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Who's Master?
Here's another story from not too long ago. the woman in this story is still a good friend. We've seen each other at parties etc.

I was in a long term relationship as was my friend with his girlfriend Silvia.
When my relationship fell apart I wasn't paying attention, and when I came back to social media I realized that Silvia and my friend broke up as well.
I checked in with both and it seemed messy. Silvia wanted to get together to bitch about my friend. So we did.
We talked for a good long time, mostly about my friend and our failed relationships.
We ended up getting together a few times to just shoot the shit and really deal with being single again after years. We'd usually get lunch or coffee, barely presentable, but just enough to go out. She showed up in sweatpants a couple times. We had become friends thorough misery.

One day while we were talking she said something about her looks. I don't remember what it was, but I could tell she was down on herself.
Silvia was never going to be the prettiest woman in the room, but she was usually the most sexy and carried herself with confidence. She knew that it takes all kinds, not everyone is or wants a model, and she knew how to play her assets. I'm also not one for a classic beauty.
I told her that and I could see she needed to hear it. It lifted her up a bit and I was happy to have been there.

We went to lunch a couple more times when Silvia mentioned going to dinner. I thought sure, why not. I was doing nothing.
At dinner we were both dressed as adults. It was a nice place, so we needed to bring it.
As we sat at the bar and talked she mentioned that she wasn't looking for a relationship anymore. She needed to take a break. This was our goto discussion.
But then she added "Then again my vibrator could use a break." I laughed as did she. Then I felt her leg press against mine. I looked down and her hand slowly went higher on her thigh until it was at the top, her fingers pushed against her crotch and she squeezed her thighs together. I looked at her and she looked at me.

We barely said anything about it at dinner, but she could tell I was barely holding it together. She took pleasure in teasing me. She unbuttoned another button on her shirt. She has nice, petite breasts, and no bra on. Every time she caught my eyes there, she'd smile. When she went to the bathroom she asked if she should walk away slowly? I fucking loved it.
Silva was smart. She took an Uber to the restaurant. As we walked to my car she looked down to my crotch. I will admit, I hadn't been with someone in a long time and her teasing was driving me insane. I was stone hard.
By the time she slid into my passenger seat she had me wound up like a spring. I barely closed the door and I was kissing her.

Silvia and I spent the next couple months making each other come like crazy. I say that because Silva's one rule was no fucking. "If you slide that thing into me, we are dating." It kind of became her dare.

It was all about power and who had it. It was fucking hot!
I'll tease you like she teased me...
She was sucking my cock the one night, on her hands and knees as I sat in a chair. She loved to do this because it made sucking cock feel like porn. The more something "felt like porn" the more hot she'd become. She'd watch me as I watched her ass wiggling as she played with herself.
She took me in and swirled her mouth and lips around my shaft. Then she looked at me and said "You want me to finish you? Make me feel it." I put my hand on her head and pushed. She moaned as I felt her take me as deep as she could. After a bit she stopped again and looked at me. "Are you going to fuck my mouth or what?". I grabbed her head with both hands and she cracked a grin just before I shoved my cock between her lips. I came moments later as I guided her head up and down my shaft. When she slid me out of her mouth she laughed. "Fuck, you're fun to suck." She came right to my face and kissed me. I could taste my cum. Eventually I learned she liked it if I told her to swallow. So did I.

Her sweaty body writhed as I teased her with the head of my cock. I loved to engorge it, so she would feel me grow, spreading her lips apart. She was as smooth shaven as I've ever felt so we would glide against each other until we'd cum or sucked the hell out of each other. Before we did this it was understood that I was to lick her until her legs shook. She loved to be eaten because it made it easy for her to orgasm.
Then, I'd climb up and put the head of my cock right against her pussy and rub. We'd kiss as we teased each other, but really she was the master.
"Feels good right?" you wanna fuck me?"
"God yes"
"Mmmm, you wanna fuck me hard don't you?"
"Fuck yes"
"Don't fucking do it. Don't fuck my pussy."
We'd twist our hips, and thrust, to feel my shaft slide over her smooth lips.
Sometimes she'd cum immediately. I cannot tell you how hard it was to not cum while she'd be shaking.

Sometimes as a treat she'd let me spread her lips and slip my head in, just to the crown of my helmet would pop in.
I'd pulse and throb so she could feel me grow inside her. "Don't go further. you break it you buy it." I would rarely survive this and she'd stroke me onto her stomach. Huge grin across her face.

Sometimes if she wanted me to be in control, I'd lay behind her on our sides and I'd slide my shaft between her lips while I played with her clit. One day as she writhed, so close to cumming, she took my hand from her breasts and put it on her neck. "Squeeze". I was a little freaked out. "Squeeze and I promise you I'll cum like you've never seen before." So I squeezed. She parted her lips and slid her hand down to her clit to guide my other hand to her g spot. As she screamed her orgasm rocked her body,
She'd always lose control when I did this.
Close to the end of our relationship, I was behind her, my hand around her neck and my cock sliding on her lips. Suddenly I felt her hand guide the head of my cock into her.

I stopped. Hard as a fucking stone, aching to fuck the hell out of her, I stopped.

"You wanna fuck me?
She never played this game when I was behind her.
"Please let me fuck you."
"you know the rules."
"fuck the rules. You want me to fuck you."
You break it you buhh...fhhuck!!" I thrusted and the head of my cock splayed her swollen lips. She was so close. I could feel the fluttering she'd get before an orgasm.
She caught her breath and said. "In and out. Once. That's all you get. In. Out. Deal?" She arched her back to get ready for me.
I savored ever second. I slid into her as slowly as I could to feel every muscle tighten around my shaft as I pushed deeper.
As the base of my shaft reached her lips, the head of my cock found a wall. I don't think she expected that because she started to pant. Her leg shaking out of control.
I also don't think she expected me to stay. She said one stroke. But she didn't say how long I could stay. I squeezed her neck and pulled her tighter and whispered in her ear. "We're fucking." She groaned as she pushed my hand again't her clit, moving faster and faster.
"Cum for me"
I was trying not to cum. I'd have to pull out to cum and this was what I wanted to feel for months. I pulled her close and pushed against that wall.
"I want you to fucking cum."
She lost control and her legs shook as she gasped. I could feel her juices flow. "Muthah fuck!" I held her tight as she writhed, my hand around her neck and holding her hips. So fucking hot to see her stomach and body convulse with pleasure. I tried not to cum as she ground her silky ass into me.

Then she grunted "Cuhum... Fhill me-fucking fill me -Mmgah..."
No sooner has she said fill me I felt the blood rush to my cock. I feel like I grew two sizes as my head swelled and I shot my load deep in her. I grunted and squirmed as well and it set her off again. She was so wet if I didn't know better I'd swear she'd squirted.
I wanted the whole experience, so while still hard I slid out of her. She was having one of those prolonged orgasms that men would pay good money to have, but women own and rule. I slid out of her. I flipped her onto her back and got on top of her and rubbed her clit with my cum cover head. She was sweating and writhing like crazy.
She came for a long fucking time. It was amazing.
We never did that again. We actually stopped shortly after that. I expect because the next step would be fucking the shit out of each other and she wasn't ready.
To be honest I would have been ok with it. That was some of the most hot sex I've ever had and I'd love to have kept going.

Did you like? I hope so, because I'm hard AF from just writing that. If you liked it, let me know. I may cum just thinking about your comment.

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Very hot.
Great story...had me ver6 aroused imag8mg being in that situation.

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Member Since: 9-Jan-07
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Just getting started
TY! Yeah, Same wit me writing itsmile When I see her out I can't help but think about how good the sex was.

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Member Since: 9-Jun-10
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Just getting started
Bravo !
That was probably the best story I've read written by a dude.The element of teasing you played out for what is worth.

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Member Since: 9-Jan-07
Location: US
Posts: 112
Forum Level:
Just getting started
Thank you! There was a lot of material to work with. Silvia loved to teasesmile I didn't even get into the cosplay stuff because that feels like a whole different part of our relationship. I'll share more soon.

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