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Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 11:01:20 PM- interesting
Perhaps the most interesting thing that The Wife said to me after returning (and after our argument about The Ex being around when she was gone) was that if I want to see The Ex while she is out of town, just get a hotel room. I am not sure if that was an admission that she realizes that we are fucking and that she cannot stop it, or just that she realizes that we will meet u pand be friends but she does not want The Ex in our home. Either way, it was an interesting statement.
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Friday, July 7, 2017, 9:23:16 PM- update
So The Ex did come by and we fooled around and fucked a bit, but it is just loosing its luster with her - not sure why.
The Wife came home as planned and was crazy horny - darn near attacked me on the sofa and we ended fucking like newlyweds (well we did not fuck when we got married, so maybe like when we were dating) I mean major fucking! Due to the pill that I had taken 24 hours earlier, I was hard as a rock and stayed that way even into the next morning when we fucked again before I left for work. Unfortunately, we were both very tired last night and went straight to bed. I am hoping that the horniness will continue over the next few days at least. One thing I thought was sort of amusing was that she said she had thought of taking her vibe with her on the trip (just her and her mom) but realized that she could not be masturbating with her mom in the next bed. Maybe that is why she was so horny. .......
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Sunday, July 2, 2017, 4:59:00 PM- Last Night
The Ex did come by and we sat in the Hot Tub for a bit fooling around, me sucking on her tits and fingering her while she pulled gently on my dick. Ultimately we determined that we did not want to fuck in the water this time so we went back inside where I continued sucking on her tits for while and eventually ate her to one of her strongest orgasms that I have ever seen (possibly from no activity for a while). Unfortunately, the meds that I am on made it difficult for me to get hard enough (possibly also because of me being very tired) but I did cum on her tits and she held my dick while I was cumming which she really enjoys.
We are planning on trying again this evening and I will stop at the 'Adult' store and get a pill to assist in staying hard.
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Sunday, July 2, 2017, 3:04:41 AM- This week
The Wife left on Monday for her trip and on Tuesday I opened my new restaurant. WOW - Lots of work and an empty house to come back to.
Thought I would fuck The Ex during the week but no such luck. She was supposed to come over last night but did not get here till late and had her kid with her so no go. She said she will be back tonight by herself and we will 'Hot Tub' which last year was some of the most amazing sex I have ever had, so I am hopeful, but she has a way of not keeping track of time and then not showing up. I guess we will see. The weather really is pretty perfect for sitting in the hot tub, warm - comfortable - but not too hot or humid.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2017, 3:39:47 AM- Wife away
The Wife left on her annual trip with her mother this morning and will be gone for 2 weeks. I thought for sure that we would have sex before she left, but no such luck. To be fair - I did not try that hard, maybe because I did not really care? Not really sure. I have figured out that there is no fun is being pushy about it as I do not want her to just lay there as she has done in the past. Obviously we need to get back to some counseling or there will be nothing left of our relationship to save.
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Sunday, June 18, 2017, 12:11:23 PM- Differences
It is interesting as I think about the difference between The Wife and The Ex. In many ways they are so much alike, but yet, so opposite. The Ex is rather petite standing just 5' 1" and The Wife is 5'9" full figured. With The Ex, I have no problem finding her clit - it becomes enlarged (although not oversized) and she cums quite easily. The Wife, on the other hand, has trouble sometimes finding her own clit and takes longer to cum. The Ex, tastes almost sweet (maybe because she keeps herself clean and makes sure to wash well before any sexual activity) whereas The Wife has a somewhat sour (not bad) taste.
In the right circumstances, they are both quite good in bed, but neither of them goes out of their way to initiate sex on a regular basis.
Recently, The Wife seems to have decided to tease me a bit, almost always sleeping without a top but if I try to initiate sex, she makes excuses as to why nothing will happen. Two weeks ago on Wednesday night when we went to bed I tried and she said she was too tired and to wait for the weekend and of course nothing happened. Last night when we went to bed, I figured since it was Saturday night, there was a good chance, but, nope. I tried getting things started and she shut things down. Here it is Sunday morning, 7:00 AM Fathers Day and I am here on NN, instead of having sex with The Wife. There is something wrong with this picture.
She leaves for another trip with her Mom in a bit over a week and will be gone for 2 weeks. The Ex has already indicated that we will fuck a bit during that time and I am looking forward to it. Another session in the Hot Tub like last year would be very welcome as that was AMAZING!
To be totally fair, I realize that we have a lot of stress in our daily lives, but sex is really, truly, good for your health. It does make it difficult that she insists on 'sleeping in' on the weekends and usually does not get up until after 9 AM and I cannot do that.
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Sunday, June 11, 2017, 12:40:43 PM- last weekend
Last weekend, The Wife adn I had a pretty decent fuck a bit of oral for each of us and we both had pretty good orgasms. During the week, she made promises that there would be a repeat this weekend but yesterday she slept in until 9 Am and here it is Sunday and 7:30 and she is still sleeping (and snoring) so no action is likely. Two weeks from now, she goes on another of her trips with her mom and I am on my own again. The Ex seems to want to fuck pretty badly and I Do miss her taste so if we can make time, we certainly will fuck.
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Saturday, May 27, 2017, 12:24:47 PM- life changes
2 weeks from this coming Monday, I will change from running a food truck to running a restaurant. Big Change! It will probably limit my time on NN as I will be leaving my house at 6 AM most mornings until I get a fully trained staff. I will probably visit occasionally on afternoons and weekends, but I am not sure. Wish me luck, this is a big leap!
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Monday, May 15, 2017, 12:55:21 PM- Sunday
Well, had a crappy day at work Saturday and felt like my body took a beating by the time I got home. Did not feel so much better on Sunday but took The Wife our for a while. got home and had to take a nap. Luckily The Wife decided to join me and we ended up having a pretty good fuck where we did eat each other.
Was supposed to get together with The Ex today, but her kid is sick so no go on that.
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 12:44:59 PM- yesterday
I did fuck The Wife - a quickie in the morning before we left for work - not terribly satisfying, but, hey, sex is sex - but not really. I truly prefer a prolonged loving session where we are both fully satisfied and worn out.
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