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remember me?
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Fri, 24-Aug-18 7:12 PM (58 days ago)
When someone “pops round” uninvited on date night and you smile but are thinking GO AWAY SO WE CAN PLAY! Xx
Hahahaha awkward
(58 days ago)
Thinking of anything you can just to get rid eek wink
(58 days ago)
I read a good tip for that...always answer the door with your coat on then you can pretend that you are about to go out wink
(58 days ago)
Give them a double serving of a strong drink, then another. If this fails, pretend arguing with Mr in the next room, loud enough for the uninvited guest to feel uncomfortable.
(58 days ago)
One of you should hide in another room; the other gently & with a smile tell the guest ... ermm sorry about that. Play time back should follow! wink
(58 days ago)
That has happened more times than I care to count between my wife and I..........It's like.......Ummm.........don't you have to go home and cook supper or something? LOL
(58 days ago)
Did you have to open the door?
(58 days ago)
LOL, no, but when both cars are in the driveway and they can hear music playing, they know you are home. Would be rude not to answer.
(58 days ago)
hahaha hey Persephone,sexy as ever I see : )
(58 days ago)
This is why we have no friends. But seriously you're all invited to pop round, we get lonely.
(58 days ago)
plumguy likes this
Quiet I'd pop round in a heartbeat, be great to hang out with you both; )
(58 days ago)
lip2lip and quietwacpl like this
We'd roll out the red carpet for you TC!
(58 days ago)
TopCat57 likes this
Quite...just something strong, possibly homemade; P
(58 days ago)
quietwacpl likes this
I've had someone turn up, knock at the door (didn't answer), let themselves in, walk into the bedroom and actually catch me and my (at the time) girlfriend actually in the middle of playtime!
(58 days ago)
All I get is Jehovah's Witnesses and window cleaners.
(58 days ago)
Mr_Vein likes this
We had a ruthless Witness. She would show up everyday until you answered. Didn't even flinch at the barking dogs in the yard let herself right through the gate. "The lord loves dogs too."
(58 days ago)
Answer the door naked
(58 days ago)
FINALLY!!! Maybe pics to follow xx
(58 days ago)
*Runs to PB's gallery to make sure i won't miss a thing* tongue
(58 days ago)
Sometimes it works when you say: so....we're heading out. Unless that completely backfires and they invite themselves. Then it's like poop...now what?!?!?
(58 days ago)
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