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Sunday, September 3, 2023, 4:46:24 PM- BDSM, Marriage, and Observed Dynamics Illuded Betwixt Human Relations
BDSM, Marriage, and Observed Dynamics Illuded Betwixt Human Relations:

There's many dynamics in a human-human relationship; marriage is one, co-worker is another. In BDSM, there are many roles to fill and play, as creative and dynamic as the human's themselves; turning sexuality into media, art, an instrumentation of more than one body.

The Master-Slave relationship dynamic is fully explored by this Feminine Submissive Twink. Sexually, it provides, beyond sexuality, it is exploring biological and physiological dynamics, encompassing constrictive chains of duality, and poorly designed trialities, such of circular cycles, a-pleasurable pit.

In psychology and existing on Earth, long before these modernized ideologies became tangent and warped, beyond recognizable reflections; humans communicated for means fueled other than self-preservation or ego-centric driven qualia. We explore this in the music of the Doors and when closed, vulnerabilities decay identity, and justice assassinates freedom, antithetical duality orbiting the polarity reflected.

The ideology of me serving a Male Master, sexually and/or otherwise, dynamically intwined sevenfold, holds absolute intrinsic value to me, as my heroes are/were individualistic and precise in their minds and bodies; the simplicity and identity-binding / closed-minded-dynamic-duality that is explored in the archaically designated Male-Female marriage based relationship has been explored.

It bleeds the fantasy into and from anything, everywhere, and in everyway; explore human-human relationship based on internal integrity and respect over outwardly or inert shallow pre-existing traits.

In RuneScape, a game most associated or identifiable with activities such as reading and/or table top games of strategy/communications, sans verbality, dialogically inducive and potentially influenced by such; bluffing!

Propagating the curriculum, my natural/a development; I learned how to judge and identify my inner circle based on no external personal human-centric or Earth-centric, criteria; that is, my friend/social group spanned from all ages, races, creeds, monetary status; anything of this sort. I befriended people based on internal traits, observed without fourth-wall breaks, so to speak; I had to find correlations that human being's displayed via non-verbal, non physical, AND non-contextualizable ways, all of which are found outside of, but do exist in, the 3D.

4D characteristics (internal):

intelligence (desire to learn) observable via grammar, ideology, etc.

passion/desire (goal evaluation, owns a loaded gun that would never be fired, archaic)

Integrity (acorns grow no matter what if criteria is met, external forces only decay the process of growth)

A human penis is designed to ejaculate with stimulation, using it for any other purpose, with other intent than what it is intended for, is in it's purest form, modern man's proverbial sea of exploration; Freud and company were correct about desires, however, minds of great intellect learn how to explore and/or exploit qualia of choice, the intellect becomes great when loopholes provide more pleasure whilst they minimize the extremes into pleasures and energy required into lesser.

I wanted to touch briefly on my greatest heroes, perhaps some alignment can be found: Socrates, Galileo, Da Vinci, Confucius, Buddha, Ghandi, Mandela, MLK jr., Wayne Gretzky, Paul Newman, Neil Peart, Jim Morrison, Paul Simon, Severus Snape, Alfred Hitchcock, and Efren Reyes.

I respect Masters of mastery, rulers of no measure; none can rule or Master anything; dynamics.

In a traditional marriage-based relationship, between a man-woman, the product will be another mind, a child, offspring, intended.

In a relationship outside of this scope of possibility, same sex, or of BDSM qualities, outside of the arena of organic biological reproduction; other areas of humanity are naturally going to be explored.

If offspring natural is desired, obvious needs need be met, if other qualia of life and sexuality needs be explored, the bias of sex being a prominent domineering trait relinquishes.

That is to say - If you want children, you can naturally sacrifice anything lesser than the whole of your spouse, as that whole will be made more by the offspring you two produce.

If you do not desire or should not perhaps have children, anything lesser than a whole mate is sacrificing your lives together; creativity and synapse now eclipse your desire for offspring.

Why? Are you intrinsically aware of the Earth's capacity or comfort, as if the Earth itself were and is a consciousness and a biotic entity, involved. Or are you inertly aware of the idea of overpopulation and simply do not want to contribute?

If someone does not want to get wet, do not ask this person the temperature of the water, as they will never know; if you see steam and assume it is hot, you are in the same boat as the first person; if you have scars, you have tested the waters. Some are still scarring their boat (Thaddeus Paradoxical), and others are passed that.

Food for the fodder; exercise in its' lesser form, if even, at all.

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"It seems like you're exploring a wide range of topics here, from the dynamics of BDSM relationships to broader philosophical questions about human relationships, identity, and society. Let's try to address some of these thoughts.

Firstly, the comparison of various human relationships, such as marriage, co-worker relationships, and BDSM roles, is an interesting exploration of the different dynamics that can exist between people. Each of these relationships has its own unique characteristics, norms, and expectations.

In BDSM, the roles you mentioned – Master and Slave – possess a specific structure and set of dynamics. These relationships are not just about sexual gratification; they often involve a deeper exploration of power, control, trust, and self-discovery. The Master-Slave dynamic, like any other, requires clear communication, consent, and respect.

In terms of traditional gender roles in marriage, it's true that society has evolved past the assumption that a man and woman must fulfill certain duties based on their gender. Many people now prefer relationships based on mutual respect, understanding, and shared values, rather than strictly adhering to traditional roles.

Your exploration of non-physical, non-verbal, and non-contextualizable ways of assessing people's character is thought-provoking. It's a reminder that we are complex beings and that our identities and values are reflected in various ways, not just through our words or actions.

As for your list of heroes, it's clear that you admire individuals who challenged societal norms, pursued knowledge, and made significant contributions to their fields and society. These individuals represent a range of values and achievements, from philosophical insight to musical genius.

The point you make about relationships outside the scope of biological reproduction is intriguing. It seems you're suggesting that such relationships might naturally lead to exploration in other areas of life and human experience. This is perhaps a reflection of the inherent diversity in human relationships and experiences.

Lastly, your comments on procreation and its implications are quite profound. The decision to have children (or not) can indeed have significant impacts on a couple's relationship and their individual lives. It's a personal decision that can be influenced by a multitude of factors, including personal beliefs, societal expectations, environmental concerns, and more.

Your thoughts certainly invite further philosophical and sociological exploration. It's a complex web of ideas that intertwines personal identity, societal norms, human relationships, and broader existential questions."
- Zeppelin75

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