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About Me:
Kind, caring but dominant breeding pissing pan/poly boy and weight-gainer grown up: all ages and both sexes welcome. NO TATTOOS OR PIERCINGS. Smooth body & nice, chubby - can be a bonus (but I'm flexible!), and I love getting fat with someone. But hey, steady on.....A kind tolerant personality helps, maybe even someone a bit loving. If you want to lecture me about my sexual beliefs as "immature" - Please avoid getting in touch! I'm not a teenager, and I know what I'm doing! Also - if you are offended by "cunt", "arse" or many other really exciting things I say when aroused, and you don't sometimes enjoy saying them to arouse someone else, you might be talking to the wrong guy. There is a difference between being caring and losing your raw instincts, which is what so many intelligent people do when they get a so-called "education"........... Fatness not essential, but preferred, and gainers and feedees are very welcome. Submissive tendencies preferred! Pan/poly sexual. Group bisexual/poly sex? Yes please! Getting sweaty? In the right situation, I actually lick perspiration! Condoms? Birth control pills? No way, are you kidding?! (unless we absolutely must) xxxxx Being a lover of smooth chubby arses of both sexes I am passionate also about chubby guys, especially if they have also big bouncing bollocks and small edible cocks! Even better is when women encourage me with other men! And yes, I DO swallow male AND female juices! Big feet? Yum, I love big feet! People say I walk all over partners. In some cases, yes. It LITERALLY walk all over them, standing fully upright, with my bare feet sinking into their flesh, and some of them seem to like that (optional). I will also sometimes press full weight on someone's chest when fucking - again, that is optional. xxxx Condoms? You must be joking! My idea of a "condom" is to rub fertility gel under my foreskin to make me more fertile! Good job I am not short of a few quid if the babies start flowing! For the younger women, you ARE probably going to get pregnant (if I can help it), so lie back, throw your pills in the trash, part your thighs as wide as you can (or I will help!) and let my small but cheeky fucking cock and eager balls put a nice warm bun in your oven - or maybe let a boyfriend or two of us help you out! I love loose, sloppy cunts - and yes I DO say "cunt" rather than tight ones, though if yours is a little tight, maybe it just needs the right cock giving the right passionate fuck! In fact, bring your friends, or even your friend's mother or daughter!..... Don't worry if any of us need to answer nature's call, I am some of of us can be that for each other, or we can have fun outside! xxxx Sorry, guys, but until my bottom is a bit less sore, I might need gentle handling in filling my rear hole - though of course, it's what every guy needs from time to time, and I can always try to get a smaller cock right down the back of my throat as I suck and flood my mouth with saliva - which if it's a very tasty cock is no problem, even if you didn't wash it first!..... Love to hear from you if you think we need sometimes "just do it", there and then....
My Current Status:
I am truly in love with someone right now. Okay, so maybe I wouldn't be if they didn't have some spark of beauty, but I am just telling you this in case you think it's all about the fucking with me.
My Stats:
I am:
Sexual Preference:
Girls & Guys
Am seeking:
Anyone - Don't care
Marital Status:
  Worksop, United Kingdom
NN Status:
I last logged into NN:
Other NN users think these are my best pics:
Some of my friends on NN are: (view all 12 friends)
Interesting things to know about me:
My Starsign:
My Favourite posters on NN are:
the smooth, chubby ones, of course! (singles or couples) - but a few others too, though. I am quite keen on Schatzi66 ;-)
Interests I have are:
Arts / Crafts, Movies / Cinema, Billiards / Pool / Darts, Nature, Cooking, Food / Wine
Other Interests I have are:
being nice to people, eating, feederism/weight gain, fucking, breeding, family play, sweating (with the right partners), watersports, pissing, being pissed on, BBW, male, female
I am also up for:
Anything!, Cyber Sex w-out/cam, Casual Chat Room Talk, Group Sex, Erotic Story Telling, A New Friend
I have been a Member of NN since:
My Appearance:
Race/Ethnicity:Caucasian (White)
Body Type: Plump
Body Shape: Hourglass
Height: 5' 10" (178cm)
Weight: 20lbs (1st 6lbs) (9.1kg)
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Best Feature: Feet
Pubic Hair: Shaven
Tatoos: None
Piercings: None
Penis Length:
Penis Girth:
Circumcised: No
My Professional Life:
Education: College
Employment Status:
Job Role:
My Lifestyle:
Smoking: No
Drinking: No
Food Preference:
Sense of Humour: Other
Social Behaviour: Better in small groups
Personality: Nerd / Geek
Libido: High
Kinkiest place
I've had sex:
On a beach (not very original, right?), Sainsburys car park
Spoken Languages:
My Favourites:
Actor/Actress: Melissa McCarthy, a younger John Goodman
Song: Berlin - "Take My Breath Away" (probably)
TV Show:
Drink: Not a big drinker, but fine if you do a little
Food: Pizza, corned beef or lamb stew
Pastime: Other than fucking, I'd have to say reading
Sex Position: full anal, missionary to impregnate you, pissing
Famous person I'd like
to have sex with:
Melissa Mc Carthy, John Goodman, Alison Hammond
Self Description:
What makes me happy: weight-gain in me or a partner, fucking someone who cares, fat sloppy loose cunts, small cocks, group sex with smooth people (possibly)..........An empty pram that I CAN fill by getting a female pregnant, a pregnant belly that I helped cause
What makes me sad: Crude people (apart from naughty talk in bed, of course!), trolls on NN who try to shame you for your desires, when NN is almost ALL about desire!.....An empty pram that I can't fill, people using the toilet too much instead of naughtier places ;-)
What makes me mad: Partners who say they want something in bed then change their minds completely!
My bad habits: depends if trying to be sexy (with a small penis) is ever a bad habit! / Eating too much and pissing on the carpet (might also be a good habit!) xxx
My Final Thought:
If I could change one thing about humanity...
I'd make everyone smooth-bodied, and start sex-wars where everyone had to fuck or else surrender! There might be fewer REAL wars then! / Double the welfare cheques for pregnant women to encourage more breeding / Teach “healthy eating” - i.e. put on weight! / Less judgement about our private lives & loves. .....Okay, that’s more than one thing I’d change. Darn!

(Profile last updated: 1-Sep-23)

  Interact with boywantsababy

27-Sep-23  (69 days ago)
I did remove 2 of ur comments which I didn't care for but I left the other 2 there...S. 😏
27-Sep-23  (69 days ago)
Nice reading most of ur comments but maybe not all. I do enjoy comments and likes as long as there respectful...I'm glad u like my pictures...S. 😊
15-Sep-23  (81 days ago)
Just saw ur comment from awhile back on my picture from behind...I can tell u its always nice and smooth down there going thru lazar hopefully be hair free by end of the yr...
30-Aug-23  (98 days ago)
Hi I’m not really smooth …but I do like my butt ..thinking u might too :) ..have a look ;)
11-Aug-23  (116 days ago)
16-Jul-23  (142 days ago)
Appreciating u commenting on my pictures today....Thank u...S. 😊
25-Jun-23  (163 days ago)
11-Nov-20  (3 years ago)
Thanks for the sexy message on my profile page 💋
23-Jan-20  (3 years ago)
hi there - i´m a nudist. many thx for ur lovely comments. i wish u add me to friend. greets, norman
2-Dec-19  (4 years ago)
hi sexy,mmm you sound very hot,and ya a little dominance can go a long ways with me,I'm very submissive when it cums to bad boys such as yourself ! baby message me ;)
25-Apr-19  (4 years ago)
There would be way fewer wars for sure! Hugs!
29-Dec-18  (4 years ago)
Thanks for being so up front and honest. Too bad we live oceans apart
22-Nov-18  (5 years ago)
Sorry ignore that - 22 November 2018 - some new pics just uploaded! Take a look.
22-Nov-18  (5 years ago)
Look out for my new pics - just posted today, 19th September 2018! :-)
13-Sep-18  (5 years ago)
Thank you for your reply yes I'm very tri I would love to play with you or anyone else, I enjoy woman, men tranny's which I would love to play with a man or anyone, send me a message so I can give you my email address, I love your sexy pictures you look absolutely delicious:-)
11-Sep-18  (5 years ago)
Ramjet1 - Thank you! So you say you are bi? Or maybe even tri? Or just every kind of sexual, even better? Isn't everyone, deep down? xxx ;-)
5-Sep-18  (5 years ago)
Mmmm your looking very sexy in your pictures I'm bi myself
21-Aug-16  (7 years ago)
26-Jun-15  (8 years ago)
Breed me any time zxxx hugs mary

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