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Mon, 13-Aug-18 5:39 PM (15 hours ago)
My craving for angel delight has been satiated
Wishless and rhinostool like this
(15 hours ago)
Butterscotch flavour
(15 hours ago)
(15 hours ago)
...you think they really do make it out of angels?
(14 hours ago)
I was going to make a trio of angel delight yummyness, but as per normal couldn’t wait
(14 hours ago)
Nah Wish, just a load of sugar, additives, e numbers and colouring, still taste great
(14 hours ago)
NaughtyKat likes this
(14 hours ago)
Sometimes you gotta be naughty
(14 hours ago)
HughPenis likes this
I just dry heaved
(14 hours ago)
What's up Plum, a ball of fur in your throat?
(14 hours ago)
Butterscotch angel delight!!!! Makes me screw my face up just thinking about it!
(14 hours ago)
I know Turkish delights but have no idea what angel ones are.
(14 hours ago)
You are one lucky person Kat lady!
(14 hours ago)
Ermmm I actually know what they are, the kinda thing I wouldn't buy not that I haven't bought similar at least once. Thus not going there.
(14 hours ago)
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