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Trimmed, not shaved
Category: Artistic Nudes  ID: 12166389
Submitted By:
Date Posted: 31-May-14
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No. of votes: 768
Days on site: 1294
No. of views: 25715
Avg. views/day: 467
No. of bookmarks: 209
Verified Premium Poster
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16-Dec-17  (7 hours ago)
Very nice body ;)
15-Dec-17  (15 hours ago)
You look fantastic, thanks for the hard on.
14-Dec-17  (1 day ago)
...I love your photos. Love to be with you and hubby - all of us naked on a bed. I'd like to stroke him hard while I explore your breasts, then rub your pussy with his end until he slips into you, then watch your eyes as he goes deep in. Can I explore and enjoy your body while he’s having you - perhaps you could slowly stroke, squeeze and wank my cock until I’m really hard. Whisper naughty things in my ear, and make me squirm and ache with desire to be giving you a good fucking next while I watch him having you?.... When he’s cum it will be my turn. I’m big and I want it inside you so much; I hope your pussy will be tight as I’d love to hear you moaning as my big rim keeps raking the inside of it. - - Oooooh! - You looks so lovely, hot and sexy you’re making me ache and ache for sex. Open your legs, and I’ll guide it and ease it in.....every inch all the way deep in....God!...I want to really fuck you - but soon I want you to lie on top of me, I’d love to keep running my hands over your exciting legs, bum and back while I feel you Shagging me and Shagging me- until you make me throb, and throb, and throb, and pump and pump cum deep into you - Please, please don't stop; please keep fucking me harder!... If only you were local!...... (Ooooooooh!..............You’re about to make me pump a lot of cum Ooooooooh!…….God!....If only you could feel it throbbing and throbbing while I get it as deep as I can into your pussy.)
13-Dec-17  (2 days ago)
Hot as mmmmmmmmmmmm
8-Dec-17  (7 days ago)
Lovely, just lovely!!
4-Dec-17  (12 days ago)
the perfect feminine shape
3-Dec-17  (13 days ago)
Your body is PERFECT
2-Dec-17  (13 days ago)
2-Dec-17  (13 days ago)
Beautiful woman. Would be nice to see an unblurred pic.
2-Dec-17  (13 days ago)
2-Dec-17  (14 days ago)
2-Dec-17  (14 days ago)
Sexy slim body
2-Dec-17  (14 days ago)
I bet your garden's a fun place to play!
1-Dec-17  (14 days ago)
amazing desirable beauty
1-Dec-17  (14 days ago)
Your body is PERFECT! :)
30-Nov-17  (16 days ago)
I'll eat it:)
30-Nov-17  (16 days ago)
Hello. I think you have a great body. Thanks for posting
29-Nov-17  (16 days ago)
So sexy! Very hot!
28-Nov-17  (17 days ago)
very, very nice!
28-Nov-17  (18 days ago)
fantastic body
27-Nov-17  (18 days ago)
I have always admired your body head to toe. Very Sexy
27-Nov-17  (18 days ago)
so you should stand in front of me now
27-Nov-17  (18 days ago)
OH WOW you are a very very beautiful lady
27-Nov-17  (19 days ago)
Absolutely stunning
25-Nov-17  (20 days ago)
glad your back to posting again! I missed her incredible body!
24-Nov-17  (21 days ago)
Fabulous body, more please
20-Oct-17  (57 days ago)
my favorite pic of you and your gorgeous body.
14-Oct-17  (62 days ago)
oh yes love it x
6-Sep-17  (100 days ago)
you are simply stunning
30-Aug-17  (107 days ago)
What a gorgeous pussy ....
17-Aug-17  (120 days ago)
Love your pix. Thanks!!!!
6-Aug-17  (131 days ago)
you look amazing for your age
27-Jul-17  (141 days ago)
Fucking amazing shape!
25-Jul-17  (144 days ago)
Sexy Body, got me rubbing!
16-Jul-17  (153 days ago)
redheads rock! you are super sexy! stay trimmed, not shaved!
13-Jul-17  (155 days ago)
2-Jun-17  (197 days ago)
2-May-17  (227 days ago)
so nice x
30-Apr-17  (229 days ago)
very sexy and sensual... nice pic
29-Mar-17  (261 days ago)
Gorgeous! Xxx lollygobbilicious
11-Mar-17  (280 days ago)
Very sexy
21-Feb-17  (298 days ago)
Incredible beauty, grace and eroticism
5-Feb-17  (313 days ago)
really hot
4-Feb-17  (314 days ago)
Beautiful and edible
19-Jan-17  (330 days ago)
Lovely figure :)
1-Jan-17  (348 days ago)
Gorgeous body.... looking beautiful...
28-Dec-16  (353 days ago)
That's not exactly what James Bond said, but it is clearly appropriate for you!
26-Dec-16  (354 days ago)
I like your photos. Could you look at mine?
19-Dec-16  (361 days ago)
love it trimmed x
2-Dec-16  (378 days ago)
Tasteful and sophisticated, and so very sensual. Thanks for sharing.
21-Nov-16  (389 days ago)
Such a pretty 'vertical' smile! Very sexy!
8-Nov-16  (403 days ago)
mmmmm may i just dive in for dinner or just sit as ur pussy gets hotter. very tasteful pic
7-Oct-16  (434 days ago)
Love her body!
3-Oct-16  (438 days ago)
wonderful body
29-Sep-16  (443 days ago)
19-Sep-16  (452 days ago)
Dream body !!
13-Sep-16  (459 days ago)
Perfect !
9-Sep-16  (463 days ago)
Niceee body ,hope we can get a chance to chat sometime soon !!!
31-Jul-16  (503 days ago)
No, that's stirred, not shaken Mr Bond! Regardless it looks fantastic. !!!
27-Jul-16  (507 days ago)
24-May-16  (570 days ago)
Beautiful figure, Very sexy
12-May-16  (583 days ago)
Great tits.
4-May-16  (591 days ago)
I would like to kiss, lick, nibble, suck and gently squeeze your natural voluptuous breast. I would then rub them down with some baby oil so that I can rub my throbbing cock deep between them both and once I reach the point of no return cumm all over them. I would then return the favor by giving you some oral stimulation till your inner thighs begin to shiver and you beg me to stop. I would continue to lick you untill your sweet juices start to flow and I savor the flavor of your sweet nectar.
24-Apr-16  (600 days ago)
Extraordinary body. Just perfect!!
31-Mar-16  (624 days ago)
wonderful body
30-Mar-16  (626 days ago)
29-Mar-16  (626 days ago)
you are just a model of cockstiffening perfection.
28-Mar-16  (627 days ago)
20-Feb-16  (665 days ago)
Beautiful body
1-Feb-16  (683 days ago)
ill taste all of her sweet-ness.. (-;
7-Jan-16  (708 days ago)
31-Dec-15  (715 days ago)
Great body, tits, pussy hair, and thanks for the pussy lips.
23-Dec-15  (724 days ago)
20-Dec-15  (726 days ago)
WOW VERY SEXY WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8-Dec-15  (738 days ago)
Great body
4-Dec-15  (742 days ago)
You have a very sexy and beautiful body!
2-Dec-15  (744 days ago)
Would love to titty-fuck your gorgeous tits, then pump a hot load deep inside your sweet pussy...
1-Dec-15  (746 days ago)
mmmmm words fail me !!!!!
30-Nov-15  (746 days ago)
25-Nov-15  (751 days ago)
I would love to make love to you anytime.
25-Nov-15  (751 days ago)
I would like to make a "Venus of Nilo" statue with your image!!
24-Nov-15  (752 days ago)
Nice Tits and Sweet Pussy
24-Nov-15  (753 days ago)
OMG can I massage your Beautiful Body
20-Nov-15  (756 days ago)
Que preciosa concha, hecha para ser lamida y besada.
20-Nov-15  (757 days ago)
Artistic, indeed. Bravo. And, oh, yes, never shave, please.
19-Nov-15  (757 days ago)
nice curves
18-Nov-15  (758 days ago)
MMMMmmmmmmmmm, very nice!
18-Nov-15  (759 days ago)
I do believe that yours is my favorite body on NN, such a woman !
16-Nov-15  (760 days ago)
Would love to slide my tongue between those lips. The lower ones, that is.
16-Nov-15  (760 days ago)
Such an amazing body
16-Nov-15  (760 days ago)
Absolutely awesome x
16-Nov-15  (761 days ago)
Please ... never shave, let that glorious fuckfur luxuriate and delight us ... must be amazing creampied...
16-Nov-15  (761 days ago)
wow what a delicious curvey body awesome titties
12-Nov-15  (764 days ago)
finaly another aussie on here
12-Nov-15  (764 days ago)

27-Oct-15  (781 days ago)
barbadorin on yah

27-Oct-15  (781 days ago)
Lovely lady ..love too see more of you ...our id is ....
29-Aug-15  (839 days ago)
my tounge wants those pussy lips sp bad
30-Jul-15  (870 days ago)
That is such an amazing body! You are a goddess!
26-Jul-15  (873 days ago)
HUGELY impressive
26-Jul-15  (873 days ago)
Beautiful picture.
24-Jul-15  (875 days ago)
24-Jul-15  (875 days ago)
24-Jul-15  (876 days ago)
Fantastic body! Love it trimmed
22-Jul-15  (877 days ago)
beautiful body
19-Jul-15  (880 days ago)
mmmmm.....breathtaking body :)
16-Jul-15  (883 days ago)
nice wife
29-Jun-15  (900 days ago)
perfection....wow. what a fantastic figure you have.
27-Jun-15  (903 days ago)
looks great,,and your light red hair is almost invisible to see, so you look smooth' to me.
24-Jun-15  (906 days ago)
12-Jun-15  (918 days ago)
11-Jun-15  (919 days ago)
Wow ...!!! Look at You...!! Foxy Lady...!!
28-May-15  (932 days ago)
Oh, damn,..what a beauty!!
21-May-15  (939 days ago)
Even hotter breasts and what a pussy pie auwsome
20-May-15  (940 days ago)
great body & perfect tits
19-May-15  (941 days ago)
5-May-15  (955 days ago)
" PERFECT "Body !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8-Apr-15  (983 days ago)
I would love to ear that pussy
6-Apr-15  (985 days ago)
your body is PERFECT
5-Apr-15  (985 days ago)
Stunning body
21-Mar-15  (1000 days ago)
great, thanks
17-Mar-15  (1004 days ago)
wow...you are the one
11-Mar-15  (1011 days ago)
Ai,ai, damn what a beauty!!
3-Mar-15  (1019 days ago)
perfect,number one world,very very nice woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2-Mar-15  (1019 days ago)
It is still very nice I would love to lick it for a hour or more
28-Feb-15  (1021 days ago)
Wow you are one amazing lady you have one very lucky hubby
22-Feb-15  (1027 days ago)
Very pretty lady
15-Feb-15  (1034 days ago)
15-Feb-15  (1035 days ago)
A body made for figure drawing....as well as other mortal delights!
8-Feb-15  (1041 days ago)
Beautiful body!
7-Feb-15  (1042 days ago)
Gorgeously trimmed too I might add, love that patch above the delight you have, what breasts - perfect - those are some serious DD's!! And you've been working out, great shapely bod.
3-Feb-15  (1046 days ago)
drop-dead gorgeous!!
29-Jan-15  (1052 days ago)
That's a lovely portrait pose. You are beautiful ...
20-Jan-15  (1060 days ago)
Wot a lovely figure
19-Jan-15  (1061 days ago)
a perfect body.
17-Jan-15  (1063 days ago)
Hot pic!!!
17-Jan-15  (1063 days ago)
25-Dec-14  (1086 days ago)
great pic
22-Dec-14  (1089 days ago)
She is beautiful Ian jacking off now I want it to last forever
16-Dec-14  (1095 days ago)
Love jacking off on these!
13-Dec-14  (1098 days ago)
Perfection. xx
11-Dec-14  (1101 days ago)
what a hot body!!
8-Dec-14  (1103 days ago)
That body is just absolutely perfect. :-)
8-Dec-14  (1103 days ago)
a work of art
7-Dec-14  (1104 days ago)
outstanding breath taking body
5-Dec-14  (1106 days ago)
truly an amazing body
30-Nov-14  (1112 days ago)
Venus De Milo!
12-Nov-14  (1129 days ago)
Pussy too!!!!
12-Nov-14  (1129 days ago)
beautiful tits ;-)
25-Oct-14  (1148 days ago)
So so so hot
23-Oct-14  (1150 days ago)
WOW!! you're fantastic!!!
18-Oct-14  (1155 days ago)
Nice pussy
16-Oct-14  (1156 days ago)
Beautiful :)
6-Oct-14  (1167 days ago)
What a sensational body?
12-Sep-14  (1190 days ago)
Perfect big tits...wow
31-Aug-14  (1203 days ago)
mmm curves in all the right places :)
29-Aug-14  (1205 days ago)
yes hun, your figure is truly exceptional xxx
27-Aug-14  (1206 days ago)
the body of perfection that nude artists just love to draw or paint...how lovely
24-Aug-14  (1209 days ago)
Mylady, almost a great brave fcaepick, turning me on
16-Aug-14  (1218 days ago)
This is about as good as it gets! Seriously, if you just need one shot to wank to, what more could you possibly want? Let us start at the top. Wonderful hair colour, nicely defined shoulders, superb and ambitious tits. Really, just being big doesnot always do it, but these are perhaps slightly over proportioned to the whole body, but she carries it off so well it becomes an asset, a trademark. Is that it? Certainly not as the goodies continue. Classic broad hips with all the tight curve angles, delicious belly with perfect proportions teaming up with some beautiful thigh tops. A glorious hint of widely spaced pelvic boe visibility. The best, till last. A perfect, perfect vulva with righ well trimmed pubic hair.A classic presentation. Thanks for posting.
11-Aug-14  (1223 days ago)
Wow, beautiful body! The gentleman has it right, classic beauty!
29-Jul-14  (1235 days ago)
Wow! That is really a classic. I feel as tho we are back in Florence just after the Renaissance. Very Nice photo!
27-Jul-14  (1238 days ago)
awesome love trimmed,what a great hooters you have
27-Jul-14  (1238 days ago)
Just wow
16-Jul-14  (1249 days ago)
Love to slowly wank the end of hubbies cock while you're naked and feeling my shaft easing deep into your pussy. Will you slap his bum to really excite him?.......... Ooooooooh!..... We might all cum together while I'm giving you a good fucking? - That would be so HOT!
15-Jul-14  (1249 days ago)
love it this way!!!
14-Jul-14  (1251 days ago)
11-Jul-14  (1253 days ago)
very nice photo, so sexy
10-Jul-14  (1254 days ago)
I'd eat it both ways and even if it was still hairy
9-Jul-14  (1255 days ago)
Amazing, beautiful
8-Jul-14  (1256 days ago)
The very definition of woman.
6-Jul-14  (1258 days ago)
What an amazing body. Makes my mouth water just thinking of all I would do to you if given the chance :-)
6-Jul-14  (1258 days ago)
4-Jul-14  (1260 days ago)
a goddess for sure!
4-Jul-14  (1261 days ago)
Honey you have really great tits and a beautiful body. Really yummy
2-Jul-14  (1262 days ago)
I'd pay for a go on that. Just to put it between them bad boys of hers x
30-Jun-14  (1264 days ago)
A sexy image... A Perfect 10!!!
30-Jun-14  (1265 days ago)
I am delighted that you are not shaved!
29-Jun-14  (1266 days ago)
You are soooooooo sexy!
27-Jun-14  (1268 days ago)
26-Jun-14  (1268 days ago)
Would eat it any way you had it
26-Jun-14  (1268 days ago)
You are very beautiful
25-Jun-14  (1269 days ago)
Very sexy and sensual.
25-Jun-14  (1269 days ago)
Beauty on full display! Love it!
24-Jun-14  (1270 days ago)
24-Jun-14  (1271 days ago)
Oh, O, O,.mmmm,..WHAT a beauty!!!
21-Jun-14  (1273 days ago)
Can't stop cuming for you!
20-Jun-14  (1274 days ago)
20-Jun-14  (1274 days ago)
No reason to hide the face, there is nothing there to be ashamed of. Just so incredibly beautiful.
20-Jun-14  (1275 days ago)
perfect. i will say it again. perfect!!!
18-Jun-14  (1276 days ago)
All perfect, what a bod she has - my compliments!
18-Jun-14  (1276 days ago)
Love those heavy, sagging tits...
18-Jun-14  (1277 days ago)
Delicious and stunningly perfect!!!
15-Jun-14  (1279 days ago)
When I was done, it would be bald, from my tongue of course
14-Jun-14  (1281 days ago)
Nice n neat !! Top pic ;)
13-Jun-14  (1281 days ago)
excuse me ma'am. Would you mind if I put my penis in you?
13-Jun-14  (1282 days ago)
She is smoking hot!!!
12-Jun-14  (1283 days ago)
Lovely body.
11-Jun-14  (1283 days ago)
very nice would love to fuck you
10-Jun-14  (1285 days ago)
9-Jun-14  (1286 days ago)
I am an artist, and this is an artist dream.
8-Jun-14  (1287 days ago)
stunning pussy great hooters
8-Jun-14  (1287 days ago)
Gorgeous boobs Hun x
8-Jun-14  (1287 days ago)
Your body is so beautiful, you're like a greak godest,& a stroberry blond,don't get any better than that.
7-Jun-14  (1288 days ago)
Great body /// Wonderful
7-Jun-14  (1288 days ago)
poised and beautiful....xxx
6-Jun-14  (1288 days ago)
The most perfect woman!
6-Jun-14  (1288 days ago)
4-Jun-14  (1290 days ago)
stunning body x
3-Jun-14  (1291 days ago)
Beautiful, sexy body!!
3-Jun-14  (1292 days ago)
WOW!!! Yum, I'd love to cum over your lovely looking tits, PM me an email address if you'd like a tribute picture (or mail me direct, my email is in my profile) x
2-Jun-14  (1292 days ago)
Wonderful new photos. You are as gorgeous and sexy as ever.
1-Jun-14  (1293 days ago)
1-Jun-14  (1293 days ago)
Lovely female form
1-Jun-14  (1293 days ago)
Wow fantastic looking body.
1-Jun-14  (1293 days ago)
Bodies don't cum any better!
1-Jun-14  (1294 days ago)
mmmmmmmmm perfect
1-Jun-14  (1294 days ago)
10 out of 10 body shame no face
1-Jun-14  (1294 days ago)
Gorgeous, totally gorgeous!! xxxox Peter
1-Jun-14  (1294 days ago)
1-Jun-14  (1294 days ago)
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
perfection :) x
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
... I love trimmed, not shaved... a bald pussy just doesn't look right for a grown woman...
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
I don't think I've ever seen a hotter body.
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
Yes and i would love my mouth to be on that sweet pussy
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
great body
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
Fucking awesome!!!
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
what a beautiful picture of feminine nudity!
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
You look awesome naked!!!!
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
Perfect amount of hair! Such a gorgeous body ;)
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
Beautiful. xx
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
Luv the landing strip.
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
P e r f e c t!!
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
lovely body
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
Stunning shape!
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
WOW! what a beautiful woman! Perfect flawless body! She is gorgeous!!
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
mmm wow lovely tits and very nice sexy body huni
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
So stunning
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
kisses pussy!
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
Astonishing body!!
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
Wow...extremely sexy pic. I like !
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
Sounds like my beard - doesn't look like it though, thank God
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
Looking smashing!! Love the sweeet fur!
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
Fantastic body
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
mmmmmm you look great, very sexy.
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
31-May-14  (1294 days ago)
Please sit on my cock! :-)
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