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remember me?
inforfunc's Recent Statuses
Sat, 20-Sep-14 11:47 PM (8 hours ago)
Its been a while been away for 3 weeks missed NN
Sat, 2-Aug-14 10:02 PM (49 days ago)
I had to remove my photos
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(49 days ago)
Sent you a message
(49 days ago)
Tue, 8-Jul-14 9:49 PM (74 days ago)
What a win Germany
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Fri, 27-Jun-14 8:54 PM (85 days ago)
Morning all hope we are a well and happy
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Tue, 24-Jun-14 9:20 PM (88 days ago)
off to work enjoy your selfs
take care!
(88 days ago)
(88 days ago)
Mon, 2-Jun-14 8:37 PM (110 days ago)
Its a Good morning all
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Sat, 10-May-14 10:20 PM (133 days ago)
Happy mothers day to all NN mothers
Sun, 27-Apr-14 9:24 PM (146 days ago)
would you let a stranger take nude or top off photo if he asked or offered to pay you to take them
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Seriously Archer, that's now me in our pictures.'s a stunt cock.
(146 days ago)
*not me
(146 days ago)
Oh cool, you have a pet Rooster too Mark...
(146 days ago)
Yep, I have a pet rooster named Richard Edward.., but I usually just call him Dick Ed.
(146 days ago)
Thanks to you all it was something i was wondering
(146 days ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 10:12 PM (149 days ago)
Would you except money from a guy for sex if he said he would pay you
money confers value,same as doctors not dishing it out for free... being fucked for dollars would be fun says this Brit xDresser
(149 days ago)
we may be horny but not prossies
(149 days ago)
sex should be enjoyed bye both not put price on it
(149 days ago)
No! Never mix business with pleasure!
(149 days ago)
Thanks but it wa something that i wanted to find out at what time is it pleasure and not
(149 days ago)
Thu, 24-Apr-14 9:04 PM (149 days ago)
Lest we forget
Mon, 21-Apr-14 9:01 PM (152 days ago)
Question to the woman on NN how many of your friends say that there hubbys dont please them properly after speaking to you
Mon, 21-Apr-14 2:51 AM (153 days ago)
What do you think about the new NN format with the photos And the live sex connection
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I'm liking the new format for the most part. There's a few glitches but all in all it's pretty kick ass.
(153 days ago)
I've only just looked at the first page, but I like it so far!
(153 days ago)
Sat, 19-Apr-14 9:08 PM (154 days ago)
Have you watched any of the new live cam
no its just like any other porn, more fun if u have talked to the person
(154 days ago)
True thats what i thought
(154 days ago)
Sat, 19-Apr-14 8:46 PM (154 days ago)
Happy Easter to you all xx
Happy Easter
(154 days ago)
and to you to xx
(154 days ago)
Happy Easter to you too
(154 days ago)
Hoppy Easter.
(154 days ago)
Sun, 16-Mar-14 7:26 PM (188 days ago)
Good Morning to you all
Good morning/evening...mwah xxx
(188 days ago)
evening to you BM xxx
(188 days ago)
Sat, 8-Mar-14 12:51 AM (197 days ago)
In garage and should be working but enjoying NN instead
Tue, 4-Mar-14 9:55 PM (200 days ago)
I think i am addicted to NN or is it the beautiful woman here
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Beautiful women
(200 days ago)
Sat, 1-Mar-14 8:05 PM (203 days ago)
Its a good morning from Australia oh i love NN
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Can men have "hot little bodies" ?
(203 days ago)
hello there infor xx
(203 days ago)
And a good morning to you Aw legs and Horny
(203 days ago)
how you my dear xx
(203 days ago)
Gday mate
(203 days ago)
Sat, 1-Mar-14 2:43 AM (204 days ago)
Love NicknBec latest video
Thu, 27-Feb-14 7:02 PM (205 days ago)
In my kitchen naked and hard and woman would you like some of me
Thu, 27-Feb-14 6:59 PM (205 days ago)
Hi all its 6 am and loged in to NN what a way to start the day
Fri, 14-Feb-14 3:09 AM (219 days ago)
Happy Valentines day to my beautiful NN friends you know who you are xxx
Wed, 12-Feb-14 3:30 AM (221 days ago)
Its a beautiful 28DG cel here on the north coast of NSW Australia to day and enjoying NN
you always seem too
(221 days ago)
and why not
(221 days ago)
hi info
(221 days ago)
thank you ,xxx
(221 days ago)
Hi Longog2
(221 days ago)
Sat, 8-Feb-14 8:37 AM (224 days ago)
So many good videos on here
Thu, 6-Feb-14 12:23 AM (227 days ago)
Have you ever been offered money for sex and accpted it and had a great time
Shit I mean shirt!!!
(227 days ago)
Mark, I said MY PICS should be on the poster for birth control. LOL
(227 days ago)
Raven is confused...
(227 days ago)
Ohh....I know that was about one of us Pebbles. Damn Kinda...thanks for clearing that up!
(227 days ago)
Lol ewwww
(227 days ago)
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