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remember me?
bailskisnobhound's Recent Statuses
Tue, 24-Mar-15 4:00 PM (162 days ago)
mmmmmmmm so horny right now and no one to play with
Thats a shame...
(162 days ago)
Sent you a pm
(162 days ago)
...........Hello hound xxoo............ ..............hug and kotc
(162 days ago)
Wed, 1-Oct-14 10:18 PM (336 days ago)
sooooo horny right now
coldfish1 likes this
me tooo .. hi sexy
(336 days ago)
i'm here to help
(336 days ago)
Wed, 6-Aug-14 10:52 PM (392 days ago)
mmmmmmmmmmmm vvv horny
Mon, 28-Jul-14 11:49 PM (401 days ago)
soooo hot and horny but on my own so whats a girl to do mmmmmmmm
could think of many things and one includes my cock
(401 days ago)
Pm me and see
(401 days ago)
Sun, 15-Sep-13 10:36 PM (717 days ago)
im sooo horny 2 nite but lonely
zebedee3 likes this
Join my club. xx
(717 days ago)
I am the former and not the latter... otherwise, I would offer some help with that problem.
(711 days ago)
why be lonely, im local xx
(692 days ago)
I don't live far If you.ever want to meet up?
(587 days ago)
Sun, 11-Aug-13 2:03 PM (752 days ago)
mmmmmmm some vvv nice cocks on show today
justcallmemaster likes this
You have a nice pussy
(752 days ago)
Wanna see mine on cam?
(752 days ago)
Wed, 19-Jun-13 10:24 PM (805 days ago)
mmmmmmmmmmm soooo hot and horny looking at all the cock pics could do with 1 rite now mmmmmmmm
charming00 likes this
You looking for a job?
(805 days ago)
had a bit of fun been out in a short skirt no panties flashin what i got mmmmmmmmmmmmm
(805 days ago)
well I am very good wiv me hands, get some brasso and make it shiny so you can see me face on it
(805 days ago)
Damn talk about rubbing one out. Ouch
(805 days ago)
sorry bails...........................* opts out of your status post*
(805 days ago)
Thu, 13-Jun-13 11:58 PM (811 days ago)
i just wanna fuck mmmmmmmmmmmmm frustrated lol
massageguy13 and bridoba73 like this
wish I could help
(811 days ago)
Would love to help you.
(811 days ago)
id love to fuck you so good babe x
(811 days ago)
Thu, 13-Jun-13 11:39 PM (811 days ago)
i just need some adult fun tis weekend
billy37 likes this
Wed, 12-Jun-13 10:47 PM (812 days ago)
pn needs of some sexy fun
lars820011 likes this
Mon, 6-May-13 11:39 PM (849 days ago)
thats it comando now for rest of summer i hope lol
Fri, 29-Mar-13 12:21 AM (888 days ago)
soooo horny who wants to help satisfy me ??????
Whammy87 likes this
Me please ... Yum yum
(883 days ago)
4days old, she may not be anymore.
(883 days ago)
My cock wants to know if your pussy needs more satisfying?!!
(878 days ago)
Anytime you want
(871 days ago)
Guys this was 16 days ago.
(871 days ago)
Tue, 5-Mar-13 12:04 AM (912 days ago)
my pussys on fire looking all these guys on here and no 1 to help me : (
Irishgerry666 likes this
i would,nt mind x
(912 days ago)
I would put out that fire with my hose. God that sonded worse than it was meant to.
(912 days ago)
I could help you out, I have a 12 inch tongue and I can breath through my ears
(912 days ago)
Wed, 27-Feb-13 11:08 PM (917 days ago)
horny as hell looks like i will be my fingers and toys AGAIN
Ludovik and BustyNurse999 like this
(917 days ago)
can use my cock if like?
(917 days ago)
Wed, 27-Feb-13 3:10 PM (917 days ago)
sooooo horny will have to be a bit of diy
handsolo123 and bowers89 like this
wish I could help
(917 days ago)
Thu, 24-Jan-13 3:02 PM (951 days ago)
mmmmmmmmm hubby out now what could i do ?????
(951 days ago)
hehehehe play play play
(951 days ago)
me lol
(951 days ago)
Wed, 9-Jan-13 12:08 AM (967 days ago)
question 4 you all should my hubby shave his balls what do you think ?
jenniknickers likes this
Gonna get itchy...
(967 days ago)
I prefer to pluck mine out with tweezers...lasts longer.
(967 days ago)
No you should do it for him
(967 days ago)
I don't prefer my men shaved-guess I'm the minority though.
(967 days ago)
I think you should shave them for him. I always shave mine
(952 days ago)
Fri, 2-Nov-12 6:49 PM (1034 days ago)
hubbys or do i go find a stranger with a big cock mmmmmmmmmmm
55ukguy, steadyboy and this__guy like this
im a stranger
(1008 days ago)
hey Dave...hey CARTMAN....
(1008 days ago)
hey comefuckme
(1008 days ago)
go for a stranger. i'll pop round thursday whilst he's at work! pm me
(1004 days ago)
If I lived closer I'd give ya my big dick
(1002 days ago)
Wed, 24-Oct-12 3:16 PM (1043 days ago)
no panties on playin and lookin at thepics on here mmmmmmmmmm
imhorny69, funromp96 and this__guy like this
my kind of girl
(1043 days ago)
Wed, 24-Oct-12 1:29 PM (1043 days ago)
alone so time for some toy time while i look at the pics on here mmmmmmm
Get_it and James258 like this
look at mine and ill look at yours! lol!
(1043 days ago)
Tue, 23-Oct-12 2:01 PM (1044 days ago)
all alone so looks like toy time mmmmmmmmmmm
i'd love to come and watch
(1044 days ago)
Fri, 12-Oct-12 1:32 PM (1055 days ago)
soo horny right now could do with some fun
righthander, cammo12 and zoolegend like this
mmmm sounds a good idear
(1055 days ago)
could you find a use for me?
(1055 days ago)
wish i was near Sheffield.....
(1055 days ago)
so could I looking at your pics, thanks for the comment
(1055 days ago)
if yu want ya pussy licking let us know
(1054 days ago)
Sun, 23-Sep-12 11:53 PM (1074 days ago)
bored n horny and on my own
lol no other choice
(1074 days ago)
little matter of a big pond lol
(1074 days ago)
hey pm me we can chat u wont be bored then
(1074 days ago)
i know that feeling
(1074 days ago)
you dont ever have to be alone
(1065 days ago)
Sun, 2-Sep-12 10:58 PM (1095 days ago)
hubby in bed so playtime
delight4ul and this__guy like this
(1095 days ago)
mmmmmmmmm pm me plz or add me lets chat
(1095 days ago)
mmmm lets...
(1095 days ago)
is that stuck tc here let me help you
(1095 days ago)
yes plz hernhim like ur pics
(1095 days ago)
Tue, 14-Aug-12 6:31 PM (1114 days ago)
sooo horny and no dick to play with
i would gladly let you play with mine if you let me play with yours
(1114 days ago)
im here.ur still looking for a horny one and hard as steel?
(1114 days ago)
u could have my cock if i can make yr pussy wet then slip up and empty my load
(1114 days ago)
invite someone around, id love to help x
(1114 days ago)
i wana play with u and fuck u silly can i suck yr tits
(1114 days ago)
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