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Fit and beautiful college GF lust
My boss Rachel and I are playing it cool. We were on a trip recently where one of my co-workers asked me if something was going on. I played stupid. I think he believed me. So....

For the past 30 years I've had a relationship with one woman. Nicole is all the mystery, sensuality and beauty one woman can be to me.

In started in art school. Nicole was in fashion and I thought I was going to act smile The first time I met her I was with my GF Kara. Kara hated Nicole, because I was mesmerized by Nicole. Nicole walked with an ease and grace that made her look like she was floating.

Nicole was the opposite of Kara in so many ways...
She was so sporty and firm, it was like making love to a body builder.
I say making love because she considered sex only as making love.
So away went Kara and her plush curves, threesomes and exhibitionism. and I was happy to do so because Nicole was electrifying. Her thin hard body, her beautiful glass blue eyes and her shear beauty. I couldn't get enough.
Nicole was also very tense and nervous. I never met anyone so beautiful, inside and out, who didn't understand how wonderful they were.
BTW, if you haven't read about Kara and like voluptuous nymphomaniacs....

Unlike Kara who could cum just by rubbing her thighs together, Nicole's tension meant we really had to work for her orgasms. No complaints from mesmile She had a formula.
After foreplay She would get on her side, her thin ass towards me. I would pull her leg up, and slip my swollen rod along her lips, wet with my saliva. (She loved to be eaten, and I was happy to oblige.)
Her tight thighs would close and she would grind like her life depended on it. My hands would ravage her body. Her tiny breasts, firm, buoyant with nipples squeezed between my fingers. Her firm ass, her savory wet clit and lips.... I'd use my fingers to push the head of my cock against her and she'd gasp and grind. She was always worried about someone hearing, so she would take shallow pants, red faced as she tried to work herself into that state of letting go...
She would crane to kiss me, wet, sloppy passionate kisses, moaning her love for me.
As she got closer I'd put my fingers on my throbbing head and push. Her lips would splay and she'd lift her leg just enough as she tilted her hips to let me in.
As my thick head pushed past her lips Nicole would lose her words and just pant and crane her head to be kissed. I used to joke with her that she was my Madonna because she would pulse with sweet agony like it was the first time, every time.

I'd hold her tight body and slowly work my thick cock into her, sinking deep, Nicole's chest and stomach rising with each shallow gasp.
until I felt my head find bottom.
Her tiny body would work my cock like every nerve on her body was connected to the spots my cock found inside her. Her whole body twisted with passion. Her hips would grind her tight ass against me. Her arms grabbing at me, pushing on the bed to get me deeper, Her back wriggled like a snake to flop my stone hard shaft around inside her. I would play with her clit, her hard nipples,
Her hold on my shaft was unforgettable. Like she was holding me tightly with all her might as I pulsed and throbbed.
As Nicole got closer I would really just hold on as she ground her orgasm closer. She would writhe uncontrollably, turning bright red as she tried not to make noise, but would always wind up passionately gasping.
Just before she came she would lose all will to kiss, burry her face in a pillow and vibrate, literally vibrate with sexual tension until...
Her release.
I would feel her body, her lips, give way as she would ride her orgasm, spasm after spasm would rock her body. I'd hold on to her glistening body.

Not going to lie, I just needed to take a break and masturbate to her. Watching her writhe uncontrollably on my cock was so amazing.

If I ever lasted past that point I'd be surprised. I'd pull out and cum between her thighs as she was coming down from her high.... Sometimes her legs would move in such a way that I'd just let her thighs pull rope after rope of cum from me.

When we broke up we lost contact.

Until 15 years later. But that's the next story if anyone wants to hear smile

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Member Since: 12-May-08
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Yes sounds interesting! yahoo yahoo

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