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Thursday, May 3, 2018, 3:59:44 PM- Red stockings for my NN friend visitor. New vid/photos of me.
Well, it was Sunday April 29. I dropped off the kids at Disneyland for a few hours. We have annual season passes so its easy to go for just a few hours.

I set up what was my third meeting at home with a NN friend and it worked out amazing. After dropping off the kids, I went to yoga at 9 a.m, came home to shower and get ready. He drove 2 hours to get here, which I appreciate. After corresponding a few times, I felt comfortable with him and the timing worked out so we could be here home alone.

I wanted to take a few pics and videos which always makes me feel sexy. He got here a little early and so he came through the side patio and waited in the backyard. I came to the back glass door in only my small black g-string, red stockings, and heels. I sensed he was instantly aroused. I handed him my iPhone and wanted him to take a few sexy poses. I sat on the couch and slightly spread my legs with my hand slowly touching myself. I could see his bulge as it grew in his pants. He followed me upstairs and filmed me from behind as I shook my ass a bit. I’m getting more and more comfforbtale being filmed and get a rush from it.

On my bed, I laid on my back with my arms above my head. My legs were spread open as he began licking me. He went right for my clit which made me moan. My lips were full as he spread them apart. He licked the inside of my walls which felt unbelievable. My head felt like it was going to fly off. His fingers spread my lips as his tongue licked my labia walls up and down. My hips were gyrating uncontrollably. I came so hard that I squirted all over his face. His cock was long and so hard. I wanted to feel his cum inside me and told him not to pull out. He came so hard inside me that I could feel all of it. I like it hard and deep and this was perfect. One hour of just raw passion. Afterward, I was exhausted. He quietly left through the back door again as I lay on my bed sleeping for a bit, until the text from my kids to pick them up popped on my phone.
I wish I could share this openly but this is the only safe place I can be open like thissmile
I'm posting here two of the videos and a few of the shots form this wonderful sensual experience.
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"Wow, I fantasize about being the guy in a story like this"
- nosanity

Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 5:27:35 PM- My first sex video with a NN friend:)
Well, this last Monday March 28 was the day I actually fulfilled a very naughty fantasy I’ve had. Its nice to have NN friends and I have made some nice on-line connections with friends here. I have been ready to go further and meet up with someone.

Chemistry is important obviously, so after months of pursuing me on-line (not stalking me, lol, but being very persistent), I agreed to meet for coffee. I’ll admit that I felt a little obligated to possibly do more since he was flying out just to see me. No promises from either of us but just see if the naughty times we’ve had in this cyber world would transfer into real life.

We decided to meet at Starbucks Monday near the airport, which is 15 minutes from my house. I dropped off the kids at school and went to my yoga class as usual. We were set to meet at 11:30 a.m. inside Starbucks. I showered and put on my regular clothes that I teach in. So I wore my 4” black heels, a knee-high black skirt which is form-fitting and a red satin blouse (so he would know it was me). My skirt is form-fitting and if I do bend-over on purpose, the silhouette of my thong can be seen. Under my skirt, I wore my small purple/black thong as he requested. No stockings nor leggings, just my heels and skirt.

I am not sexual or flirty in public and so I felt more comfortable discussing before-hand the naughty things we could do if we had chemistry: photograph me with my iPhone, watch me, voyuer me, maybe touch myself, or maybe go further if it feels good. Well as soon as I saw him, I felt that this was going to be fun and erotic. I usually like mature men, closer to my age, but a much younger guy was an interesting change for me. Given my age, I’m not as physically flexible as a 20 y/o, and I am more turned on by what I hear and how I am caressed to start.

So we had a coffee and quickly realized we wanted each other badly. I like well dressed men and he sure was. He asked if I felt comfortable enough to go back to my house or his hotel just to talk. I smiled in a sexy way and leaned into his ear and said, “I want you to admire me in only my thong and heels”. He said, “lets go then”. He followed me to my house and when we walked inside, I started playing a song I thought would be perfect. Its called “Desire” by Meg Myers on youtube. It more than set the mood and I took off my skirt, my blouse, my bra, and was standing in my heels and thong only. He got naked very fast and was erect immediately.

Well you could say that for the next hour, we were all over my house licking, sucking, and going crazy. I had two orgasms in that hour and felt incredible. This was absolutely wild and I am so glad I did this. I wore the same outfit when I taught my math class later that afternoon while the entire time thinking about bending over as my breast sway and I’m screaming for more.

Maybe the next life fantasy needs to be a group of guys, which I have thought about for so long. Just an idea for now, but maybe a reality as I want moresmile


Candice (a mom and now officially an adult film star in my secret life). smile
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"How do i get to see the video?"
- morf520

Monday, February 26, 2018, 4:32:01 PM- My weekend away on 2/24/18 at a hotel
So, I can't share this with my circle of friends but I would like to confidentially write about my experience (that really just happened) somewhere safe and private on-line.
So here goes: I went to Santa Barbara this weekend to visit an old friend and her family. They are a very nice family with a small house, so I stayed at a nearby hotel. After dinner this last Saturday night, they dropped me off back at my hotel and I felt like having a cup of tea by myself. I'm kinda reserved and just felt like sitting in the hotel restaurant alone at around 10 pm. The place was empty. All these details are true btw. The waiter was friendly and cute. Over about 30 minutes, he was starting to flirt a little with me and was so nice. I'm sure he just viewed me as a sexy mom wearing a nice dress and heels. I am not open about my fantasies outwardly and no one would ever guess about my fun fantasies. Anyway, after my tea, it was almost 11 pm and I got up the courage to ask if he just wanted to come upstairs and "chat" in my room. Without hesitation he said yes, but my motives were actually to model for him in naughty lingerie. One of my fantasies has always been me meet a hotel worker in my room and this was the perfect time. I'm going to post all the photos of this experience here on NN. I went to my room and wore a full body pink mesh suit with a black thong and heels. I sent him a selfie pic text of me in the mirror wearing this outfit to get his blood flowing. I am posting these photos here in a moment. After I wore the pink outfit, I then changed into my red stockings, heels, and very very small red micro thong. It was almost an hour of modelling and taking my pics and it was so fun. I couldn't help myself any longer and I squirted so hard. I hope you enjoy my photos and this blog. I am certain this time he will never forget as well. I took the time to write it because I really can't nor should I share with anyone else. For the few of you that have my e-mail address, feel free to writesmile
I had a great weekend, smile
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"Wish I was that guy! I get to San Luis Obispo every other month! Hint... Xxxx"
- SunTanGuy

Sunday, December 10, 2017, 3:20:43 PM- Why Am I Like This?
Well, I've been a member here since March '17. How in the world does a normal mom (me) that teaches math part-time end up posing and sharing such naughty kinky photos? I guess you could say it started at the end of last year. I was going through menopause fairly badly and didn't have much energy. It was weird but I didnt even feel like working out, doing yoga which I love or really doing anything.
At that time, my doctor prescribed estrogen pills to give me "vitality" as she puts it, lol. Well, it gave me a re-newed sense of energy and drive. I was able to again start waking up early with energy and feel great each morning. With this I definitely felt a change in my sensual side and an overall desire to secretly flirt a little more. I'm shy by nature but I began feeling empowered and I had new feelings sexually that I hadn't had in many years.
Its like my body woke up and my skin is hungry for touch and desire. Over the months I have felt more and more open to just let go and feel more and more pleasure. I like to pose and turn guys on secretly. I am also feeling like I can even do more to get an even bigger rush of extasy. I don't know where all this will lead, but I have made some nice on-line friends here that I look forward to developing further through this journey.
I will say that I do get almost an amazing rush when I pose and model in naughty and erotic ways. Then I go outside and know one suspects anything. My doctor asks how I'm doing and I tell her that I feel wonderful. What I don't tell her is that I have so many fantasies to experience pleasure, lol.
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"Sigh... if only we'd met you when we toured the US..."
- JonCam

Saturday, October 21, 2017, 5:35:52 PM- next video post
Well, thank you so much for the positive messages on my very first video I just posted.
Any ideas or suggestions of what I should post next?
Another one of me touching myself? Or maybe something a little more naughty with me bending over while someone takes me from behind?
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"I so enjoy watching a gal fridge, finger, toy as she watches me watching her ! Menapause can be so rough! Great to see you now more arused ever! I might even be willing to stroke to orgasm o those gorgeous breasts and lick my cum clean if you wanted or share a snowball if it turns you on!"
- SunTanGuy

Sunday, October 8, 2017, 10:14:11 PM- Where can I post my first very naughty video of myself
Well, I think the title says it all.

I'm not a premium member and I shot a video exposing all of my body completely while someone behind me is taking me hard. It was one of my fantasies that I final lived out. Now I don't know where to post or if I should even share it.
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"Yes, post here - I'm anxiously anticipating how erotic it will be!"
- jommy

Sunday, August 20, 2017, 10:15:49 PM- Model poses
Well, I am now posing in different areas of my house including my backyard. Any ideas on outfits or poses that I should try?

I like to be sexy here when no one is here (except for the photographer taking my photos). I like listening to erotic music as I walk around.

This is my safe place where no one in the public world would ever imagine I am capable of something like.

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"So sexy maybe a school girl outfit? You are so incredibly sexy. Maybe to daring but seeing you take a cum load would be hot."
- fb_for_fun

Monday, May 29, 2017, 10:04:25 PM- My Outfits
I really like getting the comments about what I'm wearing. This is a sensual turn-on for me that guys are viewing me and wanting me. No one has any idea that I do this in the privacy of my home with my neighbor using my phone to take my sexy photos.

Let me know which outfit you like or pose, and I'll consider the request for my next pics. I like showing my ass and boobs. Any more suggestions?

Please be nice, since in general I am kinda shy on the outside. You could say I like to be wanted and want to be wanted, lol.


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"More, PLEASE! You are so sexy!!!!"
- steviehh

Thursday, May 25, 2017, 4:44:29 PM- Hello NN freinds
I've been having a wonderful time here. This has been a positive outlet for a secretive way.

I don't ask for things but if someone is interested in getting me a renewal to my membership (the first was a gift from someone here), I would appreciate it. Just send me a note if you like.

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