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zebedee3's Recent Statuses
Wed, 2-Apr-14 8:55 PM (16 days ago)
Got my Green & Gold Shields back.
Where did you lose them?
(16 days ago)
(16 days ago)
Sun, 29-Dec-13 3:21 PM (110 days ago)
should I renew premium, so I can wank over bigger pics & videos?
only you can answer that question
(110 days ago)
Are the wanks better with bigger pics?
(110 days ago)
Buy a bigger monitor?
(110 days ago)
Sun, 29-Dec-13 3:14 PM (110 days ago)
I can't believe I'm still naked & wanking, at this time of day.
Sat, 7-Sep-13 1:59 PM (223 days ago)
Now what?
(223 days ago)
brekky? its only 10 pm early for brekky
(223 days ago)
9 am here darlin Flit. *kotc* Im still tryin to wake up ffs.
(223 days ago)
3pm here, & still not dressed.
(223 days ago)
Sun, 25-Aug-13 12:58 PM (236 days ago)
Sunday with cock in hand. Any ladies what it in their mouth or pussy
Sat, 13-Jul-13 12:57 PM (279 days ago)
Lying naked in the garden, with a beer & NN. perfect
A beer at 8am in the morning???
(279 days ago)
2pm here
(279 days ago)
Mon, 15-Apr-13 7:14 PM (368 days ago)
Thought I'd have a peek!.......How's everyone???
Thu, 11-Apr-13 10:35 PM (372 days ago)
Well I managed to divert the cleaner from my office until tomorrow, & had to clean up my own mess.
Thu, 11-Apr-13 5:03 PM (372 days ago)
Shit!!!!!........Just cum over my office desk, & the cleaners are on their rounds.
pants on fire!
(372 days ago)
Good timing...
(372 days ago)
"spilt tippex again huh?"
(372 days ago)
Wed, 10-Apr-13 11:44 PM (373 days ago)
Left or right hand for my wank tonight?
flip a coin
(373 days ago)
shit...........lost the coin
(373 days ago)
double fist it
(373 days ago)
might try rhat
(373 days ago)
Wed, 10-Apr-13 10:48 PM (373 days ago)
went senile huh
(373 days ago)
dementia of the cock... how sad
(373 days ago)
apple pie
(373 days ago)
Wed, 10-Apr-13 12:56 PM (373 days ago)
Going to have a well deserved wank in my office today.......hope the admin girl see's it.
Sun, 7-Apr-13 1:10 AM (377 days ago)
All I seem to do is stroke my cock, want to help me empty it?
Fri, 25-Jan-13 6:22 PM (448 days ago)
I've just realised after all this time................This isn't Facebook!!!!
ha ha!! More like pussy and cock book!!
(448 days ago)
(448 days ago)
Wed, 23-Jan-13 10:47 PM (450 days ago)
Brown_Bread78 likes this
(450 days ago)
Arghhhhh!! don't do that! almost fell out of bed!!
(450 days ago)
I did fall out of bed.
(450 days ago)
Wed, 23-Jan-13 11:33 AM (450 days ago)
Just having my daily perv!!
Sun, 20-Jan-13 3:25 PM (453 days ago)
The snow is going.
Sun, 20-Jan-13 3:06 PM (453 days ago)
How comes my hard cock looks small in this cold weather???
Sun, 20-Jan-13 1:39 PM (453 days ago)
What's better than stroking my hard cock??
a hot tea
(453 days ago)
Even a bottle of Bud
(453 days ago)
careful, if tea is too hot, the whole house might burn down
(453 days ago)
would be warm though lol
(453 days ago)
I've got my tea already Bunz. x .............
(453 days ago)
Sun, 20-Jan-13 12:38 PM (453 days ago)
I need more of the white stuff.....................................snow that is!!
Sun, 20-Jan-13 11:47 AM (453 days ago)
Guess what I'm doing.
do we get 3 guesses *lix*
(453 days ago)
yes, but I reckon you'll get it in one.
(453 days ago)
Thu, 10-Jan-13 5:45 PM (463 days ago)
I can go home from work now, but I can earn overtime perving on here. lol
good idea!
(463 days ago)
Well until the boss walks into my office.
(463 days ago)
Thu, 10-Jan-13 2:23 PM (463 days ago)
I hate being at work, when I'm horny & trying to control an erection.
i just hate being at work
(463 days ago)
go the bog and zip ya fiveskin in ya zippa .... that will cure it
(463 days ago)
let them out
(463 days ago)
Let them out & nearly got caught. lol
(463 days ago)
Wed, 9-Jan-13 8:17 PM (464 days ago)
I'm a right wanker!!!!
handsolo123 likes this
arent we all lol
(464 days ago)
Yep, sometimes use the left.
(464 days ago)
i'm a leftie so it works for me
(464 days ago)
Wed, 9-Jan-13 6:36 PM (464 days ago)
Just about to leave work, for another quiet night of wanking. Anyone want to change that?
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