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Saturday, October 8, 2022, 2:47:56 PM- Her day to be CUMPLETELY taken…
We had just passed our 20th Anniversary and were loving life. On our anniversary we shared secret lust desires with each other and the plan was when least expected, the other would surprise with fulfilling that fantasy. She left me a note and it only had these simple words on it: “I want to be completely taken”. I had to figure out the meaning.

This was a tough one for me to figure out, but I was game for it!! I asked her for subtle hints for weeks to find out what she specifically meant by this. She did leave me several hints but it wasn’t going to be easy. We enjoyed teasing and making the other work hard at creativity but it was one of many things that made our sex life incredibly erotic and fantastic.

It was Saturday morning. Our day to sleep in, relax and often included “creative” sex. The day before, I started to prepare for this special day. Neither of us could function without our morning coffee so I decided it would begin after coffee. I awoke well before she did. I was anxious to put my plan into action. I lay in bed for nearly 30 minutes stroking my cock and planning it out and, also waiting for her to roll onto her back. Finally she did and I could tell she was sound asleep. I sat up and gazed at her. She had such a beautiful face, her hair was so soft, and she had the slightest bit of a grin on her lips. I could still smell the fragrance of her perfume from the night before. One of the things I loved about her, was she always looked like she was smiling. It made me smile.

I slowly pushed the sheets off of her body. The house wasn’t too cool so she would sleep through it. As I pulled the sheets off of her, there she was, nothing on, her breasts firm like a 21 year old, her nipples were hard as pebbles, and her pubic hair, trimmed neatly as I so loved. I climbed off the bed and stood there just gazing at her. I could look at her for just a few minutes naked and would feel my cock harden every single time. Her body was just perfect and today looked so innocent. As the sheets were pushed off, I noticed her legs were slightly spread. She wasn’t on her side but kind of cuddling the pillow I left for her. In this position, her legs were just wide enough for me to slide my body between her legs and not awaken her.

I slowly and carefully got on my hands and knees, and crawled up the bed between her legs. Normally I would lick her legs from her ankles to her knees, inside of her leg and tease all around her pussy for several minutes to build up her desire, but if I do that when she is sleeping, it instantly awakens her. In the morning I would have to go straight to the main event. I slowly moved my body between her legs and lowered my mouth over her pussy. Her clit was full and erect from the air now over her. Her hips were moving slightly and her breaths were slow and hard. I was guessing she was in a deep erotic dream. I opened my mouth wide and gently pressed my tongue over her clit. Ever so slowly I pressed firmer and firmer onto her clit being careful to not awaken her. Her breathing got harder, and her legs started to quiver. I looked up and could see her pelvis moving gently pushing up to my tongue. She wanted more and more I would give it to her.

My mouth now completely covering her clit and her pussy, I gently moved my tongue between the folds of her clit. She was so wet, and I sucked gently her juices. Her body was moving more and more up to my mouth but I was certain she was still asleep. My tongue then moved carefully around her pussy. She was open, wide open and needing my cock which was full, firm and ready for her. I wasn’t going to give her my cock just yet though. My tongue then gradually ran over her folds of her pussy. Her lips were wide and full. My tongue lapped up her juices and then slowly pushed into her pussy. I was slow and deliberate to not awaken her. I felt her legs shaking, she was quivering, and her pelvis gyrating up to my mouth. I could tell she was dreaming and wanting my tongue in her badly. I pushed my tongue deeper and deeper.

The more I pushed my tongue in her the harder she was breathing. I could always tell if she was awake and was fairly certain she was still asleep. As my tongue slowly pushed in and out of her pussy as if it was my hard thick shaft, I could feel her legs spreading wider. Normally when I would fuck her pussy with my tongue she would squeeze my head tight, but this time she was opening up wide. It was very odd for her to be reacting like this, but the wider she spread, the further my tongue pushed into her pussy. I was very slow and sensitive, my tongue pushing in, then out, side to side, in and out. I moved my tongue in as deep as I could with my lips pressed hard on her. My upper lip was pressing hard and firm on her clit as my tongue continued to pump in and out. I looked up periodically and her eyes were still closed, her arms now were spread wide on the bed. Again a very odd reaction from her but I kept my tongue fucking her pussy. Her juices were flowing and I would periodically suck her juices into my mouth. I could feel her juices all over my lips, my face, my tongue and I continued to lap her sweetness..

Her pelvis started to thrust even harder up to my mouth, her legs were spreading wider and her arms nearly reaching our bed posts. I could see her arousal was growing as her breasts were firm, her nipples even harder, begging for touch. My tongue continued to pump faster and deeper in and out of her pussy. Her body was twitching now. I could feel her pussy lips tightening around my tongue, her legs spreading even wider, her breaths harder and her fingers stretching out. She was awakening I thought, but not sure. Her legs started to shake and I moved my tongue out of her pussy and between the folds of her clit. I sucked her clit firmly but tenderly into my mouth. My tongue flicking over her clit. Then she started to moan but again I still thought she was sound asleep. She had to have been dreaming. Her moaning got louder as her breathing got harder and faster.

I kept her clit in my mouth, flicking it harder and harder with my tongue. Then I moved one hand right to the entrance of her pussy, one finger was teasing her entrance and my other hand reached up to her side next to her breasts. IN a quick move, my one finger slid hard and fast and deep into her pussy and my other hand grabbed her breast firmly. My finger started to pump in and out of her pussy, my mouth sucking on her clit hard, my tongue flicking her clit and my other hand squeezing her breast hard lightly pinching her nipples. Her hands became even farther stretched wide on the bed, her legs were even wider as she tried to pump her pelvis up to my mouth and to get me to finger fuck her deeper and harder. Her pussy started to squeeze my finger. Her clit was getting harder, my finger pumped faster and deeper, my tongue sucking on her clit harder and harder, my hand pressing her breast firmly on her chest squeezing her nipple..

Then I heard her moaning turn to words. She was awaking and started to mumble, OMG Sir.. please don’t stop, I was dreaming of you doing this to me and now I awaken and its not a dream, you are eating me just like I love, omg, don’t stop I am so close Im so close to cumming, please use more fingers, fuck my pussy good, keep sucking on my clit, suck my clit hard Sir.. don’t stop. AS I did her legs pushed out even wider, her arms reaching the corners of the bed and her pelvis pumping up to my mouth, and her pussy tightening its grip on my finger. I kept pumping and she started to whimper, please give me more fingers, or give me your cock,, NOW, I need you in me . I don’t want to cum with just one finger, spread me wide, stretch my tight pussy Sir, give me your cock NOW..

I ignored her pleading and just continued my finger fucking and sucking. Slowing down and slowing down more and more. MY tongue continued to press deep in your pussy but slowly. Knowing that unless I gave her more attention she wouldn’t be able to cum. Well actually she could as she has cumm several times without any stimulation but today, I could tell, she wanted stimulation and she wanted a lot. I decided, it was time to full fill her fantasy… I pulled my mouth away and took my finger out of her pussy and moved my hand from her breast.

She whimpered and loudly stammered, Sir what the fuck is this? Im so close to cumming, please don’t stop now. I need it. I need it badly. I looked at her and moved to her side, I presented the finger that was covered in her juices to her. I ran it over her lips teasing her. She opened her mouth wide and sucked it like my cock. She then reached down to try to stroke my rock hard precum covered cock and I pushed her hand away. She whimpered and moaned to me, come on Sir, you want it too don’t you. You need to cum as bad as I do. Please Sir, give me what I want, give me your cock, let me suck you and then you stretch my pussy wide and we both can have a beautiful orgasm.

I looked at her and smiled. I moved my face to hers, tasting the juices she licked off my finger and she tasted her juices from my lips and tongue. I pressed my mouth firmly on hers, opened my mouth and our tongues met. We kissed each other hard and as we did, she started to move her arms back and tried to wrap them around me. As she did, I took each wrist and pressed her down to the bed. Her kissing became harder, her mouth pressing harder on mine as I imposed my dominance over her. Her moaning got louder and she wiggled in the bed. I pressed my lips even harder on hers, my hands pressed her wrists down even firmer in the bed. Her moaning became louder and I could feel her giving up the resistance. She was enjoying my control over her and I looked down and could see her legs pressing together. Her pelvis was gyrating up and down ever so slightly. Her legs firmly together trying to give her pussy and her clit the feeling that she needed so badly. I moved my mouth from hers and whispered, don’t move your arms, do you understand. In her cutest voice, she whispered, yes Sir. I gazed in her eyes and smiled. The I moved my hand down to her legs. Pressing between her legs, I pulled one leg WIDE towards my side of the bed. As I did, she moaned but didn’t speak a word. Then I took my hand and ran it over her hard clit. It was firm, very firm and she was soaking wet as my fingers slide over her pussy. My hand then pressed on her other leg and pushed it wide to the other side of the bed. She moaned louder and whispered, but Honey I am so close, please let me cum. I pulled my hand back and ran it over her lips and whispered to her. Shhhhh Baby.. YOU will, but when I decide you will and only if you’re a good girl.. Do you understand me?..

She gave me that pouty frown that I so love and whispered, Ok.. Fine. Have it your way, but don’t forget, pay backs are hell I smiled at her and said.. Im counting on it, but first you have to get through today. I whispered to her, would you like your coffee? She whispered of course, let me go get it for both of us. I smiled and looked at her and said, NO baby, you just lie here. Don’t move, don’t do anything till I get back. She looked at me with that pouty look and said, but I need to cum so badly. I then whispered to her, well if you do, then go ahead but if you do while I am gone, you wont get to experience my other surprises for you for today.. So what is it Baby, you want to give yourself an immediate orgasm or are you willing to wait for what I have planned? She gave me that pouty look again, and said, pay backs are hell.. and laid there not moving a muscle spread out on the bed.

I went into the bathroom, cleaned up brushed teeth and the went downstairs still naked to get our coffee. Everything was preset so it didn’t take long. All our blinds were closed on weekends so no one could see in. I was very quiet and slowly snuck up stairs hoping to catch her miss behaving. Luckily when I returned she was in the bathroom, brushing her teeth and using the toilet. When she came out, standing there naked, she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close to her. We kissed deeply the freshness of her mouth on mine always aroused me and today was just the same. Feeling her warm body on mine always gave me an instant erection and made my balls tingle and again today was no different.

We stood there kissing and holding each other for several minutes. I then reached to the night stand and gave her the coffee she so needed every morning. Today she commented, whats the deal with the HUGE cup today Honey? I laughed and told her I wouldn’t have to get her refill quickly this way! She laughed and continued to sip. We both climbed into bed and she snuggled up under my arm and we both sighed. I looked down at her and kissed her ear, kissed her forehead and kissed her hair. She cooed with every touch I made.

We never said a word, just curled up in each others arms. Finally she whispered and said, I am still needing something. I looked down at her and said, Oh yea.. I almost forgot. She immediately punched me in the arm, harder than normal nearly spilling the remainder of my coffee. I laughed and said you know, a “wild cat” has to be tamed to keep it under control? She laughed and said, yea, well once wild, always wild. I laughed again and said, well what is the best way to control a wild animal? She laughed and whispered, “they have to be broken like a horse”?. I said, hmmm yea. And I think you may need to be taken like a wild animal today then… She looked at me with that sheepish grin, and whispered, just don’t forget Honey, pay backs are hell. I smiled and laughed as I took her coffee cup and placed it on the night stand.

I opened the drawer to the night stand and pulled out a blindfold. The kind the airlines give you so I would go on easily. I had it bunched in my hand so she couldn’t see it. Inquisitively she whispered, whats ya got there Honey? I smiled and said, Baby, do you remember a few weeks back you said you had another fantasy? She didn’t say a word but nodded her head with a big shit eatin grin on her face building. I then said, well, I think today its my turn to explore that fantasy. Her grin got bigger and she nodded her head like a child getting two hot dogs and cotton candy at the fair. I then said, so are you ready? She nodded her head more and the smile got bigger. I then said, so anything goes right? She nodded more. I told her this one has no coming back so once I start, you go for the ride no matter what. Agreed? Her grin got even more sheepish and her head kept nodding. I then said, ok, close your eyes and you will do EVERYTHING I tell you to do today without any arguments. She nodded her head and smiled.

I moved over her and placed the blindfold over her head and pulled it down over her eyes. She gave me that whiney look. I then said, anything goes right? She nodded more. I told her this one has no coming back so once I start, you go for the ride no matter what. Agreed? Her grin got even more sheepish and her head kept nodding. I then said, ok, close your eyes and you will do EVERYTHING I tell you to do today without any arguments. She nodded her head and smiled.

I moved over her and placed the blindfold over her head and pulled it down over her eyes. She gave me that whimper of hey no fair!! I instantly took my hand and slapped her right breast. Not hard but enough to get her attention. Her nipple got rock hard and she moaned in lustful agony. I then said, if you disobey me, things will become more and more rough, so you will behave. Do you understand me? She nodded her head. I lowered my mouth to hers and kissed her tenderly and deeply, our tongues dancing and she tried to move her arms around me. I let her momentarily as I wanted to feel her around me. We kissed for nearly 5 minutes just wrapped in each others arms. Then I pulled my arms back and pushed hers again to the corners of the bed with my wrists. I then whispered to her, Baby you will enjoy this, I guarantee it. She then whispered back, yes Honey, I know.. I do know. And have been looking forward to this ever since I first mentioned it to you. I spoke back and told her, good, that’s what I am counting on.

I climbed off the bed and found her unlocked handcuffs that she loves using on me in her nightstand drawer. She always played me with loosing the keys and this time I found them a few days earlier. She had them hidden between the mattress on her side of the bed. I had already moved them last night and had hidden them. I took out the two short chain ones and hooked one end of each to the headboard posts. I moved around to the other side of the bed, and took her wrist and brought it up to the first handcuff. When I pushed it locked she whimpered and said I hope you know where the keys are? I didn’t speak a word as I moved to the other side of the bed and quickly hooked the second set to her other wrist. Her arms were now spread wide on the bed. She asked again how would I unlock them? I told her I found the keys but, now that I think of it, I am not sure where I put them!! I moaned, holy shit Baby, I am really not sure where they are. We will just have to see what happens. She then laughed at me and said, that isn’t funny.. and just lied there still.

I went into her drawer and pulled out the second set of cuffs and hooked each one end to the foot board posters but didn’t bother to cuff her legs, yet anyhow. I moved over to the side of the bed and pulled the blindfold down off her eyes but to her neck so I could have easy access if I needed later on. She smiled up at me, this time with a puppy dog look of anxiousness and lust. I then asked her, how does it feel Baby? She looked up at me and said, well, its pretty damn erotic so far. I whispered and asked her if she was comfy. She said that she was very comfy. I reached over the floor and picked up our extra pillows and placed them under her head so she would be able to see me better. She smiled and said that is much better. I then looked at her and said so that made it better huh? She said well somewhat. And I said, what there is something else? She whispered, and said I am still needing to cum, very badly.
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Thursday, September 29, 2022, 3:44:26 PM- Hot Tub and Hotter Pool Lust Under the Stars
I had a longer than normal day at work. I got home and it was dark outside. It was a full moon so the sky was brighter than normal. I walked around the house and couldnt find you. I went in the kitchen and no dinner was on the table. It was nearly 9 so I didnt expect anything but it was odd. I looked out into the garage and your car was there.. I called out and you didnt answer.. I went to the bedroom and your clothes were on the bed in a neat pile but no you. I looked around and saw the door open to the back yard.. I looked out and saw four candles around our hot tub.. there you were.. Sitting in the tub, with a glass of wine in your gaze at me with your sexiest smile.. A decanter is on the edge of the tub with a full bottle of Merlot.. and another glass sits on the edge..

I walk over to you.. and you look up.. and tell me to come down to you.. Your mouth opens and you bring your lips to mine.. a long deep wet kiss and tongues dancing.... you then grab my head..and whisper.. get your clothes off NOW.. right here.. You pull away and swim to the other side of the tub.. I look down at you and say.. HERE, outside.. and you sternly say.. If you dont strip now, right now, dont expect any sex for the next month.. That was all I needed to hear.. I quickly undressesd.. and climbed down into the tub.. I started to swim to you and instead you pushed me back.. and said .. stay there on that side... I did as instructed.. my cock was starting to peak out of the water.. you grinned and swim over to me.. YOu open your mouth to mine and kiss my lips and tongue.... you wrap your arms around me..then push away.. turn around and slide onto my lap... ... as you sit on my lap.... your head tilts back and rests on my shoulders...I feel the silkiness of your hair on my chest and against my face.. your hair smells so clean and fresh. I love it..... you fit perfectly on my thighs... you can feel the hardness of my cock and balls building up against your’s just the way I get when your around, and I feel your skin against mine.. I always get slightly hard or aroused when I am around you, whether your naked or not.. or just hearing you...

As I lie there listening to you talk about your day... the softness of your voice... making me even more drunk in passion and lust...i take some water and splash it on your arms,, your shoulders and your breasts... not really wanting to make love... yet..just wanting to sit in comfort.. then I take my arms and wrap them around you..I lean back in the tub..... look up at the stars...I feel your head tilt back further as well....your snuggling tighter against me.... and me against you... My hands gently run over your firm breasts..and I feel goose bumps and two very hard nipples as the breeze sends a little chill over us.....hmmm.. I whisper..are you cold honey??....and you whisper back..... no not at all....hmmmmm.and you moan...and just push your head deeeper into my shoulder.... we both just lie there, not even moving and both looking up at the stars....enjoying the moment of peace from our busy and hectic day.... and just feeling all warm and fuzzy inside ....making the moment you grab hold of my arms and hold me even tighter as I hold you.. ..hmmmm it feels soo soo nice...hmmm.....

I reach over to the side of the tub and grab my glass of wine.. I bring it to your mouth, and slowly tilt it for you so you can have a little drink… Just to keep your mouth wet… As we are lying in the hot tub, we both see a shooting star.. I whisper to you.. make a wish…. you lean back and say I already did.. I whisper back.. so have I. With that you tilt your head back and look at me with those loving smile and and close your eyes bringing your mouth to mine.. very sensuously I open my mouth to yours and feel the wetness and warmth of your tongue on mine as we kiss slowly and passionately and lovingly.. you move your entire body.. so your leaning against me on your side.. I hold you even tighter as we embrace in this soft and sensuous kiss.. Both of us are sweating from the heat of the start to lick the perspiration off of my face… You slowly pull back..and stand up.. you take my hand and lead me out of the hot tub.. and walk me to the pool.. I look up and follow… Then, I see you start to walk into the pool, completely naked.. I hold you back.. and say.. but its too cold… You tell me.. don’t worry hun.. I warmed it up earlier today..

You move quickly into the water… as I can tell the night air is cooling on you.. you swim out to the middle of the pool.. and stop.. just looking at me and smiling… … I move into the water.. and swim to you… Your breasts riding on top of the water, your arms outstretched to me.. you wrap your arms around me as I get to you.. I wrap one arm around your back and the other around your waist.. pulling your body tight to mine… you open your mouth and bring it to mine… and deeply our tongues meet…. Our bodies feel like one…. The softness of your skin, the hardness of your nipples and the hair of your pussy against my cock is too much.. I instantly start to get an hard erection…Not just from arousal..but from the passion of the love of the moment.. I want to make love to you right here right now..but the love of the moment is just fine and just as wonderful a feeling, it wouldn’t matter if we made love or not.. This feeling is just as wonderfull..…

We kiss deeply for what seems nearly 10 minutes.., playing with each others hair, necks, and massaging each others backs and buttocks and we cant keep our hands off of each other…then you stop, and lay your head on my shoulder..we stay embraced… We move into the middle of the pool, you wrap your arms around me and hold on to my shoulders.. You spread your legs...and my cock finds its way between your legs...I am fighting to keep my eyes open to watch you... as my cock.. very very slowly is sliding up into your tightness... Your even tighter than normal... or my cock is larger than normal tonight... either way the feeling of you wrapping your pussy tightly all around my cock.... the feeling is total passion.. every single part of my cock can feel you.. As I work myself all the way into to you... I stop as you fight to lower yourself to feel the entire length my rock hard balls are now pushing up against your body.... At this moment.... we both stop moving.. I look and see your head tilting back..your eyes are closed... I lean my face forward to you face.. I open my mouth to yours... running my tonque over your lips... we are held tightly...not moving but we both feel each other entirely... I know you feel every bit of me.. and I feel all of you.......

We squeeze our embrace even tighter..... you open your mouth.. and I start to run my tonque over your lips, dancing over your tongue, then over your teeth... tasting the wine and the wetness of your mouth.... I am shaking in passion right now... the lust is overcoming me... I feel high ...... then I slowly run my tongue into your mouth... and find your tongue... instantly... I pull your head firmly against my face... and run my tongue into your mouth... wrapping it around your tongue... the moment is so incredibly passionate.... I feel you squeezing me closer to you..then... I notice you trying to move your pelvis... Your starting to moan..I can tell you want to feel my cock sliding in and out of you... the longer we stay this way..the more precum I am releasing into you.. and the more your pussy is getting wet and tighter.. much more tigher.... in my mind I know we will need the lubricant in the water.... I cant hardly stand not moving.. holding your cheeks in one hand.. and your head in another... I start to lower my knees gently... so my cock starts to slowly slide down out of you... you start sucking on my tongue harder... your moaning is getting louder.....your squeezing me so hard... it feels so wonderfull.. we both feel like one.. totally one body..where we feel everything of the other.... then I nearly pull my cock totally out of you..the tip of my cock head is teasing at your entrance to your pussy... I slide my cock and precum over your clit, over your folds and around the entrance to your pussy.... the lubricant we need is cumming from both of us.. I start to straighten my knees and push up.. my cock slowly starts to move back up into you...your squeeling in pleasure... I know you want it faster...and for now.. I am controlling the motion... very very slow.. up....up.....and then reaching as high as I can... and I stop..and hold it there for what seems like 10 minutes..and then slowly back down....slowly..... the whole time sucking on your tongue softly and passionately.. this time your mouth is opening in passion.. you have to moan out loud.. I suck on your upper lip... and back to your lower...then run my tongue back into your mouth...and my cock slides back up into you.... This time.. I stop and hold my cock there..... waiting to see how long you can stand my cock .. not moving... your nipples are rock hard against my chest...they are so hard.. I can feel them even though we are so tightly embraced.... that feeling and you holding me... is making my cock grow to what feels like the biggest it has ever been.. my balls are aching now.. I know you can feel them when I move up all the way in you.. your legs are even tighter wrapped around me... This time.. as I am all the way in you...
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