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Saturday, September 7, 2013, 9:24:13 PM-
I am happily back in the land of premium NN, thanks to a very kind member here and from the bottom of my heart I want to thank him here too!!

So, I have been working away from home for the last few months and my life has changed a fair bit in that time. I am supposed to be back up for good now but will probably be flitting between home and down South for some time to come, which I actually really enjoy for some reason.....(room service, housekeeping, meals out, socialising every night, expenses, bed made every day for you, expenses, new people and no teenager dramas) but I can't really put my finger on the reason!!

I have also just been told that in less than 2 hours I become the mother of a child in their 20's! I don't bloody well feel old enough for that......

Anyway....I'm back after a few weeks with no internet access so thought I would have a little blog to myself...but thats all I have for now :)

have a good Saturday :))
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"Welcome back Willow xx"
- westy1

Sunday, July 21, 2013, 9:18:59 PM- Pretty cool!!
How to do it properly!! I love Bruno Mars and watched this not expecting what happened, but it made me smile!

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"I LOVE this video, especially where he gets that smile right before he runs out to join them. :)"
- MrCoverYou

Wednesday, July 10, 2013, 7:03:10 PM-
Is anybody here a sleep walker?

I have never been in my life but have had 2 instances in the last couple of months. The first one was weird but I can vaguely remember a little of it.

Last weeks one was just bloody freaky....It was a work night so I was having an early night, shower...dry my hair, jim-jams on then off to bed. As I went to bed I threw the towel I had used onto the bedroom floor thinking that I would shove it into the washing in the morning.

So having (what I thought) slept soundly all night - I jumped out of bed at 6am and opened my bedroom door. That is where I stopped in my tracks........

Now, looking down at the floor my next thought was to look right, yep my front door was still locked so nobody had come in through the night and I was home alone so this was obviously all me.

The towel I had used the night before was all rolled up and laid out in the hallway, along with 3 hangers all laid out alongside it...all meticulously lined up.

Now I have no idea what happened or why, where or when.....I can only assume it was either me or a ghost!!

Confused and worried every morning when I wake up now, and sleeping pretty well dressed just incase :)
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"cream products cause sleepwalking ie cheese yogurt etc was a sleepwalker for a long time until i worked it out good luck"
- irish clit licker

Saturday, January 12, 2013, 9:27:43 PM-
I haven't blogged in a while again and was not really going to but I just had to share the laugh I had at myself again the other night.

I was sound asleep and in the middle of the night I jumped bolt upright in my bed and seeing somebody standing in my bedroom doorway, I said "OH MY GOD, you just gave me the fright of my life standing there like that!"

At that point I laughed at myself for sitting there and wondered who it was that I thought I was talking to before thinking its only the onesie that is hanging on the back of my bedroom door.
So I had a little laugh at myself and lay back down and went back to sleep, I must have been sleeping for about 30 seconds before it dawned on me................

Again I jumped bolt upright thinking "FUCKKKKK..... I DON'T OWN A ONESIE!!"

I did a whole leap out of bed in a single move and switch the lamp on to see who the hell was standing in my room. It was only my coat, lol

When I eventually did get back to sleep every dream I had after that was me telling somebody or other about how stupid I had been.

I love the way my mind works at night, it always amazes and entertains me! :D
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"lolz that woulda scared the crap outa me!"
- secretmeagain

Wednesday, December 26, 2012, 5:59:56 PM-
The last few months of this year have delivered a fair old bit of drama in my family life so while I was looking forward to Christmas there was also a bit of trepidation in there too. I really did not know how the day was going to play out and to be fair I had given myself a good talking to before hand to behave myself and just let things wash over me and not react.

I am pleased to say that everything did go really well....no murders...attempted murders or arguements. We all had a great day.

How was your Christmas?
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"So glad for you! Happy Holidays willow!"
- private parts

Monday, December 24, 2012, 6:51:12 PM- Just a quick.....

Now I'm off to have some family time and relax for a few days :) xxx
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"enjoy the time with family. Its the best time of the year to spend time with those you love!"
- dcshoe8

Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 9:38:06 PM- Just having a look around here and got to wondering....
Am I missing something...

How can a picture that is one of the top voted ones of the day with well over 50 votes and almost 1000 views have absolutely no profile views on the poster?

Just wondering
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"Thx 2k, I did wonder since my view didn't register either :)"
- willow01

Thursday, November 8, 2012, 11:35:42 PM-
Since life is full of ups and downs......surely it should always be clear whether you where you are on the whole high or low scale of things!

I don't think I have ever been in a situation before when I truly did not know which way current situations in life were on the proverbial roller coaster.

This is not a freaked out blog, or a bad blog or a woe is me blog....this IS a shit I'm stuck blog!!
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Most Recent Comment:
"Does it help for me to say I feel stuck in a situation I am in, well more of a slump. I'm not convinced any situation stays the same for too long. Retrospect is a wonderful thing no doubt you'll look back and only then understand how things looked."
- RubyFang

Sunday, October 28, 2012, 1:57:59 PM-
That's the shopping done and the dog had his walk, and apart from letting him out again later I am not leaving the house again today! It's pretty yukky out there, so in here with the heating on and soup bubbling away on the cooker is where it's at :)

We had a good, fun day yesterday doing the culture thing visiting a castle....although we did get quite a few dirty looks because we were having too much fun and spoiling the "culture" with our giggling and general carry on. Skipping along castle outer walls and climbing all over cannons and rolling down hills sideways does generate a few different reactions from people in general, but we all had a good laugh so who cares! I even made one old woman scream when we were playing "hide and seek" when she found me, lol
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Most Recent Comment:
"Mmmm.......... the mind boggles babe but, you can climb all over my cannon anytime you want X"
- Hutcheano

Wednesday, October 24, 2012, 10:11:36 PM- Real?
You hear lots of "stuff" about how people are always somebody else when they are online and they hide behind a persona that they pretend to be. I have started wondering how true this actually is these days. Modern times mean people don't really get to interact with each other in quite the same way they used to years ago and people these days have so many new ways to come into contact with each other and upset each other in the same way!

Couldn't it be closer to the truth to say that we are getting more to the heart of each other by cutting out the face to face interaction. I remember hearing something said years ago, that if you had a problem saying something to somebody face to face then just write them a letter. Now isn't that just what the internet is but only on a grander scale....Lots of letters written to lots of other people.

This blog is about nothing in particular, just some observations from chatting with people online and meeting many different personalities at different times, but there has just been a few things I have witnessed lately that made me wonder about what is the true reflection of people..

Probably being a bit deeper than I have ever had any reason to be!!

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Most Recent Comment:
"They say you can't judge a book by it's cover. But it's nice to look at the cover sometimes and imagine what's inside. Even the old fashioned 'blind date' is a face to face meeting. Nice one babe, I liked your blog X."
- Hutcheano

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