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Sat, 19-Apr-14 1:52 AM (12 minutes ago)
Undie found out once again grilling in the dark always ends up with raw meat
State_of_Shock likes this
Hello voy and Shy I figure a little raw meat does hurt now and then
(9 minutes ago)
Nothing like a bit of raw meat to get the juices flowing
(9 minutes ago)
well if was oysters.....just saying
(8 minutes ago)
good quality meat can be consumed in any maner! Hi MrsUnder! xx
(7 minutes ago)
Hello cheesy and sam. voy oysters are one of those things I won't eat. Family and friends keep trying
(0 minutes ago)
Sat, 19-Apr-14 2:02 AM (2 minutes ago)
best go and be productive.....toodles
Fri, 18-Apr-14 11:42 PM (2 hours ago)
hello all newbie here!
hi there...
(1 hour ago)
Hello 76
(1 hour ago)
well Lizzie there you go! a chest pic for my profile pic
(25 minutes ago)
it loaded side ways, do you know how i can change it?
(24 minutes ago)
(4 minutes ago)
Sat, 19-Apr-14 1:19 AM (45 minutes ago)
Did you know that Kurt Cobain's favorite flower was an orchid because they reminded of vaginas?
Ever wondered why abolone is so expensive?
(41 minutes ago)
Tulips do that for me
(6 minutes ago)
Sat, 19-Apr-14 1:57 AM (8 minutes ago)
I need a nurse (a sexy one?)
Sat, 19-Apr-14 1:36 AM (28 minutes ago)
Pussy wants cock
blakeryan32 likes this
Howdy...nice pics and vid today
(26 minutes ago)
i'm so hard for you uploading pics to prove i want to fuck you all night. your so hot. i want a hornymumma all the time
(25 minutes ago)
hello, Welcome!
(24 minutes ago)
Tongue wants pussy!
(22 minutes ago)
... and what a yummy pussy! mmmmm... now my cock is excited
(8 minutes ago)
Fri, 18-Apr-14 8:49 PM (5 hours ago)
Maybe its me but you ever notice that half a peeled orange looks like pussy?
Hi Lizzie how are you?
(1 hour ago)
it's just you dude
(1 hour ago)
seems that way
(57 minutes ago)
I'm good JZ, how you doing? xoxo
(50 minutes ago)
doing good
(10 minutes ago)
Sat, 19-Apr-14 1:38 AM (26 minutes ago)
Anne-Marie is the name of my latest flame
Who me? That's my name lol mrs showoff
(23 minutes ago)
my wife's name and all our friends on here now it
(15 minutes ago)
Everyone knows now
(12 minutes ago)
its a beautiful name
(10 minutes ago)
that it is
(10 minutes ago)
Sat, 19-Apr-14 1:39 AM (25 minutes ago)
Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail...
ShowoffCouple likes this
Hopping down the bunny trail!!
(24 minutes ago)
HIppity Hoppity Easter's on it's way!
(24 minutes ago)
Hi have you been?
(23 minutes ago)
hey Shy...doing well, you?
(21 minutes ago)
ahhh...hanging in there thanks
(20 minutes ago)
Sat, 19-Apr-14 1:28 AM (36 minutes ago)
Habs blanking Bolts 4-zip tonight.
English please mate
(36 minutes ago)
can't believe the Wild lost last night
(35 minutes ago)
(31 minutes ago)
Sorry Jubbs... Stamkos is still my fave player though.
(29 minutes ago)
Go Bruins
(22 minutes ago)
Sun, 13-Apr-14 3:28 AM (5 days ago)
anyone want to fuck?
stealth69, inchesofdream, kingpork, cptunderpants, sukm3 and 12 others like this
anytime anyplace!
(43 minutes ago)
let's see them floke
(41 minutes ago)
(40 minutes ago)
(40 minutes ago)
I would love to
(22 minutes ago)
Sat, 19-Apr-14 1:40 AM (24 minutes ago)
If we're all god's children, what's so special about Jesus? And if Jesus was a Jew, why did he have a Mexican name..?
Sat, 19-Apr-14 1:34 AM (30 minutes ago)
hi all voyeur having a quick peek
hi voy
(26 minutes ago)
It's the champion perver
(26 minutes ago)
howdy shy
(26 minutes ago)
howdy isme...big hugs dear lady
(25 minutes ago)
lol cheesy hardly the champion
(24 minutes ago)
Sat, 19-Apr-14 1:28 AM (36 minutes ago)
All I want is the chance to prove money won't make me happy...
Sat, 19-Apr-14 1:26 AM (38 minutes ago)
dirty deeds, done dirt cheep
Cheap, kid. Cheap.
(38 minutes ago)
how much to shave my arse
(38 minutes ago)
not for much longer
(37 minutes ago)
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