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inforfunc's Recent Statuses
Fri, 15-May-15 9:33 PM (14 days ago)
Good morning to you all its a bit wet out side But NN makes it so much better
ello you xxx
(14 days ago)
Morning Lyn xxx
(14 days ago)
no fishing hun?
(14 days ago)
Got some nice squid the other afternoon
(13 days ago)
Hello infor xxoo.............. ...............hug and kotc
(13 days ago)
Thu, 7-May-15 5:10 AM (23 days ago)
Got to go and leave you all enjoy your selfs
(23 days ago)
Tue, 5-May-15 5:48 AM (25 days ago)
sitting here chatting with a very good NN friend and she is beautiful
Thu, 30-Apr-15 1:25 AM (30 days ago)
I you saw me in shorts and no shirt on walking what would you say as a woman
I would just drool...
(28 days ago)
Mon, 27-Apr-15 9:40 PM (32 days ago)
Why do some woman love sex and others just do it to please the partners
So that the man falls asleep and then she can go out shopping
(32 days ago)
Different people like different things.
(32 days ago)
Sat, 25-Apr-15 8:34 PM (34 days ago)
Morning all hope like me you are enjoying your selfs
steelrat60 likes this
Meh .... Of course
(34 days ago)
(34 days ago)
(34 days ago)
Tue, 17-Mar-15 8:36 PM (73 days ago)
As a woman what do you like to see of a guy on NN what turn you on or when walking in the street what turns you head
a sexy arse that makes me just want to squeeze it now this can be either naked or in a pair of tight fitting trousers
(73 days ago)
Come on Just 150 tel a Secret
(73 days ago)
Love the way you think megstar
(73 days ago)
I can confirm your arse fits the bill infor
(73 days ago)
*checks out steel* yep and yours hun
(73 days ago)
Mon, 16-Mar-15 7:56 PM (74 days ago)
What a way to start the day a nice cupper and a perv on NN love it Hi all
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Sat, 14-Mar-15 10:22 PM (76 days ago)
Morning all just want to say hi and leave till to morrow
hello there
(76 days ago)
hi bye
(76 days ago)
Hello U
(76 days ago)
Sat, 31-Jan-15 9:12 PM (118 days ago)
Is it wrong to be married and still want to have sex with another woman ?
Thanks TWL ansd LLus Band Kl some times the desire gets to strong ?
(118 days ago)
sure i said that too never mind
(118 days ago)
didn't you know doo...YOU don't matter
(118 days ago)
not if you no longer have sex with the person you are married to , not if you are swingers and not if your spouse does it too
(118 days ago)
if its a close friend yep lol
(118 days ago)
Mon, 12-Jan-15 12:53 AM (138 days ago)
do you think you have to love someone to have sex or you can have sex for fun and pleasure
heydidyagrabmyass likes this
yes i love my wife and i have had sex with my xgf and nealy had a devorce wife didnt think it was funny but i loved the sex MAJ My wife would neve let me so did it because i love sex and nothing was
(138 days ago)
happening at home
(138 days ago)
Love and sex are two totally different things. One need not be with the other. Humans weren't designed to be with only one physically forever.
(133 days ago)
The first one is my preference but the second option is also reality
(132 days ago)
Sex can be about just fun and pleasure. However, I find the most pleasurable sex is experienced when deeply and intimately in love.
(132 days ago)
Wed, 7-Jan-15 2:29 AM (143 days ago)
Its a nice day to get an all over tan
naughtyteasel likes this
or an all over wind burn
(143 days ago)
On wind here just sun and more sun TWL
(143 days ago)
tan??? It ain't gonna happen here..maybe
(143 days ago)
you must be in the shady part of australia...i'm worried about busrting into flames just walking out to check the mail box.
(143 days ago)
Hi hun. Thanks for comments. Sounds good to me. xx Lyn xx
(143 days ago)
Wed, 31-Dec-14 9:00 PM (149 days ago)
Happy New year to all NN from Aus
super4, GottaBeMe and steelrat60 like this
Cheers happy new year
(149 days ago)
You too!
(149 days ago)
Happy New Year!
(149 days ago)
Tue, 30-Dec-14 6:50 PM (150 days ago)
Its a good morning to you all hope you have a great 2015
Wed, 24-Dec-14 7:45 PM (156 days ago)
Merry Christmas to you all
and to you too
(156 days ago)
Mon, 15-Dec-14 3:21 AM (166 days ago)
We have a hostage situation here in Sydney he has 50 people held up in a coffee shop in the center of Sydney
hope all is well
(166 days ago)
unarm the citizens, that will help.
(166 days ago)
good luck to all involved.
(166 days ago)
I was just reading about that. I hope they blow the shit out of the terrorists and rescue the hostages safely.
(166 days ago)
agreed ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
(166 days ago)
Fri, 31-Oct-14 7:18 PM (210 days ago)
Morning all have a nice day or evening dont do anything i wouldnt I am off to work in 10
Have a good day...mwah xxx
(210 days ago)
Sun, 19-Oct-14 7:21 PM (222 days ago)
Morning to you all have a nice day
good evening hun xxx
(222 days ago)
Good afternoon
(222 days ago)
(222 days ago)
Sat, 18-Oct-14 8:33 PM (223 days ago)
Just down sizing my friends
Sounds like I could be for the chop ?????
(223 days ago)
i was chopped before
(223 days ago)
Hello fun
(223 days ago)
i was too isme... fucking basket had spam, spinach and lima beans.... the fuck do you make with that????
(223 days ago)
it happens.
(223 days ago)
Sat, 2-Aug-14 10:02 PM (300 days ago)
I had to remove my photos
rhinostool likes this
(300 days ago)
Sent you a message
(300 days ago)
Tue, 8-Jul-14 9:49 PM (325 days ago)
What a win Germany
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Fri, 27-Jun-14 8:54 PM (336 days ago)
Morning all hope we are a well and happy
BraGirl likes this
Tue, 24-Jun-14 9:20 PM (339 days ago)
off to work enjoy your selfs
take care!
(339 days ago)
(339 days ago)
Mon, 2-Jun-14 8:37 PM (361 days ago)
Its a Good morning all
XOKaterina likes this
Sat, 10-May-14 10:20 PM (384 days ago)
Happy mothers day to all NN mothers
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