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Sun, 2-Aug-15 5:54 PM (27 minutes ago)
Blog challenge pix done!!! Now to think of the clever captions.
I'm picturing leg warmers and nothing else!
(13 minutes ago)
Hmmmm.... Where to get leg warmers....
(2 minutes ago)
Hey, those are my
(2 minutes ago)
Oooh a those fashion mags...who wore it better!
(1 minute ago)
(0 minutes ago)
Sun, 2-Aug-15 5:32 PM (49 minutes ago)
Very late sleep in and coffee at noon. I love Sundays!
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It was vodka for me.
(15 minutes ago)
It's always vodka with you TA!
(9 minutes ago)
Angel, what do you drink the vodka with?
(7 minutes ago)
I was going for a local inebriation.... Vodka with ICE sparkling waters. lol
(3 minutes ago)
Lo-cal.... Hyphens help.
(1 minute ago)
Sun, 2-Aug-15 6:12 PM (9 minutes ago)
I am biting my lip so hard today, sometimes it is hard to keep things in.
I know what you mean!
(8 minutes ago)
Then just let it out. Like an forcefully strong explosive glorious orgasm.
(3 minutes ago)
Can I bite it for you?
(2 minutes ago)
it'll spoil your lips if you bite to hard.
(2 minutes ago)
Don't damage those sexy lips
(2 minutes ago)
Sun, 2-Aug-15 5:06 PM (1 hour ago)
Ugh so they didnt have the cobalt blue hair dye I was lookin for...looks like I wait longer to dye my hair...
well ty MissL but it'll get dyed eventually, thats why I cut my hair yesterday...
(51 minutes ago)
I found another place that carries the cobalt blue hair dye, my day just got good again...
(8 minutes ago)
You could experiment & mix colors like artists do. Turquoise w/a hint of black & a wee bit of green should get you cobalt blue.
(6 minutes ago)
Strands of black would be nice with the colors TWL mentioed
(5 minutes ago)
Yes it would. When I paint, I like to experiment with colors
(3 minutes ago)
Sun, 2-Aug-15 6:18 PM (3 minutes ago)
"Push the button, Frank"
Sun, 2-Aug-15 2:03 PM (4 hours ago)
Home today whipping up some home made bbq BACON meatloaf and mac n cheese ,perving too of course
you had me at ba ba ba bacon!
(3 hours ago)
i cooked dinner and shared it with a special NN friend whom shall remain nameless until i finish a blog or they post a pic b4 me
(36 minutes ago)
Good for you.....
(17 minutes ago)
Finish that blog!!!!
(7 minutes ago)
I hate mac n cheese. That was my main staple when in college
(6 minutes ago)
Sun, 2-Aug-15 6:09 PM (12 minutes ago)
Back in Scotland for a bit
(9 minutes ago)
Sorry??? I beg your pardon.
(7 minutes ago)
Sun, 2-Aug-15 6:03 PM (18 minutes ago)
I'm eating carrot cake in the nude. Don't tell me I don't have ambition.
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mmmm.... Carrot cake.
(17 minutes ago)
Yes, now eat it with your hands and you become an ambitious rebel
(14 minutes ago)
Smear the frosting on someone!
(12 minutes ago)
You mean some people don't eat it with their hands?
(8 minutes ago)
Sun, 2-Aug-15 5:48 PM (34 minutes ago)
Nothing better then spending time with my girl that I have been friends with for 25 years. Yep and she hates to love me! Who doesn't like my smartass comments. She's my douche lol
Friendship and sarcastic nick names are all a part of the closeness people share. The best part is calling them names in public and watching the faces of others.
(12 minutes ago)
Haha exactly
(10 minutes ago)
Sun, 2-Aug-15 6:09 PM (12 minutes ago)
All I need is a little love in my life, all I need is a little love in the dark, a little but I'm hopin it might kickstart me and my broken heart...
Sun, 2-Aug-15 4:18 PM (2 hours ago)
Any more men want to audition to fuck me while my husband listens? Last call tonight - will chose next week..
Tick the yes box for me
(1 hour ago)
Man. I wonder what it is like to have that many people wanting to screw your brains out...
(1 hour ago)
Bran, I wasn't interested, I just wanted to know what the process involved.
(1 hour ago)
Still leaves plenty of men wanting to. Heck, I would do her if I could! haha
(1 hour ago)
count me in ..
(20 minutes ago)
Sun, 2-Aug-15 5:57 PM (24 minutes ago)
hey everyone
Sun, 2-Aug-15 5:52 PM (29 minutes ago)
I'm hairy yet again but always prefer being girlie smooth. Have been using toys a lot more lately but fantasise about a woman kissing and fingering me and making me cum.
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Do you have anybody in mind?
(25 minutes ago)
Sun, 2-Aug-15 5:41 PM (40 minutes ago)
what kind of pics should I take?
I've always been a fan of landscape photography
(25 minutes ago)
Sun, 2-Aug-15 5:49 PM (32 minutes ago)
are you a kool whip or rediwhip fan?
I'm ready to whip you
(30 minutes ago)
i am not into pain but ok
(27 minutes ago)
smd can whip me any time
(26 minutes ago)
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