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remember me?
amancalledpony's Recent Statuses
Sun, 16-Nov-14 2:25 AM (35 days ago)
If I die sudden, please don't tell anyone. There ain't nobody that needs to know, that I'm gone
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Hey Pony!
(35 days ago)
Hi all, Mellencamp song actually
(35 days ago)
Interesting sounds you listen too pony *mwah* hiya xxx
(35 days ago)
I can see you all decked out in your finest late 70's Johnny Cougar rock-and/or-roll outfit.
(34 days ago)
Just missing the big hair is all.......
(34 days ago)
Tue, 7-Oct-14 1:38 AM (75 days ago)
No mor -dis is a cola nut, dis is an uncola nut. RIP Geoffrey Holder
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Hello pony
(75 days ago)
I just looked him up... I remember him now.
(75 days ago)
Ummm ok .....and hey there pony xx
(75 days ago)
oh no....he was so awesome...
(75 days ago)
I also saw that Paul Revere (of "and the Raiders" fame) also died.... Kicks just keep gettin' harder to find.
(75 days ago)
Tue, 12-Aug-14 3:25 AM (130 days ago)
"we're gonna go out and win this one for the zipper" RIP Mr Williams, you made me laugh in the late '70's and cry today.
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Sweet and sad, pony. xox
(130 days ago)
(130 days ago)
Mon, 11-Aug-14 1:42 AM (132 days ago)
Don't come out tonight, it's bound to take your life. There's a bad moon on the rise.
I see hurricanes a'lightning
(132 days ago)
Sun, 10-Aug-14 10:09 PM (132 days ago)
When the fuck did Molly Hatchet become outlaw country!!!
pony stranger xoxo
(132 days ago)
Hey garlic breath. xoxo
(132 days ago)
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