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Starburst_x's Recent Statuses
Sun, 7-Oct-18 5:18 AM (70 days ago)
Urgh picture-less profiles who want to prv chat... Annoying
I can understand why they want to chat with you from looking at your pics. But fair is fair. They need to show some respect.
(70 days ago)
yeah prv chat, email exchange, and my fave - the ones who want my cel number, lol
(70 days ago)
Nearly as bad as dudes pretending to be women aye
(70 days ago)
NaughtyKat likes this
Or the ones that join and dont fill out anything on their profile
(70 days ago)
I'm not surprised you are so popular you are smoking hot!
(5 days ago)
Fri, 7-Sep-18 10:30 PM (100 days ago)
The feel of warm cum on your breast mmmmm
Wed, 16-May-18 8:25 PM (214 days ago)
rhinostool and 000max like this
Cat got your tongue?? Now there’s a hot thought...
(214 days ago)
lip2lip likes this
.... .. --..-- / -. .. -.-. . / .--. .. -.-. ...
(214 days ago)
josh_s_juice likes this
That's just pure filth Adam!!!!
(214 days ago)
curiousAdam likes this
(214 days ago)
Plum i just looked at starburst beautiful boobs and try to copy them.
(214 days ago)
Wed, 2-May-18 2:18 PM (228 days ago)
Picture of arse, yes or no!?
More pics yes. Truly stunning x
(223 days ago)
The answer to that question is always YES
(223 days ago)
yes please sexy bottom pic ?
(223 days ago)
Check out her profile pic, newtricx
(223 days ago)
Yes. Please.
(217 days ago)
Wed, 2-May-18 11:52 AM (228 days ago)
Please check my recent picture to see the abuse I received. I've received 6 similar messages
unreal that some people are like this, just ignore it smile
(228 days ago)
You have mail.
(228 days ago)
I bet she has bloody heaps of it smile
(228 days ago)
hornyfukcer and MissLizzie like this
Bloody goojus pics hun , stunning bod smile
(228 days ago)
Ummm..I wonders what has happened...
(228 days ago)
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