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Sat, 18-Apr-15 7:06 AM (7 minutes ago)
New here and figuring it out. Be gentle :/
Welcum to NN!
(6 minutes ago)
Seems quiet right now, you may be safe. Welcome!
(6 minutes ago)
Hi ther please say something 'about me' to activate your profile, then fill it in.
(1 minute ago)
Sat, 18-Apr-15 7:12 AM (1 minute ago)
frisky as this morning
Sat, 18-Apr-15 6:34 AM (39 minutes ago)
I took a long nap this evening... Lol.
FinNude and teammates23 like this
But now I'm wide awake!
(27 minutes ago)
What time there dear mya?
(27 minutes ago)
Almost 2 am
(25 minutes ago)
Oh ok. Here soon 10am
(25 minutes ago)
3am here and wide awake lol
(2 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Apr-15 7:01 AM (13 minutes ago)
love to hook up with a girl tonight
london36male likes this
me too
(11 minutes ago)
Me three....oh wait!
(5 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Apr-15 6:47 AM (26 minutes ago)
Think I'll sleep naked tonight...
I think I will cum on your pics tonite
(22 minutes ago)
Thats the way to be
(18 minutes ago)
Makes me horny, though...
(16 minutes ago)
That is even better
(16 minutes ago)
would love to share that bed.. yummmm
(9 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Apr-15 6:51 AM (23 minutes ago)
working in preston.... what a shithole
I agree
(22 minutes ago)
How do you know Woders..Preston not that bad (uk)
(16 minutes ago)
IT IS!!!! absolute shithole :\
(15 minutes ago)
I Agree ...
(14 minutes ago)
Well I went to a match at Preston North End FC, long time ago
(13 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Apr-15 6:52 AM (21 minutes ago)
Holy crap! What an amazing day and night!!! I will never get to sleep this night!! Wow! Hi y'all...from up here on Cloud 9.
(15 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Apr-15 6:58 AM (16 minutes ago)
really in the mood to eat a juicy sloppy wet tasty quim
Sat, 18-Apr-15 6:50 AM (23 minutes ago)
just an older guy wanting fun
Fri, 17-Apr-15 3:12 PM (16 hours ago)
Mrs Matt loves to watch porn, any other women like it too?
mn4play and cruiser2003 like this
(14 hours ago)
myy, you just wanted to be spanked I bet!
(14 hours ago)
No worries, myy. No offense taken.
(14 hours ago)
no me ,,,,,,,,mn , t u Roxxxxxxxxxx
(14 hours ago)
Mrs cruiser likes to watch porn as well. But prefers to watch the real thing. Lol.
(24 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Apr-15 6:43 AM (30 minutes ago)
mmmmmm i taste good
I want to taste please.
(25 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Apr-15 6:24 AM (50 minutes ago)
Why can't I upload a pic tonight? Ugh...
noooo vodka
(44 minutes ago)
(44 minutes ago)
Hahaha damn At least I tried
(44 minutes ago)
vodka + vodka + ice + fresh juice.... NOM NOM
(40 minutes ago)
I was having issues uploading as well tonight
(29 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Apr-15 6:39 AM (34 minutes ago)
time to get out in the sun roll naked in the meadow
scolad likes this
or strip off on the beach
(32 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Apr-15 6:38 AM (35 minutes ago)
time to get out in the dun roll naked in the meadow
Sat, 18-Apr-15 6:36 AM (37 minutes ago)
Donuts all gone....time to sleep off the sugar buzz. Night y'all
(36 minutes ago)
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