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remember me?
beefish's Recent Statuses
Wed, 24-Apr-13 7:10 AM (2007 days ago)
what a lovely day to have an erection!
Desert_Rose likes this
every day is a good day for an erection
(2007 days ago)
Wed, 23-Jan-13 8:07 AM (2098 days ago)
is it too cold to be naked?
Wed, 9-Jan-13 8:36 AM (2112 days ago)
still horny - as always
rhinostool likes this
Fri, 30-Nov-12 8:24 AM (2152 days ago)
horny and freshly shaved. as opposed to just horny...
2 for the price of 1.. Mr A_C
(2152 days ago)
Fri, 12-Oct-12 10:58 AM (2201 days ago)
my feet are freezing! Perhaps I should put some clothes on?
yep socks as well.. Mr A_C
(2201 days ago)
or maybe just socks to start?
(2201 days ago)
Wed, 26-Sep-12 6:56 AM (2217 days ago)
cold, grey, wet, miserable, but let's get naked anyway!
Fri, 21-Sep-12 7:52 AM (2222 days ago)
Oh no, it's definitely getting cold and autumnal around here
Love it!!! smile
(2222 days ago)
not here...all the blossom is in the trees...the flowers are blooming and everythings coming alive...too pretty for words smile
(2222 days ago)
Wed, 25-Jul-12 10:57 AM (2280 days ago)
now that the sun's out there really isn't any excuse for not being naked!
Except having fair skin?
(2280 days ago)
Fri, 6-Jul-12 9:28 AM (2299 days ago)
raining again - might as well get naked (don't want to get my clothes wet!)
No roof on your house?
(2299 days ago)
Wed, 23-May-12 9:15 AM (2343 days ago)
warm weather - so I'm not wearing shorts instead of not wearing jeans
softcell likes this
Wed, 23-May-12 7:29 AM (2343 days ago)
Hooray - sun's out. Might even take my socks off as well!
oooo and then wriggle your toes
(2343 days ago)
nooo socks and sandals are well sexy wink)
(2343 days ago)
i never wear shoes if i can get away with it
(2343 days ago)
Fri, 4-May-12 11:33 AM (2362 days ago)
horny as fuck!
Sat, 28-Apr-12 1:05 PM (2368 days ago)
it's grey, cold, raining, miserable. Great day to get naked!
SoFine72 likes this
(2368 days ago)
And cuddle?
(2368 days ago)
Fri, 27-Apr-12 7:42 AM (2369 days ago)
weekend's almost here again - at last!
(2369 days ago)
What do you mean almost? it is here smile
(2369 days ago)
Wed, 25-Apr-12 8:40 AM (2371 days ago)
NN is one way to take my mind off of the rain!
yes its great
(2371 days ago)
Fri, 20-Apr-12 9:14 AM (2376 days ago)
Almost the weekend and it's not raining for a change!
_CARTMAN_ likes this
it still has time to start tongue
(2376 days ago)
yes it damn well is!!
(2376 days ago)
Wed, 14-Mar-12 9:00 AM (2413 days ago)
Spring is on it's way and I can feel the sap rising. At least I think its sap?
Sun, 19-Feb-12 2:34 PM (2437 days ago)
It feels like spring is on the way. I can feel the sap rising already!
iowawantit likes this
Fri, 3-Feb-12 8:17 AM (2453 days ago)
worried about getting my nuts frozen off - need to keep them warm!
Mon, 30-Jan-12 9:24 PM (2456 days ago)
I'm just rubbing it to keep warm
Hoozthedaddy and carolinesex like this
Wed, 18-Jan-12 8:52 AM (2469 days ago)
I want to go back to bed - might help me to wake up!
Fri, 13-Jan-12 2:11 PM (2474 days ago)
I could really do with a hand right now - not my own!
Mon, 2-Jan-12 2:05 PM (2485 days ago)
lets get naked!
Wed, 14-Dec-11 1:59 PM (2504 days ago)
now was I horny before I started looking at nn or afterwards? Or both?
kinkykittykins likes this
(2504 days ago)
if you were before you must be afterwards
(2504 days ago)
both i reckon wink
(2504 days ago)
Wed, 14-Dec-11 8:26 AM (2504 days ago)
I wonder if there are any naked people here today?
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