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Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 8:36:21 PM- Thanks to all commenters...
Thank you to all the NN'ers who have taken the time to post comments on my photos and vids. Very much appreciated!!
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"it is cool that you thank everyone"
- tight_wet_lips

Tuesday, January 22, 2013, 7:05:38 PM- (Ex) Girlfriend experience...
Well, it's after the fact now but, figured I'd post the reaction to her experiencing my production of precum/cum for the first time.

We were just messing around one afternoon and, as usual, one thing leads to another and we find ourselves all over each other. Eventually, I'm on my back and have a full erection. Now, from my pics, you can see that when I'm hard, it's like a 90 degree angle, with my dick head facing straight to the ceiling when standing. Well, I'm on my back and I mention something like 'want to see something pretty unique?' Of course she wonders what I'm talking about and I explain... Just lightly stroke the shaft, don't put a lot of pressure, just rub at it with your fingers. She starts and, after about half a minute, I say to just grab the base between your finger and thumb. She does this and immediately says 'Oh my god.' She can't believe how strong the throbbing is and how the veins are sticking up from the shaft. I ask about the front of the shaft. She can see how large the shaft is, filled with cum. I say, just rub lightly upward on the front and watch what happens. She does this and, as in my vids, the precum just runs out. Now she's really excited after being able to do this. I say, just rub the shaft lightly again for a few seconds, allowing the pressure to build up again. She does and this time I say 'try this'... Now, just pull backwards on my cock, as if you were going to sit on it. The pressure created causes more precum to just ooze out from the end of my dick. She's totally into this now. So she just goes back to stroking the shaft softly and running her fingers upward after a bit, getting a large amount of precum and, what is now at this point a good amount of thick white semen all over her hands. We just continued to have fun with it for a while and it was a pretty fun afternoon!
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009, 5:04:36 PM- Okay, here's the story...
Everyone keeps PMing me about the videos that I post showing me producing a lot of pre-cum and even semen, in large amounts. I've been able to do this by flexing the muscles that will stop your urine stream if you are urinating. It took a while but I have been able to strengthen those muscles to the point that I can now cause semen to be forced out when aroused. It's actually very easy at this point.

The best part of regularly doing this is the extremely intense orgasm(s) that are produced. When I just regularly ejaculate, the squirts of semen will go over 8 feet, easily. If I begin with foreplay and also flex out some semen before ejaculating, I've shot semen over 14 feet with the first orgasm contraction.

Another benefit to this is the amount of semen that builds up for ejaculation. It has reached the point where, now, my penis will unload the contents of my shaft upon reaching orgasm. This isn't very forceful and just kind of runs out. That lasts a few seconds then, as the sexual tension builds, I go into full orgasm, releasing an entirely new load of semen. The first orgasm contraction of this second release is typically remarkably powerful and some of these are the squirts that will go 12-14 feet.

Hopefully that answers some questions. If you've got more, or want to see something specific, just let me know!

Oh, and someone also asked about how hard I look in some of the pics. I'll see if I can get up some pics of a few various things hanging from my penis. I'd imagine I could hold 10 pounds from it, no joke. When aroused, because of doing these exercises regularly, my erections are very hard.
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"Thanks for sharing the how to's. I've admired your videos. So it sounds like what you practice is doing Kegels. How long have you been at it? Hope I can replicate how you squeeze the precum out. It looks so hot and erotic."
- lvprcm

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