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Sat, 23-May-15 3:26 AM (3 hours ago)
I wish some of these sexy men that are uncut would show more foreskin...just pull it a bit back on the head..don't cover it..that is so HOT!!..
Chuck-22 and coldfish1 like this
Hhhmmmm......that may have to be worked out then!
(2 hours ago)
umm ok love
(2 hours ago)
I'd better take notes then, for if I ever feel up to taking photos
(2 hours ago)
thanks for the tip
(1 hour ago)
Aliciajade. Sorry no foreskin here, not by choice though.
(2 minutes ago)
Thu, 21-May-15 12:13 PM (1 day ago)
Happy Birthday to me I know what I would rrwlly love today as a pressie!
Artistic and LuLusBakery like this
Congrats :redeyeys:
(1 day ago)
Thank you Artistic love the voice greeting-
(1 day ago)
Happy birthday!
(1 day ago)
Thanks myagirl555.
(3 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-May-15 6:59 AM (13 minutes ago)
Gym session, beer session, boobs session. In that exact order.
Hi sexy one
(13 minutes ago)
lol , i thought we had something jade
(11 minutes ago)
Lol. You guys. I am stiff as a board from touch football on Thursday night. I need to get some lactic acid out of my aching leg muscles.
(9 minutes ago)
(9 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-May-15 5:54 AM (1 hour ago)
I have a new book on S.erial This means it's time to curl up in bed and crack that book open. xoxoxoxoox
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night gorgeous tighty hugs and soft kisses
(1 hour ago)
good night sexy
(1 hour ago)
I don't remember the guy's name but I am fascinated by the story of the America's first (known) serial slayer. He had a special hotel built which was optimized to conduct his crimes.
(46 minutes ago)
Just finished a book on the Mafia. Absolutely fascinating the lives they lead.
(17 minutes ago)
Hi Tighty, I`d love to crack your crack open when you curl up in bed..........yum, yum
(10 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-May-15 6:34 AM (39 minutes ago)
Time for bed! Goodnight NNers.
NNight Rick. ...sweet dreams sexy
(33 minutes ago)
Night alicia, play nice tonight! or naughty!
(32 minutes ago)
Ggnight Rickshaw. I will look after AJ. Trust me.
(12 minutes ago)
(12 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-May-15 6:36 AM (36 minutes ago)
wow this site is really boring tonight, and this is why they will never get a dime from me..
i often write a letter of complaint to companies that dont provide the right level of service ....... that i dont pay for
(24 minutes ago)
whatever jade, when its slow its slow maybe ill write a ten page "about me " page like you..
(24 minutes ago)
Ohhhhhh snap like to see that
(23 minutes ago)
ok let me get this straight alicia, im going to drift off to bed with ericas spray all over my face,.,.
(17 minutes ago)
Awwee read it .... well sweet dreams kvan....
(15 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-May-15 6:23 AM (50 minutes ago)
ok hubby gone back to work home alone agian
london36male and _acheron like this
shucks b
(47 minutes ago)
What are you going to do now?
(46 minutes ago)
you are just too far..
(46 minutes ago)
I'm sneaking over now
(26 minutes ago)
See you in ten. I will treat you to a massage.
(18 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-May-15 6:39 AM (34 minutes ago)
hmmm what to do for my bday in a few weeks....
u can come build my privacy fence for me..
(21 minutes ago)
15th June me. Bloody Geminis are eveywhere.
(20 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-May-15 5:01 AM (2 hours ago)
Chuck-22 likes this
Hi sexy and beautiful AJ xoxox hugs and soft kisses
(28 minutes ago)
Love ur avatar
(27 minutes ago)
really oh ok taa
(26 minutes ago)
Why do you sound surprised? you know i love teasing profile pics
(23 minutes ago)
not surprised love glad you do
(22 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-May-15 6:26 AM (46 minutes ago)
Just curious pali, why are you responding to all of this 3 year old statuses?
not everyone is aware of how status works and the live feed ..... my guess is that they have pulled up the persons profile and just clicked on the status tab ( does seem a bit pointless though )
(43 minutes ago)
You are probably right showy.
(39 minutes ago)
Well he is only answering one profile at least lol....Hi Rick
(34 minutes ago)
(24 minutes ago)
Sat, 25-Feb-12 9:02 PM (1182 days ago)
I am sitting on here waiting for someone to come and fuck me really hard and cum in my mouth any offers ?
Teeroy79 likes this
pm me
(1182 days ago)
haha, Yorkshire a bit better than Australia hey?............Could fly though?????
(1182 days ago)
yer working here to !!!!!! normally a couple of hours closer to london
(1182 days ago)
I will
(1182 days ago)
Count with me!
(47 minutes ago)
Fri, 22-May-15 9:12 AM (22 hours ago)
i could use a nice gentle overpowering b/j right now.. preferably by a female mouth
megstar likes this
that's a long term wish..never enuf eh?
(49 minutes ago)
Fri, 10-Aug-12 11:36 PM (1015 days ago)
mail me guys over 45 love older guys
I hate getting fee mail
(1015 days ago)
You always take things in a direction I would never think of Bul...nicely done.
(1015 days ago)
I'm over 45 and I am the the mail man. What do you need?
(1015 days ago)
would love to nail you
(992 days ago)
...and i love you...
(50 minutes ago)
Sat, 27-Oct-12 11:32 AM (937 days ago)
Thinking I should post face pic but really not sure any advice
Ive done it ...but it scared the bejeez outta have to feel pretty dam comfy to do it
(937 days ago)
depends if your comfortable with the idea then why not but you wont be able to delete it as not a prem need a friendly pix mod to help then
(937 days ago)
Wish I could see (and not only to see) Your face (and Your nice full naked body) personal...
(51 minutes ago)
Sun, 9-Dec-12 1:30 AM (895 days ago)
God I'm so horny right now i could handle 3 guys
(895 days ago)
Volunteer here,,,
(895 days ago)
Mmm looks like its turning into a party
(895 days ago)
ok cum onnn then lets see what ur made of...
(829 days ago)
You may handle me 3 and more times...thru the all weekend
(52 minutes ago)
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