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remember me?
cyclecook's Recent Statuses
Sat, 16-Aug-14 1:59 PM (75 days ago)
whats up with newbiecams?
Thu, 7-Aug-14 1:00 AM (85 days ago)
what are we all up to tonight? kid free for 3 nights----what to do......perv on NN or try to attack wife?
Buy yourself a premium and then you can do some proper perving!
(85 days ago)
lenny...wish i could afford the premium again...
(85 days ago)
Sun, 25-May-14 1:12 PM (158 days ago)
thank a vet....all gave some some gave all have a safe memorial weekend
Jubbley and cummthirsty like this
Yesss I Must AGREE ... Cant Thx Them Enough
(158 days ago)
Thanks for posting. I agree. Navy VFW here.
(93 days ago)
Sun, 11-May-14 1:43 PM (172 days ago)
to all the moms on NN ---- HAPPY MOTHERS DAY
Sun, 23-Feb-14 4:44 PM (249 days ago)
hello fellow pervs......gr8 day for nascar fans...begining of race season
steelrat60 likes this
Left! Turn Left! Go go go!
(249 days ago)
Sat, 22-Feb-14 2:06 PM (250 days ago)
NN, Morning woody and coffee....Gr8 start of the day
NaughtyJenn likes this
morning *lix*
(250 days ago)
thanks lix
(250 days ago)
Tue, 24-Dec-13 5:37 PM (310 days ago)
To the NN world......Have a safe & Merry Christmas.....will be off from nn for a few days
Sat, 7-Dec-13 2:23 PM (327 days ago)
im to run errands have fun fellow NN'ers
dont reeds united pray at errand woad..
(327 days ago)
Thu, 28-Nov-13 1:56 PM (336 days ago)
toall the lovely people here @NN.....Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving
rydr08 likes this
not many of those on here, have a good one too cook
(336 days ago)
Thank you...I did
(336 days ago)
You too Cook
(336 days ago)
Sat, 19-Oct-13 2:47 AM (377 days ago)
cant keep eyes open.....night all
adios cook
(377 days ago)
Sun, 29-Sep-13 5:22 PM (396 days ago)
out for the day...have fun.....go g-men
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Sun, 15-Sep-13 12:07 PM (411 days ago)
damn site is addictive...perving before cofee
yummy4u likes this
Fri, 6-Sep-13 4:21 AM (420 days ago)
its been a while since updating i did..not that anyone would notice...............
Sun, 18-Aug-13 3:44 PM (438 days ago)
gr8 morning of perving...thank you all....have a gr8 day
Sun, 4-Aug-13 3:43 PM (452 days ago)
lunchtime.....have not had coffee or breakfast....damn NN is addictive......later folks
steelrat60 and dog_tired like this
adios cook
(452 days ago)
Sun, 4-Aug-13 2:26 PM (452 days ago)
woke up horny & hard......what to one is home?
not thought about wanking then?
(452 days ago)
Fri, 12-Jul-13 1:28 AM (476 days ago)
a very uneventful b-day
"happy birthday" wishes
(476 days ago)
i had one of them was 40 and the wife was at work
(476 days ago)
but happy birthday
(476 days ago)
Happy Birthday!
(476 days ago)
Thanks all for the well wishes
(476 days ago)
Mon, 27-May-13 1:41 PM (521 days ago)
and those who are serving now...
overshort2, bOObzman and JohnUT1966 like this
Mon, 27-May-13 1:41 PM (521 days ago)
Please dont forget those who served and gave their lives for the freedom we have on this MEMORIAL weekend
Sun, 12-May-13 12:09 PM (537 days ago)
to all the NN moms....HAPPY MOTHERS DAY
gracias cook
(537 days ago)
Sun, 5-May-13 1:30 PM (543 days ago)
anyone know what happened to milfmuffin.....seems to have left
(543 days ago)
She found happiness I guess
(543 days ago)
i already miss her smile she was a special and nice lady
(543 days ago)
yes a special lady.....gr8 words of wisdom and a contagious smile
(543 days ago)
Sat, 6-Apr-13 2:08 PM (572 days ago)
new profile pic...dedicated to milfmuffin
natmass0 likes this
Thank you for support me and other victims of sexual assault and rape! Hugs!!! XxXx
(572 days ago)
Sun, 3-Mar-13 2:46 PM (606 days ago)
ladies..what kind of pics turn you on????
not into £50 notes then lynskey
(606 days ago)
nah, too many iffy ones
(606 days ago)
good point
(606 days ago)
Smart girl
(606 days ago)
*taps nose an winks*
(606 days ago)
Thu, 14-Feb-13 1:54 PM (623 days ago)
to all my NN friends have a Happy Valentines Day
Waerfeles likes this
Mon, 14-Jan-13 5:05 PM (654 days ago)
gotta run fellow revs......see you later
bye x
(654 days ago)
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