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Monday, June 28, 2010, 9:33:37 PM-
OMG, I am so fucking pissed off right now!! I have been seeing a guy for a bit over a month he had only just split up from his wife (I know, ALERT!!!!...but there really was something there between us and we both felt it)

Why the hell are guys such drama queens (every one of them!!) Hmmm, maybe I should just shut-up right now and let some steam vent before I say much more...BUT!!

It's complicated..well of course its complicated - it always fucking is!!

"She doesn't understand me"....."Neither do I, right now!!"

"I just need some time"......"Really??? I just need to know where the fuck I stand??"

lol, do I sound aggressive right now? I can't imagine where that came from!!
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"Hmmm.... so sorry babe, I don't understand why some blokes do that either. I never have, if it's over, then it's over and move on but they shouldn't fuck with nice peeps heads like yours. Hope you're OK, loadsa hugs X X X"
- Hutcheano

Monday, June 21, 2010, 8:12:09 PM- Well.....
Things with me have been pretty hectic with work since I left, but over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to get into shape a bit more. I have been doing all my horsey stuff which is a good way to keep fit, but over the last couple of weeks I also decided to start running to go that bit better with it.

What probably wasn't a good idea though, was to go for a few miles of pavement pounding today...especially since I have been off work sick for the last 2 days (I'm choked with the cold, have no voice at all and have a killer headache) I don't know what made me think that a run would make me feel any better, lol, I nearly passed out on the way back!!

My "love life" has been really quite good lately too....**insert really big smiley face here!!** but thats all I am saying about that right now....I would hate to jinx anything :D

Wow, I really had so much to say but now I'm actually sitting here I haven't a clue what I was going to type....but nevermind! I'm sure it will come back to me!!


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"Hi Willow, loadsa kisses xxxxxxxx...... and hugs for you babe, just great to read one of your blogs again. Really missed you on here babe, get well soon. Hutch X X X"
- Hutcheano

Thursday, June 17, 2010, 1:28:34 PM-
**tiptoes back in and sits down for a little look around!!**

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"I wondered why my friend list got bigger :))"
- sorcha0922

Tuesday, December 22, 2009, 10:10:18 PM-
It has been a while since I felt this way, but I have been deliberatly staying away from NN for a while. I'm not really sure if my time here is up or not, so I am sitting well back for a bit......

This ain't a "goodbye, i'm thinking about leaving, so please send me lots of msg's to change my's just a bit of an explanation to some pm's I have received...

I probably won't be back on this year, so I wish everybody a wonderfull Christmas and a great New Year too!!

HUGSSSS xxxxxxxxxx
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"Hey Willow, merry christmas to you!!! And please don´t leave NN, I just returned after 3 years of abstinence. Now I am happy to be here again and to find out that I am still in your friends list and from the look on yours pics and reading ´bout you, you have not changed much, and your body is still hot as ever...
Please stay
Greets Steel"
- steelstretcher

Monday, December 14, 2009, 10:11:36 PM-
Christmas shopping...what christmas shopping???

Done, dusted, finnito!!


I have to say that this is a FIRST for me...I am usually out on Christmas Eve still!!

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"Woo hoo! Congratulations!"
- Sallinque

Thursday, December 10, 2009, 8:39:13 PM- Deck the halls.....and bruise the thighs!
Ouch!! I have just done the cristmas decorations with my youngest....That was the easy part though!

It was the preparation work involved first that I had real problems with. Re-arranging furniture and trying to fit down behind furniture that just doesn't have the space for a person to be in there is not good for the health.

However, it is all done now and it is looking really good!!! Even if I do say so myself :)))
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"And i trust you will have a local celeb there to switch on yr lights?!! :)
- likklelarry.

Thursday, November 26, 2009, 11:00:29 PM-
Okay, did somebody announce and unofficial Friday 13th today??

They say it all comes in three's as well!

1.. About 12 hours ago, to the minute, I discovered that I didn't have the keys to open the office in the morning - when I was supposed to be opening the office in the morning...(problem eventually solved after having to stand about in freezing cold gale force winds for about an hour!)

2.. Noticing that my lace was out while half way through a door way and bending down to tie my lace only to head-butt the door frame!! duhhhhhhhh

3.. While trying to update my pic on facebook and getting a twitch in my finger while on the ABSOLUTE WRONG KIND OF PIC FOR comp deciding to freeze up at that moment and need a reboot to get it going again!

lmao, I HAVE had better days than this!!

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"What kind of pic ?"
- englishmaninnewyork

Tuesday, November 17, 2009, 9:39:46 PM-
What is it with bacon? I wasn't hungry, until I smelled bacon cooking......So, obviously once I got a whiff I had to have some.....

Well I challenge anybody else not to...
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"Even doggies love bacon"
- By-the-Sea

Sunday, November 15, 2009, 4:24:50 PM-
Today started as a very laid back and lazy day, which was really nice. I really enjoyed my hours without the TV blaring, music blasting or every other noise that I now live with daily, having one and a half daughters (now).......

It must have done me a bit of good because this afternoon I attacked the house and OMG what a difference!! In half the time it would usually have taken I have moved mountains today....I even gutted a cupboard which has probably not seen anything like that in over 10 years!!

I have a home-made meat-loaf in the oven which is smelling superbly scrumptious, the dog has just had the longest walk he has had in well over a month and it isn't even dark yet!!

Today, I took on the world and won!!
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"i feel gonna take on my cleaner now!! :)"
- likklelarry.

Thursday, November 12, 2009, 7:42:44 PM-
I am sooo fed up, the list of stuff that needs done around my house keeps getting longer by the day. The more and more I try to get on top of stuff then the more I seem to find that needs to be done.

Okay, this is probably my own fault, through years of neglect and ignoring jobs. I just can't seem to ignore them any more these days though, and it is just annoying me to silly levels now!!

There is painting, re-papering, sorting cupboards, sanding walls (and ceilings), doors needing replaced, carpets worn way too thin, varnishing, curtain poles, wiring and re-wiring, plastering and god knows what else......It just all seems to be jumping out at me lately and no-matter how deep I keep trying to bury my head, it is still there......

So please excuse me if I ain't a bundle of giggles right now...but my mind seems to be constantly on other stuff right now!!

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"how about a house swap.... mine needs the same doing but imagine how we could piss each other off by painting each others walls in weird colours!!!!"
- cas999

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