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Fri, 24-Oct-14 8:24 AM (1 hour ago)
back after two years away...
Would be great to share some messages etc with some new, nicer members!
(1 hour ago)
i can understand your reasons for leaving ... welcome back
(56 minutes ago)
Thanks, it is good to see you all!
(15 minutes ago)
Welcome back...mwah xxx
(14 minutes ago)
Thanks! Pleased to make your acquaintance and enjoy your photos!
(4 minutes ago)
Fri, 24-Oct-14 9:22 AM (6 minutes ago)
New job in the bag!!! Time for celebration!! x
Fri, 24-Oct-14 8:26 AM (1 hour ago)
i wanna watch estella fuck any cock
me too
(59 minutes ago)
luvtoo watch your husbandfuck estellapm us
(54 minutes ago)
would love to see her fuck my cock
(11 minutes ago)
Fri, 24-Oct-14 6:45 AM (2 hours ago)
happy birthday to me !
OhioMan1979, jaybob86 and dub_male1 like this
happy birthday!
(2 hours ago)
happy birthday
(2 hours ago)
Happy birthday FB! Xxxxxxxx
(1 hour ago)
Happy birthday flitt xxx
(52 minutes ago)
happiest of happy birthdays, flit! xoxoxo
(14 minutes ago)
Fri, 24-Oct-14 9:12 AM (16 minutes ago)
wanna watch estlla fuck my best frind and two other wish they would
kennybee likes this
Fri, 24-Oct-14 8:56 AM (32 minutes ago)
Anyone in uk want phone about my exposed black wife
I do
(22 minutes ago)
id rather play with that wife of yours
(20 minutes ago)
id love to shes hot
(17 minutes ago)
Fri, 24-Oct-14 8:42 AM (46 minutes ago)
luv watching my wife get fucked and full of cumm
ltd87 likes this
Your a lucky man I wish my wife would do that.
(39 minutes ago)
I would luv to if I lived closer
(19 minutes ago)
Fri, 24-Oct-14 8:48 AM (40 minutes ago)
looking for a fun couple or single lady or man to have some fun with my bf and I... pm me if interested
damn wish i was closer
(39 minutes ago)
You should post some pics of you two
(31 minutes ago)
Fri, 24-Oct-14 8:02 AM (1 hour ago)
My wife is amazing, I feel sooooo lucky! <8
Out to dreamland: )
(46 minutes ago)
Safe trip there then
(45 minutes ago)
Thanks, sweetie. See you in my dreams. xoxo
(43 minutes ago)
(42 minutes ago)
I think my husband is pretty darn awesome too!! <8
(32 minutes ago)
Fri, 24-Oct-14 7:40 AM (1 hour ago)
Insomnia FUCK OFF ! Grrrrrrr..
dub_male1 likes this
plenty you can do instead
(1 hour ago)
lol....Much rather sleep....
(1 hour ago)
lol fair enough, tried counting sheep?
(1 hour ago)
look on the bright side, only 2 sleeps till Christmas
(36 minutes ago)
Lol! Yeah, insomnia can be a mother!
(35 minutes ago)
Fri, 24-Oct-14 12:47 AM (8 hours ago)
Your prayers have been answered. I's here...tada \./
looks at avatar . my kegs don't spread that wide
(8 hours ago)
and I'm no gentleman
(8 hours ago)
smacks ya;re late missy!
(7 hours ago)
Woohoo! Lol!
(44 minutes ago)
Hiya Candy
(35 minutes ago)
Fri, 24-Oct-14 8:51 AM (37 minutes ago)
Growl, it's too damn early to be up. Morning all.
Fri, 24-Oct-14 8:09 AM (1 hour ago)
Chat me up here
I figured ya did
(41 minutes ago)
Folks like me for who I am and folks like others for who they are too NN is for every one
(40 minutes ago)
Eh, uve busted my balls since day one, but i love ya! Lol!
(39 minutes ago)
well Mr chevy I am goona go give my pillow some head and my sheets some azz I am gonna slumber for a while love chat you lata
(38 minutes ago)
*huggles his buddy and gives her gorgeous ass one final squeeze for the nite* muahz!
(37 minutes ago)
Fri, 24-Oct-14 8:40 AM (48 minutes ago)
bat'ching it this weekend !!!!
Fri, 24-Oct-14 8:38 AM (50 minutes ago)
<-- pulls the fire alarm so everyone can have a great Friday
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