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Sat, 23-Aug-14 3:12 PM (8 minutes ago)
i'm pervcrastinating...i m not so ashamed
wildm likes this
why THANK YOU moose...just learned a new word today i DO it ALL the time kinda nice to know its common enough to have a NAME i doff my chapeau to you Good Sir
(6 minutes ago)
YW...but i can't claim to be the originator..use it in good health
(3 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-Aug-14 2:20 PM (1 hour ago)
ok just had to ask,what is your favourite pice of old clothing that you love
I have a black tank top that I think makes my boobs look good... I wear it often! lol
(55 minutes ago)
my jacket is over 10 years old lol
(54 minutes ago)
Thanks for the new pics ley!
(8 minutes ago)
I still have some old concert T shirts from my favorite bands.
(7 minutes ago)
yw xx
(7 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-Aug-14 3:05 PM (15 minutes ago)
wanna have some fun ....
scorpion54 likes this
Me too......
(11 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-Aug-14 2:03 PM (1 hour ago)
<-------- REALLY wishes she were camping right about now. *sigh* Good morning!!!
Hope it gets fixed soon.
(32 minutes ago)
*fingers crossed* thanks, Lenny.
(32 minutes ago)
Hope he comes soon
(32 minutes ago)
He's on his way! Hopefully the cool down will start soon!!
(15 minutes ago)
(14 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-Aug-14 2:16 PM (1 hour ago)
chilli peppers and a glass of wine while I get ready then time to hit the town
Sparky71 and Zatanna_Zatara like this
Chilli peppers are my favourite! Great shout. And can't argue with wine either! Are you hitting town with the girls or your man?
(18 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-Aug-14 2:44 PM (36 minutes ago)
off and running.. see you all me a seat! can sit on my lap if the seats are all taken ; )
(34 minutes ago)
Will do. Have a great day babe xxx
(30 minutes ago)
have a great day Bunz
(19 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-Aug-14 2:20 PM (1 hour ago)
Rubbing my clit!
TheViper and spunky19 like this
never to kinky for me pm me
(59 minutes ago)
yum x
(57 minutes ago)
I have a wonderful image in my head x
(41 minutes ago)
enjoying imagining that... would like to see it... would prefer to do it myself
(20 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-Aug-14 2:23 PM (58 minutes ago)
Boom boom, shake the room.
^^^ you asking?
(46 minutes ago)
(45 minutes ago)
Morning Mel
(42 minutes ago)
Morning undi
(41 minutes ago)
hell yeh i love dancing
(20 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-Aug-14 2:30 PM (50 minutes ago)
sooo...would you wanna??
letmecum1 and gavinarm62 like this
Might regret this but.....sure I'd wanna!
(47 minutes ago)
With you.... Always
(46 minutes ago)
big smile!
(44 minutes ago)
I wanna!
(40 minutes ago)
I definately wanna
(32 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-Aug-14 2:47 PM (33 minutes ago)
any ladies feel free to add me
Sat, 23-Aug-14 2:01 PM (1 hour ago)
think i may delete
Depends what you want to use the site for but may be worth giving is a little more time??...mwah xxx
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
What a poof
(58 minutes ago)
think I may stay, it's more fun
(35 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-Aug-14 2:43 PM (37 minutes ago)
A beautiful morning at the dacha))
Sat, 23-Aug-14 2:17 PM (1 hour ago)
A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.
Good morning bb
(47 minutes ago)
morning slow
(45 minutes ago)
have an awesome weekend
(44 minutes ago)
you too slowl
(39 minutes ago)
Day away from work, ahhhhh
(39 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-Aug-14 2:25 PM (55 minutes ago)
Rainy morning here.... chilly out... what to do... hmmmmm
Good Morning Sexy Bunz I had some great ideas earlier, but I already put them in the Mrs. Suggestion Box. lol
(47 minutes ago)
Snuggle up in bed!
(46 minutes ago)
lol undis! how are you today?
(46 minutes ago)
Great here, How about you Pretty Lady?
(42 minutes ago)
Great here too thanks!
(42 minutes ago)
Sat, 23-Aug-14 2:38 PM (42 minutes ago)
You know.....even if they don't comment or's still very horny knowing strangers are looking at your pics
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