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remember me?
zebedee3's Recent Statuses
Fri, 11-Nov-16 2:32 PM (24 days ago)
Alone in the office........So having a good wank over you lovely ladies. XX
sosaucy likes this
Sat, 13-Aug-16 6:51 AM (115 days ago)
I know its early, but I woke up with morning glory. Any suggestions?
naughtyteasel and sosaucy like this
Mmm just wondering where you could put it
(115 days ago)
sosaucy likes this
Take pics
(115 days ago)
cinarc88 and jack3096 like this
Could think of a few, lol. Flirtyteasel, ha. xx Lyn xx
(115 days ago)
Sun, 1-May-16 10:00 AM (219 days ago)
Having a good Sunday wank.....Any suggestions of who to cum over?
Donald Trump's toupee.
(219 days ago)
I wouldn't waste good cum on Donald Trump.
(219 days ago)
imnotreallyhere2 likes this
Sat, 9-Apr-16 10:53 AM (241 days ago)
Woke up wanking, how cool is that!!!!!
Fri, 1-Jan-16 11:33 AM (340 days ago)
Horny Happy New Year!!! Who's starting the year off with a good masturbation session??
Sat, 15-Aug-15 8:25 AM (479 days ago)
Woke up with amazing morning glory today!!!
Sat, 16-May-15 9:08 AM (570 days ago)
Woke up with the mother of morning glorys.
Tue, 5-May-15 9:34 PM (580 days ago)
Soooo horny!!!!!........Help!!
naturalhangers likes this
maybe a welding mask!
(580 days ago)
If theres daylight it could be like ur rubbing one off in the dark!
(580 days ago)
Gonna get a green glow in the dark condom and scare Lacey with it.
(580 days ago)
Do you need the condoms to do that?
(580 days ago)
that wood be soook funny! Especially if u cum in there with a raging hard on u can cut granite with
(580 days ago)
Sun, 19-Apr-15 12:48 PM (597 days ago)
Any suggestions, as to who's good to wank over today?
Thanks.....I will
(597 days ago)
hot we both love guys wanking over her, enjoy yourself with my wife
(597 days ago)
your wife would be high on my list that's for sure. Pity I don't live in Adelaide cos I'd love to help you with her.
(597 days ago)
I will. I've had a look, you lucky git.
(597 days ago)
yes I am lucky indeed, cum all over her
(597 days ago)
Sun, 19-Apr-15 11:53 AM (597 days ago)
Having a lazy day. Wish you were sucking my cock.
Hello ze xxoo............... .............hugs and kotc
(597 days ago)
Wed, 25-Feb-15 1:05 AM (650 days ago)
Wanking hard, but need you to cum over.
where do you like blowing *lix*
(650 days ago)
Mon, 1-Dec-14 5:52 PM (735 days ago)
Guess who's got his green shield back!!!!
green lantern? captain americva? that dude from that viking show? congrats
(735 days ago)
thats him
(735 days ago)
Sun, 14-Sep-14 7:03 PM (813 days ago)
Lying on my bed, naked & wanking over all of you gorgeous ladies. x
rockin40, boobsnbunz and kays_butt like this
over me ? x
(813 days ago)
I have
(812 days ago)
Sun, 27-Jul-14 8:38 AM (863 days ago)
Woke up with morning glory, so logged on here to help it.
Sun, 22-Jun-14 10:28 AM (898 days ago)
It's just too warm to wank...........maybe just a quick one.
Sat, 14-Jun-14 7:23 PM (905 days ago)
A night in on my own......Anyone want to liven it up for me?
great time to put up a profile pic
(905 days ago)
(905 days ago)
Oh yeah....done
(905 days ago)
Tue, 13-May-14 9:31 AM (938 days ago)
Anyone interested in some warm fresh cum?
Sat, 10-May-14 11:23 AM (941 days ago)
Woke up...Horny & with a raging hard on.
Wed, 7-May-14 11:05 PM (943 days ago)
My cock needs a good emptying!!
Wed, 23-Apr-14 9:22 PM (957 days ago)
Sarahcougah, has got me hard tonight.
Wed, 2-Apr-14 8:55 PM (978 days ago)
Got my Green & Gold Shields back.
Where did you lose them?
(978 days ago)
(978 days ago)
Sun, 29-Dec-13 3:21 PM (1072 days ago)
should I renew premium, so I can wank over bigger pics & videos?
only you can answer that question
(1072 days ago)
Are the wanks better with bigger pics?
(1072 days ago)
Buy a bigger monitor?
(1072 days ago)
Sun, 29-Dec-13 3:14 PM (1072 days ago)
I can't believe I'm still naked & wanking, at this time of day.
Sat, 7-Sep-13 1:59 PM (1186 days ago)
Now what?
(1186 days ago)
brekky? its only 10 pm ...to early for brekky
(1186 days ago)
9 am here darlin Flit. *kotc* Im still tryin to wake up ffs.
(1186 days ago)
3pm here, & still not dressed.
(1185 days ago)
Sun, 25-Aug-13 12:58 PM (1199 days ago)
Sunday with cock in hand. Any ladies what it in their mouth or pussy
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