33 minutes ago)
I am sorry to see this but if you might be getting back together and she would no be happy that you are here , you should do what you think best.
(32 minutes ago)
red she would pin my balls to my forehead haha. take care and thanks for welcoming me back it's nice knowing i wasn't forgotten
(28 minutes ago)
Well THAT is not a pleasant image!!!! LOL. Of course you are not forgotten
(28 minutes ago)
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