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remember me?
scottishperv's Recent Statuses
Tue, 11-Dec-18 1:49 PM (39 days ago)
Wed, 7-Nov-18 12:23 PM (74 days ago)
Off on holiday next week...... can't wait..
Tue, 18-Sep-18 2:35 PM (123 days ago)
Ahhh.....lazy day off..
cm264 and rhinostool like this
Tue, 18-Sep-18 2:33 PM (123 days ago)
too many porn channels.....
cm264 likes this
Tue, 18-Sep-18 2:30 PM (123 days ago)
miss my dirty talk P.Ms with my sexy friend...come back to NN
Wed, 12-Sep-18 3:09 PM (129 days ago)
Coffee !!
rhinostool likes this
Wed, 12-Sep-18 2:37 PM (129 days ago)
cant wait for my holiday....
rhinostool likes this
Me neither. Trouble is mine is not until 12th Dec sad
(129 days ago)
scottishperv likes this
middle of November..
(129 days ago)
Me neither, mine24 October, where r u off to?
(129 days ago)
scottishperv likes this
San Francisco/ Hawaii
(129 days ago)
(129 days ago)
Wed, 5-Sep-18 4:24 PM (136 days ago)
hate working away, P.M me if you are in Rochdale
Mon, 3-Sep-18 1:28 PM (138 days ago)
mmmm.... coffee time.
LookingforDave likes this
Sun, 5-Aug-18 10:50 AM (168 days ago)
just booked our next holiday.... woohoo
Sat, 4-Aug-18 11:16 AM (169 days ago)
why does my neighbour adjust her robe when she says good morning
Because she sees you gawping ?
(169 days ago)
(168 days ago)
Thu, 12-Jul-18 2:53 PM (191 days ago)
back to work after the cruise sad
TheSpoutinHead and cm264 like this
Got away with it then wink
(190 days ago)
TheSpoutinHead likes this
But what about the haggis?? eek
(190 days ago)
travelled all over the world and never had any issues with food poisoning...
(190 days ago)
hi sproutin, never eat haggis..... I'm a veggie
(190 days ago)
Reading without glasses on. took long enough to twig you said veggie not a weegie smile lol
(185 days ago)
scottishperv likes this
Mon, 11-Jun-18 11:45 AM (223 days ago)
high heel stabbing my knob : 0
(223 days ago)
scottishperv likes this
Sun, 20-May-18 12:05 PM (245 days ago)
horny and wife is at work sad
cool giz a yell when shes back
(245 days ago)
scottishperv and cmp304 like this
Sun, 20-May-18 12:04 PM (245 days ago)
Wed, 9-May-18 12:50 PM (255 days ago)
she made a saucy remark about girth....
Was she shopping in the vegetable isle?
(255 days ago)
scottishperv likes this
Sat, 5-May-18 9:13 AM (260 days ago)
woman at work just patted my arse.....shocked..
fat_boy_looking and riverguy like this
I would too
(260 days ago)
scottishperv likes this
Wed, 18-Apr-18 5:14 PM (276 days ago)
boohoo ad on billboard...wow !! fantastic pussy bulge
Sun, 25-Mar-18 1:26 PM (300 days ago)
relaxing with a coffee and NN....bliss.
it so is
(300 days ago)
scottishperv likes this
Sat, 17-Mar-18 10:33 AM (309 days ago)
any T.Vs in Scotland P.M me smile
I’ll see if my 60 inch flatscreen will
(309 days ago)
so funny.... NOT
(308 days ago)
Thu, 15-Feb-18 1:19 PM (338 days ago)
Thu, 1-Feb-18 1:11 PM (352 days ago)
Another cruise booked for November..... woohoo...
"Tickets please"
(352 days ago)
lovely where you going
(352 days ago)
(352 days ago)
well, cruising around the islands..
(352 days ago)
Sun, 28-Jan-18 1:14 PM (356 days ago)
anyone in san fran?? looking for info..
smedium likes this
Not in my case GBM, but that is the saying smile
(356 days ago)
GottaBeMe likes this
I hear they have trolley cars and a bridge
(356 days ago)
smedium likes this
Yes Sir they do Bman
(356 days ago)
bman5946 likes this
Ryokos at Tayler - Fantastic sushi, Super Duper at Market - awsome burgers, and City Beer Store in SoMa for crafted beer grin eNNjoy!
(356 days ago)
smedium likes this
when im in Texas it's beef ribs on menu smile
(356 days ago)
smedium likes this
Sat, 13-Jan-18 10:32 AM (372 days ago)
looking for a cuck couple to play with...
Tue, 9-Jan-18 2:44 PM (375 days ago)
good times.....
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