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Thu, 27-Nov-14 2:38 AM (1 minute ago)
Night all... dinosaur bed time....hugs for all the ladies
Night Voy
(1 minute ago)
Nite voy sweet dreams blowing you a kiss
(0 minutes ago)
Thu, 27-Nov-14 2:22 AM (18 minutes ago)
not been on here much lately. thinking a brake is definitely need from ere. dont seem to habe the fun anymore .later maybe see again ....maybe not.....
enjoy your brake
(17 minutes ago)
Hello stealth and see ya later
(3 minutes ago)
Take care Stealth, Hope all goes well, and your back sometime soon.
(1 minute ago)
Wed, 5-Nov-14 11:59 AM (21 days ago)
Sloppy oral on cam with my wife if there are any couple interested in joining.
....AAA, then just give 'em a call. They're open 24/7.
(21 days ago)
I would most definitely would have loved to have seen that!
(1 minute ago)
Thu, 27-Nov-14 2:36 AM (3 minutes ago)
In Brisbane for two more nights. Anybody want to join me for some fun? Send a message and lets play
Thu, 27-Nov-14 1:24 AM (1 hour ago)
Time for a Wal on the riverbank!
Hello Sexy PApda xoxo, There just may be a correlation there. lol
(35 minutes ago)
lol happy thanksgiving fine sir
(35 minutes ago)
Well I wear 13 EEEE, so my nose is hudge!
(6 minutes ago)
And I am happy to announce the riverbank is ready for Christmas!
(5 minutes ago)
lol Iron, I am going to have to Say Jimmy Durante had nothing up on you.
(4 minutes ago)
Thu, 27-Nov-14 2:20 AM (20 minutes ago)
Something tells me I'll never get a reply to that PM because ... well ... I'm right and that won't be taken well at ALL!
bad bad bad BAD Cover
(18 minutes ago)
I get that a lot, Wodes!
(16 minutes ago)
i should add ... *whacks cover with rolled up newspaper*
(15 minutes ago)
Hello Cover
(4 minutes ago)
Thu, 27-Nov-14 2:35 AM (5 minutes ago)
Are there women out in NN land that enjoying fucking a man with a strap on? Curious. Opinions wanted.
Thu, 27-Nov-14 2:21 AM (19 minutes ago)
Happy Thanksgiving to all in the U.S.! And it's time for a drink - CHEERS!
(12 minutes ago)
Thu, 27-Nov-14 2:20 AM (19 minutes ago)
☝✌❤☺ will it screw right up?
MrCoverYou likes this
Howdy wodes...screwed up alright
(17 minutes ago)
brand spankin new extention wijit thingy dooohickey ... and it fukn useless
(16 minutes ago)
operrator malfunktions possibly
(14 minutes ago)
(14 minutes ago)
na operator could see what it was ... site coding don't like it
(13 minutes ago)
Thu, 27-Nov-14 2:25 AM (15 minutes ago)
nothing wrecks your Friday more then knowing its only Wednesday
Chuck2225 likes this
true that
(15 minutes ago)
Thu, 27-Nov-14 2:23 AM (16 minutes ago)
Good-Bye......For now
later sir
(15 minutes ago)
Cya later gator
(15 minutes ago)
See ya voy
(15 minutes ago)
Laters Triple X
(15 minutes ago)
Thu, 27-Nov-14 1:48 AM (51 minutes ago)
hi all voyeur having a quick peek
Gladly kiss lower myself
(31 minutes ago)
Damn, I need to set my target Higher. lol
(30 minutes ago)
Me thinks she's rethinking the kisses
(29 minutes ago)
😛 peek away
(24 minutes ago)
errrrr thanks
(16 minutes ago)
Thu, 27-Nov-14 2:15 AM (24 minutes ago)
Toodles, back later. Duty calls
go answer that call of duty. Hope it's a big duty
(23 minutes ago)
(22 minutes ago)
Hugs and kisses
(17 minutes ago)
Thu, 27-Nov-14 2:11 AM (28 minutes ago)
off myself tv chill time have a very safe and happy thanksgiving y'all
Thanks JE Enjoy yours as well
(27 minutes ago)
ty undi kotc for the mrs
(26 minutes ago)
Good night
(24 minutes ago)
Same to you jagged xx
(20 minutes ago)
nite porn and ty sorcha enjoy the day n good eats
(17 minutes ago)
Thu, 27-Nov-14 2:08 AM (31 minutes ago)
As much fun as it is to be so full of you sexy guys....I have some taste morsels to tend to.
Have a Great Evening TM xox
(31 minutes ago)
Enjoy...hugs have a Happy Thanksgiving
(30 minutes ago)
licks ya tatsy morsel
(30 minutes ago)
good night and sweet dreams
(24 minutes ago)
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