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Member Since: 9-Jan-07
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Just getting started
Work just got hotter
This is so fresh, it happened Thursday, so I'm still processing, sorry if it doesn't come out with the best flow.
We are just in Florida for work. We being, a couple co-workers and my boss, Rachel. We are a go-to team for the company. Rachel is a couple years older than me with a wicked dark sense of humor and no nonsense way about her.

There has been sort of an unspoken thing between us. We get along really well, we often get into deep discussions and she always requests me when we travel. I can't say we flirt, but we do end up looking into each others eyes now and then with nothing said.

a few nights ago, the last night in Florida, a group of us ended up having drinks and a couple drinks in the conversation became looser. The consensus was after being home so long because of COVID, things were a little quieter in the bedroom. We all fucked like bunnies that first year and now.... it's quieter.
Scott mentioned that now that everything is opening up everyone's on fire and the summer was going to be interesting. We all laughed
Then Jeffery mentioned that he and his wife were invited to a partner swap group in their community. He said they didn't do it, but they were shocked to find out just how many people they knew were doing it.
There was an awkward silence that Rachel broke. "Well no one would want to sleep with Michael (her husband), I mean, I don't even want to." We all laughed. Rachel turned to me. "What do you think, Paul? Would Leigh share you for a night or two?"
I said it wouldn't go over well and Rachel agreed, "Right. Wondering what your husband is doing while away is very different from trading him with other PTA members." We all laughed again and moved quickly to a different topic.

Rachel doesn't dress up or even wear a lot of makeup. It's not that she's a tomboy, it's just not her. When COVID happened, she dropped the makeup almost completely. She's a mom and a busy person, we don't have a dress code, so she's usually dressed for comfort. Large, dark, shapeless outfits, like caftans, that hide most of what her body looks like.
I say her outfits hide most of her body because her breasts are very big and impossible to hide. Honestly it might be why she dresses the way she does so that her male co-workers (and let's face it, one track minded cavemen), pay attention to her.

Rachel's comment and the stares we shared after it had me determined to be the last person at the hotel bar with her. That and my aching curiosity about her hidden body. Around midnight Jeffery left and Rachel asked if I'd do one more round.

I was sweating it! She's my boss. my livelihood is super important, so I was chill and tried to follow her lead.
I thought about the comments Rachel made over the years about being unsatisfied in one way or another with her husband. He's 14 years older than she is and out of shape.
Between the drinks and Rachel's skillful conversation we ended up talking about swapping partners again and how crazy it sounded (I liedsmile).
Then Rachel asked "So no strings attached, no commitment, no concerns at all.... would you?"
Rachel nodded "So would I."
Super long silence that felt like a year.
"What about with a co-worker?"
She nodded, measuring my response. "Same". We locked eyes, but I was so afraid to mess up. It was the moment. I needed to do something, but froze-

Rachel waived for the check. "Maybe we should call it a night."
I reached for my wallet and she said it was on the company. I thanked her and she asked "What should I leave for tip?" I looked at the bill, thinking I fucked up. I gave her a number while kicking myself.
"And what's my room number?"
I laughed "You didn't say."
"YOU didn't ask." She looked right at me, very close. I could feel her warmth feeding my desire.
She tapped the pen on the receipt and wrote 1125. Our eyes caught each other again.
She signed the bill, said goodnight and walked away. I watched her leave, aching to unwrap her and explore the curves of her body hidden under that dress.
Did she just invite me up? The more I thought, the more it seemed like tipsy thinking.
So I got up and went to the 11th floor.
I nervously knocked on her door. She opened it and stepped back into her suite. I followed. The door closed and she turned.
I was so nervous I was waiting for the next move and Rachel turned on me a little.
"Paul, It's late and I can get timid and gentle at home."
I got the hint.
I moved forward and my hands found her hips. I pulled her to me. her breasts pressed against me, My hands squeezed her hips as we kissed. Her curves felt soft and deliciously large. My hands found the sweep of her lower back and the fullness of her plump ass. I took two handfuls and pulled her against me. If she didn't know before, my hard cock pressed against her stomach said how much I wanted to explore under her dress.
The hottest thing is that Rachel did the same. Her hands running along my ass and taking big handfuls...
I realized my fantasies of this moment were probably as lustful as hers.
Now, I'm going to say this. This isn't about some young woman with a "perfect bod" So if you want that, stop reading now.
This is about a beautiful, thick, curvy mom, who's Sexy AF.

She slinked out of her dress. My god her breasts. It has been so long since I've seen breasts like that. I don't know I've ever. They hang wider than her thick frame. They sloped down to big, oval areolas, surrounding her wide nipples, erect, and pointed right at me. Holding them, pinching her nipples, feeling the weight in my hands made me hungry for every inch of her MILF body.
I found myself on my knees as we both yanked at her panties, threads snapping as my tongue found her trim dark bush. Her fingers parted her warm, wet lips, inviting my tongue. I followed her fingers to her clitoris, where I quickly learned what she likes from a tongue between her legs.

My fingers caressed her from perineum to clitoris. slow, teasing strokes. She let out quick huffs of air as her chest shook "Hhhhh- Hhhhh- Hhhh"
I sank a finger deep into her. As I fingered her, Rachel turned her knees out, spreading her thighs, allowing me deeper."Hhhhuuhhh hhh Ohh Mmmm hhhuhh...

Then two fingers. "mmmmuhh fuuhh..." She grabbed my head and firmly pressed. My nose filled with her musky scent as my tongue shot inside her tangy vulva.
She ground my face into her as she gasped for air. "Hhuuh! Huuhh! Huuh!"
Then her legs stiffened pushing me away from her.

I ran my tongue up her stomach, over her huge breasts, up her neck and to her panting mouth.
She gave me a look I've dreamt about for a couple years. It said "I'm going to fuck you and you'll never forget it."
Her hand found my cock and rubbed. Her dark eyes, full of lust, made her words from earlier ring in my mind. "I can get gentle at home."
I grabbed her head and kissed her passionately, Then I pushed down against her wide hips. It was her turn to get the hint. She lowered to her knees and put me in her mouth.
I held her head and watched her silky lips glide along my shaft. Her hand sliding from her wet lips to base of my throbbing cock.

My boss was sucking my cock.
My thick, womanly boss was on her knees, my throbbing shaft between her lips.

I stopped her and dragged her to the bed. I got on my back and lead her lips to my cock. My hand on her head, her lips around my shaft, I grabbed her waist and pulled. She knelt by my side and swallowed as much as she could.

I'm not sure how she hasn't given her husband a heart attack. Her curves woyld have me begging her every night.

Her wide hips and delicious ass rest on lush thighs, almost as thick as her rump, Her huge breasts rested against my leg. I grabbed her thigh and pulled her a little closer. I gave her ass a firm slap. "Mmmmm!"
"Muuhummm" my hand guiding her up and down my shaft.
I slapped again.
Rachel's fingers played her clitoris and her excitement grew. I grabbed her thigh again. She swung her leg over my head and straddled my face. She wiggled her hips until she found the spot she wanted my tongue, then, lowered herself, truly sitting on my face. "Mmmmmuuhhh..."
Her moans muffled as her lips wrapped around me again.
My open mouth moans met with her wet, tangy lips.
We sucked and licked and teased.
She sat up and reached for the bedside. I held onto those wide hips, and kept licking.
"Huhhh mhyh ghod.... huuoh muyh gohd" She sat back grinding on my face like a fuck toy. She took a ride for a moment. grinding onto me.
My tongue lapped her tangy vulva.
My hand found her breasts.
My other hand found my cock and I began to stroke....
I heard a quite "wowwuhhh"
She liked that. My face was in her, so I can only imagine she was watching me stroke, thinking of her, tasting her. desiring her.
She road my face a long time.
Rocking, pulsing and rolling her crotch on my face. Her fingers guiding, helping, augmenting her pleasure. Her juices rolled down my neck, and coated me from chin to forehead.
I rolled my hand to the head of my cock. She put her hand on top of mine and begain to Stroke with me. Then she pulled my hand away....
I instinctively engorged my cock and it moved, begging for her touch.
"Do that again."
So I did.
My god, I was aching for her.
Her hand wrapped around me and she rolled a condom down my shaft and lifted her hourglass figure over me.
With one knee on the bed she rubbued the head of my cock along her wet lips once, twice and then lowered that beautiful ass until I was deep into her.
"My god you're so fucking hot."
She held my legs and lifted her ass, then thrusted her lush body onto my throbbing cock.
There was no slow start, Her ass rippled each time she pound against me. I slapped it to help it along.
Her moans were still muffled from years of fucking in a house full of kids with a husband who couldn't keep up with her desires. It was fucking hot to know she was using me to release years of tension. I wanted to make her scream with ecstasy.
My god, her breasts. I could see them bouncing from behind and I needed to have them. I sat up and took hold. It was stunningly hot to realize I could never fit them in my hands.
She clasped her thighs together and took short gasps. I swirled my hips and she pulled me out. She spun around and straddled me. She rubbed her wet lips along my throbbing cock as we made out. She tasted like cum and passion.
She slid me between her wet lips and ground her hips against me.
Her breasts moved to find their place. They rubbed against my chest as we pounded each other, I pushed her up so I could watch them bounce and heave with each slap of our flesh.
I was ravenous for her voluptuous MILF body.
she lifted onto her knees so I could buck against her. I thrusted as quickly as I could to watch her body roll with waves of hard fucking. She collapsed against me and straightened her legs. Short gasps as he squeezed her eyes closed. Then-
She rolled off me. My throbbing hard cock slapped against my stomach.
She was on the edge.
Her hand guided my fingers over her warm pussy.
"What do you want? How do you want to cum?"

Bent over on her hands and knees her ass was wider than me. I purposely wasn't touching her because watching her thorw her hips against me- slap-slap-slap-slap-
over and over, working herself up, Watching her giggling mound of lust throttled against me, her sweaty back writhing had me throbbing, hard. So hard it almost hurt, but was blissful. It was mesmerizing!
I was her fuck stick, and it was FUCKING HOT!
She got tired, so I grabbed handfuls of her hips and thrusted her on and off my cock, rocking her body with each thrust.
Her breathless moans started to have a little high pitch plea for release to them. I ran my hand up her back and used her hair to pull her on my cock.. "Hhuuuh.... Fhagh..."
We hit a rhythm that was making up for the years of desire. It's speed was about lust. It was about wanting to fuck each other for years.

Suddenly she straighten her legs, like she was trying to get into a yoga pose. It was awkward at best. I realized the rush of her orgasm was in sight. I got over her and pushed. She fell to her stomach and lifted her hips, eager to keep me deep in her.
I know I've said it a million times, but her thick ass rippled with every thrust. It made me only want to thrust harder.
She stiffened like a board between my legs. Her legs clamped together, her short gasps became long, deep gasps begging for sweet relief.
then her gasps became high pitched hums and she pilled a pillow. Her one hand flicking her clitoris, the other around her face, muffling her moans in a pillow.
I swirled my hips against she soft, red, cheeks, aching to get deeper.
She left out a "Aaahhhh" followed by a wave of gasps as she rode the ripples of her orgasm. She was convulsing with delight. I found her spot with my hand. She rolled those hips against our fingers as she worked another orgasm wave.

I was aching for relief by this point.
I rolled her on her side, glowing in the post orgasm bliss, I straddled her leg, pushed her other leg against her belly so I could find my way into her. I rubbed the tip of my cock along her swollen lips, and she fluttered. I held onto her thigh and sank deep.
"hhhuuhhhhh..." She flashed those dark eyes at me and wrapped an arm around her breasts as i firmly stroked every inch of my swollen, glistening shaft in and out
in and out
in and out
The sight of her womanly, MILF body undulating with every thrust -
Those dark eyes daring me to fuck her all night -
Her tongue swirling around her nipple -
watching her lips splay for my thick turgid shaft-
was too much.
I pulled out and put her hard around me. I thrusted against her hand, her fingers tight around my cock.
Cum shot along her thigh and the side of her plush body.
She pressed my cock against her soft, cummy thigh. I thrusted between her palm and shot thigh skin, "Holy fughh!" A rope of cum rolled along her flesh.
She rolled my shaft between her palm and silky thigh, slick with cum. My juices dripping down her thigh, as we caught a look at each other.
This was hotter than I think either of us expected... Years of desire and sexual tension lifted. she ran her wet hand along her body. I slapped my manhood against her thigh, wanting more...

That was thursday night.
Friday on the plane was fucking hard.
Yesterday at work was hard. Seeing Rachel literally got me hard as stone.
I took a long bathroom break at one pointsmile
Rachel and I haven't acknowledge a thing. No one seems to expect.

I've been so horny since. My wife is happy because she's reaping the benefits. smile She wore a skirt to go out Saturday and we didn't make it past the living room.

I will keep you posted if anything happenssmile

Please comment if you like. PM if you want to chat. Rachel has me horny AF these days.

Ok, I need to get work done! No more fucking around! For not at leastsmile


If this thread breaks our rules please 
Member Since: 8-Jan-10
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Just getting started
Luck for both of you
Sometime the quest is more than the event. Sounds like you both enjoyed the before and after. I'd love to read a follow-up - and good luck !

If this reply breaks our rules please 
Member Since: 9-Jan-07
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Just getting started
asslover4ever said: Sometime the quest is more than the event. Sounds like you both enjoyed the before and after. I'd love to read a follow-up - and good luck !

TY! Yeah it was enjoyable! I go back to the office tomorrow and I'm looking froward to seeing her, but not looking forward to keeping everything so on the DL that we barely talk. It's ok, I have a feeling the next work trip will be interesting!smile

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Member Since: 21-Dec-18
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Active Contributor
I'm guessing your wife knows either because you told her or she has now read the story. It seems she's O.K. with it. Just be careful not to get Rachel pregnant and enjoy your good luck. I'm happy for all of you.

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I Like to Reflect
You are a lucky man!
Great to know she probably feels the same way. thumbup1

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Member Since: 9-Jan-07
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Just getting started
TY! It's a good timesmile

legsfeettoes said: I'm guessing your wife knows either because you told her or she has now read the story. It seems she's O.K. with it. Just be careful not to get Rachel pregnant and enjoy your good luck. I'm happy for all of you.

If this reply breaks our rules please 
Member Since: 9-Jan-07
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Just getting started
lovitt said: You are a lucky man!
Great to know she probably feels the same way. thumbup1

TY, I can't wait for more!

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Member Since: 25-Dec-13
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Just getting started
This is Absolutely Awesome!
Quite the story. One that I wouldn't mind living myself. I know there is more and will follow it.
Thanks for sharing.

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Member Since: 9-Jan-07
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Just getting started
Akeyesx said: Quite the story. One that I wouldn't mind living myself. I know there is more and will follow it.
Thanks for sharing.

TY! We are taking a break right. now, but there are four other. posts about Rachel. You can search for my. posts and you can find them. They are the ones with "Boss" in the name.

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