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Tue, 17-Jan-17 11:26 AM (1 hour ago)
now i got a craving for chicken thai curry... anyone else use curry paste? red, yellow or green?
Darwinesque likes this
try it if you like mild, i use eco raw sugar,,, but maybe their are other ways to get it mild if you dont want sugar?
(56 minutes ago)
It's pretty easy to make a green curry from scratch as well with fresh ingredients...
(45 minutes ago)
aussieguy1981 likes this
fresh ingredients?? i dont know the spices... i think paste is great
(42 minutes ago)
Arti - you got mail!
(4 minutes ago)
having a look ringer
(2 minutes ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 12:49 PM (4 minutes ago)
Should I go to the gym, or browse NN. decisions decisions.
Treadmill at the gym ...nn on the phone at the same time ...your welcome
(3 minutes ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 10:49 AM (2 hours ago)
Request a photo, anything you want to see.
take a photo next to a pidgeon. go on, i dare ya!
(34 minutes ago)
game76 likes this
a photo of you licking yer elbow
(33 minutes ago)
Artistic and game76 like this
cant get my elbow,cant anyone
(7 minutes ago)
well if it was easy, Id take the pic myself! lol
(6 minutes ago)
Okay, you'll need to run by a hardware store and get the following: roofing tar, duct tape, a pipe snake, and a variable speed drill.
(3 minutes ago)
Darwinesque likes this
Tue, 17-Jan-17 12:34 PM (19 minutes ago)
Time for some coffee and a quick bit of pervcrastination. Mornin' all
Good morning sir xx
(17 minutes ago)
Priceless advice aussieguy. Already have some of my own sexy buns x, good afternoon mrs metal xx
(16 minutes ago)
Its Mrs metal !! Big kisses and pinch on the bum and put my face in your boobs and go brrrrrr and more big kisses x
(11 minutes ago)
And Adam I'm here to help cheers
(10 minutes ago)
curiousAdam likes this
(8 minutes ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 12:21 PM (33 minutes ago)
Oh jeezus mate you've opened up a can of worms here
well, it is dinner time here
(24 minutes ago)
Gday expo
(21 minutes ago)
mr.expo likes this
eww, i have a can of apricots much better
(21 minutes ago)
mr.expo likes this
Apricots are nice I agree ...but worms are nicer on a toasted sandwich
(19 minutes ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 12:19 PM (34 minutes ago)
Just realised I left my pants at home ...I'll just be sitting bare bummed over at the bar if anyone wants to chat
sdredd922 and iowawantit like this
Hiya Aussie
(32 minutes ago)
Hiya girl ..what's happening in your world
(29 minutes ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 12:01 PM (52 minutes ago)
Wish I could run into my old secondary school maths teacher just so I could tell her that actually I was right and calculus has never become a vital necessity in my life to date.
nosanity likes this
She's probably dead!!!
(45 minutes ago)
Darwinesque likes this
mine is alive n kicking at "retirement home"
(40 minutes ago)
lol Mrs F. she probably is. She probably died in some bizarre set of circumstances that advanced trigonometry could possibly have saved her but she only knew calculus....ohh the irony lol
(36 minutes ago)
DubbleStrubble and Mrs. F. like this
Have to say I don't recall using much of that "absolutely necessary" algebra stuff since my last exam!
(35 minutes ago)
Darwinesque likes this
Tue, 17-Jan-17 12:09 PM (45 minutes ago)
Seems to me that people would learn to be respectful and not try to cause drama lol what a pity
oldozzieguy likes this
some people just thrive on it and can't survive without drama. Pity.
(42 minutes ago)
Fuknfreak2 likes this
"general rule of life"
(39 minutes ago)
DubbleStrubble and Fuknfreak2 like this
Tue, 17-Jan-17 9:59 AM (2 hours ago)
Money for nuffink and chicks for free
(1 hour ago)
Now that ain't working, that's the way you do it........
(1 hour ago)
yeh didnt you know maraff, you missed out on all them chicks
(1 hour ago)
Yes, took the money instead,probably a wise move,with hindsight.
(1 hour ago)
hehhe, how my lovely friend xx
(58 minutes ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 8:37 AM (4 hours ago)
Just another day like any other
Well, good evening Tiggy then
(3 hours ago)
(3 hours ago)
Morning tiggy
(3 hours ago)
good morning all
(3 hours ago)
Good morning
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 10:52 AM (2 hours ago)
I'm about ready to pass out...thank you to the guys that left comments on the pics I just uploaded...Night sexy people
Fuknfreak2 likes this
goodnight my dear friend. hope to catch you sometime when we are both more awake. xoxo
(2 hours ago)
That would be very nice my sexy friend...kisses
(1 hour ago)
Always love your pics Adele very beautiful woman
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 9:43 AM (3 hours ago)
Pervin NN at work in my darkened corner of the world
bad lad
(1 hour ago)
powermanp3 likes this
Tue, 17-Jan-17 8:56 AM (3 hours ago)
Having to work with 2 women tonite really puts a damper on my at work perving
mnply18, rhinostool and sdredd922 like this
Thought you profile established you as "boss",....hmmmm, PC destroyed the fun being one of those too
(3 hours ago)
fletcherdogg likes this
Lol I didn't see that part on my profile lol
(3 hours ago)
Might need to blog about that one mnply 200 words won't get it
(2 hours ago)
I'm guessing you're not in the porn industry then?
(2 hours ago)
but shouldnt you be working
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 10:42 AM (2 hours ago)
Have a most wonderful day today
ty you to xxx
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 7:10 AM (5 hours ago)
I'm probably becoming a broken record but.....51 days smoke free today hello sexy sexy people
Am sure you can do it xxx
(2 hours ago)
AdeleGingerRaine likes this
Whooooo hooooooo New pics too
(2 hours ago)
AdeleGingerRaine likes this
thank you for the comments on my new pics sexy dog
(2 hours ago)
dog_tired likes this
Thank YOU for the sexy new pics. Been too long. You have great Ginger
(2 hours ago)
what a great lass
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 11:31 AM (1 hour ago)
I like being waxed. Cock & balls are soooo smooth.
Tue, 17-Jan-17 9:58 AM (2 hours ago)
home alone and horny you know whats next
mrharddong, rhinostool and MRPAUK. like this
Sure do. Jerk session!
(2 hours ago)
want to chat
(2 hours ago)
allways ready to talk
(2 hours ago)
^^ send them my way if you don't want them
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 8:47 AM (4 hours ago)
MorNNing all
rhinostool likes this
Morning darling D, how's ya doing? xxxx
(2 hours ago)
Heya Metal xx am ok hon & you ??
(2 hours ago)
Good thanks, big hugs x
(1 hour ago)
hi damian love, sent you a message xx
(1 hour ago)
hey damian xx
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 9:25 AM (3 hours ago)
I mainly miss premium for no limit to PM's I am all out of replies....again
rhinostool likes this
Yep the IM at the bottom is great Artistic
(3 hours ago)
hopefully its to be used on phone soon
(2 hours ago)
I guess I need to learn how to use I'm. I am behind
(2 hours ago)
IM only work on PC i think
(1 hour ago)
if they are your friends use im
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 11:02 AM (1 hour ago)
Why can people not reply to a private message.
They ar so shy........
(1 hour ago)
mrharddong likes this
they get a lot?have they opened it?
(1 hour ago)
Not sure guys appreciate how many pms women get here *brushes tumbleweed from inbox*
(1 hour ago)
can always se in sent box if the pm is opened
(1 hour ago)
maybe they just dont want to
(1 hour ago)
imnotreallyhere2 likes this
Tue, 17-Jan-17 9:29 AM (3 hours ago)
need to make a pot of coffee, BRB, any takers? bring your own [_]D
On the way. Plane taking off now
(2 hours ago)
oh no more work then
(2 hours ago)
fletcherdogg likes this
Hi sexy Artistic
(2 hours ago)
Coffee? At this hour? It's 5:30 am. Time for a stiff drink and bed......... oh wait - maybe that is just me?
(2 hours ago)
hey agr, nippy ehh ...dog its noon here
(1 hour ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 8:31 AM (4 hours ago)
Evening all - how are all you pervs this fine day?
fletcherdogg and rhinostool like this
Good, thanks! How are you?
(4 hours ago)
mnply18 likes this
I'm pretty good breezebaby24. All the better for seeing your most recent posts
(4 hours ago)
Evening to ya
(2 hours ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 10:28 AM (2 hours ago)
I like when people look at pics of my wife. Turns me on
rhinostool and MRPAUK. like this
Tue, 17-Jan-17 4:34 AM (8 hours ago)
"What is good for the Goose is good for the Ganda ... before you dish out, make sure you are able to take it when it comes back your way ..." Wishing everybody a beautiful Tuesday ... love and kisses.
I hope everything is okay!
(7 hours ago)
SunGod_dess likes this
Hope you are having a good day Sun
(6 hours ago)
SunGod_dess likes this
why not just say what you are thinking its obviously not just a passing comment
(6 hours ago)
You know what's good for the goose? A hot oven, potatoes and carrots.
(5 hours ago)
SunGod_dess and mr.expo like this
(2 hours ago)
Tue, 17-Jan-17 9:46 AM (3 hours ago)
Good morning.
rhinostool likes this
Good morning
(2 hours ago)
Good morning sexy blue
(2 hours ago)
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