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KiwiPic's Recent Statuses
Thu, 19-Jan-17 12:24 AM (1 day ago)
Once again with the indecisive weather, from bucketing down to hot and sunny in a couple of hours :O
Mon, 16-Jan-17 1:29 AM (4 days ago)
Sunny monday, and feeling stuck inside again
Sun, 15-Jan-17 12:25 AM (5 days ago)
Sinful Sunday, that wuold be nice for a change
Holy. Sunday a must.
(5 days ago)
Mon, 9-Jan-17 2:27 AM (11 days ago)
Too hot for pants now :O Sorry
sdredd922 likes this
Sun, 8-Jan-17 10:54 PM (11 days ago)
Nice warm monday, watching everything slowly restart after the break
safire19 and MitchandDaisy like this
Sat, 7-Jan-17 12:42 AM (13 days ago)
joni303 likes this
Hello Kiwi!
(13 days ago)
KiwiPic likes this
(13 days ago)
Thu, 5-Jan-17 12:45 AM (15 days ago)
Slow lonely start to the year, But trying to think of new ideas to try shoot.
Artistic likes this
I like reactive targets like water filled milk jugs
(15 days ago)
happyhumper69 likes this
Hope you find some, Kiwi, but in the meantime, shoot anything. Just do. Starting is the biggest hurdle at times.
(15 days ago)
Thanks roxanne, I'm trying, Just so much hard work for so little interest it seems *HUGS*
(15 days ago)
Sat, 31-Dec-16 10:36 PM (19 days ago)
Now 2017, And waiting for you all to catchup
Happy New Year, Kiwi! : )
(19 days ago)
Thanks Roxanne *HUGS* Happy new year to you too.
(19 days ago)
RoxanneS likes this
Hey there, man from the Future. Happy New Year!
(19 days ago)
RoxanneS and KiwiPic like this
Happy New year to you two When it gets there
(19 days ago)
MitchandDaisy likes this
its over here too now lol
(19 days ago)
KiwiPic likes this
Sat, 31-Dec-16 12:28 PM (19 days ago)
And thats another new years alone,
coldfish1 likes this
Ah but Kiwi, you are never alone when you are on here...mwah xxx
(19 days ago)
coldfish1 likes this
What time is it there? hi Kiwi
(19 days ago)
Fri, 30-Dec-16 11:36 PM (20 days ago)
And another year about to end. Withholding those fateful words that seem to be take as a challange, Just hoping things get better.
Im a pessimist I always hope things dont get any worse
(20 days ago)
SilkandSecrets and steelrat60 like this
Tue, 13-Dec-16 11:03 PM (37 days ago)
slow week :/ And just not felt like saying much here :/
Sat, 3-Dec-16 12:11 AM (48 days ago)
Yay sunshine and warm Now about that company to enjoy it with!
SamanthaMilton and coldfish1 like this
Thu, 1-Dec-16 11:08 PM (49 days ago)
Oh sunshine .. can go out and shoot something... nope gone cloudy and moody - and then 10 min later sunshine again :O Crazy weather today
Wed, 30-Nov-16 5:06 AM (51 days ago)
Feeling like I've been run over :/ A massage would be very welcome about now :O
Wed, 23-Nov-16 10:27 PM (57 days ago)
Been slack on this :O But a good fun test shoot yesterday And now thinking how it could be modified forhere too
heydidyagrabmyass and joni303 like this
Heya Kiwi
(57 days ago)
hi kiwi
(57 days ago)
(57 days ago)
Cool! Hiya Kiwi Everything settled over there?
(57 days ago)
KiwiPic likes this
Probably a bit tooo settled. Aftershocks tailed off very quickly :O
(57 days ago)
Wed, 16-Nov-16 8:53 AM (64 days ago)
Well thats two horsemen so far .... Flood and earthquake - hopeing the other two don't visit :O
SpicedPumpkin and Shan3.d1 like this
Am sending my best wishes to you! Stay away horsemen.
(64 days ago)
He'll be alright LuLusB, it's a big place (not).
(64 days ago)
Hope you're doing ok on that side of the world!
(64 days ago)
BlindMelon likes this
Flood & earthquake ?? So she gushed & the earth moved, your doing well so far.....
(64 days ago)
Thanks Roxanne *HUGS* Doing my best to And things shold be ok for your brother, depends where he's heading - Most places are ok, just lots of damage close to the epicenter of it all 7.8 >.<
(64 days ago)
Mon, 14-Nov-16 1:22 AM (67 days ago)
Just a bit shaken, like a good Martini .... Far too much excitement of the wrong kind for a sunday night
dreamtime4u likes this
Hope all our kiwi NNers are ok after the earthquake.... love goes out to all from across the ditch...
(67 days ago)
KiwiPic likes this
Glad to hear you're ok, even felt it up here :-/ hopefully it all settles down again soon
(67 days ago)
KiwiPic likes this
Thanks Bign - mostly ok - though south island - Kaikoura coast got the worst of it. And yes even aucklanders felt that one :O So many aftershocks all over the place too
(67 days ago)
Thu, 10-Nov-16 2:57 AM (71 days ago)
Spring is the season the weather has a split personality - Right now it's got it's crappy wet winter face on.
beautiful here ....but to be fair every season in Dunnos has personality issues hiya kiwi
(71 days ago)
Jagged_Edges and KiwiPic like this
Wed, 9-Nov-16 5:37 AM (72 days ago)
Back to distracting myself from the real world = and coffee
Hihi Kiwi
(72 days ago)
Hello MrsFX
(72 days ago)
MrsFX likes this
Hi Kiwi
(72 days ago)
KiwiPic likes this
Hi there Tickleme
(72 days ago)
Wed, 9-Nov-16 4:11 AM (72 days ago)
KiwiPic liked the cam show of Knockout_curves
Sun, 6-Nov-16 11:53 PM (74 days ago)
Needing a good monday morning pepup :/ Or another 3 coffee's
dalizardking27 likes this
Thu, 3-Nov-16 10:20 PM (77 days ago)
Well this week vanished in a fog of exhaustion! Dire need of cuddles too :/
snuggles sent telepathically
(77 days ago)
KiwiPic likes this
*cuddles* Hope you get some rest, Kiwi!
(77 days ago)
Thanks *HUGS Kim* Cuddles back at you roxy I will eventually get caught up again. Taking so long though :/
(77 days ago)
Tue, 1-Nov-16 10:26 PM (79 days ago)
wednesday morning already - don't recover from working 40+ hours over a weekend as fast
naughtyteasel likes this
almost weekend
(79 days ago)
And I might actually get a weekend onthe normal weekend this time too :O
(79 days ago)
Tue, 1-Nov-16 12:43 AM (80 days ago)
Love the colour scheme - just wish I could turn it off now Finding it very hard to see stuff
juicy, Jacobite and Ladyloverxxx like this
Agree completely sexy
(80 days ago)
Jacobite likes this
(80 days ago)
Jacobite likes this
I tink it will go back to pink soon with the option for the sreen changes for premium mems though a 'my account' button. Not understanding fully about hard to read text.
(80 days ago)
(80 days ago)
Mon, 31-Oct-16 12:39 AM (81 days ago)
Feeling more zombie after way too many hours filming in the weekend :O
heya kiwi xoxox
(81 days ago)
KiwiPic likes this
I'm always dressed for halloween when I go to work
(81 days ago)
Chuck-22 likes this
^^^ That bikini top must get a lot of attention, but have something to eat during your break!!!
(81 days ago)
dirtycopper likes this
(81 days ago)
(81 days ago)
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