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Mon, 8-Feb-16 1:52 AM (0 minutes ago)
Can't reply to any Pm's untill tomorrow Thanks for all the love though guys
Mon, 8-Feb-16 12:54 AM (58 minutes ago)
for a monday morning it is rather relaxing here ...mornin all
steelrat60 likes this
ah right.......you dont like it i gather or not a fan of it ?
(30 minutes ago)
I am not, flitt... I have very little interest in sport. I'd rather be in the woods
(26 minutes ago)
heydidyagrabmyass likes this
Be thankful you won't have to deal with one your city. This week was a total fucking mess and I don't even live in SF
(24 minutes ago)
Hi there flitt
(19 minutes ago)
Morning bee
(1 minute ago)
Mon, 8-Feb-16 12:26 AM (1 hour ago)
Go Broncos!!!
LOL why not hun?
(1 hour ago)
I'm not a Bronco fan
(1 hour ago)
shaqila likes this
As long as you still "like" me it's all good
(1 hour ago)
heydidyagrabmyass likes this
LIKE? That's not the word I would use, more like LOVE
(16 minutes ago)
Hey Shaq ..
(1 minute ago)
Mon, 8-Feb-16 1:38 AM (15 minutes ago)
Snow snow, go away...come again some other day! Perhaps one when I have to work!!
Hi there nbi
(3 minutes ago)
Mon, 8-Feb-16 1:40 AM (12 minutes ago)
Watching the halftime show with a musician..."He is not playing that guitar...why is he even trying to pretend to play that bass? Yeah, he's not playing that piano, gah!"
(11 minutes ago)
You're doing the SAME thing, aren't you?
(11 minutes ago)
Yep, but its coldplay what do you expect
(10 minutes ago)
You would think since it is sync work, the sound would be better.
(5 minutes ago)
Mon, 8-Feb-16 1:32 AM (20 minutes ago)
Just so you know, those people cheering and molesting Chris Martin, were part of a cattle call. They do not get to see the game for free either
They should for having to suffer thru that crappy music set!
(17 minutes ago)
It was fun watching B dance but the sound system sucks!
(10 minutes ago)
After the last week here, this is the least over produced thing I have seen and sound is not very important to the NFL
(9 minutes ago)
Mon, 8-Feb-16 1:42 AM (10 minutes ago)
My ideal body' weight is yours. on mine
Sun, 7-Feb-16 11:32 PM (2 hours ago)
If you knew a couple and one if them gave you oral sex dies it make it difficult to carry on a friendship with them both?
heydidyagrabmyass likes this
Depends on if he did a good job....
(1 hour ago)
Yes very good
(1 hour ago)
not if he was taking the pictures while she was sucking my cock
(17 minutes ago)
Mon, 8-Feb-16 1:32 AM (21 minutes ago)
I'm off to rub some miracle pain butter on shegotts legs... Her naked legs
is that ur own special hand churned butter?
(19 minutes ago)
Beat me to it hey
(18 minutes ago)
Is it a Homemade Cumcoction ? Have Fun you two
(18 minutes ago)
steelrat60 likes this
Hi there and cya later
(17 minutes ago)
Mon, 8-Feb-16 12:35 AM (1 hour ago)
Bud Light is lamer than the people running for President
I prefer Miller Lite
(1 hour ago)
amancalledpony likes this
Now you know the real reason they breed all those clydesdales....
(1 hour ago)
both brands are part of a global brewing conglomerate... I refuse to give em any money
(1 hour ago)
tis why i brew my own
(17 minutes ago)
Mon, 8-Feb-16 12:16 AM (1 hour ago)
Ok so I'm watching my first superbowl in about 15 years. I have no idea who is the stronger team are but I'm guessing Broncos ?
heydidyagrabmyass likes this
Actually, the Panthers have had the better season. The Broncos are the underdogs.
(1 hour ago)
I'll shout for the Broncos In that case
(1 hour ago)
MieleGattina and im_hard like this
I wanna see my man Peyton go out as a champ...but I'm just glad he's playing. If the Broncos win, Peyton will have the record for most career wins for any QB
(1 hour ago)
pretty sure it's the utah lakers
(1 hour ago)
RoxanneS and LOVEXXXPORN like this
I give up, to many adverts, to many suits. A fake crowd and fake musicians at the half time show. I'll take rugby all day
(20 minutes ago)
Mon, 8-Feb-16 1:09 AM (44 minutes ago)
why do bees hum???????????? cuz they dont know the words.......
chronicbon2 and amancalledpony like this
The punishment for mimes in Ankh-Morpork is to be cast into a scorpion pit with a sign reading "Learn the words"
(39 minutes ago)
just don't tell them to buzz off..they get madder than...dare I say hornets.Hi there kid
(20 minutes ago)
Mon, 8-Feb-16 1:22 AM (30 minutes ago)
At the half it's Denver 13 Carolina 7
shaqila, MissLizzie and LOVEXXXPORN like this
this is the most football i have ever watched. yawn fest
(24 minutes ago)
I'm not bored yet
(23 minutes ago)
(22 minutes ago)
(21 minutes ago)
Mon, 8-Feb-16 1:20 AM (33 minutes ago)
no other websites or chat sites are allowed in status, that is all. perv on you pervs
heydidyagrabmyass likes this
there are others?
(32 minutes ago)
luvs2show likes this
not for me
(30 minutes ago)
Mon, 8-Feb-16 1:21 AM (31 minutes ago)
Sorry , we just want a little recognition. Lol
you are recognized
(31 minutes ago)
enoughtogoround likes this
P.m us lol
(31 minutes ago)
what should I say?
(30 minutes ago)
recognized ;}
(30 minutes ago)
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