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Silva - When sex is not an option
After writing earlier about Linda, I realized that I've had other encounters where sex wasn't an option. Silvia, One of the hottest sex partners I've ever had, was one of those people.

Silvia was my good friends ex-girlfriend. They broke up when I was just out of a long term relationship. Silvia and I both needed some "physical therapy" to cum our way through that time.
Silvia's one rule was no penetration "You break it, you buy it". That tension was a big part of the give and take and the control that we passed back and forth. It was. in a word... Super fucking hot. Sorry, I couldn't do it in one word. smile

One night I rang her apartment buzzer. We had been at it for a couple weeks by this point and I was savoring our evening tryst.
When Silvia didn't buzz me up, I rang again. Nothing. I pressed the button again and looked in the entry way. Silvia was walking down the stairs, dressed to tease.

Her long sleek legs were made longer by her insane heels. Her sheer leggings drew my eyes up to her milky thighs.
Her flouncy skirt bounced with every step, revealing just enough, but not nearly as much as I wanted.
Her half shirt had a bow at the top, but was loose and billowing at the bottom. A line of buttons led my eye from her flat silky stomach to her bright blue lips. Yes blue. It matched her wig, ponytails bouncing with each step,
Silvia liked cosplay, but I had never seen her in costume, I have no idea who this character was, but I wanted her with every inch of my body.

Before she led me to her apartment, she stopped at the base of the stairs. "Now, you promise not to peek?"
I promised. She smiled because she knew it was impossible.
Silva has a slim body with beautiful ample hips. Her skirt tried desperately to contain those long soft curves, but as she sashayed up the stairs it swayed and bounced. Her cotton underwear was modest, but purposeful. She knew she looked sexy in a pair and used it against me all the timesmile I was ravenous
watching her from behind.

Inside her apartment Silvia turned to me "How do I look?"
"So hot."
"Just hot?" She gently raised her skirt.
"Very fucking hot."
I stepped closer and kissed her, reaching my hands under her skirt caressing her luscious ass. I found my way deep into the curves of her body, The only thing between me and her vulva was her warm panties. I gently rubbed and she pulled away.
She took a couple steps back.
"Like you wanna fuck me hot?"
"I wanna fuck you all night hot."
She crossed her legs and did what we called a naughty curtsy, pushing her lips together when she got excited.
Silvia turned and leaned against a chair. Her skirt rode up, Her legs made a long slender V ending at her plump lips pressed against her panties. Her wetness was coming through the cotton.... I touched myself through my pants.
"So you like my outfit.?"
I wanted nothing more than to be inside her at that moment.
I knelt behind her. I ran my tongue up her silky thigh and along the seam of her panties. I gently rubbed my lips, my nose along her. I found where her juices soaked through and pushed my tongue against her.
The "verrrr" sound her leggings made as she rocked her legs was as sexy as her sent. Silva moaned as my hand found her nipples.
She pushed the chair aside put her hands on the table and slid forward, pushing her lush ass into the air.
I pulled her panties to the side. Silvia prides herself on "the smoothest pussy in New York". Waxed and wet, my tongue easily slid along her lips. I brushed my tongue gently along the length of her opening. I wiggled my tongue and her lips opened eagerly as I sank my face into her. Her sweet/tangy flavor filling my mouth.
I gave her nipple a strong squeeze and ran my hand flat along her stomach to that magical spot. Her knees buckled a little and she pressed her knees together. I pulled her panties down and buried my face in her. Sometimes with force, sometimes barely touching her. teasing her.

As I teased her with my tongue and fingers, Silvia shot up and turned to me, "These are "fuck my pumps", but not "eat me over a table pumps" I stood and she palmed my throbbing shaft. her tongue exploded into my mouth as she gave my cock long full handed strokes from my balls to the top of my shaft. We walked to her bedroom. Her swaying hips leading me.

Silvia was on her hands and knees on her bed. Her lips wrapped around my throbbing cock, lipstick smudged along my shaft and around her lips. My fingers were deep inside her. Swirling, pulling out, playing with her gently, plunging in until I couldn't get deeper. She moaned as I teased her labia and clitoris, She'd give a muffled "Hhhrrrmmm" when my fingers tickled her inside. My thumb brushing over her other hole drove her nuts.
Silvia loves dirty. The more it "feels like porn" the better. Watching her try to keep me in her mouth while I brought her closer to her first orgasm was almost too much.
She pulled her head back to let me out of her mouth indulging in the attention I was giving her. We shared a sloppy kiss. "She moaned as she got closer. She pulled away, looked at me with a "Make me cum, please?" Look. "I don't think you were done back there."

I found myself on my back on her bed, as she ground her womanhood into me. My fingers, lips, tongue, even my nose, touching her in any way she wanted. I looked up at her at one point and wanted to touch those beautiful tiny breasts, but I was aching....

"Are you jerking off?"
"Mmmfh humff" She ground deeply. hips churning up her orgasm. My hips were thrusting against my hand. I wanted into Silvia so badly.
"You jerking off to me?"
"Mmmm Hmmf" Her moan and rotating hips said "I like that."
"You wanna fuck me?"
I turned so I could say "I wanna fuck you so badly." Her hand on my head and a push of her hips said "Don't stop". She ground harder and harder. She was desperate to cum and I knew what to do.
I ran my hand up her body until I found her neck and I wrapped my fingers around her. "Oh fuck! mmmm, gehhh!" Silvia is the only woman I've ever been with how wanted that. The only one I've ever done it with.

"Dhon' stop - Don'stop - fuchmihh...fuchmihh....fuchmihhMmmmmhhhh!"
Her body quivering, her face flush with tension. She let out a "Mmmhh...Gehhhauh!"
I basked in the waves of ecstasy rocking her body as her juices dripped down my face and filled my mouth.
Silvia leaned over and lay on her bed. She curled up and shivered as the waves dissipated.
Honestly, I stroked myself watching her. Her orgasms are amazing. If a man experienced an orgasm like that we'd have a heart attack.

She regained her composure enough to speak. "Holy fuck." She rolled on her back, Her look said let's ride again. I grabbed her by the legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed, her skirt riding up, "Mmmm fuck..." her fingers swirled around her clitoris. I knelt down and lent a tongue. I worked my middle finger into her and her legs shot into the air, ready to receive, "Hhuhhhhhaa holy fuck..." I slid two fingers and she arched her back to grind on them. "Oh... fuck me! fuck!" I loved to watch her gasp with pleasure from over her womanly mound. Her feet found my back as our fingers and my tongue teased her closer to another orgasm.
My rod throbbed and pulsed in my hand, slippery with my own precum. She pulled at me to come closer.
I hovered over her and we kissed, both tasting like each other.
She was breathless "You wanna fuck me, don't you?"
I put my head against her wet lips and squeezed. Silvia let out a tiny gasp as my cock throbbed and pushed against her. "What do you think?" She looked at me with "fuck me hard" eyes.
I sat up because I needed to see us together.
Her labia is lush and plump, like her ample, round hips. Watching her lips slide around me, thick and full, is still to this day, one of the hottest things ever. I'd slide to her clitoris where I'd tease her.
She reached down and guided my cock to her spot. Her hips wiggled, her eyes rolled as she pushed me against her. I pulled at her skirt, desperate to watch. She pulled off her top, then her skirt up over her tiny breasts.
Her fingers wrapped around me and she rubbed me quickly over her swollen pussy.
I never had a partner use my cock as her own fuck toy and it was fucking hot. Her muscles tense and glistening with sweat. Her face flush with the building explosion, her eyes locked on my cock as she rubbed herself with my shaft to another orgasm was almost too much.

What was too much was the look of desire in her crystal blue eyes, and her fully erect breasts shaking and heaving as she franticly worked closer and closer. She looked at me with the "You're making me cum and I want it".
I couldn't hold back anymore. "Oh god" She looked at me and could tell.
"Cum on me... Cum on me...."
She was so close.. I tried to hold on until Silvia came. She wanted to watch me cum, so stroked me just enough to make me explode. I felt my throbbing shaft expand in her fingers. the ridge of my cock flared as I let go. A rope of cum skidded along her beautiful stomach, wet already with sweat and precum. cum flowed along her lips as she ground me against her. I took her hand and put it solidly around me and she tugged. Cum spurted along her inner thighs and down her pussy.
She was over the hill and cumming hard. "Huhh fuhhhmmmuh!!!" Silva fell back, her hand flittering over herself. I wrapped my hand around my cock and finished us both off. My cum rolled down her crotch as I pumped. She wriggled against the head of my cock, teasing out the last pings of her orgasm.

Silvia was by far one of the hottest partners I ever had. If you want another story about her read "who's master?" Or write a comment asking for another. I have a few more about ussmile

TY for reading

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