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Feeling cheeky and wet
Category: Butts / Ass  ID: 14765683
Submitted By:
Date Posted: 18-Dec-17
Location of Pic:
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No. of votes: 256
Days on site: 309
No. of views: 3665
Avg. views/day: 12
No. of bookmarks: 23
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24-Jul-18  (91 days ago)
All you need now is my dick, up both your hot holes.
10-Apr-18  (195 days ago)
wow! :)
10-Apr-18  (195 days ago)
Who's next in line?
9-Apr-18  (196 days ago)
Very beautiful pussy and ass. So inviting!!
10-Feb-18  (254 days ago)
29-Jan-18  (267 days ago)
From top to bottom, the eye of Venus and the gates of Heaven
29-Dec-17  (298 days ago)
When wet, ... time to slide my dick inside...
28-Dec-17  (299 days ago)
lick/kiss/eat your sweet pussy/ass
26-Dec-17  (300 days ago)
Looks so very hot and inviting.....
26-Dec-17  (301 days ago)
Nice looking ass, would love to lick it then fuck it!!
26-Dec-17  (301 days ago)
If only you'd back that up onto my face!
24-Dec-17  (302 days ago)
21-Dec-17  (306 days ago)
I Have Just What You Want Love And Crave
20-Dec-17  (307 days ago)
Love the photo it's a perfect view.
20-Dec-17  (307 days ago)
Fuck yeah I’m tongue and cock ready love to tribute you
19-Dec-17  (308 days ago)
I love it when you get down on hands and knees and invite me to take you from behind. When I can't see your eyes it is just more primal. All the focus is on the sensation of touch. Hot skin. . . . Tight muscles and soft muscles. . . . The tactile shape of your thighs in my hands or softer hanging breasts. Hard nipples that poke the palms.. . . . I hold your thighs to me. My hard cock stands between your cheeks. You push back with a wiggle and my shaft is warmly hugged. The sensation is punctuated with your audible "mmmm" You know I like it. You dip your shoulders and push back again. This time my balls feel the wet heat of your hot hot pussy. Your wet nether lips kiss my balls. You are such a tease. Pushing back again I feel another touch. Your finger tips brush my balls as you play with your pussy. I hear your “mmmm" again. deep in your throat. You do enjoy playing. Finally you reach back through your legs and position me at you hot wet center. You dip and shift and I slip in. The head of my cock touching the ring of your inner sex. You push first. Then when the crown of my cock clears your snug ring I push slowly to the very end of you. I hold your thighs and ass tight to me. I don't want to move. You feel so good I just want to be there forever. Sexy Siamese twins forever joined. Then I feel the brush of your fingers again as you start playing. . . I begin moving . . . I can wait no more . . I must fill you deeply. - - you inspire my mind magic mimes.
19-Dec-17  (308 days ago)
I want some of that ass
18-Dec-17  (308 days ago)
And tasty
18-Dec-17  (308 days ago)
Makes me hard.
18-Dec-17  (308 days ago)
Looking super fantastic too!!
18-Dec-17  (308 days ago)
18-Dec-17  (308 days ago)
You have such a perfect puss :)
18-Dec-17  (309 days ago)
I would love to face-plant you!
18-Dec-17  (309 days ago)
And looking very horny if i may say so.
18-Dec-17  (309 days ago)
I'll take you up on that offer!
18-Dec-17  (309 days ago)
18-Dec-17  (309 days ago)
Built to be shared with anyone
18-Dec-17  (309 days ago)
Your beauty make me hard and horny...I would love to fuck with you thru the whole weekend
18-Dec-17  (309 days ago)
Love your lips !
18-Dec-17  (309 days ago)
A nice little spanking will make you even wetter baby!!
18-Dec-17  (309 days ago)
Well hello there
18-Dec-17  (309 days ago)
I'd love to take you just like that
18-Dec-17  (309 days ago)
WOW!!! and now i'm hard as steel! i LOVE a wet pussy! and yours looks AWESOME!
18-Dec-17  (309 days ago)
Let me lick that sweet ass and pussy and see how long you can keep from moving.
18-Dec-17  (309 days ago)
You are hot!!
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