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Thu, 18-Sep-14 7:33 AM (3 minutes ago)
Good Night NN!
Night BGman...sweet dreams
(2 minutes ago)
Nice teasing avatar btw
(1 minute ago)
Thu, 18-Sep-14 7:23 AM (14 minutes ago)
Sleepless night, horny as fuck and he is at work. Blah!!!!!
scorpion54 likes this
I wish i was there.....
(11 minutes ago)
sounds like nn can help with that
(9 minutes ago)
how can I be of help?
(4 minutes ago)
Sleepless night, horny as fuck and away with work!
(3 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Sep-14 4:44 AM (2 hours ago)
Showalina Showakova has a big decision to make . One that could change Scotlands future forever ................ NEW PIC UPLOADED
lennyknatural likes this
ummmm....who's showlina?????
(2 hours ago)
hi candy ..... my Ukrainian Supermodel cousin , she is staying in the UK until she gets deported . She kindly agreed to post some Scottish Referendum Pics in my gallery
(2 hours ago)
Must have missed those
(2 hours ago)
I will admit the pics are not that sexy , but they are fun
(1 hour ago)
Nothing wrong with fun pics,morning Showy
(5 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Sep-14 5:51 AM (1 hour ago)
For both often do you view videos and what do you view if any?
4 more gigs and I still worry about going over...used to have a BB..he said changing to an Android was like going from a Beetle to a souped up sports car lol
(1 hour ago)
mine is android too ..... glad I am on unlimited
(1 hour ago)
I am as long as I stay in my home lol...besides know my eyes are bad so I don't take it out during the day anyways
(1 hour ago)
I haven't watched any videos recently but maybe i will now i'm premium again.
(8 minutes ago)
It's hard to find good ones...most guys masturbate at the speed of light...whatever happened to teasing videos
(6 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Sep-14 5:16 AM (2 hours ago)
Did someone lock the door to status?
I squeeeeezed through the cat flap
(2 hours ago)
Oh yes, the cat flap, that's how the pussy gets in here.
(2 hours ago)
*tosseslenny the key..."yep,just did
(2 hours ago)
Hmmm, wonder if I could sell the key on an internet auction
(2 hours ago)
Hi lenny.
(7 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Sep-14 6:08 AM (1 hour ago)
What time does it pick up slow...feels like I am the only one here
chicken999 likes this
Not only two, I can assure you
(1 hour ago)
ok,,,3 then lol...hello
(1 hour ago)
Howdy, Candy!
(1 hour ago)
Hi Candy i'm just lurking for a bit.
(11 minutes ago)
Hi seb
(10 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Sep-14 6:20 AM (1 hour ago)
is it normal to come home from work and come on here straight away
WhiteKitty and ADVENTURE4U like this
Us, I am quite often logged on throughout my workday as well
(1 hour ago)
So am I. Occasionaly
(1 hour ago)
Yes. While telling her you've been thinking all day about doing just that.
(1 hour ago)
no, get a
(50 minutes ago)
i agree
(14 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Sep-14 6:47 AM (49 minutes ago)
New pic, more of the same really. Need suggestions.
open jeans pushed slightly down showing just so much...boxerbriefs hand just inserted..caption "wish this were your hand"
(39 minutes ago)
heheh nice there candykisses
(32 minutes ago)
Hmm, might see what I can come up with
(31 minutes ago)
Kiwiw knows exactly what I mean...hi Kiwi
(28 minutes ago)
Ello there
(28 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Sep-14 7:01 AM (36 minutes ago)
Thu, 18-Sep-14 6:20 AM (1 hour ago)
Some new(artistic) pix uploaded. Comments as always welcomed!!!
chicken999 and WhiteKitty like this
Thu, 18-Sep-14 6:01 AM (1 hour ago)
Goodnight Sexy NNers....Have FuNN....
Night rockhard..sweet dreams
(1 hour ago)
Goodnight and thanks
(1 hour ago)
Wed, 17-Sep-14 7:03 AM (1 day ago)
Any guys near Worksop looking for sex meet Friday after 13.00
Shame your not free today !!
(1 day ago)
You live close bye
(1 day ago)
Can get there around 12!!
(1 day ago)
Pm me ur number plz
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 18-Sep-14 5:38 AM (1 hour ago)
new vid up a comment
*hands Jack a hammer
(1 hour ago)
a hammer??
(1 hour ago)
inside joke ...sorry
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 18-Sep-14 5:35 AM (2 hours ago)
Sweet taste is best but if I can't have that....unflavored will do just fine ...hi all
Hi Jack
(1 hour ago)
Hey Kisses xoxo
(1 hour ago)
heu sexy red
(1 hour ago)
love that profile pic candy
(1 hour ago)
thanks Jack
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 18-Sep-14 5:30 AM (2 hours ago)
howdy friends
(2 hours ago)
anything going on tonight?
(2 hours ago)
Looks like a slow spot at the moment
(2 hours ago)
(2 hours ago)
Hi Jack
(2 hours ago)
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