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Monday, June 4, 2012, 6:31:16 PM- Threesome
We are looking for a female who wants to have fun with us. Pm us if you are interested. We will travel anywhere in Az.
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"I get it! One of the comments below is it in a nutshell
Same sex sex is a wonderful experience. Especially with one that is maybe not physically fit, but in pretty decent shape! Women experiencing the ‘forbidden fruit’ their first time, with or without their man is different than with men. It’s not better or worse, it’s sex. Men however, can be shy about ‘going queer’, cock size issues and bodies. Fit beats fat my miles. Why men find themselves physically attractive is assumed usually by face and cock. We tend not to notice our belly is blocking the view below. ‘It’s just a couple of pounds’ is our cop out.
I know a man that hit 600 and justified it with ‘women love a big guy!’ He was absolutely sure that women wanted a walking, sagging waterbed on them.
Women see a few extra pounds as enormous on themselves.
Then there is the experience of being touched by someone that looks for the hot spots she herself has! Men rarely go past their cocks.
Woman on woman sensual porn should be studied by men!
Man on man is markedly different, ‘lemme suck that cock!’ Or as they should honestly admit, ‘I hope he doesn't expect me to suck HIS cock!” Yes I know from experience. Plus lesbian friends have talked about it with me. A few have gone as far as to comment that ‘frank, you definitely ARE a male lesbian!’ I think it’s from my learnings when I was very young and in museums. Nude statues tortured me! I wanted to run my hands over every square inch of the women. They poses were so fluid. Men were posed in macho styles, they look like carved rock. If you pay attention to the ‘small’ cocks it’s interesting. They believed that the smaller the cock, the greater the intellect!
Two comments in the remarks by the others below show the basic level of ignorance they as it perfectly.
I have been in three ways with the understanding that we are equal here. As one woman said ‘nothing gets me wetter than seeing a man suck my mans cock! Almost correct, he locked in a 69 also sucking took her pussy from almost dripping to practically running down her legs! That I attended to him as well as her fulfilled just what they wanted. She was ‘pussy shy’ that she was afraid to play with a woman. It was laughable when she said ‘eat pussy? NO WAY!’ If a woman were to enjoy hers would be ok though. Again, a level of ignorance that ‘it might turn me queer’. So what if it does??!!
Good luck in your journey, you may have found your dream to come true and love it! Your husband and you seem comfortable enough with your sexuality that it not so different as playing with sex toys, it’s about the fun!"
- caiqueman

Friday, June 1, 2012, 8:07:06 PM- Fuck Machine
Now that we have posted several vids of me taking it from my new fuck machine, what do you want to see next. Let me know if you are tired of those and we can try something else. For all those that commented and voted, a BIG Thank You to all my NN friends.

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"Would love to see you on top where we can see your face as you grind on a man with a good cock. You are a rock star."
- seasonedsoldier

Monday, April 30, 2012, 3:48:05 PM- My new machine
I got alot of questions about my new machine that my man got me. The video that is posted was the first time I took that huge cock and it rocked my world. It was worth every bit of what my man spent. The next vid shows much more of me and me cumming hard, squirting all over. It will be posted very soon and I want to take more vids of me with it.
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"That was an outstanding vid. ready for more"
- lhend

Saturday, December 24, 2011, 5:21:30 PM- Live Cam
Our second time camming was so much fun, for those that saw us we kinda showed my face. We are hoping that nobody recorded us and posts us on other sites. We have been on NN for years and trust our friends and other verified posters. So we are going to continue to cam (being more careful) and hope we don't get burned because we want to have mor fun with all of you.
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"I would love to cam with you again"
- Cocksmith42

Tuesday, December 20, 2011, 3:36:04 PM- Cam
Well last night was the first we ever cammed on NN, or ever cammed before. We were so turned on by doing it for all our NN friends. I even squirted all over, more of doing this for sure. So much fun.
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"Damn I missed it hope you do more soon!!"
- sheepless

Monday, October 25, 2010, 10:21:55 PM- Ratings
Just wanted to say that certain people just cannot be nice. You obviously must be jealous and do not have a partner that is willing to take pics and share with others. Voting a 1 on NN'ers is just wrong. Yeah, some pics are stolen and others post many pics that are not theirs. But if you are truly a member then send a pm on how we can improve our pics. Rating a 1 says nothing at all...
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"i love it, we need more pissers. i give u a 10"
- funoliverman

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