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Orgycpl2014's Recent Statuses
Sat, 9-Dec-17 5:05 PM (169 days ago)
Sat, 7-Oct-17 2:27 PM (232 days ago)
We are ready for chat, comments and tributes XOXOXOXO
steelrat60 and lovitt like this
love to chat with you
(232 days ago)
would love to chat & have fun
(223 days ago)
great vids. you sure do have a lot of stamina
(220 days ago)
Glad to see you back!
(174 days ago)
Thu, 28-Sep-17 12:58 PM (241 days ago)
I am a filthy amateur cock whore!!
michael19741 and quiverntwitch like this
just looked at all ur pixs, fantastic, I would offer my services for your next photo shoot
(241 days ago)
will you please substitute beautiful for filthy, you know that you are a favorite!
(241 days ago)
Wed, 27-Sep-17 1:40 PM (242 days ago)
Pm or chat with us, we are ready are you?
MelvinMorsmere likes this
Great to see you back; have you noticed our friend request awaiting you?
(242 days ago)
love all the new pics!! glad to see you back!
(242 days ago)
I love your videos. I always watch them. Fucking hot stuff
(242 days ago)
Sun, 14-May-17 10:59 PM (378 days ago)
Love your videos...less music and more more real sounds please though x
(378 days ago)
sdredd922 likes this
Tue, 25-Apr-17 11:19 PM (397 days ago)
Ok, we are taking requests for vid and pic posts. Let us know and we will try tp post something old but good!
michael19741 likes this
Sun, 23-Apr-17 11:07 PM (399 days ago)
Every one can thank 6Robroy9 for us not posting again. THANKS 6Robroy9
What a dick!
(399 days ago)
That Scottish postman again
(399 days ago)
Wed, 8-Jun-16 10:01 PM (718 days ago)
deepsea69 and hitman699 like this
(718 days ago)
ahh...done ;p
(718 days ago)
(718 days ago)
Thu, 19-May-16 4:06 PM (738 days ago)
Please tribute and repost some of my pics
Nah, still terrified of papercuts
(738 days ago)
Wed, 4-May-16 1:05 AM (754 days ago)
BBC nite pix. Enjoy!!
steelrat60 likes this
Sun, 13-Dec-15 7:09 AM (897 days ago)
steelrat60 likes this
(897 days ago)
Wed, 28-Oct-15 5:53 PM (942 days ago)
they both just busted thier loads on her face. wow
zencoach and cheekypaul like this
Lucky boys
(942 days ago)
they are going to fuck some more
(942 days ago)
I don't believe a word of this.
(942 days ago)
MarkandLacey likes this
Any photos?
(922 days ago)
Wed, 28-Oct-15 5:32 PM (942 days ago)
shes with 2 BBCs gagging and moaning
Sat, 24-Oct-15 12:07 AM (947 days ago)
Hello everyone. Enjoy the posts.
steelrat60 likes this
Enjoy them very much!! Thank you for sharing!!
(947 days ago)
I have been...
(947 days ago)
They are something else. How do I get a gig at one of your parties? They look insane.
(947 days ago)
Wed, 4-Feb-15 4:02 AM (1209 days ago)
New pix everyone enjoy!!!
inforfunc, jimvegas1 and stroker677 like this
I'm enjoying so much I'm typing one-handed
(1205 days ago)
What happened to all your new pics? They've all been deleted!!!
(1200 days ago)
great loved them all
(1058 days ago)
That are all hot pics love them !!!
(1052 days ago)
Thu, 7-Aug-14 1:28 AM (1390 days ago)
If anyone is interested
plus, I'm in an extremely silly mood. Sorry!
(1316 days ago)
Most certainly interested!
(1235 days ago)
Even after 155 days ????
(1235 days ago)
very! pity I'm far away.
(1231 days ago)
They lost interest after 158 days, Nia!!!
(1231 days ago)
Thu, 7-Aug-14 1:27 AM (1390 days ago)
We have some new adventures to share
Central PA Cock and jimvegas1 like this
Thu, 7-Aug-14 1:26 AM (1390 days ago)
Hello all!!!!!!!!!! We are still posting. Hope that all is well.
Central PA Cock likes this
Sat, 25-Jan-14 2:22 AM (1584 days ago)
We uploaded some new vids, everyone please enjoy and comment.
lc2001xxx and Central PA Cock like this
Wed, 1-Jan-14 3:50 AM (1608 days ago)
Please enjoy our new pix and vids XOXOXOXOXOXO!!!
Happy New Year! Thank You, I Truly Enjoy Watching Your Videos!
(1608 days ago)
Happy New Year every one!!
(1608 days ago)
We do enjoy, love to play to!
(1608 days ago)
Mon, 16-Dec-13 11:33 PM (1623 days ago)
pffttt..............anyone would think this was a sex site...
(1621 days ago)
Loving it.
(1610 days ago)
you on top of me
(1385 days ago)
Cum, cum and more cum dripping out of you!
(1254 days ago)
Hello 2014 xx
(1254 days ago)
Mon, 16-Dec-13 11:32 PM (1623 days ago)
we are ready to upload pix. any suggestions?
Mon, 9-Dec-13 4:48 PM (1630 days ago)
just cleaning up after taking two massive cum shots in my mouth!!!!
hotbush likes this
should have swallowed the lot xxxxx
(1630 days ago)
(1630 days ago)
(1623 days ago)
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