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cal_hypo's Recent Statuses
Thu, 23-Oct-14 2:41 AM (31 days ago)
cal_hypo liked the cam show of misokindian
Sun, 29-Dec-13 11:31 AM (329 days ago)
getting off chatting to KosmicKitten
naughtyguymelb likes this
Hope you are both having fun
(329 days ago)
lucky you
(329 days ago)
Sat, 7-Dec-13 4:30 AM (351 days ago)
so turned on by sexybitch76 right now
she is quite a sexy and fun lady
(351 days ago)
Awesome, sexy lady!
(351 days ago)
Thu, 5-Dec-13 1:55 AM (353 days ago)
getting worked up over sexybitch76
LOVEXXXPORN likes this
Thu, 5-Dec-13 1:49 AM (353 days ago)
chatting to a special friend
MitchandDaisy likes this
Wed, 4-Dec-13 3:58 AM (354 days ago)
so swollen as i glance sexybitch76's pics
bignel and michiganguy543 like this
You are so sweet to me honey thank you...
(354 days ago)
I end up stood to attention every time I view her pics or even chat to her xx.
(354 days ago)
(354 days ago)
Cum get your lips sealed round my big hard cock SexyBitch76 xx.
(354 days ago)
Wed, 4-Dec-13 3:48 AM (354 days ago)
fantasising about sexybitch76
michiganguy543 likes this
you guys are too sweet to me. thank you
(354 days ago)
It's hard not too
(354 days ago)
she is hot
(354 days ago)
Thank you... you are making me blush
(354 days ago)
Very very hot xx.
(354 days ago)
Mon, 4-Nov-13 11:15 AM (384 days ago)
soo turned on chatting to a special friend
Mon, 21-Oct-13 7:19 AM (398 days ago)
want to be inside KosmicKitten
me to
(398 days ago)
Fuck yeah... She is awesome...
(398 days ago)
Mon, 16-Sep-13 12:38 PM (433 days ago)
wanting KosmicKitten
Sun, 17-Mar-13 4:49 PM (616 days ago)
on cam
Mon, 4-Mar-13 7:33 AM (629 days ago)
on cam now
Mon, 4-Mar-13 3:35 AM (629 days ago)
should I or shouldn't I?
depends. is it illegal, immoral, or just ill-advised?
(629 days ago)
If you even have to ask don't do it!
(629 days ago)
Sat, 19-Jan-13 5:36 PM (673 days ago)
horny, horny, horny
Thu, 15-Nov-12 8:50 AM (738 days ago)
CurvyKay likes this
Mon, 22-Oct-12 7:38 PM (761 days ago)
Bored at work. Anyone want to keep me company
Tue, 14-Aug-12 1:30 PM (831 days ago)
Wha shall I perve tonight?
Snowwhite5 and RoyallyFucked like this
(831 days ago)
Mon, 13-Aug-12 1:27 PM (832 days ago)
getting horny over looking at you sexy people
Dixie13 and Jwolf69 like this
Fri, 10-Aug-12 11:45 AM (835 days ago)
getting horny as i chat with someone
freekforpussy and mary474 like this
(835 days ago)
do I know this someone?
(835 days ago)
Fri, 10-Aug-12 5:17 AM (835 days ago)
home,horny,hard and hand on it
Have a nice wank(s).....
(835 days ago)
Thu, 9-Aug-12 3:38 AM (836 days ago)
feeling horny
mary474 likes this
you do know what is going to happen?
(836 days ago)
you're going to have to get YOURSELF off?
(836 days ago)
he didn't today.
(836 days ago)
cal, thanks for what's going to happen.
(836 days ago)
Wed, 8-Aug-12 1:52 PM (837 days ago)
just had my first orgasm. still turned on thinking bout mary's intense orgasms. working on a second
What's it like? Can't wait for my first orgasm, I heard they are good!
(837 days ago)
Wed, 8-Aug-12 1:23 PM (837 days ago)
cock is throbbing
mary474 likes this
guess how intense it is now
(837 days ago)
you know how to turn a girl on.
(837 days ago)
Wed, 8-Aug-12 1:16 PM (837 days ago)
indulging in some self gratication as i perv at all you beauties
mary474 likes this
you know what that is doing to me.
(837 days ago)
i like knowing that
(837 days ago)
i know.
(837 days ago)
Mon, 6-Aug-12 5:17 AM (839 days ago)
Having a you know what while home alone
(839 days ago)
Enjoying the pleasures of what self satisfaction brings
(839 days ago)
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