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Wed, 23-Jul-14 1:21 PM (3 minutes ago)
hello fellow NN pervs
voyer50 likes this
Hi flitterbee have a great day
(0 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Jul-14 12:23 PM (1 hour ago)
wonder how many guys wanking over my boobs right now x
add one more to the list , sun , delicious tits ,nice slow wank and in Manc too
(53 minutes ago)
No lie. I just did a little bit ago.
(52 minutes ago)
they're making me hard. just haven't had a chance to start wanking yet will we get more pics soon ... to wank over?
(52 minutes ago)
Now giving it a go.
(11 minutes ago)
Add one to the list! More pics plz!
(1 minute ago)
Wed, 23-Jul-14 1:15 PM (10 minutes ago)
God I'm horney today...Gotta get off the site and start workin.
voyer50 likes this
Wed, 23-Jul-14 11:53 AM (1 hour ago)
Oh dang, these pants are way too tight! Hope there isn't a wardrobe malfunction at work today. :O
andy1987asdf likes this
good morning GBM. xxx
(1 hour ago)
For the fellow workers I'd hope there is a malfunction
(1 hour ago)
Hello GBM
(1 hour ago)
thx paul! hi john, hi mrsU. lol they wouldn't appreciate it mr2.
(37 minutes ago)
Are they hiring by you?
(12 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Jul-14 1:05 PM (20 minutes ago)
Lunchtime and eating a on earth do you girls put something that big in your mouth I've no idea and don't want to find out either!!!!
Wed, 23-Jul-14 12:51 PM (33 minutes ago)
work its crunchtime ^^
Wed, 23-Jul-14 12:44 PM (40 minutes ago)
Good morning Pervs ^^
good morning
(34 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Jul-14 12:49 PM (35 minutes ago)
Anyone else got k. I. K.
Wed, 23-Jul-14 12:06 PM (1 hour ago)
I love alot
a parking lot?
(1 hour ago)
Hells yea all that cement mmmm loool
(35 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Jul-14 11:05 AM (2 hours ago)
I often forget that I can bookmark pics, so I only have about 15 marked. Even though they are from different people, they are all very similar. Yep, I have a "porn type"! (and it's hot!)
I have, what channel?
(2 hours ago)
I haven't watched it, just heard about it. I think it's on VH1??
(2 hours ago)
No, I have not seen Naked Dating.
(1 hour ago)
Is that really a show? Gotta find that!
(52 minutes ago)
It IS mr2...they just blur out the privates.
(38 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Jul-14 12:31 PM (54 minutes ago)
Amazon prime just added Red Dwarf season 10... I love this show...
daisy1978 likes this
Can't remember how many series I've watched, think I missed the last, can't beat a bit of rimmer
(49 minutes ago)
they are showing their age especially lister, but they have not lost a step
(46 minutes ago)
Used to enjoy watching those after a few beers with mates, fab series
(45 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Jul-14 6:49 AM (6 hours ago)
A returning old-timer asked me why NN was now like a ghost town. I could tell him about the forum, but I don't know about status. Is there a consensus on why the number of posters is so diminished?
Hello fantasm
(1 hour ago)
and hiya, mrs! xoxo
(1 hour ago)
Fanta, I think it is a combination of many things, We have lost some pretty active members from the recent past, and I also I believe alot of people are out and about during the Summer months.
(58 minutes ago)
Not forgetting the UK Lunchtime crowd too! All those office workers catching up with stuff..
(57 minutes ago)
...or that looking to the northeast around 5:20 EDT tomorrow morning you may see Venus to the left of the crescent moon and Mercury below Venus.
(46 minutes ago)
Wed, 23-Jul-14 12:09 PM (1 hour ago)
I may be fat, have a modest sized penis and a flat ass but that doesn't matter. I'm sooo sexy.
Hello Adam
(1 hour ago)
Hello mrsUnderDog! Sorry it took me so long to respond. I tend to post status updates and then forget I did.
(50 minutes ago)
Tue, 22-Jul-14 10:58 PM (14 hours ago)
Kicked ass at work (as always) and came home & worked out. Now I'm resting before cooking dinner. Ugh. Have I not earned some spoiling yet?!
spunky19 and cheekypaul like this
sounds like a kick ass day!!
(14 hours ago)
Yes you have!
(14 hours ago)
Hello. Everybody needs a little spoiling now and then
(14 hours ago)
Every lady deserves to be spoiled!
(8 hours ago)
me time comes only when you MAKE it red...tho i would be happy to deliver some
(51 minutes ago)
Tue, 22-Jul-14 1:41 AM (1 day ago)
It's funny the back & forth my life has lately. Woke up determined, mother tried to tear me down, now people are coming out of the woodwork to lift me up. I'm so blessed.
Oh guitar! You know exactly what wood work
(1 day ago)
but understandable
(1 day ago)
And this is why I'm here. The lovely, supportive, kind, wondeful people
(1 day ago)
Always great when good friends have your back
(1 day ago)
the thing that works for me red is i dont know what trip youre on...i DO know i dont have to go on it with you seems to me you have a few folks around that need to hear that :-/
(52 minutes ago)
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