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amancalledpony's Recent Statuses
Fri, 22-May-15 10:04 PM (2 days ago)
Holy crap. I got a video into a blog on the first try. It's a miracle I tells ya
Hey, one can teach an old dog new tricks Hey Pony
(2 days ago)
Pics I always forget to resize. Videos I usually forget the "/" on the close side. Sure nuff tux, someday you might figure out how to extend the hurrycane
(2 days ago)
Damn - Ponyman, awesome job. Smiling big, clicking my false teeth, tapping my toes
(2 days ago)
Thanks tux. The song was running through my head and I started channeling the Wolfman from his broder radio days.
(2 days ago)
lol I could hear his voice rapping out the patter you were putting down
(2 days ago)
Thu, 21-May-15 5:34 PM (3 days ago)
Ladies this is a 10guage. Your hubby watching too much TV and ignoring you? Use this baby as a remote and I promise you will have his undivided attention.
(3 days ago)
Thu, 7-May-15 2:57 AM (18 days ago)
Garbage disposal fixed, whites laundry done, dishes done; getting pissed at revenge pics and two other web pic profiles, Night All
Hugs to you, Pony.
(18 days ago)
the handy man can the handy man can cause he fixes it with love and makes the garbage go down
(18 days ago)
Good night pony
(18 days ago)
Fri, 1-May-15 12:58 AM (24 days ago)
Dinner calls. I just wish it wouldn't yell "HEY ASSHOLE, EAT ME". The neighbors are starting to wonder.
Hello pony xxoo............... .............hug and kotc
(24 days ago)
LOL at gigglesnort.......too funny
(24 days ago)
lol that is funny, oh my god laughing hard here
(24 days ago)
I thought it was strange when my cat talked to me......
(24 days ago)
(24 days ago)
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