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Wed, 1-Jul-15 11:02 PM (5 minutes ago)
Ooooo just saw some eye candy ...bout time lol
coldfish1 and meisterfinger2 like this
(4 minutes ago)
Needs to pull his jeans up a bit so can perv his arse better tho
(3 minutes ago)
I could turn on mine also..though not much of an ass on this end
(2 minutes ago)
(0 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Jul-15 10:53 PM (13 minutes ago)
Random pic posting concluded.
mnaquarius, pazuzu420 and RatedM2 like this
(9 minutes ago)
And thanks, big.
(8 minutes ago)
your new toy is nearly as big as my real thing
(7 minutes ago)
Always outstanding mya
(7 minutes ago)
Thanks, Norse.
(1 minute ago)
Wed, 1-Jul-15 9:51 PM (1 hour ago)
smd3576 and Hotfire1 like this
he says cheers....and where's me
(23 minutes ago)
oh ok wine it is my love xoxox i never know what to say just in case hugs xx
(17 minutes ago)
morming honey
(6 minutes ago)
Hiya kelly hugs love how are you doing ?
(4 minutes ago)
im doing alright. you?
(1 minute ago)
Wed, 1-Jul-15 10:26 PM (41 minutes ago)
Hmm well ....interesting watching people in the lounge ...
It can be interesting hey mya
(6 minutes ago)
Hi, flitter.
(2 minutes ago)
Hi mya
(2 minutes ago)
Might just start calling you glitter... Darn autocorrect.
(2 minutes ago)
Would LOVE to watch mya with her new toy.
(1 minute ago)
Wed, 1-Jul-15 10:56 PM (11 minutes ago)
Loving MyaGirl's New Toy
MyaGirl and smd3576 like this
I wore my old one out. Lol.
(7 minutes ago)
(2 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Jul-15 11:03 PM (4 minutes ago)
No one has commented on my stealthy 'singing'... Lol.
Wed, 1-Jul-15 9:44 PM (1 hour ago)
what a long day. time for some wine!
cheers hun xoxo
(1 hour ago)
lol cheers everyone!
(11 minutes ago)
Morning kelly
(9 minutes ago)
(6 minutes ago)
morning flitter
(6 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Jul-15 11:01 PM (6 minutes ago)
Going to Austin for the 4th and have my Cl add posted! hehehe
Wed, 1-Jul-15 11:00 PM (6 minutes ago)
Wandering search of!
Wed, 1-Jul-15 10:44 PM (23 minutes ago)
i am rather drunk and well over heated the heated part makes a change in the uk
Hagar280 and coldfish1 like this
just a little
(20 minutes ago)
a little drunk,,, Her,,, or over heated ????
(17 minutes ago)
Been very hot over here
(7 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Jul-15 10:21 PM (46 minutes ago)
I mourn the fact I can't watch Breaking bad for the first time again. House of cards it is then. Have a nice evening, folks.
coldfish1 and bushofireee like this
I mourn the fact that I missed your previous status. I could have gone ahead with a joke there... Have a nice evening!
(40 minutes ago)
(40 minutes ago)
I've just marathoned through the first season of Hannibal. A++++ ...definitely recommend!!!
(40 minutes ago)
Love HOC!
(30 minutes ago)
Watch them all when you want on Daretv
(12 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Jul-15 10:19 PM (48 minutes ago)
Doing ok here ..just perving from airport lounge
(26 minutes ago)
Hows things with you ?
(26 minutes ago)
when you get here flit can i have a tit wank
(25 minutes ago)
Ha ha ok doo
(24 minutes ago)
Good here. Going over netflix stuff.
(17 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Jul-15 10:44 PM (23 minutes ago)
any women want a tribute?
Wed, 1-Jul-15 10:42 PM (25 minutes ago)
Happy Canada Day to all the moose and beaver. Oh yea, cheers to the people also.
coldfish1 and juicy like this
howdy pony
(25 minutes ago)
Wed, 1-Jul-15 9:52 PM (1 hour ago)
Epic Womans Football Match in Canada. Japan v Britain fo face USA in the Final !!!
We are going to thrash them Japs !
(1 hour ago)
ummmm might want to reconsider the phrasing of that...
(55 minutes ago)
Coverage just starting..Could be a thriller
(54 minutes ago)
Do know about this match ?
(49 minutes ago)
Japan will thrash Britain I fear
(26 minutes ago)
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