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i love facials <3
Category: Facials  ID: 17312337
Submitted By:
Date Posted: 6-Jul-23
Subject gender: Female
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No. of votes: 314
Days on site: 353
No. of views: 7011
Avg. views/day: 20
No. of bookmarks: 30
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22-May-24  (32 days ago)
Sooooo want to load that tongue up with cum - and then French kiss you while tugging on your nipples . . . Then the exchanges of affection will really ramp up!!!
20-Mar-24  (95 days ago)
Me next
10-Mar-24  (105 days ago)
I love facials too but what I really want is to breed you!
26-Feb-24  (118 days ago)
Open wide, you wouldn't miss a drop, I'd blast the roof of your fuckin' mouth sweety. Here's your leftovers. [photo]
31-Aug-23  (298 days ago)
would love to add to this
31-Jul-23  (328 days ago)
I have better aim.
28-Jul-23  (331 days ago)
Would love to add to it
22-Jul-23  (337 days ago)
Perfect, I love giving
13-Jul-23  (346 days ago)
...I can help you with that...I'd LOVE to spunk all over your face 😊
12-Jul-23  (347 days ago)
Mmmmmm yummy love to lick that cum off your face !!
9-Jul-23  (350 days ago)
Damn you look beautiful with cum all over your face 😘
9-Jul-23  (350 days ago)
I cum huge loads & would love to add my spanking on that pretty face
9-Jul-23  (350 days ago)
Omg you’re hot! Would love to add more for you! 😉
9-Jul-23  (350 days ago)
Hon I LOVE ejaculating on a pretty girls face! Take a look at my pics, I'd love to cum on you!
9-Jul-23  (350 days ago)
I’d love to cum all over that pretty face
8-Jul-23  (351 days ago)
Perfect pic
7-Jul-23  (352 days ago)
good girl
7-Jul-23  (352 days ago)
Yum. love to give you another load.
7-Jul-23  (352 days ago)
Ohhh nice 😘💋
7-Jul-23  (352 days ago)
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
Love to give you a few, and some on that nice looking tongue!
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
You mean your tongue is that far out and he missed it?!? Dang girl! I'll deep throat you so far your beautiful eyes will def pop open!!!
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
she looks naughty in this pic. I like her
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
would LOVE to cream all over your cute face
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
You look so good wearing them!💦💦💦🥰
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
Blow on that face
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
You're face is the perfect canvas for a teain to be pulled and all unload right there.
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
Love to add mine to your face as well x
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
Nice facial 💦😊
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
You need another one! Take my hot sticky latin cum!
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
Such a good cumslut 😍
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
I would like to spunk over your face
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
I’d love to add mine
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
....and I would love to give you a facial!
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
Perfect for the walk of shame ...cum dripping off your face ,ready to go out for a walk mmmmmm
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
open wide
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
Great shot.love your wet beautiful tongue
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
What a good cock slave on her knees serving like a good fckmeat
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
You look good with your face covered with cum....!!
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
Fucking hot
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
I would like to drop my hot load on your face.
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
such a good girl
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
I love giving sweet little sluts a nice cocking
6-Jul-23  (353 days ago)
Gorgeous cum face, need more?