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Which one of us would you fuck first? more details on profile
Category: Group Shots  ID: 2689180
Submitted By:
Date Posted: 18-Mar-07
Location of Pic:
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Rating: Really Well Liked
No. of votes: 118
Days on site: 3996
No. of views: 54724
Avg. views/day: 14
No. of bookmarks: 11
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26-Jul-12  (2039 days ago)
i'd enter left pussy first, but alternate until I wanted to cum and spray both asses with it x
4-May-10  (2853 days ago)
i will fuck you both at the same time..me fuck a pussy and fist another pussy...mmmmmm..i can take it man...i got have serious wanking
7-Aug-07  (3854 days ago)
Both at the same time cock in 1 & fingers & toys in the other........:-) whilse readin a book he"he"
30-May-07  (3923 days ago)
I'd wish I was the man with two dicks!
25-May-07  (3928 days ago)
i think i'd rather get a double blowjob, and watch you two hot girls lick my cum off each other's face!
22-May-07  (3931 days ago)
I would go for the wettest one first!
the kurgan
28-Apr-07  (3955 days ago)
i'd assfuck the right one first.
6-Apr-07  (3977 days ago)
5-Apr-07  (3978 days ago)
Hell YEA!! WHAT A GORGEOUS PUSSIES and ASSES!! I'd luv to suck, fuck, and lick them all damn day! You ready?? I'm readytodoittwo@yahoo.com
2-Apr-07  (3981 days ago)
comment choisir??? Vos deux petits culs sont aussi adorables l'un que l'autre
29-Mar-07  (3985 days ago)
Hell YEA!! Lookin FINEEE! I'd luv to suck, fuck and lick both those beautiful pussies!! Wanna play?? You ever in the Carolina's?? I'm readytodoittwo@yahoo.com
27-Mar-07  (3987 days ago)
wish i had 2 cocks...but promiss to put a thick hard dildo in 1 while pounding the other...and...lots of cum for both of u....
21-Mar-07  (3993 days ago)
20-Mar-07  (3994 days ago)
both in the ass before spunking all over your faces
20-Mar-07  (3994 days ago)
if i had a double dick i would fuck you both at once! and one for your mothers!
19-Mar-07  (3995 days ago)
I think I will start on the right,such a delicious looking snatch!
19-Mar-07  (3995 days ago)
I'd alternate between both of your hot tight pussy's!!!!!!!
19-Mar-07  (3995 days ago)
I'd alternate between both of your hot tight pussy's!!!!!!!
19-Mar-07  (3995 days ago)
19-Mar-07  (3996 days ago)
my big cock would fulfill BOTH your deepest doggie desires!!
18-Mar-07  (3996 days ago)
I'd fuck you in any order you want
18-Mar-07  (3996 days ago)
i would fuck sidways so thee left one first and licking the right ones ass at the same time... ohhh ya!
18-Mar-07  (3996 days ago)
i like to fuck both
18-Mar-07  (3996 days ago)
omg, that´s too hot
18-Mar-07  (3996 days ago)
No blog but the profile is advertising the scamming date site.
18-Mar-07  (3996 days ago)
One of several NN members who use their blogs to try to get guys to part with £15 monthly just to make contact ..lol You get far more for your cash with NN premium and its cheaper. Find out the facts here (cut n paste) https://www.newbienudes.com/forum/default.asp?topicid=31766&fname=Site+Feedback&fid=10&tname=Beware+of+dating+site+scammers+n+spammers&d=17220071660
18-Mar-07  (3996 days ago)
Both so fucking hot! The left. She has a little more on her ass.
18-Mar-07  (3996 days ago)
I wanna start with the skinny one who is on the right of the pic
18-Mar-07  (3996 days ago)
I'm not choosy I'd LOVE either 1!!!
18-Mar-07  (3996 days ago)
No doubt the right one !
18-Mar-07  (3996 days ago)
decisions like this drive me crazy!!I think i'd have to just flip a coin,you're both so fuckable:)
18-Mar-07  (3996 days ago)
im not fussy hehe the closest to me would be 1st while the other sat on my face ;)
18-Mar-07  (3996 days ago)
i'll start from the right and go to the left
18-Mar-07  (3996 days ago)
I'll go clockwise, so I'd start with the left one ;)
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