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bbcfanasty's Recent Statuses
Thu, 15-Jun-17 5:44 PM (493 days ago)
I am on now send me a PM to chat
Are you usa
(353 days ago)
Only 140 days ago
(353 days ago)
Hey Lady... have you gotten your wish... have you taken some good black dick yet..?
(216 days ago)
hello there
(94 days ago)
i would like to chat with you smile please pm.
(88 days ago)
Fri, 31-Mar-17 7:33 PM (569 days ago)
I am free to chat
my4x4ram4, 1sundown and mike1000 like this
Thank you for sharing your amazing body.
(510 days ago)
I would love to chat with you
(502 days ago)
Possibly they would if you weren't 66 days late getting here ( status )
(502 days ago)
I'm in
(491 days ago)
You are not kidding when you say you are 46
(475 days ago)
Fri, 31-Mar-17 4:56 PM (569 days ago)
Send me a pm voting which pic you want to see my face. I will repost showing the one with the most votes.
Boots4u and fb_for_fun like this
I cry every time a tree is cut down...
(569 days ago)
It's those guys with big choppers wink
(569 days ago)
Your new tub pic is sexy! Your boobs look great
(569 days ago)
Have you narrowed down the choices?
(569 days ago)
what is someone wants to see their face on your body parts in a pic?laugh
(569 days ago)
Sat, 4-Feb-17 4:23 PM (624 days ago)
I'm available to chat
ok, I am serious, why haven't you tried to be in Play Boy Mazanies, you are gorgious and your hubby is a good photographer.
(475 days ago)
Tue, 13-Dec-16 3:45 PM (677 days ago)
I'm available
for weddings and bar mitzvas.
(677 days ago)
RoxanneS likes this
I'm also available
(677 days ago)
So am I, but we are toooooo far apart to be able to enjoy each other.
(674 days ago)
4 weddings & a bar mitzvah?
(674 days ago)
^^^ Worse movie ever
(674 days ago)
Fri, 9-Dec-16 11:07 PM (681 days ago)
Fri, 9-Dec-16 10:06 PM (681 days ago)
ready to chat
welcome to the mad house, have fun smile there's plenty of people here chatting just join in
(681 days ago)
me too
(681 days ago)
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