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sexyfunfitcpl's Recent Statuses
Fri, 1-Aug-14 11:56 PM (1479 days ago)
Finding the constant pop unders that keep opening in the background with skanky webcams at full volume very annoying. Find ourselves coming here less and less now due to all the spamming sad
redbeard1313 and baddow like this
you're premium member 78
(1479 days ago)
Ahhh. Understand now, suppose it's a sacrifice to pay to have access to the site though.
(1479 days ago)
A lot of the pop-ups are simply adverts for Prem membership - which some of us dont want!
(1453 days ago)
I think ad block on Chrome will help for non members too, but may be wrong.
(1453 days ago)
got premium and thet will go away
(1182 days ago)
Tue, 13-May-14 3:12 PM (1559 days ago)
New 3sum MFM video uploaded. If you can't see it PM us wink
Tue, 6-May-14 12:31 AM (1567 days ago)
Great mfm 3sum in the city last week....lots of dirty pics to share with you guys! Double vaginal with a butt plug in her ass sent her over the edge!!
hotaussie1 and inspirehrm like this
awesome pics, post more!!
(1566 days ago)
Wed, 5-Dec-12 9:22 PM (2083 days ago)
Nothing hotter then watching your wife with your girlfriend getting it on.....then they both look at you and demand you join in! Shame we can't share those pics!
StdMuf_SqrtGrl and hrnysydny like this
why not?
(2083 days ago)
THAT is hot!
(2083 days ago)
ohmy agrees with Phil...why not tongue
(2082 days ago)
Sure you can share those pix!
(1865 days ago)
pics or it didn't happen/
(1865 days ago)
Tue, 2-Oct-12 12:19 PM (2147 days ago)
Should Mrs S get a boob job? Nothing to big, maybe a nice full B?
NO way! Not only does she look fab, but those things bring a whole heap of problems.
(2105 days ago)
Oh hell no, Just my opinion but really dont like implants. She is perfect as is
(2090 days ago)
No way,perfect just the way they are
(2089 days ago)
dont mess with perfection xxx
(2037 days ago)
Hers are perfect
(2037 days ago)
Sun, 16-Oct-11 12:22 PM (2499 days ago)
Its hard to take a good picture while getting DP'd !
but you did get some i hope
(2499 days ago)
Haha.. Let the guy in front take the pic!
(2499 days ago)
(2499 days ago)
Maybe you need a cameraman to help out??
(2489 days ago)
Wed, 12-Oct-11 5:35 AM (2503 days ago)
A dirty few days awaits....I get 2 cocks to fill my every need! Spitroast, Anal, Pussy DP, DP, 2 cock BJ's. Cum all over my face! Hopefully get some pics to share with you guys wink Mmmmm, cant wait!!!
Add my cock to them
(2503 days ago)
love your body wish i was part of that fun with you !!!!! smile
(2503 days ago)
would love to be the second cock filling you.. dont suppose u need a third??
(2503 days ago)
piercedtongue75 likes this
man oh man you been savin up *NAUGHTY* for this for months or do you just have *NAUGHTY* to burn could be both i guess this little girl is getting *INDULGED* and pics or it didnt happen lol wink
(2503 days ago)
Thu, 2-Dec-10 1:51 PM (2817 days ago)
Why are all the hot couples, sexy gals and studs so far away!!!!!
Iceman4 likes this
cause you live so far away lol
(2817 days ago)
I ask myself that every day. There just is not any NN people that sre clode to me to visit and have fun with. Dang it!!!!
(2784 days ago)
Hey I live in aus
(2686 days ago)
We are in Sydney/NSW smile smile
(2597 days ago)
We are all here. It is you that is far away. xx
(1894 days ago)
Tue, 21-Sep-10 1:13 AM (2890 days ago)
1 year on NN!
Caramelcocksslut likes this
(2890 days ago)
(2890 days ago)
(2890 days ago)
congrats babes
(2890 days ago)
Fri, 1-Jan-10 9:38 PM (3152 days ago)
Thinking about all the sexy fun we are going to have with our friends this year....you know who you are wink !!!
coastcpl_au likes this
hope we're on that list!
(3152 days ago)
Don`t forget us!!
(3118 days ago)
Please do not forget me, ok.
(2784 days ago)
Mon, 16-Nov-09 9:16 PM (3198 days ago)
just day dreaming about having a 6some with quacktastic and tyson88!
coastcpl_au likes this
really love your sexy pics...yum
(3198 days ago)
Please include me!
(2784 days ago)
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