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About Me:
We're a couple that likes to have some fun and excitement. We love to try new things and are open to meeting other couples and females. We're recently taken up photography so NN is the perfect venue for us. Please feel free to comment or send us suggestions for pictures. ----------------- Lacey would love to do a photo shoot with a sexy woman. Anyone interested?------------------------------ We've now been on the site for over a year and absolutely love it here. We really appreciate all the great people we've met here. Thank you so much for all the laughs, comments and friendship. If you are able, please view our pictures full size.
My Current Status:
The extreme sweet Boredmum74 posted a lovely NN stamped pic. Please have a peek and vote. : )
My Stats:
I am:
Sexual Preference:
Am seeking:
A bi girl
Marital Status:
Amishland, Pennsylvania, United States
NN Status:
I last logged into NN:

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Interesting things to know about me:
My Starsign:
My Favourite posters on NN are:
Everyone who makes us laugh and lust.
Interests I have are:
Martial Arts, Athletics, Mountaineering, Movies / Cinema, Museums / Galleries, Boxing / Wrestling, Music, Nature, Computers / Internet, Football / Soccer / Rugby, Travel / Sightseeing, Gym / Aerobics, Volleyball / Basketball, Hiking / Camping, Literature / History
Other Interests I have are:
I am also up for:
A Private Photo Shoot
I have been a Member of NN since:
3-Oct-10, and I am a premium member
My Appearance:
Race/Ethnicity:Caucasian (White)
Body Type:
Body Shape:
Weight: 812lbs (57st 14lbs) (368.3kg)
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Best Feature: Toes
Pubic Hair:
Tatoos: All over
Piercings: None, Lip, Clit, Ears, Tongue, Pussy, Eyebrow, Nipples, Cock, Nose, Navel, Other
Penis Length: 2" (5.1cm)
Penis Girth: 2" (5.1cm)
Circumcised: Yes
My Professional Life:
Employment Status:
Job Role:
My Lifestyle:
Smoking: No
Drinking: Socially
Food Preference: Non-vegetarian
Sense of Humour: None
Social Behaviour: Shy
Kinkiest place
I've had sex:
In a bed with all the lights out, in the missionary position.
Spoken Languages:
English, Polish
My Favourites:
Movie: Theater
Actor/Actress: gets paid a lot
Book: Coloring
Author: writes books
Song: of the Whippoorwill
Band: on the Run
TV Show: Walking Dead
Sport: Tux teasin'
Drink: a lot
Food: is yummy.
Pastime: Medieval
Thing: Ben Grimm
Sex Position:
Famous person I'd like
to have sex with:
Self Description:
What makes me happy: Feel free to leave comments...Lacey loves encouragement.
What makes me sad:
What makes me mad:
My bad habits:
My Final Thought:
If I could change one thing about humanity...
Voting - We only vote that a pic is HOT. People work hard on their pics and should be proud of them. If we vote, rest assured that it's a hot vote.

(Profile last updated: 26-May-15)

  Please, do with me what you will:

Daffodil888   Posted: 1-Sep-15  19:07:11 (1 day ago)

What an amazing sweet man! Keep being you and taking such awesome pics! Now please take more of you too as well as Lacey! ;) xo

Artistic   Posted: 17-Aug-15  17:51:51 (16 days ago)

Tnx Mark you always have such nice comments, id love to share shower and spit, if lacey will let me borrow you.... ;) (I see new couples imitating your way of taking pics, you know that means your good)

mysteries1984   Posted: 16-Aug-15  1:37:44 (18 days ago)

My witty comebacks are only brought about by learning from the best, i.e. you :) Thank you for such a great welcome back here, and for being you in general :)

mysteries1984   Posted: 15-Aug-15  0:10:20 (19 days ago)

Thank you for your lovely comments and ratings :) x

lynskey   Posted: 13-Aug-15  21:00:56 (20 days ago)

I love you guys, sexy pics, great company on status and always humorous but also fair and considerate in conversation too with new members etc ,...gawd bless yas xxx

caseyjonez   Posted: 12-Aug-15  0:47:05 (22 days ago)

Thanks for being so liberal with your fuckery.... :) You, y'all... if the two of you are even real, keep it entertaining! :)

westchi   Posted: 5-Aug-15  15:53:24 (28 days ago)

Its good to see that there are nice (and sexy) people here.

VTCali   Posted: 4-Aug-15  15:06:00 (29 days ago)


MissLizzie   Posted: 26-Jul-15  13:19:27 (38 days ago)

Which one of you two evil geniuses comes up with the great ideas for your pictures :P

TexAngel   Posted: 25-Jul-15  15:41:27 (39 days ago)

<3 that is all. xoxo

RoxanneS   Posted: 25-Jul-15  14:15:56 (39 days ago)

I haven't been to confession in ages but I've suddenly developed the interest...

CrunchyPB   Posted: 24-Jul-15  6:00:50 (41 days ago)

Mark is one of the nicest guys on NN. A true gentleman and a has a great sense of humour. But even if he wasn't we'd still like him just because Lacey is smokin' hot!

tight_wet_lips   Posted: 22-Jul-15  1:11:27 (43 days ago)

Have I told you lately, that I love you? Have I told you there's no one else above you? Oh shoot! I shouldn't sing as I perv.

LuLusBakery   Posted: 17-Jul-15  16:25:29 (47 days ago)

I really, really, really, really, really, really like you. (Did you sing that?) Great pictures, funny yet kind on status. I'd buy you each a drink if you didn't live so darned far away.....

MrMrsFX   Posted: 16-Jul-15  8:18:12 (49 days ago)

In case you couldn't tell , these two are TOTAL pervs!!!!

VTCali   Posted: 9-Jul-15  16:35:52 (55 days ago)

The funniest dude on here...with one of the sexiest gals on here. Read the favorites portion of their profile if you don't believe me.

amancalledpony   Posted: 8-Jul-15  21:30:49 (56 days ago)

Man Mark. I find out you're a mod and eat crust less PB&J sandwiches in a basement. What next, you never lived in MI but drove thru it once on I-94? My world is crushed :)

RoxanneS   Posted: 8-Jul-15  21:13:00 (56 days ago)

PB and jelly sandwiches are AWESOME, Mark. Lucky you to have them crustless.

LuLusBakery   Posted: 8-Jul-15  16:13:26 (56 days ago)

You are too kind! Caught me on a good day. :) You two were my first friends here....good choice on my part.

sexys48   Posted: 6-Jul-15  1:30:06 (59 days ago)

Love your pix... (female)
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