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clairelo's Recent Statuses
Fri, 27-Oct-17 7:39 AM (507 days ago)
Time has come for fireside fucking
getmeagin and Franco+12 like this
Don't get to close to flames
(507 days ago)
bigdownunder72 likes this
we didnt start the fire. It was always burning ...
(507 days ago)
... since the world's been turning
(507 days ago)
I have the fire lit at the moment and you are more than welcome to come round
(103 days ago)
Wed, 14-Sep-16 10:17 PM (915 days ago)
Weather getting colder. Outdoor fucking constricted.
Sexcflirt and smiff17bs like this
One last outdoor fuck?
(913 days ago)
Put on a parka and some boots and go for it!
(913 days ago)
get a hot tub in the garden
(899 days ago)
Sun, 28-Aug-16 12:21 PM (932 days ago)
Looking forward to a great fuck with Hubby
funhotwife and The Necromancer like this
Lucky hubby! wink
(932 days ago)
Sun, 12-Jun-16 9:54 PM (1009 days ago)
First, but not the last, garden fuck of the year
i hope you took pics
(1009 days ago)
Sat, 9-Apr-16 10:54 PM (1073 days ago)
Summer is slowly creeping in and I am slowly taking my clothes off.
(1073 days ago)
can i watch
(1073 days ago)
Hello clair smile smile xxoo..............:smile smile ...........hug and kotc
(1073 days ago)
Please to take until summer....we can't wait that long
(1073 days ago)
Wed, 30-Mar-16 12:32 PM (1083 days ago)
Feeling frisky - it's the sun
Terrible newspaper... But whatever turns you on wink
(1083 days ago)
demonoid13 likes this
Or the little bumble bee clipped to your clit wink
(1083 days ago)
Tue, 22-Mar-16 4:07 PM (1091 days ago)
Got a new mains powered vibrator coming! Can't wait
DirtyDen66 and rpoay like this
hope you post pics - will it save you money on batteries
(1091 days ago)
i have a man powered one.
(1091 days ago)
I have a new toy arriving in the mail today. Replacing the one I wore out. wink
(1091 days ago)
I always keeps a spare grin
(1091 days ago)
MyaGirl likes this
The old one served me well. smile
(1091 days ago)
Sat, 28-Nov-15 9:50 PM (1206 days ago)
Winter is upon us. Time for indoor fucks with a good log fire nearby
That sounds wonderful. Enjoy!
(1206 days ago)
Sat, 13-Jun-15 10:16 PM (1374 days ago)
Weather is getting more reliable so I am anticipating multiple outdoor fuckings
Reliable.... rained most of the day here
(1374 days ago)
Rained here too but yesterday multiple cummings on the picnic table!
(1374 days ago)
Did you get the camera out too?
(1374 days ago)
Oh yes - posting tomorrow
(1374 days ago)
I'll check them out!
(1374 days ago)
Wed, 8-Apr-15 6:30 AM (1440 days ago)
Sun's out - feeling frisky
lynskey likes this
have a look at allebs 99 on the left hand side in the members spotlight section,hun, he will get yer pulse racing even more
(1440 days ago)
the sun always does that! your looking frisky too. nice piccys smile
(1440 days ago)
Thu, 5-Mar-15 1:00 PM (1474 days ago)
Spring is nearly here but now at 65 years of age I think I should limit my posting on NN
Cos I'm getting well past my best
(1474 days ago)
Sorry you feel that way...I'm over the hill then sad
(1474 days ago)
Just looked over your gallery again....looking good to me smile just saying
(1474 days ago)
the older the the buck the stiffer the horn wink
(1474 days ago)
Claire, please don't give it up, you look so horny
(1448 days ago)
Tue, 4-Nov-14 3:36 PM (1595 days ago)
Winter is now really here. Long time before my next outdoor fuck. Still fireside is great fun too.
Chuck-81 likes this
Tue, 23-Sep-14 11:29 AM (1637 days ago)
Just got back from holiday. Lots of photos and vids to post soon
LuLusBakery likes this
Thu, 28-Aug-14 3:33 PM (1663 days ago)
Off to the Canary Islands soon for lots and lots of fun in the sun
VTCali likes this
(1663 days ago)
Wish I had your body
(1663 days ago)
(1663 days ago)
tweet, tweet
(1663 days ago)
hope you have an amazing trip
(1663 days ago)
Tue, 19-Aug-14 10:49 AM (1672 days ago)
Weather got colder. No more outdoor fucks for a while
Blankets??? tongue
(1672 days ago)
Hello clairelo I dread knowing summer is about over
(1672 days ago)
Thu, 7-Aug-14 9:56 PM (1684 days ago)
I'm lonely tonight - who will pleasure me?
eveningantics and Showmyjunk like this
theres an offer!!
(1684 days ago)
(1684 days ago)
Thu, 7-Aug-14 9:50 PM (1684 days ago)
Really enjoying the weather. Lots of outdoor activity - much to the joy of passing light aircraft - we have a lot of them!
alexsecrets and GottaBeMe like this
Sat, 14-Jun-14 2:27 AM (1739 days ago)
Summer seems to be staring here in UK and I bare all in the garden. I also get fucked most mornings on the picnic table in the garden with the occasional low flying aircraft an interesting variation
nu_4_u likes this
Sun, 13-Apr-14 12:22 PM (1800 days ago)
As we get more and more sun, I get more and more ready to bare all out doors
Smiles4Us likes this
Me too....great feeling eh!
(1800 days ago)
Love a sexy, confident woman!
(1800 days ago)
Tue, 4-Feb-14 11:48 AM (1868 days ago)
2014 is cumming on beautifully
sinatra_uk likes this
sounds awesome!! wink xxx
(1868 days ago)
So I see...nice vid smile
(1868 days ago)
Fri, 10-Jan-14 10:45 AM (1893 days ago)
Rain stopped, sun out - maybe 2014 won't be so bad as new vibes have arrived
What sort of vibes?
(1893 days ago)
Tue, 31-Dec-13 12:57 PM (1903 days ago)
It's now New Years Eve and I hope 2014 will be as great as 2013
Hope it's a good one for you x
(1903 days ago)
you too hun xx
(1903 days ago)
Have a great one xx
(1903 days ago)
Thu, 3-Oct-13 9:40 PM (1992 days ago)
I know you all do and so do I. I've just checked my own profile by rating. The highest scores are all me fucking in my garden. But it's now fall in the UK and too bloody cold for outdoors.
nomadbsa likes this
I like you indoors too
(1992 days ago)
your pics are great.. very sexy
(1992 days ago)
I do think you deserve your ratings - sexy woman
(1992 days ago)
Fri, 20-Sep-13 3:09 PM (2005 days ago)
Tomorrow is suposed to be quite warm - possibly last chance for a comfortable outdoor fuck - I do hope so. Would you like to be watching or more?
koreykiller21 and sc67 like this
I'm sure my tongue could take care of that tongue
(2005 days ago)
I do love a good licking
(2005 days ago)
...... Perfect!!
(2005 days ago)
Love to catch a view!
(1999 days ago)
think we have more nice weather on the way...yes love to watch you..doever go to morfa dyfed wales great beach ..you could tease me there ha ha
(1999 days ago)
Mon, 9-Sep-13 3:31 PM (2016 days ago)
Summer now sadly gone. The chances of an outdoor fuck diminished greatly. How sad
LatinoThickD likes this
I want to fly anywhere today, ht.
(2016 days ago)
soar through the clouds
(2016 days ago)
I have my green Peter Pan tights on....
(2016 days ago)
(2016 days ago)
(2016 days ago)
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