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Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 8:55:00 AM- Spring
Ah well the snow has come and gone as has my recent birthday and I am looking forward to warmer weather. I really do like being fucked in our garden as truck drivers, if they are looking, can see over the hedge.

It always turns me on to be naked outside with the chance of being seen and arousing those who spot me.

My orgasms always seem stronger outside - how about you?
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"I agree, love outdoors too..but I'm in FL so love to feel the heat of the sun on my skin"
- milf seeker

Monday, May 2, 2011, 12:04:07 AM- A break in the sun
Now that the royal wedding is behind us, the sun is coming out here in the UK and I am looking forward to a good fucking on a regular basis throughout the summer - particularly outside on the grass where there is a risk of us being seen - that thought just doubles my orgasm. Ladies if you read this please let me know if outdoors does it for you too.

Next week hubby and I are off to sunny Spain, to an area that has lots of nudist beaches. Even at my age I am looking forward to exposing myself for everyone to see and better still have some outdoor fucking. Specially in the sea with people walking past, on our balcony and of course on the bed.I have to set up the video so he can't see it as he is not as open as me! I have even shaved everything off.

I do enjoy a good fuck and I have posted some not very good vids - more and better to cum - tee hee.

I am away on Wednesday so please let me know of any special pics you would like and I will do my best to get them. I would particularly like to hear from the ladies
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"Just watched the film of you sucking your husbands cock, you sure do a nice job just watching that film made me horny as hell"
- tinytimmy12

Tuesday, December 28, 2010, 9:00:10 PM- Being taken from behind
Thanks for your comment Des, I actually really like being taken from behind - it seems deeper some how. I've never done anal though as I am not sure about it. What do you think?
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"With your ass I know I would slip right in and give you a feeling you had never had before.
Deep Des"
- star chaser

Tuesday, December 28, 2010, 8:32:47 PM- Bloody Weather
Here we are in UK an there has been 25cm snow and the whole bloody system grinds to a halt. We rely on oil for heating and cooking and that ran out before Christmas because the roads were too "dangerous" for a fresh delivery. So the house has been like the inside of a fridge, so we can't fuck and the new video camera, which was bought to film such events, remains unused - apart from snow shots.
Anyway I really appreciate all you comments and I promise to post again when the sun come out for more that 5 minutes.
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"Hi Claire,
I come over your piccies all the time. Never mind the cold - let us have a video of you bee taken from behind. Then I can cum with you.
- star chaser

Thursday, December 11, 2008, 11:59:35 PM- Nude in Car follow up
Well hello Heydes - do you masterbate when looking at my photos?

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"Clairelo - there isn't a man alive who wouldn't masturbate while looking at you! Difficult not to, when the sight of you makes us so hard...!:)"
- Marianao

Thursday, December 11, 2008, 11:49:12 PM- Nude in car
Many years ago when I was more impulsive, we were driving back from London when I got all horny. We were on the freeway at evening rush hour in the summer - broad daylight.
My husband was driving and I started to take my clothes off. I could see the truckers looking at my shaven pussy as my husband desparately accelerated to the next off ramp. While I was waiting I started to finger myself and very quickly I had this enormous cum. My poor husband nearly lost control of the car as did some of the truckers.
We finally pulled off into a forest and I leapt out and knelt on the ground with my opening pointing towards the car. In no time at all my husband had mounted me from behind as deposited his load I cried out again. It was only then that I realised we were still in full view of the freeway and I had a double cum thinking of all the truckers who could see me.
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Most Recent Comment:
"Sounds like a great trip"
- waldo1952

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